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Hereafter discussion

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    I too thought that Vance's wife had been considering a divorce, but separating their assets in the event of his death shouldn't have been that difficult. The bank didn't seem to even know that she had died! Gibbs mentioning Shannon having taken out a life insurance policy on him seems simpler and more believable.

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    To be honest, the murders in this episode felt more like background noise compared to the character development going on. But there are things I want to mention about it too.

    Investigation: Background noise or not, the case felt realistic. We've seen in previous episodes how a group of marines can close ranks around each other and deny that there's anything going on, especially if they don't think anything is wrong. I felt so sorry for the captain, he really didn't mean to kill his two men, he was just so traumatized by his brother's death that he was driven to prepare his men for the horrors of war, regardless of how extreme the methods were. I noticed that Vance mentioned serving, that's been mentioned before, but where and when did he serve?

    Vance: This. This was what made this episode so great. For nearly 5 years now we've seen Vance mostly as a stern, aloof, no nonsense director able to make the tough calls and willing to do whatever was needed for the good of NCIS and the country, no matter how unpopular those decisions were. Only the scenes of him at home showed his more lighthearted side as a loving husband and father. This episode and Shiva really showed his humanity, he's lost, he's hurting, and he's trying to stay strong for his kids but even he needs a shoulder to cry on. This was the first time I've seen him in Gibbs's basement, and it's fitting that Gibbs is his "shoulder to cry on", since only Gibbs can understand just how much pain he's in (and Shiva confirmed that he knew what Gibbs did in Mexico). Tony playing with the kids was really sweet and funny, and you could tell how happy Vance was to hear his kids having fun. I'm glad he's returning in baby steps, Craig really isn't suited for the role but it also isn't fair to just throw Vance back into the deep end while he's still grieving. Somehow seeing Vance so vulnerable makes his character more real, and I almost feel sorry for the ex deputy director of Mossad, because if Vance catches him, there might not be anything left to prosecute.

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