Season 8 Episode 10

False Witness

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 14, 2010 on CBS

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  • You are the class clown. This writer is sooo much better than Jesse Stern disaster with Ziva/father non-reunion cat fight.

    You are the class clown. Lets hope they give Binder the important shows now. Jesse Stern has had a few DUDS lately. What was up with the Liat centric episode. She is not even a character nor was she even good. I loved this show. I also have come to the conclusion that Tony must definitly act like a 12 year old or the show gets boring. He looked uncomfortable playing the part of a serious man. Loved the way the Ziva broke through his inhibitions. Michael Weatherly is so much a better actor when he makes us laugh. He looks like he is forced and something isn't right when he's serious. The show itself was very good. The witness was hysterical with his opinions. McGee looking at Abby's butt, Ziva with her killer eyes. Loved the show but missed Tony being funny. Please let Tony be funny he's so much a better actor.
  • Anotehr great episode! I thinks I enjoyed the two-part episode about Eli David an d Leon Vance more than this one, but this was still an phenomenal episode!

    NCIS maintained its high calibre with this episode! I really enjoyed this episode, and I think the best part about it was that it was quite different from other episodes that we've had this season.

    The storyline was interesting in this episode, and the District Attorney's interation with the teams was quite enjoyable. I suspected her for a majority of the episode, but I think the ending was quite unpredictable, and also quite fitting.

    The episode ws certainly a prime example of how great this show is! Persoanally, I prefer the previous two episodes (or maybe three) over this one, but that comment just speaks for itself, since I rate this episode a '10' as well! It shows how great NCIS is, and I can't wait to see more!
  • christmas episode

    I like this episode. The case part was a bit hard to follow and I think I'll have to see it once again to fully understand it but that's not the most interesting part. Jerry's character was fun especially when he figured out stuffs before the team did. I love tony's part. Being so serious and everyone worrying about him even Gibbs. It's nice because we had a lot of tony jerking around lately and he was kind of only goofy. This is a reminder of how good he is at his job as an NCIS agent. But I have to agree with Ziva he needs more balance.
    By the way I loved the Tiva chat in the interrogation room we see how concerned Ziva is for Tony and how Ziva's point of view is important for Tony.
    And at the end the scene with Tony's prank is hilarious especially the way Ziva reacts :)
    The dynamic between Ziva and McGee was nice too, with the two scenes at the begining and at the end of the episode.
    Finally, the facebook storyline for Ducky was fun and Abby was her usual Abby so that was nice.
  • 12/14

    An NCIS episode where Tony DiNozzo does not make jokes. What world are we living on? This was a solid enough episode to close the year out on, but lately NCIS has really not been doing a good job of coming up with original stories and keeping us entertained for the full hour. It just seems like we have Gibbs walk in shouting, "Dead marine!" they struggle to find the suspect, they find him, Gibbs breaks him, and it's all over. Not saying that formula doesn't work, but I want a little more originality from my NCIS episodes. This was just too cliched.
  • One of the best

    This one had me in stitches laughing most of the way through with the way the missing guy summarised everyone, e.g Tony and Ziva, Gibbs life, and the way everyone reacted to it, Abby and Mc Gee, and the end was one of the best. The actor who played the witness was excellent. Not many actors can say the lines he did with such a straight face and in such a monotone like he did. The Tiva stuff has been really excellent lately and this episode was definitely one of favourite ones for that, (Dead Air) being the previous. Well done to the writers for this one.
  • "Protective of your butt."

    One of the best episodes yet! I absolutely loved it. And even though we didnt get a scene with McGee and Abby together we did get an awesome McAbby scene. And I loved the guy who was the witness (Jerry). This was a very light hearted and sweet episode. Even though I wish Tony would have been normal. Although, the fact that he wasn't normal Tony made the last scene super hilarious. Way to end with a bang ;)... Pun totally intended. I loved how Ziva and McGee were so annoyed that Tony wasn't acting like Tony, cause when Tony is acting like Tony, they are always wishing he was more mature. This episode showed how much they love him for who he is. Great episode!
  • Amazing episode!! Best of the season so far.

    Amazing episode!! Best of the season so far. The best part was Tony's side story, that was interesting and intriguing from the beginning and it made it a special episode. Usually Christmas episodes aren't good, they're cheesy and stupid, but I was so impressed by this. Tony is growing up which is nice, but what I most liked was his competence. The last two or three seasons, NCIS is going downhill in some ways, character wise especially. Tony has moments but it is never consistent anymore. He was just as competent in the pilot 8 seasons ago in most ways. But this episode showcased his talent again. i loved when McGee said "He's making us look bad." LOL. The case was also interesting this week. The witness was intuitive, and though NCIS, especially with Tiva, has a bad habit of showing not telling, it was still funny when the witness kept telling them that Mcgee liked abby or another investigator guessed that Ziva was interested in Tony. But really, there is usually great chemistry between the cast, its not hard to SHOW it. Everyone else saying that Tony and Ziva should get together and them denying it is getting repetitive. But those are just little niggles. Everything was great. I loved it, especially when Ziva was "and that is why we love you" to Tony." Though I wish when she said "You are Tony DiNozzo, class clown" that she said something else, to show that he's something MORE than just the funny guy.

    Still, this was great. So great. I watched it like... five times, that one scene. 10/10
  • that is why we love you.

    Team Gibbs is assigned to protecd a witness in a murder trial while Tony seems to have lost his sense of humor; something that the team has never seen before.
    good episode, quirky moments, kind of unexpected resolution. the plot was overall well written and even if Tony deprived us of his priceless humor this episode had its funny moments.
    Tony. never saw him like that before, and hopefully never will... It surely was a nice diversion from the usual character but to me it didn't feel right. Thank God we have Ziva to talk him out of his self inflicted midlife crisis.
    even though her "that is why we love you" doesen't get along well with her Miami friend and the usual flow of misleading spoilers.
    Looks like their relationship is being constantly diverted instead of evolving.
  • One of the better ones I've seen in a while...

    Ok, to be honest with you i was excited about this episode even though I have been having reservations about the shows' future. I absolutely LOVE Annie Wersching and I was really excited to see her on here, except now watching I didn't like her character all that much.I did, however, really like the Tony arc in this was so swee the way Ziva said "that's why we love you," but I really thought she was going to say "that's why I love you." Oh well, you can't win them all. Anyway, overall I thought this was a major improvement ove rthe previous lackluster episodes we've been given. (i.e. Ziva's dad, I mean what was that?) Let's hope they keep this up for the rest of the season!
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