Season 10 Episode 8


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 27, 2012 on CBS

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  • Great Show!

    I think a lot of these reviewers on here just do not get it. All the episodes this year have been Top Notch and anyone that says otherwise does not get the show. Just be because the story is not being done the way you want it does not mean its not good. If you eliminate Tony and Abby and their quirky ways from the show then what has made this show so special from the beginning is gone and its a whole different show. Not the show most people love. All a lot do and especially this chipee does is complain about a great show. All the negative comments you get should give you an indication that most people do not agree with your negative comments . This episode was great and the Abby/ Ziva connection was great and shows the bond they share. I give it a 10
  • Great episode

    This was a great episode. I loved Lydia - she played her part beautifully. Loved the Abby/Ziva going undercover to protect her. Ziva's sensitivity and warmth toward Lydia was very touching and sweet. Abby being so sweet and gentle was also great. The writing in this episode was awesome. Great job by one and all.
  • Alex gives us her best RiverSong!

    Big fan of Alex Kingston and a huge fan of NCIS combine them both in a super exciting episode and I am one very happy viewer. I would love to see Alex's character return as the chemistry was very nice between her and Gibbs. The formula of this show is the agents and how the work together as a team or as Abby says they're not family but they relate, the only thing missing from this episode was jimmy otherwise it was pretty perfect.
  • Love it!

    I loved this episode. Ziva and Abby really bonded and i LOVE Alex Kingston!
  • Brilliant!

    This was a truly brilliant episode and the best in a long while! The cases where the team is actually taking care of a child in the process of solvig the case are really nice to watch, even though the case was quite abhorrent to behold.

    There was suspense and intrigue and that woman who Gibbs knew was interesting for sure. All up, a terrific episode and I can't wait for more!
  • I love NCI every showw

    They are the best Show ever
  • Great show

    Hate the subject (child kidnapping - to be sold). But the show was very well done. A lot of personal feelings / stress / upset / - and the friendship with Zeva & Abby was really nice.

    And I loved how Zeva kept Tony wondering about her friendship with Schmil... Cute..

    Overall, a very good show and very worth watching. And I still love to watch all of Gibbs Team at work.
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  • Exiting

    A very clever and exciting episode, conyinuing a great trend for season 10. It may happen that season 10 will become the highest rated season of NCIS. The genuinr friendship of Abby and Ziva as well as Ziva's friendship with "Shmil" which is a nickname for Shmuel is also very touching.

    I particularly likrd that punch Gibbs delivered into the ugly spitting face!

    Great episode-keep it up.
  • Love the teaming of Ziva and Abby!

    While the story itself was not fantastic, I loved the pairing of Ziva and Abby. Both Cote and Pauley have been asking for this for years and it was about time TPTB listened. Their interaction was great and I was hoping for another episode with this pairing. Sadly, that's not likely to happen now that GG didn't try hard enough to keep CDP!
  • Just want to remind everybody that:

    There is nowhere on earth named ARABIAN SEA . It is and always will be PERSIAN GOLF
  • fun one

    I haven't reviewed NCIS in a long wanted to type that the writing has gotten back to the good old NCIS! LOVED it tonight! Zeva/Tony.

    Did anyone noticed at the end when Tony said to Schmiel "You've met my Father?" His voice really sounded like Robert Wagner's voice! I wondered if Wagner dubbed in his voice for a little joke on the audience.
  • righteous indigation, cloying clowns, flimsy leads

    I think I am finished with NCIS. I am tired of seeing Tony as a cloying clown. And add to that his jealousy and nosiness about everything Ziva. Ziva used to be my favorite character on the show. I'm not blaming the actress, but I am getting tired of her constantly beaming with joy and wisdom, as is Abby now. They hardly need team investigations anymore -- around the end of every episode (it seems) Abby comes up with some miraculous conclusion from chemicals on the deceased or at the crime scene, which lead to off the wall assumptions. Add to the mix Gibbs's righteous indignation and bristling with anger over the villainy of the bad guys, here some ridiculous million dollar rich guy's pedophilia-virgin kidnapping ring. And then Gibbs knows and is friends with the shady underworld gal contact who leads them to the perps. Typical of the whole mess is Gibbs having the parents of the kidnapped girl on hand at the scene when they rescue the girl at the helicopter stake-out. All too formula. One of the many meanings of "Schmiel" is effusiveness (corny), something this show has too much of.
  • Bye bye

    Three dreadful episodes in a row. So long.

    BTW Alex Kingston is the WORST actor ever.