Season 8 Episode 13


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 01, 2011 on CBS
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The NCIS team has to locate the family and the murderer when a Marine is found beaten to death in his own backyard.

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  • I still don't think this lives up to the usual NCIS standard. A good episode, but there have been much better ones. The case had a few great aspects, but the lack of action was a letdown for me.moreless

    NCIS has had a couple of pisodes this season that have not quite been on the money, and this one would fall into that category.

    The case had its good moments, and I really enjoyed the first scene of the episode, when the dogs locate the body. That was some good stuff!

    What I didn't like about this episode was the lack of suspenseinvolved. I personally had guessed the killer fairly early on,and I don't like it when that happens. Also, very little action was employed throughout this episode, and that was a bad aspect to the episode.

    A good thing about the episode wa s the humor aspect of things, with that inflatable doll that McGee receives!That was pretty funny!

    Overall, not a bad NCIS episode, but it is missing the suspense and the action that could've potentially made it a terrific episode. Hoping for someting better next wekk.moreless
  • 2/1

    New month, new NCIS, and we get another decent showing from the veteran procedural. Is this program worthy of the highest viewership on TV? Absolutely not, but you know you can count on it for a good hour week in and week out and that is what we got tonight.

    I actually did not enjoy Ziva at all today. Her jokes didn't work, and it almost seemed like Cote de Pablo didn't want to be there, something usually not the case. I did enjoy the "identity theft" against McGee. Nice little side storyline, but the actual murder of the week wasn't bad either.

    Solid show, nothing spectacular though.moreless
  • it was ok...could have been better...

    this episode was just another crime of the week, filler if you will. but there was a moment in the episode that would have redeemed it just a little. when Gibbs decided to use Ziva to connect with the "wife" character they should have tapped into Ziva's personal struggle with her past (just a bit at least). i understand that eventually she will have to move on but it seems like after her almost getting arrested for all the murders on the ship before her capture and one heart felt whisper from Gibbs, she is all healed and whole again. it would have been interesting if the writers allow Ziva's character relate to the victim on a more personal level and give us in sight to her struggle with her past. basically, a little more character development would have gone a long way in making this episode a great episode. just a thought...moreless
  • "Vicki Nelson" a victim?

    I think not! Christina Cox was a natural choice for Gunnery Sergeant Wooton. She has real martial arts training, showed in beautifully in Blood Ties, but not as much as I'd hoped in this episode of NCIS.

    Notwithstanding, she turned in a really good performance of a woman in personal struggle but with something bigger than herself to worry about. Must say, like Gibbs, I couldn't drum up too much sympathy for the hubby on Duckie's slab...

    I was a bit let down that the real culprit was so lame. I was hoping it would be the little bit on the side who took the big dumb loser out. At least that would have meant something, but oh well... And Ziva's attempts to "help" draw out Wooton were a bit contrived too, though not out of the realm of possibility.

    Meantime, on the fun side, poor McGeek, McBankrupt, or whatever Tony is calling him these days, has, at the hands of a mere child, learned that he needs to have some McFun. Out of the fraud of babes...moreless
  • a good episode

    I have to say that the problem with bringing gest stars in a show is that you know that they don't come just to appear 10 sec on screen. So that reduced the list of suspects to only two people: the guy who I immediately recognized as Michael in Melrose place^^ playing the bar tender or the actress playing the wife that I've seen in several other shows. So it became clear really quick who killed the guy. But anyway it was a good episode in the way that they conducted the investigation.

    I am usually a big fan of Ziva and Cote, but I don't know if it's just me but Ziva didn't seem like herself in this episode. Moreover, at first I was glad that they started to address the emotional effects of her time in Somalia but was disappointed how it turned out. It was too quick and not as personal as it should have been.

    I liked the Tony and Ziva' chat around the pool table but again it lacked the usual sparkle that we usually got between those two.

    However I really enjoyed the McGee identity theft part, the inflatable doll was hilarious ! And Tony finding the boy who did it was fun too. Ducky, Palmer and Abby were great as usual. And Cristina Cox performance was great. I would have loved to see more Gibbs/child interaction like we usually have but guess that was not the point of the episode.

    On the whole a good episode.moreless
Mark Harmon

Mark Harmon

Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs

Michael Weatherly

Michael Weatherly

Special Agent Tony DiNozzo

Pauley Perrette

Pauley Perrette

Forensics Specialist Abby Sciuto

David McCallum

David McCallum

Chief M.E. Ducky Mallard

Sean Murray (I)

Sean Murray (I)

Special Agent Tim McGee

Cote de Pablo

Cote de Pablo

Special Agent Ziva David

Christina Cox (I)

Christina Cox (I)

Marine Gunnery Sergeant Georgia Wooten

Guest Star

Thomas Calabro

Thomas Calabro

Len Feeney

Guest Star

Olivia Taylor Dudley

Olivia Taylor Dudley

Jancey Gilroy

Guest Star

Brian Dietzen

Brian Dietzen

Asst. M.E. Jimmy Palmer

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • NITPICK: It is very unlikely that Gunnery Sergeant Wooten got beat up and went to five different hospitals where nobody pressed charges. In most states, the State Attorney press charges on every case of domestic violence, even if the victim refuses to press charges against the assaulter. Virginia (where NCIS is set) should be one of them.

    • TRIVIA: Tony was a pool champion during his time as a Baltimore cop, in the late-1990s.

    • TRIVIA: Abby uses Google Earth when pointing out where the varnish was made.

    • TRIVIA: McGee's landlady is called Mrs Miller, who has a son called Nick.

    • TRIVIA: McGee receives a parcel sent through TransEx which is a play on the name, FedEx.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Tony: In fact, I was champion of my Baltimore precinct in the late '90s.
      Ziva: (laughing) 'Late '90s?' That makes you sound...
      Tony: What, old?! Don't say old!
      Ziva: I didn't say it, you did.

    • (Tony, McGee and Nick enter the elevator)
      McGee: You know you still owe me that fifty bucks.
      Nick: Talk to my mom, bro.

    • (Tony, McGee and Nick Miller decide to go to GameStop)
      Nick: (To Ziva) Smoking hot chick! Can she come too?
      (Ziva smiles and looks at Tony)
      Tony: Cool it, Nick.
      (Tony drags him towards the elevator as Ziva laughs)

    • (Tony introduces Nick Miller, the boy whole charged McGee's credit card illegally)
      Tony: Tim McGee, meet Tim McGee.
      Nick: 'Sup dude.
      McGee: Hello. (Looks at Tony) I don't get it.
      Tony: Well, Tim, there are two kinds of identity thieves. There's the kind you never know and there's the kind that knows you so well that they're aware you're not home from 7am to 10pm.
      McGee: (To Nick) You're Mrs Miller's kid right? Nick?
      Ziva: Who is Mrs Miller?
      Tony: It's McGee's landlady, holder of the keys. She also has a bad back.
      Ziva: Oh.
      McGee: It was you! You stole my identity, you sent me an inflatable girlfriend! You know I'm down almost ten grand!
      Nick: Dude, it's fraud and you're only liable for like... fifty bucks.
      Tony: Yeah dude.
      McGee: (To Nick) Why? Why are you doing this to me?
      Nick: You're always doing the same thing. Go to work, come home, go to work again. You even order the same take-out food every single night.
      McGee: Not every night.
      Nick: Dude, yes! You gotta start living. You're too young to act so old.
      (McGee looks at Tony who starts laughing)
      Tony: You're welcome.

    • (Gibbs and Ducky are in Autopsy, looking over Sgt Wooten's body.)
      Ducky: These bruises and lascerations could be consistent with somebody hitting a target repeatedly.
      Gibbs: The target was the wife, Duck. I wouldn't blame her if she did this.
      Ducky: Nobody would. But that doesn't make it any less of a crime.

    • Ziva: I did not know you were a pool dolphin, Tony.
      Tony: Pool shark. And yes, I was.

    • (Gibbs walks in on Tony and McGee with the blow-up doll)
      Tony: Morning, Boss!
      McGee: This isn't what it looks like, Boss.
      Gibbs: Well, what is it, Tim?
      McGee: Erm...a joke...I think. A really bad, practical joke.
      Gibbs: I'm not laughing. (Gibbs turns and heads for his desk) Lose your gal-pal. (To everyone) Grab your gear. Got a dead Marine in Springfield.
      (McGee tries effortlessly to hide the blow-up doll as the rest of the team head for the elevator)

    • (After McGee has opened a parcel containing a blow up doll)
      McGee: Erm...real funny, Tony.
      Tony: (Laughs) You think I did this?
      Ziva: I would not put it past you.
      Tony: Guys! Come on, a little credit, please. I have grown past this kinda sophomore thing. I mean, who would do something so...genius! McGee with a plastic girlfriend! Congratulations, Tim! She's very sweet.
      McGee: The receipt's got my credit card information on it. It must be some kind of mistake.
      Ziva: I would cancel your credit card.
      McGee: Right now, all I need to do is figure out how to deflate this thing.
      Tony: Oh that's easy, there's always a button right here on the back of the neck...
      (Tony realises what he has just said)...there's no reason I should know that.

    • McGee: It's rude, Tony. I called you four times!
      Tony: Well, there's two things wrong with that statement. One, we're not dating. And two, you know I don't take calls from anyone, especially you, after 7pm. You forget, I have a life.
      McGee: What's your point?
      Tony: My point McGee, party of one, is that you were leaving me messages evidently about some kind of case file?
      McGee: Yeah, one that I needed you to sign.
      Tony: Which you could have waited until this morning for? Give it to me. (McGee hands Tony the file) See that? Now all I have to do is sign it! (Tony signs the file) Look at that. Signing John Hancock. Just kidding, Anthony DiNozzo. (Tony hands McGee the file, which McGee snatches out of his hands)

    • McGee: Not a hacker, either.
      Ziva: How do you know?
      McGee: My firewall hasn't been penetrated.
      Tony: Lubricant helps, but everybody has dry spots.
      (Ziva laughs)

    • McGee: Since when did banks become so evil?
      Tony: Since about the 12th century.
      (Ziva laughs)

  • NOTES (2)

    • Rocky Carroll is credited but doesn't appear.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      : February 1, 2011 on Global
      : March 1, 2011 on TV3
      United Kingdom
      : March 25, 2011 on FX/FX HD
      Sweden: April 5, 2011 on TV3
      : June 7, 2011 on Nelonen
      : June 10, 2011 on LaSexta
      Germany: August 28, 2011 on SAT 1
      Slovakia: October 19, 2011 on Markiza
      Czech Republic: March 26, 2012 on TV Nova


    • Nick: Can we go to GameStop now?

      GameStop is an American video game and software retailer that has over 6,500 retail stores throughout the United States.

    • Tony: I see you haven't seen The Hunt for Red October?
      Nick: Nope
      Tony: Yeah, it's when Alec Baldwin was skinny.

      The Hunt for Red October (1990) was a film based on the Tom Clancy book of the same name and featured Alec Baldwin as the main character, Jack Ryan. It also featured Sean Connery and was directed by John McTiernan.

    • Tony: Ah! I love the smell of fresh felt in the morning!

      Tony is parodying a famous line from the Vietnam War movie, Apocalypse Now (1979), directed by Francis Ford Coppola. The original line as said by Robert Duvall's character, Lieutenant Colonel William Kilgore, went "I love the smell of fresh napalm in the morning".

    • McGee: ...and they have been racking up payments just about everything. EverQuest Online Games, Melissa's Erotic Entertainment...Oh! Club Med, that's new!

      McGee mentions EverQuest, a fantasy-themed, massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) which was first released in 1999 and has spawned two sequels since.

    • Tony: Where do I start? McGlean, McFly, McQueen, McGeek, McBankrupt, McMisérables, McRib, McGreek...

      Among the fake names Tony lists for McGee, he refers to Marty McFly from the Back to the Future movies; the rock band, Queen; the French novel, Les Misérables, and the McDonald's McRib sandwich.