Season 10 Episode 8


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 27, 2012 on CBS

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  • righteous indigation, cloying clowns, flimsy leads

    I think I am finished with NCIS. I am tired of seeing Tony as a cloying clown. And add to that his jealousy and nosiness about everything Ziva. Ziva used to be my favorite character on the show. I'm not blaming the actress, but I am getting tired of her constantly beaming with joy and wisdom, as is Abby now. They hardly need team investigations anymore -- around the end of every episode (it seems) Abby comes up with some miraculous conclusion from chemicals on the deceased or at the crime scene, which lead to off the wall assumptions. Add to the mix Gibbs's righteous indignation and bristling with anger over the villainy of the bad guys, here some ridiculous million dollar rich guy's pedophilia-virgin kidnapping ring. And then Gibbs knows and is friends with the shady underworld gal contact who leads them to the perps. Typical of the whole mess is Gibbs having the parents of the kidnapped girl on hand at the scene when they rescue the girl at the helicopter stake-out. All too formula. One of the many meanings of "Schmiel" is effusiveness (corny), something this show has too much of.