Season 8 Episode 13


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 01, 2011 on CBS

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  • I still don't think this lives up to the usual NCIS standard. A good episode, but there have been much better ones. The case had a few great aspects, but the lack of action was a letdown for me.

    NCIS has had a couple of pisodes this season that have not quite been on the money, and this one would fall into that category.

    The case had its good moments, and I really enjoyed the first scene of the episode, when the dogs locate the body. That was some good stuff!

    What I didn't like about this episode was the lack of suspenseinvolved. I personally had guessed the killer fairly early on,and I don't like it when that happens. Also, very little action was employed throughout this episode, and that was a bad aspect to the episode.

    A good thing about the episode wa s the humor aspect of things, with that inflatable doll that McGee receives!That was pretty funny!

    Overall, not a bad NCIS episode, but it is missing the suspense and the action that could've potentially made it a terrific episode. Hoping for someting better next wekk.
  • 2/1

    New month, new NCIS, and we get another decent showing from the veteran procedural. Is this program worthy of the highest viewership on TV? Absolutely not, but you know you can count on it for a good hour week in and week out and that is what we got tonight.

    I actually did not enjoy Ziva at all today. Her jokes didn't work, and it almost seemed like Cote de Pablo didn't want to be there, something usually not the case. I did enjoy the "identity theft" against McGee. Nice little side storyline, but the actual murder of the week wasn't bad either.

    Solid show, nothing spectacular though.
  • it was ok...could have been better...

    this episode was just another crime of the week, filler if you will. but there was a moment in the episode that would have redeemed it just a little. when Gibbs decided to use Ziva to connect with the "wife" character they should have tapped into Ziva's personal struggle with her past (just a bit at least). i understand that eventually she will have to move on but it seems like after her almost getting arrested for all the murders on the ship before her capture and one heart felt whisper from Gibbs, she is all healed and whole again. it would have been interesting if the writers allow Ziva's character relate to the victim on a more personal level and give us in sight to her struggle with her past. basically, a little more character development would have gone a long way in making this episode a great episode. just a thought...
  • "Vicki Nelson" a victim?

    I think not! Christina Cox was a natural choice for Gunnery Sergeant Wooton. She has real martial arts training, showed in beautifully in Blood Ties, but not as much as I'd hoped in this episode of NCIS.

    Notwithstanding, she turned in a really good performance of a woman in personal struggle but with something bigger than herself to worry about. Must say, like Gibbs, I couldn't drum up too much sympathy for the hubby on Duckie's slab...

    I was a bit let down that the real culprit was so lame. I was hoping it would be the little bit on the side who took the big dumb loser out. At least that would have meant something, but oh well... And Ziva's attempts to "help" draw out Wooton were a bit contrived too, though not out of the realm of possibility.

    Meantime, on the fun side, poor McGeek, McBankrupt, or whatever Tony is calling him these days, has, at the hands of a mere child, learned that he needs to have some McFun. Out of the fraud of babes...
  • a good episode

    I have to say that the problem with bringing gest stars in a show is that you know that they don't come just to appear 10 sec on screen. So that reduced the list of suspects to only two people: the guy who I immediately recognized as Michael in Melrose place^^ playing the bar tender or the actress playing the wife that I've seen in several other shows. So it became clear really quick who killed the guy. But anyway it was a good episode in the way that they conducted the investigation.

    I am usually a big fan of Ziva and Cote, but I don't know if it's just me but Ziva didn't seem like herself in this episode. Moreover, at first I was glad that they started to address the emotional effects of her time in Somalia but was disappointed how it turned out. It was too quick and not as personal as it should have been.

    I liked the Tony and Ziva' chat around the pool table but again it lacked the usual sparkle that we usually got between those two.

    However I really enjoyed the McGee identity theft part, the inflatable doll was hilarious ! And Tony finding the boy who did it was fun too. Ducky, Palmer and Abby were great as usual. And Cristina Cox performance was great. I would have loved to see more Gibbs/child interaction like we usually have but guess that was not the point of the episode.

    On the whole a good episode.
  • Solid episode, but not in my top 10...

    A good solid episode, but this one will not stay with me for long.

    A sergeant was found dead by a dogwalker, and everything in the episode evolves around the question, did the wife do it or not. That was the case, which I liked. But there was a bit too little about my main people's inner feelings.

    For example, I expected more of Ziva's visit to the dead man's wife, especially because Gibbs mentioned to Ducky that he would hate to see old wounds get ripped open. But nothing really happened, so I think they missed a great opportunity to get back into Ziva's bad memories. Maybe they are saving all that and this was just an intro for the upcoming episodes with the company shrink.

    Identity-theft had indeed been done before, but so have so many things, it was season 8 episode 13, so more things will pop up that have been done before. I liked the way Tony solved this, actually I loved it. And he bounded with the kid, always nice to see.

    I liked the bartender, and will think about what if..... if he just had told the wife how he felt, maybe they would have had a great life together. But not for long, like I said, a nice, solid episode but not one to stay with me for long.

    I liked the bickering between Tony and Ziva in the bar.

    As for Gibbs, to me he acts a little bit tired after everything what happened with his wife and daughter and his actions in Mexico so many years ago came to light again. Like he has been there, done that, seen everything and is on automatic pilot. He cares for the people around him, he does his job, but his heart is not really in there. Maybe something will/must happen to shake him up again.
  • A delicately handled and enjoyable episode which breaks the stereotypical attitude towards domestic abuse nicely.

    The subject of domestic abuse is a delicate one that should be handled as such. Unsuprisingly, NCIS does this well. Though I thought it was fairly obvious from the beginning who the killer was (NCIS has a habit of showing the criminal very early on, usually as a witness), the episode did have a nice feel to it and the B-story of McGee's credit card didn't overshadow the main story at all. I particularly liked the character of Gunnery Sergeant Wooten (brilliantly played by Christina Cox) and how she began as the strong-willed fighting machine, afraid to show her emotions, whose defense was eventually broken down during Gibbs' interrogation. It breaks the stereotype that only weak women can be abused, something which I applaud NCIS for doing so well. This is indeed a subject that people should be aware of. I share Gibbs' view on the subject and probably wouldn't have blamed her if she had indeed killed him, which leads me onto another thought I had while watching "Freedom".

    Before we learn of Wooten's domestic abuse, we see certain parallels with Gibbs' own situation. He was a gunnery sergeant in the Marines whose spouse was killed, as was Wooten's, and he is also a strong-willed character, as is Wooten. She even points this out when questioned by Gibbs the first time. At this point, I did expect the story to be going down the revenge route, but then it turned into something much more constructive, and I'm glad it did. There have been too many revenge stories on TV in the past.

    There are not many criticisms I can make about this episode. We didn't really see much of Abby, though I suppose there wasn't much for her to do and a larger presence may have felt forced. Still, maybe she could have appeared in the very last scene, at least. Also, after watching the previous episode, "Recruited", I had half-expected more of an action-driven story than another emotional one, but that's something that didn't affect my enjoyment of it too much.

    All in all, a carefully crafted story that deals nicely with an issue prevelant in today's society accompanied by an excellent performance by Christina Cox. This episode is receives an 8/10 from me.
  • Another poor episode

    I don't know what has happened to the writing of this show! It used to be good, get you involved and have seemless humour as well as a good storyline. The last episode was very PC and this one seemed to have little or no substance. the humour which is usually seemless almost seemed like an add on in parts and made the episode disjointed!! The storyline was extremely weak but had openings to ake it quite entertaining that were NOT explored. As a result for the second episode running this was ANOTHER WEAK EPISODE!!! PLEASE NCIS Go BACK to the original writers from the past 7 series!! These new ones suck!!!!
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