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Offical 2X10 Discussion "Chained" (spoilers)

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    After searching using and Google for the discussion thread and not finding one, I decided to start this one for the 10th episode of season 2 - Chained.

    I came across this episode while looking to see what might be interesting on a Sunday afternoon. When reading that Tony was going to prison, well, lots of thoughts went through my mind. Tony locked with three other guys in a cell; Tony in solitaire (though that couldn't be it, as it wouldn't allow him to complete a mission); Tony working on a chain gang, well, the list goes on. After setting up the DVR to capture it, I sat back and waited for Sunday.

    Well it wasn't exactly what I was expecting, but it is a very cool episode giving us a chance to see McGee character development, Don Davis (yes, the one from StarGate SG-1) as the head of MTAC, Tony is an Orange jumpsuit with blue slip-on sneakers (UK: plimsolls), several plot twists (some of which just seem too made up and out of character), but still a very fun episode.

    When I mentioned out of character, one of the things is how Abby put the GPS in Tony's slip-on plimsoll. It just doesn't make sense, IMHO, as it is too easy to lose a cheap canvas slip-on shoe when on outdoors and on the run. There's quicksand, of course, changing clothes, water (but hopefully the device is water proof), given they're running it might crack (which is what happen in this case (cracked while in water)), etc. There is the entire chain thing other people mentioned in various reviews, but I saw a brief scene where Tony is sewing up the other guy's shirt. Of course, wouldn't the sewing job he did draw attention to them, too (after getting rid of the chain). Wouldn't it be easier just to have Tony find a handcuff key at trailer they find (e.g. say with some S&M toys, which could bring a funny moment, too)?

    Anyway, the McGee character development was fun with "Stick it," as well as his reaction to the round of applause he got from the MTAC crew.

    Hopefully, you'll also share some of your memories and/or fun moment or even stuff you didn't like. Chained! Tony gets to play a 1/4 Afro-American escaped inmate on the run for killing a guard and flying into the USA 4 kilos of coke.

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