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A New Discussion for A New Season

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    I promise I won't spam folks with this, but I wanted to let fans know that my friend Casey and I are starting a new NCIS discussion over on the TV Talk app, which you can get on your iOS or Android smartphone. There are a lot of other shows at as well, but as one of the hosts of TV Talk: NCIS, I wanted to get the word out about our show since Casey and I are longtime NCIS fans and look forward to discussing this show with you all!

    TV Talk allows you to "Talkback" and share your thoughts with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere. Hopefully, you guys can contribute to the conversation! If you don't have a smartphone, you can listen on iTunes, on Stitcher or on our website at

    That's my small plug! Hope you can join us! Right now we have a little "Catch-Up" episode (as if you could catch-up after ten seasons) for your enjoyment.


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