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Tate or Tiva ?

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    I've just started watching the show since it's had marathons on USA network. From my perspective I don't necessarily ship tony and ziva but I was watching the first couple seasons with Kate it felt like the captain of the basketball team dating the head cheerleader. like when tony would make fun of mcgee kate would kind of sit around and laugh and let her bf make fun of him. Like the episode where they went to mcgee's apartment to wake mcgee up and tony kept touching his stuff. Kate was just walking around laughing at everything tony did. Then when she stayed in the container when Tony got the plague. It just seemed so schoolgirl crush and not real. I think ziva is more about the team and isn't always caught up with tony. So I like Ziva better with tony but like i said i do not ship them or really want them to get together
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    Can I say neither. If I had to choose I would go Tate, they fit better, but I also thought they were more brother and sister than lovers. Tiva, I don't know how to describe my dislike for this pairing. It's not that they don't have chemistry, but the writers try too hard to make this pairing exist. If they had just let it run then I think it would of been easier to except but they brought Ziva on and it was kind of instant, I want you but I don't want you. It just wasn't, I don't know, fluid? Would that be the term, I'm looking for. I believe Tony should have his own Sabrina, and not get involved with Ziva, she had more chemistry with Ray. Just so we're clear there is NO WAY I'm rooting for Tabby. That's more disturbing than Tony/MgGee pairing.

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