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NEW USERS: Read This Before Posting!!!

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    Hi! We're glad you're here. This is the best place on the internet to meet other NCIS fans just like you. We have alot of fun here and can't wait for you to join in.

    Before you get started here are a few things you should know about the board:

    1. Please, please, please ask any and ALL questions in the 'Question and Answer' thread near the top of the board. We guarantee you'll get a speedy answer to any of your questions there-like "Who's that red head?" and "Where can I get Abby's hippo?" You don't have to read all the posts that are already in the thread, just jump in at the end and ask us whatever you'd like to know...even if it's not NCIS related. Asking all questions there avoids creating many new threads, so the board is more organized and less confusing.

    2. If you'd like to know more about who is already here or introduce yourself, visit the 'Information About Us' thread. We love to get to know everyone.

    3. To join the club commiting your undying love to NCIS visit the 'NCISUFN' thread. We have alot of fun over there. It's another way to introduce yourself and meet everyone. Instructions are included in the first post. Once again.. you don't have to read the whole thread.. just ask.. and you'll be added ! Join in on the last page.

    4.If you're going to post something specific about the plot of a particular episode, please don't put it in the title of you message. And before you write it out, give everyone some warning by typing ****SPOILER**** and hitting enter a few times. That's just a polite way to avoid accidentally telling someone what happens if they haven't seen the episode yet. We have alot of viewers from Australia who are almost a season behind! You don't have to worry about it in the episode discussion threads, or the '***Spoilers***' thread. You can write whatever you want because everyone who goes there has been given fair warning.

    5. If you want to chat about nothing in particular, the 'Bravo Oscar Romeo Echo Delta (BORED)' thread is the place for you. You don't have to worry about being on topic, because there is no topic. Another thread created due to the popularity of the first one would be the 'Bravo Oscar Romeo Echo Delta II' thread which is basically just another thread to talk about anything and everything NCIS related or not.

    6. This is a slash free zone. (Slash is the relationship of two or more characters of the same gender.) That means that we would very much prefer if ships with slash pairings are not discussed or featured here. There are other fan sites on the internet  and we'd appreciate it if you used those sites or forums to discuss these pairings.

    7. As of 2 June 07, individual fanfiction threads are not allowed on the forum. This is because of the recent flooding of fanfiction threads. Instead, please post all your fanfiction, and works of art in your personal blog and post a link in this thread 'Fanfic Links' pinned to the top of the forum. It's just another measure we're undertaking to make the board a whole lot easier to nagivate.

    8. Since this is such a huge board with many many frequent posters, if theres something you want to discuss that doesn't fit into those six categories... please browse the rest of the forum before you start a new thread to discuss it! Chances are.. some one else has already created a thread for it.

    Also on the board you'll find fun NCIS related games, threads dedicated to your favorite characters or couples, and all the news about NCIS you could ever want. Have fun exploring! And remember we are a friendly bunch that is more than happy to help in any way we can. Thanks for visiting.

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