Season 4 Episode 15

Friends & Lovers

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 13, 2007 on CBS

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  • Wow, great on so many levels!

    This episode was a really good one, and in a sense, also a quite emotional one, in my opinion.

    Special Agent DiNozzo 'bonds' with a cop while investigating this case, and the two talk. I was really saddened at the end of the episode, when we discover that the cop's soulmate was actually Jeanne Benoit. That was really tearful!

    Also, the episode was really funny, with some great quotes. I really enjoyed seeing McGee get into the club as Thom E. Gemcity with Ziva, Abby and Michelle as his 'girls'! That was really terrific!

    Overall, the case isn't the most interesting, although it was good, but the episode is really memorable on different levels.

    Well done, NCIS!
  • How romantic... propose at the place where you met, and she gets a dead body as a bonus.

    That's really sweet – taking your fiancé back to the place you met… even though the restaurant has been closed.

    Tony's definitely serious about Jeanne, he would usually drool about Ziva doing something so sexy as dancing Shakira-style in front of his desk – he didn't even look up. Exchanged 'I love you's'. Interesting that it turned out to be Jeanne was the detective's ex.

    The blood under the lamination was intended to get their attention, knowing they'd then do more tests, finding the message.

    What is with Jimmy and Lee?! That woman is a nympho!

    Tim - Ziva, Abby and Lee on his arm. That's very cool.
  • The dead body of a marine is found

    This episode opens with a man taking his girlfriend to the restaurant where they flirt had their first met and he is planning to propose until they find a dead body. The dead man was a marine and had his ID on him. They discover that he died 5 days before he was found, he had a liver of a 75 year old and that he was poisoned by a flower. His death was murder. They find out that he was at a bar the night they believe he died and they get a sketch of the woman. When Abby and McGee go through the victims stuff they discover that he had Ecstasy tablets in his shoe and find that on a piece of laminated card found on the body was a secret message written in blood. The message reads "Expect Moore!
    When the team try to get a warrant for the club they can't due to legal problems. SO they send someone in undercover, Agent McGee. Well he is a published author after all. They run the blood and it matches a woman who was killed over a month ago. While watching on CCTV Gibbs spots the woman they are after out the back of the building. They race there and discover her and the owner of the club having an argument. But just as they turn up he snaps her neck. They shoot him dead. We then see that one of the cops who was with Tony has been shot and he also dies. We learn that the petty officer was actually a serial killer who died when he was made to drink his own position.
  • Very good episode where the main plot is not the important thing to be watching.

    I found this episode rewarding in its expanding revelation of Tony's character and developing Jeanne a little more. Well written episode. The plot is not that big a thing, just a vehicle to show us more of their relationship. As for the spying that went on (2 or so shows ago - last scene, where Tony and Jeanne are seeming being observed), well it could have been the ex-cop lover - or was it?!

    The last scene elevated this episode from being good to v. good, as the touch of irony hit home after the cops and Tony's unknown commonality of both having a relationship with Jeanne, one dies while the other doesnt. A few more feet to the left and Tony would have gotten the bullet. In more ways than immediately obvious. As it was, none of the three will ever know about each others connection (or maybe the cop knew but will never be able to tell)! Or do the other emails hold something that will rear its ugly head in the next episode?
  • great episode

    A dead body of a sailor ends up inside a abandoned bar. It seems that the man dies of drug overdose, but when the NCIS team investigates the case, it all points out to a murder. The NCIS find themselves working alongside the metropolitan police. Tony starts to deal with his girlfriend's former ex. The investigation leads the agents to a bar where the killer maybe working. The writers came up with a really exciting episode. This episode adds some twist to some characters. It turned out really well. Everything played out perfectly. There's action, comedy and romance in it. It's a great episode.
  • good episode...

    This is a pretty good episode. I liked the whole John character, but I knew that he was Jeanne's old boyfriend. There were a lot of hints; it wasn't a surprise for me. I liked how he was a lot like Tony; it was pretty funny. It was sad when he died at the end, but I saw it coming. I really liked the beginning of this episode when the team was learning how to throw knives. Ziva's good, of course, and Tony was ok. McGee through it in the right direction and Lee...well, she caught Gibbs's attention. Overall, good episode: the story line was good and the guest characters were good.
  • What an episode!!!

    Valentine's Day for Abby is so funny!!! Wow… Abby and Ziva looks great same with McGee, lol… poor Lee… she didn't look comfortable. I love the beginning scene where Ziva was teaching Tony, McGee and Lee how to throw the knife… lol, Tony did it alright, didn't hit the target, but at least got the knife on the picture, where else Mcgee just missed it completely and Lee… lol she was funny, she miss the thing completely and threw the knife behind instead of front, nearly hitting Gibbs. Lol, I love that scene!!!

    Love the sneaky relationship between Lee and Palmer. It's cool, though they probably would find out soon…

    OMG!!! The end with Jeanne!!! That was really surprising!!!
  • Interesting episode

    The knife scene at the beginning was really cool! I always love the episodes where it shows the team training together. It gives it a look into the "family". We learn a little more about Lee (she is from Harvard Law). Tony and John Carson together talking about women delves into Tony's growing affection for Jeanne and then when Tony and Jeanne get into a spat about the ex. A little slow at times with the case. I liked Abbys lab decorated for Valentines Day. When everyone gets all dressed up for the club, I thought they looked awesome, though it would have been better for some scenes inside the club. It was really sad that John died in Tony's arms, but seeing him asleep on her couch made up for it (AAWWWWW!)I wonder if he ever knew that John was the one they were fighting about.
  • It was nice to see Abby outside the lab again.

    I liked the team bonding over knife throwing. Tony's a natural of course, not as good as Ziva, but she got the mossad training. McGee at least threw the knife in the right direction, unlike Lee. Cute scene!

    The ending was sad when John Carson died, and Jeanne deleted the picture that he sent her. So it seems that Tony is Jeanne's type. John and Tony had very similar characteristics, except for John's drinking.

    I loved the undercover scene with Gemcity and his three female companions; however, it was unnecessary because all the action occurred outside of the club. It was nice to see Abby outside the lab again.

    I liked the scene were Abby hit McGee with the killer's shoe after McGee commented that the way the killer died would make a good book.
  • this was a great episode to watch

    Episode of Friends and Lovers I enjoyed watching it. To have the NCIS team working with the detectives on the case instead of them debating on who will take the case it was good to see. Wow to see McGee all dressed up, he looked so good and also the girls too. When the detective got shot and died, you can see how bad Tony felt because they really got along. It had you guessing to the end to see who the victim was and who the killer was. It turn out that the victim was the killer after all.
  • DiNozzo's Friends & Lovers

    I can now finally understand why they changed the episode title in the very last minute: "Friends & Lovers" is much more revealing about DiNozzo's love story rather than "Blow Out".
    The dead man is the lesser problem now, and I consider the case itself quite useless in the end - that's why I didn't award a 10 to it. This episode was specifically designed to point out some character improvement and yet leaves the story to an unbalanced point where Tony may risk a tornado if and when things will come out.
    Something that, we can bet on it, will be surely prompted out in the next episodes...
  • Another great episode for the Season of Secrets! Spoilers.

    Another great episode for the Season of Secrets! I really liked learning more about Tony and his relationship. I am starting to kind of like Jeanne better...kindof. I had a hunch that John was Jeanne's old boyfriend. I wish that you got to learn a little bit more about McGee and his best seller: Deep Six. I wish we could have seen, Abby, Ziva and Lee in the club with McGee too. I felt bad at the end.. all of the people died! The Manager, the escourt and John! But a good episode!
  • We learn more for Tony and his new love interest!:D

    .Lee almost missing Gibbs with the knife-LOL!!!:D. I love how Agent Lee stood up to Gibbs, and kept calling him "Sir," but
    correcting herself. And she didn't back down because she was right.Abby challenging her lab equipment to a duel was fun too.Lovely Tony/Gibbs interaction:

    Tony: I gotta write a book.Gibbs: You gotta read one first.
  • I really liked Tonys part of this episode.

    I think the best in this episode was Tonys part. I loved the ending scene (although i'd already figure it out), but I also very much liked all the other scenes with Jeanne and Tony. It was really nice to see a different side of him, a more serious and responsible. I almost can't wait to see what's gonna happen, and hopefully Tony keeps this newer side and show it to the rest of the team. He is very funny when he is... well funny, but sometimes it can be too much.

    I'm a Ziva-Tony fan ("Tiva") so I hope Jeanne and Tony break up soon. Jeanne seems like a nice girl, but a relationship with Ziva would be much more interesting.
  • When a Navy Lieutenant is found in an old abandoned resturant, Gibbs and his team have to find out who killed him. Eventually they come up with a hooker and a club that only the rich and famous can get into.

    Friends and Lovers was a well thought out episode. It was really great the way they were able to clear up some of the questions that the viewers had. Like at the end of the episode where you saw who Jeanne's boyfriend was. It was cool that you actually knew who this guy was. I also loved the beginnig of the show. They were able to mix a bit of humor in even though this was a somewhat serious episode.The whole Lee almost hitting Gibbs with a knife part was really funny. I also liked how they gave Lee a bigger part than usual in this episode.
  • It's not that Friends and Lovers is a bad episode, it's just that it's not a particularly inspired one either.

    We have, guess what! A dead marine, go figure, which has lived his life as if he was Keith Richards, well, no great lost there, only that he did not died of a particularly bad bender, and there is more, the killer left a clue for the team to find, I’ll let you find that out for your self.

    Ziva tries to train the team to throw knifes, main because she says that knifes don’t run out bullets, HUH? You will run out knifes, where is the logic in that? I don’t know.

    The romance of Tony and the good (smoking hot) doctor gets a bit more heated, there is more to life for Tony than chasing bad guys with bad haircuts, this pleases me to no end, someone should get lucky in this show, and why not Tony.

    The highlight of the show was seeing McGee walkout out a limo with a very hot entourage at his heels, Ziva really did look the part.

    As for of the marine, I’ll leave it to you to find what happen to him, all in all it was an enjoyable episode even if it was uninspired.
  • Great interaction again!

    Again I am loving this show each and every second
    When a sailor is murdered at a bar and a
    Restuarant the team must go undercover when McGee, the shy probee has all of these girls on his arms to make him
    Look like a lady's man. Which is far from the truth. Loved the beginning where the team are throwing knives at target practice. Did you know that McGee is left-handed?
  • WOW!!! Donald P. Belisario loves to tease us!

    An EXCELLENT episode! So many reasons! As always the chemistry between the cast was amazing and that's one of the things that I love about NCIS. And the twist on the plot? I didn't see that coming...

    But this time I want to talk is about how much this episode changed our (or mine) conception about Tony's undercover case. All these time I thought that it was Jeanne ex-boyfriend the one he was after... apparently not. WOW! kuddos for the producers & writers here, they had me (and others that I know) thinking wrong!

    So what is the intention behind Jeanne? Well, let's see what happens next... maybe she is someone daughter or grandaughter? ;) La Grenouille? I'm very excited to see how this story arc ends.
  • A sailor killed with poison made from the oleander plant is found in an abandoned restaurant and the team must get inside a popular night club to find answers.

    What a great episode! The mystery kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I really enjoyed the interplay between the NCIS team and the Metro Police guys. The writers really made me like Det. John Carson, which kind of surprised me. The scene with McGee going into the private club with all the NCIS girls on his arm was great! Who knew Ziva had such fantastic legs? The training scene at the beginning was great, too. The only thing that kind of disappointed me was Gibbs not showing he could throw a knife. The only mystery that continues to haunt me after this episode is... When will Palmer and Lee get caught in the act?
  • An excellent outing for this first rate cast and crew!

    I am slowly becoming a fan of this show. This episode was everything I like it about it. It was great fun from the first moment to the emotional reveal at the end of the episode.

    Having not seen a lot of previous episodes, it seems some of the minor characters are actually recurring roles. No introductions within the episode made me wonder who they were...But, I learned quickly within the episode. The head scratching was minor.

    The interplay between all groups of characters was nice, brisk, fun and telling. The episode moved at an excellent pace. It felt right. The mystery involved was complex enough to be intriquing but allowed the characters the breathing room they needed to tell their individual stories.

    What scores it down for me was the predictability of the final moment. I still think it was a touching moment...but it was something I saw coming very early in the episode. My father didn't believe me, but that doesn't mean I wasn't right. Even this fact didn't detract from the enjoyment of the episode. It was wonderful and I was very happy when I watched it.
  • This episode has too many random moments and scene for me to pick just one. The whole episode was awesome, as usual.

    Ziva teaching everyone wow to knife fight. I half expected either Lee or McGee to get the target correctly. Tony's was funny, but Lee's was the greatest. The poor girl, always trying to get into Gibbs' "Not Good But Not Irritating" book. Yay, a Palmer/Lee moment! I'm seriously glad that the writers don't add those moments into every single episode, 'cause it would get old really fast. I wonder when they'll come out or when they'll finally get caught...

    Tony and Jeanne finally had their first fight! I thought her name was Sarah.... guess I need to tune in more. I definitely agree with Tony about Jeanne's handling of her ex-boyfriend. She totally should have told him about Tony. But with fights come make-ups and make-ups are good! ;)

    I agree with McGee about the irony of the Sailor's death. I'm glad he's dead and I'm also glad that the Metro cops finally have the evidence they need to crack One Club open like a cardboard box...okay that was back but you get the idea. It'sa pity that John detective died. He and Tony really seem to hit it John was done hitting on Ziva. Lol, at least he was very polite to her.

    My favourite scene tonight: McGee getting into the club with his ladies. Ziva looked very stylish, Abby looked like she was having the time of her life (and they hadn't reached the front door!), and Lee looked like she wanted to be anywhere but there. I totally don't blame her. This episode rocked and I so can't wait for the next one!