Season 3 Episode 9


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 22, 2005 on CBS

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  • I laughed so hard at the ending

    LOL I Laughed so hard at the end when everyone raced to Abby's lab to save her. Abby had the jerk hogtied. ;''Now can I work alone?'' (followed by a long-suffering sigh) Haha classic. Abby's the best! :)
  • this episode was really just about a fight between the good guys, i.e. tony and the bad guy, michael be i have to give the writers credit about working everything in from former episodes, like the carpet fiber- and creating a funny episode.

    who would have thought that michael b. could be sooo much the bad guy when he played bud's brother in JAG, squeaky clean. he really enjoyed this role, you could tell. too bad, he is gone. i would not mind having him show up again as a "developed baddie"..
  • Tony is framed for a murder at a military base. They find out Abbys new lab partner was behind this.

    This episode was totaly against Tony. It was soo unfair that they had to frame Tony. But it was funny how they handled it. That dude that worked with Abby.(Forgot his name) Was really creapy from the begining. I thought he had something to do with it all. But overall I thought that the did a pretty good job with it. Tony, good job under preasure.
  • It has to be an alternate reality with that ending...


    The Chip-meister is far too cool to be some evil subversive deep-cover agent.

    And here he was, actually starting to flesh out into a truly interesting character, and the next thing we see is him be dragged away in handcuffs.

    If they were looking for a shocking twist, they certainly achieved it.

    Though I am sort of hoping they do a Bobby Ewing and it all turns out to be a dream instead.
  • Wow! It only gets better!

    Another episode of NCIS, and this one is just as sensational as the four that precede it. This time, Agent DiNozzo has been framed for murder, when a severed leg is found with his DNA all over it.

    There were some really interesting scenes from the episode, such as when Gibbs came down to visit Tony in jail.

    The ending to the episode is one of the most unpredictable ones ever, and I really enjoy that last quote by Abby before the screen goes grey.

    This episode is truly not one to be missed. A fantastic episode with so many great dimensions to it. Fantastic episode, and keep it up!
  • As good as it gets!

    NCIS is one of my favorite TV shows, and this episode is as good as it gets. The episodes are all a lot of fun -- great characters and humorous banter, and complicated criminal cases that are there more for suspenseful puzzles of entertainment rather than realistic cases; it will spoil the fun if you think about them too much. The TV show is a valuable franchise because the puzzling details fly by so fast, you are compelled to watch the episodes one or two times over to fully understand everything!

    One unusual thing about this episode is that no one was murdered.

    As I said, I loved the episode and gave it a 10/10 rating. But some quibbles and food for thought:

    ¶ Two villains worked together to frame Tony, who antagonized them by discovering a forensics error in an old case. However, one of the villains (George Stewart/Petrie) should have been angrier at the second villain (Charles Sterling) since George innocently sent the forensic matter to Charles, who made the error. Why begrudge Tony?

    ¶ I may have missed something, but why did the DNA test result in naming the nurse and not the accident victim who died (the one whose leg was found)? The nurse merely was a blood donor for the accident victim. Most of the leg would show the accident victim's DNA.

    ¶ I doubt that Tony would be convicted of murder if the frame-up went through as the villains' planned -- because there would be no dead body found. (The villains would have been better off if they actually murdered someone, but I can see why they wouldn't want to go to that extreme.) Their frame-up would get Tony fired from NCIS, I guess.

    ¶ One could argue that their frame-up plan could be foiled by "over kill" -- that is, they piled up so many things incriminating Tony (a crime expert) that it would look like a frame-up, look suspicious.
  • Tony in trouble with the law.

    I wonder if Tony will stop being the womanizer that he is. Ziva's remark about Tony's butt was funny. THe whole team comes together to find out who is setting up Tony. Abby's is now able to work alone. I never did like CHip and was not shocked to find out he was the culprit.
  • Framing

    So.. another major episode. And brilliant one. Tony becomes main suspect in a murder case. Like what? Only legs are found and all the evidence point to Tony. Forensics do that. First fingerprint, then tooth marks, then dna and car fibbers. Everyone know that Tony did not do that but how to prove it when everything is against you and you have nothing else? I really liked Abby in this episode. It was almost her episode as it was Tony's. It was she who worked on the evidence and who almost put Tony in prison. The way she almost lost her believe and love on what she does and then got it back and the last scene.. that was just great.. I hope they will let her work alone now.
  • A really great episode.

    Tony blamed for a murder, Abby's forensics fail her but as always, Gibbs doesn't let anything happen to his little Tony DiNozzo.

    That's called Murphy's Law – Ziva lectures the chivalrous Ducky then throws them both into the river!

    Tony doesn't take the interrogation seriously, I'm hoping it's just his reaction to stress. He is so screwed – DNA, bite mark, fingerprint and carpet fiber. It's an overwhelming volume of evidence to the point that it is ridiculous. Felt for Abby, her beloved forensics is sending one of her best friends to jail for life. Loved her 'faith' rant, it was both awesome and terrifying. The frame-up was brilliant but 'Chip' completely underestimated Abby.

    Liked Tony's 'interrogation' of himself, as an experienced detective, he knows all too well from both sides – investigation and forensics.
  • Dinozzo is the main suspect in a leg, which has his bite marks on it. There is a lot of evidence against him.

    If someone asked me what my favourite thing about NCIS was, i don't think i'd know what to say. The show wouldn't be half as good without the characters; all unique and special in their own ways. This episode has a huge twist at the end which i didn't expect at all, but when you've seen it once you know what it is; and you see things you didn't see the first time. We get to see a lot more about Tony's character when he's in the prison cell, and we see Abby being torn because the forensics never lies and neither does Dinozzo.
    It's a great episode, definitely one of the best of the series.
  • Wow!

    ok so i have watched all of the seasons mixed up and this is one of my favourites, this is my favourite because i love how its Abby's assistant and how he is the one who framed Tony. And i love when Tony is in his cell and he is interigating himself, saying that he is a cops dream. I love how Abby is so determined to get the person who framed him. This is why i live this episode because she also has to trust herself with her forensic evidence. Also how all for them even Ziva trys as hard as she can to get his name cleared.
  • Is Tony a murderer? All is about to be revealed.

    This episode opens with a group of teenagers camping out in the woods. Officers turn up and tell them to leave. They spot another person in the bushes and as they pull on the leg, believing that the person may be sleeping, the leg comes off. Clearly the person is dead. When the NCIS team are called in, we discover that it was not a body, just a pair of legs. When Abby runs tests on things found at the crime scene, Tony's prints are found. He believes that he split a glove, but that turns out not to be the case. They also take an impression of his teeth to match bite marks found on the victim and they match. Tony makes a list of all of the people who may have a reason to frame him for murder. Tony is questioned and then is remanded in custody until the team can sort out who is trying to frame him. When Abby runs the DNA from the legs, she gets a match. When they go to visit the victim they discover that she is fine and well and still has her legs. The team learn that she donated her blood to a Jane Doe who died a few weeks before. The morgue the body was transported to is where one of the people who may have a grudge against Tony works. Gibbs finds the body and so Tony is released, and the M.E. is arrested.

    Abby rings the place where Stuart the ME worked to warn them and its then that we learn that Chip was the one who helped the ME set up Tony. He was also fired. Chip now has a knife and Abby alone in the lab. When Gibbs looks in the file on the court case of the ME and Chip, he sees Chip's picture and races to Abby, the rest of the team follow. When they enter they find Abby alive and well, and Chips has been tired up. Abby simply asks at the end "now can I work alone".
  • Love this episode!

    Like the title already sais, someone gets framed. But not just anybody, oh no Tony is the one getting framed in this episode. Cause they discover Tonys' teeth marks on two legs. They also discover his blood on the legs and other evidence on the crime scene that can be traced back to Tony. So Tony goes to jail, and I just love to see how all the characters are responding to this, including Tony himself. That was perhaps the best thing about this whole episode.
    And who turns out to be the one that framed Tony. Well it was Chip, Abby's new lab partner. And I liked the fact that we got to know how he did it. And though I don't like him I have to say that he was pretty smart and did a great job at framing Tony. I also loved that Abby totally kicked Chips' ass at the end, cause she's just awesome like that.
  • good episode...

    Tony gets framed! Interesting, right? Of course. Two legs were found with Tony's blood and teeth marks on it which got hte FBI's attention and placed Tony in jail. I love Tobias and he's great in any episode he does. I also liked how the episode turned out. Chip was the bad guy; who would have thought? I liked how all of the different characters reacted to Tony being accused of murder. I really liked the part when Tony banged the drums on his interrogation desk; that's my favorite part. Overall, this episode had a good story and great character development.
  • great episode

    When a marine discovers a pair of legs at a park. The NCIS team quickly investigate who the legs belong to. Abby looks for clues that might lead them to the killer. She soon finds out that Tony's DNA was in the legs. The FBI visits the NCIS headquarters to interrogate Tony. Tony believes that he's been framed by someone and he couldn't figure out who. The NCIS team is prompted to investigate one of their own. This is a good episode. One of the NCIS being investigated changes things for the show. But it makes the show riveting, we get to see something unexpected.
  • Oh My God! DiNozzo framed for murder!

    This has to be my favourite episode. I was shocked when Abby matched Tony’s teeth to the bite mark on the Jane Doe’s leg. I never liked chip, but I never knew he would go all psycho. It just goes to show that girls kick ass and that nobody messes with Abby.

    I thought that this episode was awesome! I couldn't help but tape it and watch it again, I like the fact that the show bases things on the characters in the show. I mean they did the epidsode BloodBath for Abby, they did the episode Probie for Mgee, they did the episode Hiatus for Gibbs, and then they did SWAK for Dinozzo, then this episode for Dinozzo. I just like how they process the whole entire episodes to include them in it too. It would be awesome if they included them a little more but then again it wouldn't be a show about Murders and killers of the military scene if they based it on the shows characters.

    All I am saying they should have more "character-relationship" status together and how they like/dislike, love/hate, compare/dont compare to eachother!
  • "Lets give it another 40 minutes"

    I love this series!!!!
    What an awesome episode!!!
    Thumbs up to the writers and everybody else involved, of course.

    There will probably be some spoilers here, so if you haven't seen this episode yet, do not read on... I swear, you'll regret it if you do.

    I've been on the edge of my seat through almost the whole episode.
    From the moment Tony's photo came up on the screen, to the very end of the episode.

    Tony goes through a lot in this series! He gets poisoned, almost got blown up, has to kill a guy he got pretty close with and now he gets framed!

    Despite of all the drama that was going on, I have laughed a lot again! Even in these circumstances, the characters are sarcastic to the limit! I love it!

    In the interrogation room Tony is left behind after he drove the FBI guy crazy, and what does he do? He does a drum solo on the table, and I gotta tell ya, he did a pretty good job!
    I am a drummer so it was really cool to see this :D

    But... he ends up in jail and loses faith... he gets grumpy, and still... he is pretty funny with his comments, especially when he interrogates himself!
    Great camera work by the way, I loved those shots!

    And poor Abby! Gosh... the harder she tried to help Tony, the more she got him in trouble... till she got a nice inspiration boost from Chip... good ol' Chip!

    And then... the twist! The awesome twist in the end!
    Good ol' Chip isn't such a goody after all! WOOHOOO!
    Did you expect it? I didn't!
    I normally solve the cases at the first second of the episode, but this time I didn't even have the slightest idea!

    And from one shocker to the next... Chip even tries to kill my Gothic Doll! I seriously thought he had a crush on her!

    Did he get away with it? Heck no!

    Bottom line... don't mess with NCIS chicks! ;D
  • "An exciting, funny, intriguing and revealing episode."

    * * * This might contain spoilers * * *

    Wow, this episode was definately one of the best episodes of NCIS. Tony is framed for murder and the real criminal is in front of their nose...

    ... I actually can't believe that Chip used that apple from previous episodes and set up Tony. Now when I look at it, I actually thought he was really stupid. OK, ha ha ha, it's stupid what he has done, but he is very intelligent.

    Oh, and it was so funny when Ziva was rating Tony and McGee's but, ha ha ha. And, Abby is now finally going to work alone... I hope so :)
  • Tony behind bars! What on earth???

    This episode was terrific. Tony Dinozzo is always quite a character and to have him arrested for murder? That was brilliant writing. DNA, carpet fibers, and a bite mark all lead back to a certain jokester, namely DiNozzo. The entire team is scrambling to find evidence that doesn’t lead back to him, while the FBI just wants to nail his hide to the wall. The scene where Tony tells McGee that prison changes people, terrific! Abby was so upset that her tests were incriminating her friend and colleague. But the ending, when Abby took down Chip and the team ran down to find her sitting there with him on the floor – absolutely marvelous. Abby rocks and kicks butt and DiNozzo was cleared!!!
  • One of the best!

    I truly love this episode! Tony really rocks! That cool monolouge in the prison cell is one of my best TV-moments ever. And the end, when lab assistant, Chip, goes psycho was so exciting! He had always given me the creeps and it was cool when you saw how he had collected all the things he needed to framed Tony during the previous episodes (i.e the half-eaten apple, the fibre from Tony's car)... The way Abby gets all upset because her beloved forensic evidence lets her down is a real treat too... A real classic... Rock on NCIS!

  • This Episode is one of my favorites! Tony is framed for murder.

    Tony is framed for murder and the NCIS team has to prove him innocent before he is taken away by Fornell/FBI or get put in jail. Everything marks up to being Tony. The Teeth marks, the car fiber. The framer is a pro. I love the ending of this episode!! GO ABBY!
  • really good ep!

    This was a really good episode...well writen, well acted, well plotted and well, everything. I loved Tonys monoloque in the prison cell it was really well done, and Gibbs in the background. I also liked Tony\'s little drum solo, that was cool. A really good ep. I recommend watching it.

    Also in the autopsy, Gibbs and Ducky are having a conversation about the bite marks in the victims leg, talking about Ted Bundy, a notorious serial killer who was suspected of killing over 100 women. Mark Harmon (Gibbs) played Ted Bundy as a character in 1986 thriller, The Deliberate Stranger.
  • An apparent murder on the Quantico grounds. All forensic evidence implicates Tony. Can the team save him?

    I have to say that I saw it coming a mile away. (I had never had any particulary bad feelings about Chip, I just felt that he was a square peg assigned to work with a free spirit. I even felt a little sorry for him, being called Chip against his will.) When he bullied Ducky's assistant, Jimmy Palmer, I thought he was just being jealous. But that final glare between the elevator doors made me think. We knew Tony was going to be framed by someone. I thought, "Could it be Chip?" When the fingerprint matched and they were testing the bite patterns, Tony accused Ziva of pranking him by planting the glove. Notice when Tony pointed at Ziva, Chip was between them and thought Tony was pointing at him. Notice the brief panic on Chip's face. Also, Abby commented on how the perpetrator seemed to be an expert in forensics. I figured the framer would also had to have access to the NCIS offices in order to get a rubber glove with Tony's fingerprint. At that point, I kept saying, "It's Chip! It's Chip!" Remember when he asked Abby why she doesn't like Agent David? He remarked that he didn't like Agent Dinozzo.

    The only problem I had was when his motive was revealed. Abby said something like, "You took this job to set Tony up!" Wasn't he ASSIGNED to work in the lab by Director Sheppard? Plus, wouldn't the military do a careful background check before hiring someone to work in such a restricted area?

    One thing that I thought was slightly out of character was Ziva rating the boy's butts. Especially the she was with Tony. I like the flirty-ness between them, but I never saw her as the type that would giggle.
  • Tony was great, ... Ziva still sucks

    Tonys drum solo was probably the best part of the season, but watching the creaters of NCIS turning Ziva into this super human, that has all the best skills of the former seasons Tony, Gibbs, and Kate is more than just sickening. Stripping the characters of their talets and personalities to give them all to one person not only makes the show worse, but makes it 4 billion times harder to accept a new character that's going to be hard in the first place. It may be popular right now, but it's a fad, it will die, these kinds of fixes are like drugs, a quick fake high, then you die. I hope not, it was one of geratest of all time.
    P.S. Ziva's character is written horribly.
  • Tony is arrested by the FBI and the team rushes to solve the crime, when a pair of legs with his teethmarks show up in the woods.

    This kind of episode is the reason I watch this show. One particular scene with Tony and his monologue showed the kind of camera work that makes this show seem groundbreaking to me even though it is formulaic. The characters were spot on and always so. I can look at any actor even standing in the background and still see the character. I sometimes make it a point to watch someone who is not talking because they are so great. Watch Gibbs during Tony's monologue and you will see exactly why this show is so great! Oh and by the way GO ABBY!!!
  • Great episode !! I absolutely loved the ending...

    "Now can I work alone?" Yes !! She does such a great job, I loved everything she said about her faith in forensics, and how she never gives up (thank god for caffeine!!) and she must be combat trained since she managed to take down Chip all by herself...
    Now, about Chip, his attitude was just weird throught the entire episode, first with Palmer at the elevator, then when he finds evidence to exonerate Tony, since when does Chip find useful stuff?? Anyway, I only thought he was tampering with the evidence, not that he was the brain behind all this... so I was still somewhat surprised to find him with a knife at the end of the episode...
    All in all, a very very good episode since you're left wondering until the end, the self cross examination of Tony is great (loved the slap on the head...), and glad to see that Lauren Holly's here to stay...
  • OH MY GOD!!!!!!

    All I have to say regarding this episode is I never saw it coming! I'm normally very good at guessing who the bad guy is but this episode actually stumped me. I never saw Chip as the bad guy until he revealed himself. I loved that Abby had the situation under control while everyone else was upstairs. I loved her comment to the group at the end. Absolutely the BEST episode ever.
  • Another great episode, both confirming my suspicions and reinforcing how cool Abby is.

    This was a great episode. The way that evidence was slowly revealed, along with the accompanying shock of the team was very well done. While I had my suspicions about Chip from the beginning, the way that they revealed him, especially after his help with the Mustang fiber was also well done.

    I think that my favorite scenes were the ones with Tony in prison, especially when he was cross-examining himself on the "stand," along with the accompanying head smack.

    The ending scene showed classic Abby as well, especially giving her the last line of the episode with "Now can I work alone?"

    I look forward to see how the aftermath of this plays out over the next few episodes.
  • NEVER underestimate Abby!

    They shoulda listened to Abby when they first foisted Chip onto her. She said she didn't need an assistant, she said she didn't want an assistant, but nobody listened to her and she got stuck with a stick in the mud who had difficulty grasping her singular brand of humor. Well, I'd say Abby's earned herself a chance to say I-told-you-so. Chip turned out to be a test botching lunatic who cut the legs off a female corpse and used them, plus some stuff he gathered from NCIS trash bins, to frame Tony for a murder that never happened. But Abby refused to give up, despite Chip's expert forging of the forensics, and as she was getting word on the phone about Gibbs proving Tony innocent, the creep showed his true colors and pulled a knife.

    I thought Abby was in major trouble as we cut away to the bullpen. When Gibbs got to the lab and we saw Abby sitting on a chair with her back to us, I thought for sure that we'd see a knife sticking out of her chest when she turned around, but she was fine, and she'd managed to hogtie Chip with a whole lot of duct tape. I think we learned an important lesson tonight: Don't underestimate a goth cola-addict forensics tech. Abby can take care of herself better than we thought.

    Just one thing doesn't make sense: Chip claimed that he wanted to get revenge on BOTH guys who cost him his job, Tony and that guy Tony turned in. But for him to get revenge on the other guy with his current plan, Tony would have to be exonerated, effectively cutting the revenge quotient in half.