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Damned if You do discussion

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    [1]May 14, 2013
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    Gibbs and the team are assigned legal counsel after the Department of Defense IG Investigator puts their future at the agency in jeopardy.

    So much to process....

    First, lol at Abby creating a game shooting Parsons.

    I think we have better ending than Aliyah...... Now we will see if the S11 premier will top Truth or Consequences.....

    But, holy crap what a great ending. Parsons is a pawn in the whole game unaware that he is pretty much being used. But, still what a weasel. Blackmailing people to further himself. As the team said, he is a natural politician.

    Glad we got an answer to the Iranian murder. Wow at it being the CIA( talk about illegal... Was Kort involved?). Glad to see Morrow being on NCIS's side.

    Glad to see the big moments in the past 10 seasons being brought back up.

    So what happens to the team now? They all quit.

    That ending....... No way Fornell is a bad guy...... What is going on?

    I wish I could be more specific in my thoughts, but my mind is going in circles right now. I will have to watch the episode again.....

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    [2]May 14, 2013
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    Just watching it now, bur just have to say.....

    Admiral AJ Chegwidden!!!
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    [3]May 15, 2013
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    The writers (I think) left us some bread crumbs / clues to how this will end plus many unanswered questions, which of course are opportunities to see what might be coming. In no specific order:

    * The comment that the real danger is here at home.

    * At the end, where Gibbs is aiming, the lead car is an US Government vehicle (the license plate is clear at 1080p). The other two cars could be US or could be from another country. No way of telling at this time.

    * As for Fornell showing up, I took Gibbs looking up briefly to mean he didn't expect to see Fornell there.

    * Why target Fornell? IMHO, Gibbs was not aiming to hit Fornell, but using him as a placement. Fornell was standing where the target (someone getting out of the car) will be standing.

    * Who might the person in the car be? Not sure. While the front car has US Government plates, I'm not even sure the event is taking place in the USA. Yet, given the comment about the danger being at home. On the other hand JSOC requesting Gibbs. You can't get more military than JSOC and they can't act inside the USA.

    * Why is Fornell there? If the person getting out of the car is a foreign official and we're on US soil, the person guarding him would be Secret Service not FBI (unless Fornell changed services, which I think is doubtful without some heads up). Fornell is an interesting choice and I suspect one of the main keys to figuring out what is happening.

    * Another clue is the guy we see Gibbs trying to save. I'm not sure how read it, yet.

    * Obviously, the Navy Seal is another big clue and unanswered questions. He'll be one of the keys on what is going on.

    * What of the team? They offered their resignations, but did Lance accept it? Tony's comment about not liking the outcome may mean they're all out of a job. This might be the case when season 11 starts and only when Gibbs gets back will the team get their jobs back.

    * Another thought is the team members resigned and as now civilians they end up getting their own assignments. Sort of like Harm Rabb Jr. going to work at the CIA and then coming back.

    * Mentioning JAG!! WOOT!! I want to see more of the JAG people! Even this many years later I want more JAG! There isn't a good reason, IMHO, why from time to time each season we can't see a bit of the JAG people.

    Anyway enough for now. I look forward to the comments and insights of others. Maybe together we'll figure it out OR even come up with something that might be better!! (Of course the downside for those at CBS is if we end up setting our expectation too high based upon discussions. I wonder how often this happens (where fans end up setting their expectations too high because of forums)?

    The ball is now in your court! :-)

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    [4]May 16, 2013
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    No big surprise the CIA is involved. It might not necessarily be Kort though. If it were, Gibbs might have been pointing his gun at him instead of Fornell (what, is he on loan to the CIA again? Last time that happened I expected it to be Kort but it was Fornell who walked in). If there does have to be a new team to replace Team Gibbs, Dorny might be on it. Don't know about Keating (Jonathan Mangum is probably too busy with Let's Make a Deal and other improv stuff). I hope everything goes back to sort of normal A couple episodes into next season though. Vance shredding more documents and Gibbs burning his comes as no surprise either. I wonder what - if anything - Parsons was able to get his hands on. We as the audience know what he could have been after as we know all that Gibbs has done and what files he has access to, but that would have turned it into another clipshow or at least another Gibbs flashback-heavy episode. Instead we get daydreams with ghost Franks and visions of the team either dead or mourning the dead. Ziva was holding back a lot in that elevator. Abby should let her have a turn at that game. Ducky finding bugs and the elevator conference with everyone was great. 4 month countdown!
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    [6]May 19, 2013
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    Remember that Vance said if they do what Sec nav wants it would be a clean slate for all so their jobs are secure.

    As far as Fornell goes, He has been on loan to the Cia and Homeland Security in the past so it is not unsual to see him in the protecting role. The question is, Who is he protecting. Wouldn't it be nice if it is Parsons? Remember the team said he had files on everyone.

    How poetic would it be the he was the target and what better way to guarantee a "clean slate"?
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