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NCIS 10x4 "lost at sea"

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    Discuss the episode....

    *prepares for the Tiva shippers to bombard thread from that Tiva moment.....*

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    Well, I'll do it The case itself was pretty good, although -I admit it- I usually don't pay the most attention to case details. It showed a little bit of Gibbs' more emotional side, especially at the ending with Happ's helmet. I can imagine a scene with Gibbs returning the helmet to the little boy and talking to him :-)

    I was a little surprised with the 'date-aspect', though. The agents' persional lives don't usually come to the forefront like that, not unless Tony makes some comment in jest or if it's getting serious (Ziva with Michael or Ray, or Tony and EJ, for example). But I liked it, particularly when we found out that Ziva had told the Coast Guard (forgot her last name, sorry), as a kind of revenge for Tony and McGee not asking her with them.

    Also Ziva's 'you stayed home playing with yourselves... I mean with each other'... One of the funnier misunderstandings!

    BUT! Of course, the moment that was most important: Tony saying that maybe he should've asked Ziva out, and Ziva replying with 'You've had your chance'. Tony's look was priceless, a kind of seriousness coming over him. Good acting on his part :-)
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    Standard good episode the personal stuff comes up a lot by my recollection so it wasn't a surprise for me. Always great when Mrs. Coast Guard shows up other than that didn't really care for the date angle of the story.

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