Season 2 Episode 9

Forced Entry

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 07, 2004 on CBS

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  • Nonsensical Huerstangihpa zoop muah

    This episode makes about as much sense as the title I wrote above! Pure crap. Why would someone arrange a new identity to have himself shot and then just hope he survives? WHAT CRIME WAS COMITTED (besides the Kansas rapes mentioned)?

    I love the show, REALLY LOVE Pauley Perrette, so I hate to disparage the writers, but they MUST EXPLAIN THINGS BETTER. Conservation of Theme, people. Get with it.
  • 209

    "Forced Entry" is the title of the episode here and thanks to the great folks at USA Network and their Memorial Day marathon we were able to watch it. Forced Entry saw Kate get pushed to the limit and partake in suicide by cop, to which Gibbs flatly told her to "get over it." At times NCIS can be very light-hearted, but then at times they can be ultra serious, and while some people might not like these mood jumps, I personally love them as it keeps the viewer on their feet wondering what will happen next.

    Solid offering here, glad I tuned in.
  • Playing with everyone..

    What a case. It was a total mess from the start but that kind of solution of the case, I did not expected - I mean, it was soon quite sure that the "sister" was behind it but I did not expected that man to be involved too. Loved Abby's look when she tried to call, got trough and then said all what she learned and Gibbs just said: we knew it. That impression and her dialogue with McGee.. Great..

    Also.. I think Abby got some great moments on this episode too. Going to work on that firm and talking to her classes.. :P
  • Very interesting little mystery.

    This is just about a woman's worst nightmare – alone at home and a man breaks into her house and tries to rape and kill her. 'Jeremy' underestimated their target, a marine wife who knows how to use a gun.

    Rape fantasy is not unusual but that's because it's *just* a fantasy. A killing team who have raped and murdered five women then when their latest victim shoots 'Jeremy', they create the whole email trail to cover it up. They'd already used him to create their identities, then used him to hack the computer but then he was a liability so killed him. It's actually a disturbing way to pick victims – it's actually on her profile and it gets used against her.

    A fascinating story.
  • A great episode with many twists and turns.

    The start of the episode did not turn out how I expected to, and that generally means that the whole episode doesn't either, which was the case.

    The episode was unpredictable, but it also had other great elements, in my opinion. The case was different, and that is always good, and the episode did have some funny moments.

    It was a very interesting case for me to watch, and I really enjoy it. I do recommend this one because we got to see each team member at their best, and it was a different sort of case.

    A great addition to the NCIS series. Keep it up!
  • A really different episode, with a great twist!

    Opens with a woman watching a movie and she goes to get a drink of the fridge and sees an intruder. He chases her and manages to get her gun and kills him. When NCIS turn up we learn that he survived the shooting and is in critical condition. The woman is a Marshall, who lives on a military base. As Kate is taking prints, the man wakes up and tells her that Lara invited him over and that he thought she loved him. They run a search on him and he has no criminal record, not even a parking ticket. When they switch on his laptop, they see a picture of Laura, posing in her underwear. They find an email from Laura to Jeremy, as someone enters his apartment, who turns out to be his sister. Abby discovers that they met online about 4 months ago and that they both have the same fetish, rape fantasy. As Abby digs deeper she learns that the emails weren't written by her. Kate sees that they have jobs advertised at the website which Laura was using. SO Abby goes undercover as a computer programmer, at Scarlett's secrets. The track down the user as a Victor and Gibbs goes to investigate with Tony & Kate. As they enter they see the suspect but as they get closer, notice that he is not only dead, but is only missing his eyes. The sergeant from the base finds the missing eyes in the killer's kitchen. Abby gets a hit off of the DNA and tries to ring Gibbs but cant get an answer. As the victim and his sister leave, NCIS stop them. The man is the rapist and he has 5 open murder cases and that his sister was really his accomplice and not his sister.
  • This episode was very well written and cleverly plotted.

    This case was weird creepy, and a little bit confusing in my eyes. Well it was confusing until all was revealed in the ending. I knew the sister was behind it, I at least thought she was behind it, but I didn't know that the brother was guilty as well, wow that man can act. And when I say brother and sister, I mean what I thought until we found out that they weren't siblings, but lovers. And serial killers at that. And once again Gibbs showed that we should always trust his guts, cause he was right once again.
  • A Marine's wife, shoots an intruder in self defence when he is about to rape her. The team finds out that the wife was leading a double life, while her husband was serving overseas.

    Well the programme started brilliantly, I thought, in the light it looked like DiNozzo at first, but realised that it was not. The story line was strong in bits, particularly where Gibbs asked the wife how long they had been married, 4yrs civilian time and 2 years marine time, you could see Jethro relate to this .The scene where Gibbs pitched the ball back to the kid, he was a footballer. When Kate and Gibbs found the e-mails that were allegedly being sent, you realised just how vain Jethro is when it comes to glasses. As the programme took shape you began too wonder if the wife was guilty. When Abby went to join the dating agency website as a programmer now that was funny. Kate and the skirt, well been there I know how she felt. Tone and his cyber sex, the last scene with the pic “BigJugs24 was priceless” Tony just doesn’t seem to get the woman does he?
  • What an incredibly creepy episode!!

    This episode was soooo freaky! Okay, my first two assumptions were that a) she picked on vulnerable, lonely people or b) she was being set up because the writers are way better than that. My suspect list: the husband, Jeremy, Jeremy’s “sister”. Lol, I hate it when Tony picks on McGee, but this was just too funny. And the Sergeant wasn’t helping matters. Although, Gibbs seemed pretty happy (in his own Gibby way) that McGee actually liked the coffee, even if it was his.

    When Mrs. R was freaking out about how she didn’t write those lust letters, I believed her. That’s when my thoughts started focussing on Jeremy’s sister. I thought maybe she had a grudge on him for something and when she pulled the curtain shut, I thought she was going to kill him. Man, Jeremy deserves an award for best acting. He totally had me going with the whole, “I love her,” thing. I think those two serial rapists should have known not to speak so soon after getting out of the hospital. Especially when Kate has a gun.

    The last bit with BigJugs24 was priceless. It’s so funny when Tony seems to always accidentally hook up with guys pretending to be chicks. It almost makes me feel sorry for him. Almost.
  • Good episode. Great action, and nice to see some humourous banter between the agents.

    The set up for this episode was great. The plot kept me guessing until the very end, which isn't odd for NCIS, but is always good. The internet dating premise added an interesting topic for discussion, particularly between Tony and Kate. Always funny to see Tony try to flirt as well, particularly with married women, lol.

    Good to see some McAbby going on as well, and a bit of Tate. Gibbs was his usual self, we didn't get many smiles from him this week. Abby going undercover was a nice change, and her alias, "Ms. Gibbs", was a nice touch.

    Not a very revealing episode, in terms of character development, but still highly watchable.
  • An excellent episode, made perfect with Abby\\\'s undercover work as an internet sex site\\\'s programmer.

    This episode was, in one word, hilarious. The plot was very thought-provoking, and kept me guessing until the end. Here's a basic summary:
    A deployed marine's wife is nearly raped in her home, but manages to put two shots into her attacker's chest. While investigating, though, NCIS discovers that the two conversed on an explicit internet sex site, and that the woman had actually invited the rapist, Jeremey Davison, over that night. Gibbs is interrogating her, but she denies his accusations and they realize that the files were planted in her computer. Jeremy tells them that he thought the emails he recieved were real, and his sister shows up to provide emotional support as he recovers from the bullets. Abby goes undercover and gets a job at the site, to backtrace where the emails Jeremey recieved originated from. This leads NCIS to a man who was paid to put the files in the woman's computer. Only problem is, he's dead. And his eyes have been ripped out. Ewwwww. It turns out that Jeremey really is a serial rapist, and his sister is his accomplice, a black widow who killed the man she hired to plant the files during sex. She is caught on a video camera the man hid in a vent shortly before he was killed.

    All in all, a very entertaining episode that kept me guessing until the very end.