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NCIS FanFiction Addiction: Post and Read NCIS Fanfiction Here.

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    Hello fellow fanfiction writer / reader! We hope you're enjoying your time on the NCIS Community Board!

    Due to an energetic debate and sweeping changes to the posting rules here at the NCIS Forum, and an overload of brilliant NCIS fanfiction writers, readers and stories, the ingenious Adam (staindredglass; me), along with help from the lovely Barbara (iheartGibbs), has set up the TV dot com: NCIS Fanfiction Addiction at the following website:

    The forum has been set up for users of this forum to post and read other's NCIS fanfiction and has been designed as a better alternative to posting and reading here. The site is user-friendly, set up with readers and writers in mind, with subforums created for each writer. You will be able to post, discuss and find whatever authors, stories or issues you want very easily.

    Anyone is welcome to join the site and post and discuss whatever authors or stories you like. You may join the forum as whoever you like, although it is recommended that you stick to your username for easiest recognition. You may then post or comment on whoever's fiction you would like to.

    We welcome all authors and all your stories. If you'd like to be added as a writer to the forum, and therefore receive your own subforum, please post in the "Request Official Author Status" in the 'All Users Come Here First' board and a moderator will create it for you.

    Please read a user's introduction or sticky thread that they may have in their own forum as it may contain important information. Some may have particular requests or suggestions for you that they'd like you to read.

    And please, please, please, read the All Users Come Here First forum before posting ANYTHING!

    Adam (staindredglass) is the Administrator of the forum, along with Barbara (iheartGibbs) as Vice, and Jen (cala_lily_06), Tony (AlbertBester) and Sam (hewey89) as moderators. Please let any of them know if you have any questions or queries.

    Please try and respect the rules and conditions of the forum. A lot of hard work was put into setting up this site by the administrators and it would be a shame to have the site not run smoothly.

    Have fun with the site and we hope to be reading or hearing from you soon!

    The Staff of the NCIS FanFiction Addiction

    Edited on 03/15/2008 7:59am
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