Season 8 Episode 10

False Witness

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 14, 2010 on CBS

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  • You are the class clown. This writer is sooo much better than Jesse Stern disaster with Ziva/father non-reunion cat fight.

    You are the class clown. Lets hope they give Binder the important shows now. Jesse Stern has had a few DUDS lately. What was up with the Liat centric episode. She is not even a character nor was she even good. I loved this show. I also have come to the conclusion that Tony must definitly act like a 12 year old or the show gets boring. He looked uncomfortable playing the part of a serious man. Loved the way the Ziva broke through his inhibitions. Michael Weatherly is so much a better actor when he makes us laugh. He looks like he is forced and something isn't right when he's serious. The show itself was very good. The witness was hysterical with his opinions. McGee looking at Abby's butt, Ziva with her killer eyes. Loved the show but missed Tony being funny. Please let Tony be funny he's so much a better actor.