Season 3 Episode 16

Family Secret

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 28, 2006 on CBS

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  • Gibbs Tampering with EVIDENCE?

    Wow. This one threw me. Gibbs the almighty, straight as an arrow, by the book, cross your t's and dot your eyes kind of guy that he is actually tampers with evidence, in spite of the noble motive??? I was quite surprised. On another note, the stuttering marine thing was lost on me when during the course of his IED discussion his speech was perfect, which was lost on Gibbs and co. as they entered. i must have missed something here. Finally, Tony's sprained ankle was for what exactly? It sure healed in a hurry. And is it normal to smart-mouth Marines the way he did while the guy was taping him up? I mean it seemed a bit out of touch even for him.
  • So disappointed!

    Boring! Please don't let Gibbs get together with the Director. It will be totally jumping the shark. The only good scene was when Gibbs marched into the Director's office and sat in her chair. I hope next week's is better. I only watch 3 shows, I hope that this one is not going downhill.
  • Great and Different Episode. A very refreshing episode because there is no real evil or crime in the episode yet it still an interesting case.

    Allright this episode is one of my favorites and heres why.

    Firstly the case is a really interesting one I mean a dead marines body is refried after a car accident and the team suspect the body has been switched. It doesn't really get much more intriguing then that. Although i was hoping during the episode that the marine had faked his death because he was being hunted by someone. Nevertheless the unexpected conclusion was a pleasant surprise because most of the episodes are relatively predictable.

    Secondly, there was interesting character development. Most of it was surrounding Gibbs and the director. This is the first episode where we are shown that she is not just an obstacle of a director (like the directors of 24's CTU who need to be kept in the dark and worked around) but actually a keen investigator as well who Gibbs trusts in the field and used to brainstorm about the case in this episode. The Doc gets hounded by Gibbs which is unusual and comic (I was hoping Gibbs would smack his head like Tony).

    Finally, the episode had it share of humor mainly due to Tony who inadvertently set up Tim on a date while trying to pull one of his con's. Gibb's decision to swap evidence was an interesting insight into his character because he's portrayed as the hand of unbiased justice in most cases.

    Overall, this episode was awesome in it's originality both in the case and the the way the characters are portrayed in the episode.
  • Something I did not expected

    I most say, the way this episode worked out.. I did not expected it. First of all: what was really going on.. Ok, that was little guessable but who Gibbs reacted to it. I mean.. Gibbs tampering with the evidence. That self head-slap was great but the action itself.. Maybe it is explainable but it was surprise for me.

    Ok.. but the case.. it was greatly build up and I liked that it was far from how the case looked first.. the thought that maybe there was body swamp or the marine could still be alive.. but it was as it was.. just one little difference..
  • Not one of my favourite episodes but good.

    Tony's little IM game completely backfired and scored McGee a date – that's called karma.

    I liked Gibbs' Roman emperor comparison and the secretary's 'slave' comment was brilliant! His trooping up to Jenny's office and sitting in her chair was a stroke of dramatic genius! Gibbs' wounded routine afterwards was adorable.

    The first time ever – Gibbs tampers with evidence and covers up a series of crimes. He even gave himself a head slap. It shows immense loyalty between Merrill and the Danforths – not only did Merrill donate a kidney but Danforth snr was prepared to go to jail to protect Merrill's career.
  • Another good one!

    This episode was a very touching one in some respects. Parts of the episode were rather uninteresting, and at several points, the storyline seemed to drag on, which is my only criticism of this one.

    The last part of the episode, however, was really interesting, and I didn't believe my eyes when Gibbs swapped the evidence, even though I was really happy that he did.

    The episode wasn't the best in terms of comedy, either, but I did enjoy this one for the reasons I listed earlier.

    I recommend this one, although it is not very suspenseful, and a part of it does get a little boring. However, overall, it is a decent episode of NCIS!
  • Another great one

    This episode opens with a body being picked up from the morgue. As they start to drive they smell gas, the ambulance than starts to catch on fire. They run and manage to escape before the van blew up. NCIS are called in when they learn that the body was that of a Marine. When Ducky runs tests he learns that the body is not that of the marine. The father goes to see the director and Gibbs informs him that it wasn't his son. The team learn that another marine was there that night and confirmed who the body belonged too. Gibbs learns that the call used to set off the explosion came from the cell phone of Kenny, the best friend of the dead marine. Abby runs the prints found on the bottle of tablets found at the crash site. Abby learns that the tablets are anti-rejection tablets. So the DNA which she ran might have been from the new organ and so the body could actually be that of the marine, as was believed at first. Gibbs learns that the father, swapped his son's body with a John Doe's as he didn't want it to get out about his son's kidney transplant. Gibbs gets him to tell him where his son's body is. When Gibbs takes the DNA sample from Ducky to Abby, but before he does he swaps the samples.
  • When an ambulance explodes they investigate the explosion they realize that that the DNA dose not match the DNA on records. The victim's father has a very secret secret and is trying to protect it.

    The victim had come to hospital the night before but had died. But the person that that was suposedly died was not who they thought it was, and now they need to find out who exactly it was that had died and blown up in the ambulance. It becomes a populare belief that there was a third party that was actually burned in the ambulance. The ideas bounce around alost the whole time different ideas about what happened Tony even thought that the bodies were swaped. This episode was so confusing At first I thought it was his best and I thought the guy was really dead, it was such a well written episode. Lots of entersting turns It kept me guessing through the whole shoe. That is what I like about NCIS. It is so fun to watch. By the end I was so into the rap up. Gibbs figures it out and talks to Dansforth's father. The body that burned on the ambulance was somebody who was unclaimed it had nothing to do with anything, his dad was covering because his best donated a kidney and he would not beable to stay in the marines if he donated an organ. Gibbs helped them out so that his best freind could do his job without trouble.

    This was a difficult episode for me to reveiw all the twists and turns were hard to recall. But that is it in a nut shell.

  • Very touchy…

    I found this to be a very touchy episode, which made me frown and smile at the same time. And I have to inform you all that that is a hard thing to do, so the writers did a great job. For me this was a very emotional episode. When an ambulance explodes while carrying the remains of a Marine's body that was killed in a car crash, the NCIS team is called in to investigate what actually happened. Soon already they discover that some thing don't quite match up ; and the family of the dead Marine is hiding a very important secret.

    I loved the ending, where Gibbs decided to mess with some evidence, I really thought that was very sweet!
  • good episode...

    The team investigates the explosion on an ambulence carrying a dead marine. Apparently, the body was not the marine's, but the marine was dead. The father wanted to protect his son's friend so he switched the bodies. I love how Gibbs changed the evidence; he did the right thing. It shows what kind of character he is. Overall, I liked the story in this episode and I also liked the guest character father. The marine friend was annoying, but he was also a pretty good character. I really liked the character development of Gibbs in this episode. Overall , good episode.
  • great episode

    An ambulance carrying the body of a dead body catches fire and explodes. The NCIS team is brought in to investigate what why the ambulance exploded. While investigating the burned remains of the marine, Ducky discovered that the body doesn't belong to the marine. Gibbs investigates further and finds out that the dead marine's father have something to do with the exploding ambulance. It's a great episode, there's no usual cat and mouse game on this one. It's all about searching for the truth. But the episode was directed well that it looked really interesting and engaging. It's a watchable episode.
  • When an ambulance explodes while carrying the remains of a Marine's body that was killed in a car crash, -- the DNA of the victim found in the ambulance doesn't match the Marine's DNA; the family of the dead Marine is hiding a very important secret.

    At last I’d say Special Agent Gibbs is mellowing in his old age. Is He beginning to realise, he is not the only one with family secrets? The whole programme was full of surprises, twists and turns and to be honest I forgot a bit of the plot. As usual the cast bounced off each other with the actions of pros which they are. Its almost that they live in each others lives, and know each ones personal aurora. The scripts help but good actors make good watching. I loved the bit where Jen comes down to see how things are progressing and sits at Gibbs seat, He returns and promptly leads the team up stairs to Jens office and promptly sat in Her chair. I missed the line Gibbs said, but my husband laughed. The ending as usual was poignant with Gibbs reprimanding himself for the actions he had just commited for the good of not only the dead marines family but for the “Brothers in Arms” his “Marine Family”
  • A good episode, maybe a little more better than good, but not excellent.

    I liked this episode. It was, as I said, more than a good episode, but then again, it wasn't excellent. It's not just this episode, many episodes in Season 3 are not so interesting - and I say again, not because Ziva came, but previous episode were just better; season 1 and 2.

    The plot of the episode... well - all can I say there were some parts of the episode were not so easy to follow, because all those things, secrets, clues - it's not easy to put them in less than hour, but I did like some of the scenes with NCIS main characters.
  • Great episode!:D

    I loved some of Gibbs/Tony interactions tonight! Gibbs helping Tony limp away,Tony asking about staying in case Gibbs needed him-That makes me Very Happy But the thing with Gibbs messing with the evidence has me worried.A LOT.Lets hope that everything will be OK at the end!*cross fingers* /especially after the rumour about the end of the season!/
    Oh, and I loved all the Gibbs slapping! Even Gibbs giving Gibbs a Gibbs slap!:D
  • A good episode, not too wonderful. No action (unless you count Tony's basketball skills).

    A good episode, not too wonderful. No action (unless you count Tony's basketball skills). Not much of Abby (though she and McGee *do* spend a lot of time together; how else could Tony have gone through his stuff?), but where she does appear she\'s brilliant. This episode seemed more focused on the agents themselves, which is always good. This time, though, it was to the exclusion of the storyline. I personally found the plot a little bit hard to follow, though it cleared up in the end. Many funny moments...yay for that. My Top Five Important Things That Happened:
    1) Gibbs goes behind his team's back and tampers with evidence; this could get him thrown out if anyone learns of it.
    2) He and Jenny Shepard reconcile (a bit) over steak and asparagus
    3) Tony and Ziva collaborate to snoop through McGee\'s personal stuff and find that
    4) McGee has a hot girlfriend. (Which sucks for us McAbby writers) and that
    5) He listens to barry Manilow and panpipes.

    That\'s my man.

    Overall, though, a good episode.
  • Blah!

    I have to say that was somewhat disappointing. But so far this is the only episode I haven't really liked. Not a bad track record. That being said. I have one plea for the fates... Please, please, please. Do NOT hook Gibbs up with Director Sheppard! I couldn't stand to watch THAT happen week after week. I can't stand her! ARRRRGH!!
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  • Glad your back.

    After a 2 week layoff, welcome back. I though this was a good episode and especially when Gibbs told everyone to follow him and he went directly to the Directors office and sat in her chair. That was great. Again, the chemistry is getting better with everyone and I thought that when Gibbs slapped hisself on the back of his head after slapping Ziva and Tony was great. Knowing what he was doing was boneheaded, but still did it anyway. Now he has another secret to keep.