Season 4 Episode 19

Grace Period

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 03, 2007 on CBS
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When a weekend call to the NCIS tip line from an unknown source about possible terrorist activity results in the death of two agents sent into a trap, the NCIS team will have to find out who were the people responsible with the help from Agent Paula Cassidy, who holds herself responsible for the tragedy.moreless

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  • Another one bites the dust!

    Didn't mind having the character of Paula Cassidy back, but didn't like that they killed her. Loved how Ziva deliberately goaded Cassidy so that she could focus her anger somewhere and help her get through her grief.
  • Near perfect

    To me, this is a serious candidate for the best NCIS episode to date. The acting was fantastic, from all concerned, and the strengths of all major characters were on clear display.

    This is not to say that there have not been many other terrific NCIS episodes, but I couldn't fault 'Grace Period', in any way.
  • A bad day for NCIS.

    This was one of the best of the season that started with the death of two NCIS agents that was blown up The two NCIS agents was with agent Cassidy so she helped in the case in trying to avenge the deaths of her two agents It was a brilliant ending when Cassidy risked her life to save the rest of the NCIS team and it will really upset everyone that she died especially Tony who took Cassidy's advice and went to tell Jeanne that he loved her because it is a short life and the team was frightened by the fact that the dead NCIS agents should've been them.moreless
  • An Anonymous Call To NCIS Warns About A Terrorist Threat, Which Leads To The Deaths Of Two Agents. The Case Begins.

    Definitely one of the best "NCIS" episodes to date. This episode had many things: it had drama, great suspense and deadly explosions. If you combine all these three things, you will get a fantastic episode of "NCIS". The case here was well done. Seeing just the story unfold was entertaining. I was hooked all the way from the beginning and my interest never wavered. The last scene where the team mourns one of their own was terrific. Just terrific. The ending scene was by far one of the bests in the history of television. Michael Weatherly is one great actor. A very good episode with many memorable moments.moreless
  • Worst episode of the series.

    This was NOT a good week for me. I went to my vacation home in the mountains, looking forward to what I hoped to be a spectacular new episode of NCIS, and enjoy a nice, Spring Break. That is not, however, what happened. After watching this horrendous episode, the next day, my car's transmission went out. Flustered, cursing, and hyper-ventilating, I blamed none other than Lt. Colonel Hollis Mann, or as I often refer to her as Army C.I.D. Lady, or sometimes ACID Lady. Yes, I know it is not her fault, but when one finds themself in a sticky situation, it's much easier to blame their enemies. Then, my favorite guest-star, Jessica Steen as NCIS Special Agent Paula Cassidy, coming back to the show for the first time since the third episode of the third season, gets blown up in a terrorist bombing. Then, Tony goes to Jeanne and gives that little "I love you." I don't mean to sound conceited, and I'm not exaggerating, but I always could sense there was something up with Jeanne, and now we find out she's La Grenouille's "DAUGHTER"! I do not understand how so many people could enjoy this episode! However, I do not give it a "0" rating due to the fact that I consider NCIS like my family, and I would never give my family members a "zero" rating, even if (GOD FORBID) Gibbs and ACID lady get married. *shudder*moreless
Mark Harmon

Mark Harmon

Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs

Michael Weatherly

Michael Weatherly

Special Agent Tony DiNozzo

Cote de Pablo

Cote de Pablo

Mossad Agent Ziva David

Pauley Perrette

Pauley Perrette

Forensics Specialist Abby Sciuto

Sean Murray (I)

Sean Murray (I)

Special Agent Tim McGee

Lauren Holly

Lauren Holly

Director Jenny Shepard

Sasha Roiz

Sasha Roiz

NCIS Agent Rick Hall

Guest Star

Jacory Gums

Jacory Gums

NCIS Agent Jim Nelson

Guest Star

Haaz Sleiman

Haaz Sleiman

Abdul Wahid

Guest Star

Scottie Thompson

Scottie Thompson

Jeanne Benoit

Recurring Role

Susanna Thompson

Susanna Thompson

Army Lt. Col. Hollis Mann

Recurring Role

Jessica Steen

Jessica Steen

NCIS Special Agent Paula Cassidy

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • GOOF: When Tony and Agent Cassidy are discussing Tony's feelings towards Jeanne Benoit, he tells Cassidy about the climbing wall challenge in the previous episode "Iceman" and how he didn't tell her then that he loved her and intimated that he hadn't said it to her at all, up to this point. Yet, in episode "Friends And Lovers", during Tony's stakeout with Jeanne's ex-boyfriend, he tells her he loves her on the phone.

    • TRIVIA: When Gibbs tells Tony "It could be us every single day of the week; sometimes it has been," he refers to the event happening in episode 2x23 "Twilight."

    • GOOF: When Gibbs and Ziva shoot through the cubical at Salman Umar, the bullets make a backward "D" on the left side along with making the paper below hang at a tilt. However, a few seconds later when the camera is on Gibbs and Ziva (Slaman's Point of View) we see a backward "D" on the left, when it should be a forward "D" and on the right. Additionally, in the wide shot scene (after coming back from a "Commercial Break") where Gibbs is walking over to McGee, the "D" is is now forward and the paper is no longer tilting.

    • TRIVIA: When McGee is running the vocal simulator software recovered on Umar's laptop, it is heard saying the words (among others): 'yankee; white'. "Yankee White" was the title of episode one of NCIS season 1.

    • GOOF: Tony hurt his left shoulder trying to open the secret door in the store. When Abby hugs him he grabs his right shoulder in pain.

    • TRIVIA: In the baseball scene with Susanna Thompson, Mark Harmon is wearing pants from his sons' high school and they say 'Notre Dame, XXL'.

    • TRIVIA: The platinum bracelet that Tony is wearing when he knocks on Jeanne's door at the end of this episode was given to him by Jeanne, in episode "Friends & Lovers."

    • TRIVIA: According to Abby, people rest their fingers on the "J" and "F" key while waiting to type.

    • TRIVIA: Abby was wearing Jack Skellington pigtail bows in this episode.

  • QUOTES (29)

    • Tony: Maybe I wasn't as caring once as I am now.
      Paula: What brought that on? Or should I say who?
      Tony: Well, you get older, you change.
      Paula: What's her name? (Tony stays silent) Please tell me it's not Ziva!
      Tony: It's not Ziva.

    • Ducky: Yes, this man appears to have been literally at the heart of the explosion.
      Tony: He was sitting on the bomb?
      Gibbs: He was the bomb DiNozzo.

    • Gibbs: DiNozzo, what the hell is wrong with you?!
      Tony: I am just trying to lighten the mood of the room a little bit Boss.
      Gibbs: I've got a better way. Leave!

    • Abby: (typing into the voice simulator) Hey Gibbs! Why no Caff-Pow? (he stares at her) Okay. I shut up now.

    • Tony: Hey ah, Boss? Got a question for ya. That thing you said yesterday; we were really supposed to have the weekend duty Cassidy's team took?
      Gibbs: Yep.
      Tony: How'd we get out of it?
      Gibbs: I asked.
      Tony: So that really could've been us.
      Gibbs: It could be us every single day of the week; sometimes it has been. You wanna worry about something? Worry about tomorrow.

    • Tony: What have you got McGeekle?
      McGee: Well, Ducky is saying that Yahzeed was dead when the bomb went off and Abby is saying he was alive.
      Tony: Yeah, and what is Gibbs saying?
      Gibbs: (walks in) Where the hell have you been DiNozzo?

    • Tony: I got the goodies; cigar, paper towel, water and a candy bar. That one's for you.

      Paula: I think I'd rather have the cigar.

      Tony: Well, I need it. There is a secret passageway in here, I'm finding it.

      Paula: How are you gonna do that?

      Tony: (lights the cigar) Saw it in this old monster movie. This guy is trying to find his girlfriend in an evil scientist's castle. (he blows smoke at the wall, turns to Paula) Now don't move, too much, or talk. (turns back to the wall) If there are any gaps in these walls, then the air pressure should suck some smoke through them.

      Paula: DiNozzo, we've checked this wall. It's solid brick.

      Tony: You ever hear of a secret passageway?

      Paula: No, this wall shares with the building next to it. How could there be a passageway?

      Tony: Okay Paula, a secret door then.

      Paula: Alright, we're running out of daylight. I'm gonna be in the car.

      Tony: Special Agent Cassidy! Check this out! (they watch as smoke gets sucked through the wall)

      Paula: Wow.

      Tony: Mhmm.

      Paula:I'm gonna go get a pry bar from the trunk.

      Tony: (chuckles)

      Paula: I can't believe that.

      Tony: Believe it.

    • Paula: (about Jeanne) You know Tony, it's a cliche, but it's true. Life's too short to not to tell someone you love them when you do; and you do.

    • Gibbs: Are you getting soft on me Officer David?
      Ziva: Look, I know what she's going through. Sometimes you need to find something or someone to focus your anger on. It's your only relief.
      Gibbs: Of course the drawback is you know, they tend to hate you, for life.
      Ziva: If it helps her get through it, I can live with that.

    • Jenny: (to Gibbs) I have a phone call to make, and you have a terrorist to kill. (she pauses) Catch.

    • Gibbs: You okay?
      Jenny: I just got off the phone with Amy, Special Agent James Nelson's bride of two months. Correction; widow. Now I have to call Tom and Mary Hall. I don't like making these calls Jethro.
      Gibbs: No CO does, Jen.
      Jenny: I know, but-
      Gibbs: What?
      Jenny: This isn't Iraq, or Afganistan; my people are not supposed to be killed by suicide bombers here.
      Gibbs: No. But they were, director and it'll happen again if you stand around here feeling sorry for yourself.
      Jenny: I am not feeling sorry for myself, Jethro; I am feeling sorry for the agents, and their families.

    • McGee: Those bodies downstairs should be us.
      Abby: Timothy; don't even think things like that okay. Everything happens for a reason. (she hugs him)

    • Paula: I shoulda gone in with those guys!
      Gibbs: Yeah well, then you'd be dead too. It was an ambush. There was nothing you coulda done.
      Paula: Would you feel the same way if it was your own team?
      Gibbs: Yeah. So what?
      Paula: I have a hard time believing that Gibbs.
      Gibbs: You wanna know the difference Paula? Is that I wouldn't stop to grieve until I put the bastards responsible for this into the ground.

    • Paula: What ever happened to Gibbs' rule about not putting two suspects in the same room?
      Tony: ...More of a guideline.

    • Gibbs: (at a ball park) It's all about the concentration.
      Mann: Anyone ever tell you you have a cute butt? (he misses)

    • Paula: For all we know he could have committed suicide!
      Ziva: A suicide bomber who commits suicide before his bombing? I mean, that doesn't make any sense!
      Tony: No, it doesn't! But it does raise an interesting point. Imagine, if you will, ladies, an assisted suicide of a suicide bomber who's suicided before his suicide bombing; it's kinda like 'how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.'

    • Abby: (punches Tony) Never lie to a woman, Anthony DiNozzo.

    • Gibbs: That's good work, Abby. (to McGee) Not bad yourself, Elf-lord.

    • Paula: (referring to Ziva) I don't know how you work with her!
      Tony: Well, I worked with you, didn't I?
      Paula: Funny. What do you think Gibbs would do if I slapped her?
      Tony: I'm more worried about what she'd do. You know, Mossad assassin and all.

    • Paula: I took you down, didn't I?
      Tony: Technically, you did put me down, but I distinctly remember the floor was slippery that day.

    • Gibbs: (standing close behind Mann) Inside of your feet, shoulder width apart; slightly bend the knees, hands together, knuckles lined up. (he kisses her neck)
      Mann: You teach everyone like that?
      Gibbs: Oh yeah. Fast or slow?
      Mann: Kind of depends on what mood I'm in.
      Gibbs: Fast it is. (Mann stands and watches the balls go past) You gotta swing to hit it.
      Mann: Ahh, I knew I was forgetting something!

    • Ducky: I don't suppose anyone has seen a head?

    • Ziva: We kill them, Abby.
      Tony: We catch them. It's a preferred term.
      Paula: I like hers better.

    • Gibbs: You should just smack him in the back of the head, it works wonders for DiNozzo and McGee.
      Ducky: I did, but he rather enjoyed it.
      Ziva: (laughs) I'll be sure to remember that.

    • McGee: So we have to choose between Abby and Ducky?
      Ziva: I'd rather be McGee's cat.

    • Paula: Since when did you become so caring?
      Tony: I've always been very caring, as I came from a caring family. In fact, the DiNozzos are celebrated for their caring-ness.

    • Gibbs: (walks in on Abby hugging McGee, who is sitting on the floor) I'm not even going to ask.
      Abby: (stands quickly) Technically, that was a squatting hug. Or a squg, if you will. But I digress.

    • Tony: Well, the thing is probably stuck up there. Ziva, you're going headhunting.

    • Tony: I love you Jeanne.

  • NOTES (3)

    • The episode was held back in USA to be aired in Easter week. The theme of deliberate self-sacrifice to save the lives of others (as opposed to suicide bombing to take life) appears to be deliberate, when considered in light of Cassidy's repeated prediction that she was meant to die in that shop.

    • Original International Airdates:
      Denmark: April 17, 2007 on TV3
      Australia: June 19, 2007 on TEN
      United Kingdom: August 14, 2007 on FX UK
      Spain: August 16, 2007 on La Sexta
      The Netherlands: October 10, 2007 on Veronica
      Germany: October 14, 2007 on SAT 1
      Italy: November 4, 2007 on RAI 2
      Brazil: December 21, 2007 on AXN
      Hungary: October 6, 2008 on TV2
      Finland: February 10, 2009 on Nelonen
      Slovakia: June 19, 2009 on Markiza
      Czech Republic: November 16, 2009 on TV Nova

    • The music played in the final scene with Tony and Jeanne is 'Everybody Hurts' by R.E.M.


    • Tony: Not a lot of time for our bad guy to get outta here before this place was turned into The Killing Field.

      This could be a reference to The Killing Fields in Cambodia where a substantial amount of people (from kids to adults) were killed and buried. This happened during the ruling of Khmer Rouge regime from '75-'79. There's also a 1984 movie called The Killing Fields based on the same events above.

    • Tony: So that really could've been us.
      Gibbs: It could be us every single day of the week; sometimes it has been.

      This could be a reference to the death of Kate in the season two finale "Twilight," and a reference to the two-part season three finale "Hiatus," when Gibbs is caught in a bomb blast and injured.

    • Paula: What ever happened to Gibbs' rule about not putting two suspects in the same room?
      Tony: ...More of a guideline.

      This is an allusion to The Pirates of the Caribbean movie Curse of the Black Pearl. In that movie the rules are the Pirates code and Captain Barbosa (and later Elizabeth Swan) mention bending the rules by saying that they are more of a guidelines.

    • In the storefront Tony lights a cigar and uses the smoke to find the hidden passage way. When later that day Abby compliments his shirt, Tony tells her it is from the George Peppard collection. George Peppard played the (cigar chomping) character of Colonel Hannibal Smith of The A-Team.