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Something That I Find Interesting (Contains Spoilers Season 9 Finale)

Will Someone Leave The Show?

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    Warring DO NOT read the following if you have not seen the Season 9 Finale!!!

    I finish watching the season finale and the attack on NCIS and the thing with Ducky at the end surprised me. I really hope that no one dies when the next season starts. After that I started thinking about past seasons and people that are written off the show and there are people that are main characters or recurring on the show and a lot of them die Kate, Jenny, Agent Lee, Mike Franks and I am starting to get a little annoyed with that. Now don't get me wrong I love the show and I do understand that some of the charters died so that the storyline could continue but some times I wish that they would let some one leave that doesn't die.

    I just really hope that no one dies when season ten starts. I like everyone one on the cast and don't want anyone to leave much less be killed off.


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    All the characters are going to come back next season, from what I've heard

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