Season 4 Episode 19

Grace Period

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 03, 2007 on CBS

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  • Another one bites the dust!

    Didn't mind having the character of Paula Cassidy back, but didn't like that they killed her. Loved how Ziva deliberately goaded Cassidy so that she could focus her anger somewhere and help her get through her grief.
  • Near perfect

    To me, this is a serious candidate for the best NCIS episode to date. The acting was fantastic, from all concerned, and the strengths of all major characters were on clear display.

    This is not to say that there have not been many other terrific NCIS episodes, but I couldn't fault 'Grace Period', in any way.
  • A bad day for NCIS.

    This was one of the best of the season that started with the death of two NCIS agents that was blown up The two NCIS agents was with agent Cassidy so she helped in the case in trying to avenge the deaths of her two agents It was a brilliant ending when Cassidy risked her life to save the rest of the NCIS team and it will really upset everyone that she died especially Tony who took Cassidy's advice and went to tell Jeanne that he loved her because it is a short life and the team was frightened by the fact that the dead NCIS agents should've been them.
  • An Anonymous Call To NCIS Warns About A Terrorist Threat, Which Leads To The Deaths Of Two Agents. The Case Begins.

    Definitely one of the best "NCIS" episodes to date. This episode had many things: it had drama, great suspense and deadly explosions. If you combine all these three things, you will get a fantastic episode of "NCIS". The case here was well done. Seeing just the story unfold was entertaining. I was hooked all the way from the beginning and my interest never wavered. The last scene where the team mourns one of their own was terrific. Just terrific. The ending scene was by far one of the bests in the history of television. Michael Weatherly is one great actor. A very good episode with many memorable moments.
  • Worst episode of the series.

    This was NOT a good week for me. I went to my vacation home in the mountains, looking forward to what I hoped to be a spectacular new episode of NCIS, and enjoy a nice, Spring Break. That is not, however, what happened. After watching this horrendous episode, the next day, my car's transmission went out. Flustered, cursing, and hyper-ventilating, I blamed none other than Lt. Colonel Hollis Mann, or as I often refer to her as Army C.I.D. Lady, or sometimes ACID Lady. Yes, I know it is not her fault, but when one finds themself in a sticky situation, it's much easier to blame their enemies. Then, my favorite guest-star, Jessica Steen as NCIS Special Agent Paula Cassidy, coming back to the show for the first time since the third episode of the third season, gets blown up in a terrorist bombing. Then, Tony goes to Jeanne and gives that little "I love you." I don't mean to sound conceited, and I'm not exaggerating, but I always could sense there was something up with Jeanne, and now we find out she's La Grenouille's "DAUGHTER"! I do not understand how so many people could enjoy this episode! However, I do not give it a "0" rating due to the fact that I consider NCIS like my family, and I would never give my family members a "zero" rating, even if (GOD FORBID) Gibbs and ACID lady get married. *shudder*
  • To be honest, this episode started out pretty much the same as any other "there's a bomb gone off - now let's find who did it" storyline.

    What makes this episode so much more than that is how the bomb and killings effected everyone concerned. Cassidy felt like it was all her fault, as if she should have been able to stop it. Ziva took on the role of antagonist in an attempt to keep Cassidy focused. Ducky and Abby both believed that their science held the right answers and Gibbs was the strong centre, keeping everyone together. However, for me, DiNozzo seemed to be hit harder by the events. He took to heart that it could have, and indeed should have, been them on duty that day. That he came really close to dying without having the nerve to tell Jeanne that he loved her.

    All the actors did a great job in this episode but I really have to single out Michael Weatherly for a great performance.
  • Sad to lose Agent Cassidy :(

    I loved this episode, but i also hated it. before ziva came, there was no relationship between tony and kate. but i always liked cassidy and i felt there was something between her and tony. i guess if ziva hadn't come, it would have been tony and cassidy. but then TIVA works better :D cassidy was really bold to make such a sacrifice and we could really feel the emotion that she had. the sadness and loss she felt when her agents died. i think the scene right at the end with tony and jeanne was a nice touch, especially with tony almost crying. great episode, we will miss you cassidy :D
  • Sacrifice.

    I watched this episode knowing what would happen at the end of it, and I hoped during the entire episode that it wouldn't happen. Special Agent Paula Cassidy was a very great character from the beginning, and I'm sad that we didn't get more episodes with her. Jessica Steen proved that she's a wonderful actress.

    The storyline itself is very intriguing as we try to find out how the man that was dead a day ago could have been the suicide bomber. That said, I knew before the team figured it out that the killer was using some sort of a software to recreate the dead man's voice. The entire investigation was written beautifully, from Tony's investigating skills, to Paula's grief, to Tony dealing with the fact that it could have been them on the watch that week.

    The ending was especially beautiful. Paula did an amazing thing by sacrificing her life. In that exact moment, when she had just a second or two, she knew that she had to push the man inside and that the wall would close. Really beautiful, I must say. Sadly, another female character down.
  • Just as sad as 'Twilight', and just as amazing of an episode.

    This episode is a seriously depressing one to watch, as my favorite non-regular character is killed during this episode. However, the case is still extremely interesting and there were some great moments.

    I thought that the skill used by Tony to find the secret passageway was just awesome! His movies have a use, after all! That was wickedly cool!

    I also loved the 'speaking' system that Abby used to communicate in that one scene, and I thought that that scene provided great comedy in this episode!

    The end is really saddening and I was really disappointed that Paula Cassidy was killed and she will be missed as a great character!

    Overall, just a sensational episode in all regards. It was funny, very emotional and extremely interesting. I highly recommend it!
  • Paula and 2 of her agents are going on a case to stop a suicide bombing, which actually explodes 2 of her agents. SPOILERS!

    Paula and 2 of her agents are going on a case to stop a suicide bombing, which actually explodes 2 of her agents. Gibbs' team now comes to help her. Tony soon finds out that it was suppose to be them who took the hotline calls (the one that led Paula and her team mates to the bomb). Paula notices that Tony is being different and talks to him about it. She tells him that life is too short not to tell someone that you love them. (and it seems like that is what Paula is saying to Tony) There are complications in the suicide bomber. Ducky says that the guy was dead before the bomb went off and Abby said that the voice forensics match. Gibbs puts his money on Tony, who then finds a secret passage. The ending is so sad! It brings me back to Twilight. When they find out who the bomber was, he opened the secret passage, strapped with the bomb and the button to push in his hand. Paula then tackles him and the door shuts behind them. Then Paula sees her 2 coworkers right before the guy pushes the button. Then on the other side of the wall you see the team running to the wall and then an explosion. Tony is like practically in tears. It was so sad! (Then he goes and tells Jeanne that he loves her). Paula wasn't on my big favorites list, but I was starting to like her more. And then...this :(
  • We lose Cassidy but it's done brilliantly.

    Cassidy is back, always a pleasure to see her, she's always been a fantastic actor. On the opposite side, Mann is back. That woman annoys me immensely.

    I always enjoy when they show Tony's special talents – he's nothing if not creative. Gibbs puts up with Tony's eccentricities and excessive personality because of moments like this – the secret door was seriously cool.

    It is very sobering to know that it could have been you – the only reason the people we love aren't dead is that Gibbs asked for the weekend off.

    I liked the peace conference idea and how the groups are getting together. To make the man who organized the conference look like a suicide bomber. Then have a terrorist infiltrate the group to kill the group leaders.

    Cassidy's sacrifice was awesome. What better way to die than saving the lives of others, especially if you care about them. Tony was especially close to Cassidy.
  • Agent Cassidy returns

    This episode opens with agent Cassidy and two of her CNIS team on a stakeout waiting for a person they are suppose to meet. As they follow the ma into the building a bomb goes off. NCIS are called in to investigate. Cassidy seems heartbroken about the men who died under her watch. Gibbs informs the team that they were supposed to be on the meeting stakeout that weekend, they should have been the targets. McGee knew one of the victims and seems shaken by his death. They discover that the man who called in both tips, used to be a sailor. Ducky learns that the man who they believed blew the bomb was dead for 24 hours before. When they run tests on the audio from the phone calls they discover that thy match the man who died 24 hours before. Ducky appears to have been wrong about the TOD. Tony and Cassidy discover a secret door that leads from the building into the one next to it. Due to a finger print, they go and try to arrest him at his place of work. H pulls a gun on the team and they take him out. They discover that the killer used a program which can replace a person's voice. Abby runs prints found on the laptop used identify the bomber. He then appears with a bomb attached to him. Paula sees him and throws herself on top of him pushing them both back into the other building. The wall closes and the team are left helpless. The bomb goes off and Paula Cassidy and the terrorist both die. Tony seems the most upset, as he had a past relationship with her. He then goes to his girlfriend's house and REM is on. He tells her that he loves her. They kiss and he holds her and starts to cry.
  • this one was sad all the way thru. a must watch episode.

    this episode was great but had me in tears espescially at the end. i didnt really like paula becuz i didnt really know her but it was sad to see her die and then tonys reaction. at least he didnt bomb up everyone and paula is a hero in a way for that. it made me cry at the end to see tony dinozzo actually cry (never thot id see that) and then tell jeanne that he loved her. im still wondering if he said that because he really did love her or because he still liked paula. i think its a little of both. overall great episode and michael weatherly did a great job.
  • This episode is a special episode that gives us a glimpse into the characters feelings and emotions. I love this episode and think that it was very well written to help us understand Tony more especially.

    This episode is a special episode that gives us a glimpse into the characters feelings and emotions. How certain events effect them and have effected them. It shows that DiNozzo still has feelings for Special Agent Paula Cassidy, who they worked with in previous episodes. When she dies it has a huge effect on Tony. It left me wondering whether or not he would have told her that he loved her. The episode ended with a sense of accomplishment because Cassidy had caught the person who had killed her two men, and a sense of sadness because Tony had lost her. The one her continued to hold on to even after they had broken up. It is very similar to Ziva and how she lost Lt. Roy Sanders. She still holds on to him by wearing his bright orange beanie. The difference is that Tony is now left with a person that he doesn't know whether or not he loves. At the end of the episode he goes to her, crying, and tells her that he loves her. Which leaves me wondering, is the reason he tells her this because he has lost the person he really loves and needs someone to comfort him?
  • The team shows their human side.

    Firstly this is a great episode. Alot of stuff happens. The setup scene is excellent - full of action and emotion.

    We discover that the dead agents should have been Gibbs and the team, but for a quirk of fate. This leads Tony to ponder more about life ... and love. This provides an extra level of emotion at the end with his particular scene.

    Throughout we are reminded of the current (and past) loss of life esp. of loved ones. The whole episode is geared towards that emotional trauma. Prominent focus is given to Agent Cassidy who feels she should have died along with her men. Throughout the episode we clearly see her affected by her narrow brush with death. Both these elements are intertwined with shrewd use of action scenes to discover the perpertrator of crime and it all comes together in a truly epic ending (at least for TV).

    One episode that should not be forgotten, but infact watched more than once.
  • After Gibbs get the team of the weekend hotline duty, Paula Cassidy's team get the shift. After a tip of, Paula and her team go on a stake out which ends up with Paula's team dead except her.

    AN excellent episode! It shows the team that they could end up on Ducky's table any day of the week! It reminds me of Cate's death and how easy it is for and agent to die! I am glad the Tony Sian relationship is carrying on but i wich that instead of Colonel Mann, Gibbs was in a relationship with Jenny. I can't believe that they killed of Paula. She was a good charachter and should have been in the show more often. The way she died was so heroic, sacrificing herself for Gibbs, Tony, McGee Ziva etc. A top star episode in my point of view.
  • I tuned in expecting the usual greatness, and instead got possibly the best episode ever.

    I always liked Paula Cassidy, I knew she and Tony would never be an item, but I liked the way tony and the others all acted around her. I really wasn't expecting her to die like that. I mean yes, a noble death over a wasted death, but I didn't expect her to die with Tony right there.

    This episode was brilliant, because it didn't get bogged down just with finding out which 'dirtbag' killed the NCIS agents, it also focused on why the agents were there, it added more character to Ziva, and there was an interesting 'clash' of sorts between Abby and Ducky.

    Other shows would have gotten bogged down with pure vengeance, but this show manages to stay remarkably even and hold its ground. It's one of the things I love so much about it.

    This was awesome, I'm lucky I watched this without anyone else in the house because I nearly died when she did. It was so moving, you just hoped the bomb wouldn't go off, but it did.

    The A-Team trick, which I actually saw shortly before watching the episode, was done brilliantly, and added just enough humour to lighten the mood without making the episode seem silly.

    A job well done. My second 10 of the season, along with Dead Man Walking.
  • great episode

    NCIS receives a tip from an anonymous person who claims that he has some information regarding terrorists. Two NCIS agents are sent to meet this individual and they are killed in an explosion at a place where they meet him. Agent Cassidy feels that she's responsible for getting her colleagues dead. Agent Gibbs and his team investigate a software company that might have something to do with the suicide bombing. They find out some kind of connection but they still couldn't figure how many people were involved in the suicide bombing. The writers came up with a really exciting episode. It was action from start to finish, I really enjoyed watching this one.
  • Just perfect!

    I really did NOT wanna see Gibbs with Mann, but the rest was just perfect! I really wanted to hug Tony until he feels better at the end of the episode...
    That was a really good one, there was lots of allusions and good discussions and some scarry stuff (i mean, Paula really knew that she was born to die in that shop) that made me nerve-cracked.
    It was really sad to lose three agents and an innocent civil guy in one episode, but at least they died doing their jobs, and for a good reason.
    Great episode, good that Tony solved the problems with Jeanne at all...
    And we could finally notice clearly how Tony is getting an adult now! In old times he would keep saying how terrific was the way he looked for and found the secret door, but no, he just kept his mouth shut while Paula was talking about him.
    Paula... oh, Paula... I am really sorry about her... I kinda liked her, except when Tony liked her and she was a little bit rude, but she came back in this epi and it was so nice to see her... At least she saved Tony, Gibbs and that old guys from the encounter (I always forget mostly of the names, even while I'm still watching the episode :p) and before that she said some things that made Tony open his eyes... She was a nice person and I will miss her.
    At all, it was a really good episode and I do recommend.
    Special Agent Paula Cassidy, rest in peace.
  • one of the best episodes of the series!!!!!

    i loved this episode- i think it really showed how dangerous the job of a special agent can be. We see a softer side to most of the characters as they mourn the deaths of their co-workers and come to the realization that they too could die any time on the job. The 2nd scene with Mann and Gibbs is very cute and romantic- and their later scene shows the development of their relationship. The ending was a real shocker and tearjerker, i;ll miss her character. As for the last scene, i would have preferred if they showed a funeral scene or memorial to the three dead agents or the team members coming to terms with paula's death. But overall a great episode........
  • Loved it!

    Grace Period is a work of art. It was beautifully crafted all the way throughout the episode. The ending is both memorizing and sad. It is an episode you could watch over and over again.

    I think this episode showcases that the agents are willing to die in the line of duty. The death of Cassidy's agents in the beginning of the episode set the scene for an amazing story. I think both Cassidy and McGee were both suffering from survival guilt. They were both thinking it should have been them. It was heart breaking!

    I liked the squatting hug between McGee and Abby. I thought it was sweet!
  • Closing of one chapter and a new one begins...

    Tony has always been one of my favourite characters on the show and this episode really showed off Michael Weatherly's acting talents. After two members of Paula's team are killed by a supposedly terrorist. When Ducky concludes that the bomber was dead before the bomb went off, it doesn't impress Paula who swears he was still alive because she saw him walk into the store moments before the explosion.

    Tony meanwhile is contemplating the shortness of life and the fact that he really loves Jeanne and needs to tell her.

    A well written episode with a suprise, at least in part, conclusion to the investigation.
  • god, that was an awesome ending. Very emotional.

    i never expected that to happen. They portrayed Tony perfectly. The episode needed to show us that he was changing and the ending definitely did just that. this is definitely one of my favorites!

    It definitely puts some pieces into persceptive about what is going on. it shows that it just chance. I still can't believe that Paula and her team died. It was also adds to the mystery and suspense of this amazing season. You know that the many relationships are causing strains on the team, the entire team. This was one of NCIS's best episodes and i'm definitely expecting many more to come!
  • The ending was the best!

    I absolutley loved this episode! I really loved the ending when Agent Cassidy through herself onto the bomber guy in order to save the others but in turn she blew herself up! it tied the whole episode together. it left you with a wow feeling that i love! I also loved the fact that everyone on Gibbs's team realized that it could have been them and it was just like a "wow" moment for them.
  • Amazing

    Just generally an amazing episode. It begins showing Paula losing two team members in a set up by a suicide bomber. (The main suspect is the organiser of a important peace conference, his being a suspect leads members to doubt wether they should go). As the team investigate the scene they find out they were meant to be on duty. In later scenes Ziva allows Cassidy to let out her grief, on to her. Tony and Paula return to the site of the bombing and the development of Tony's charecter really shows. Paula comments that he never used to be so caring leading onto her finding out he loved Jeanne. She then told him 'Life's too short to not tell someone you love them if you do.'which is a really amazing scene. Tony then discovers a trap door using 'interesting' methods. The members of the conference say that they wont give into to the hate and arrange an memorial for the Agents on Cassidys team. Each member of the team is given a person to protect except Paula who Gibbs tells to simply attend. Midway Gibbs recieves a call from Abby and then arrests a member of the conference the trap door then swings open and there is a bomber with a bomb, Paula dives through just as the door closes, she lookes up and sees her two agents, the bomb then explodes. On the other side of the door we see Tony collapse agaisnt the door. The episode finishes with Tony telling Jeanne he loved her...If you haven't seen it, then you should definatly watch it!
  • If I could rate it higher than a 10 I would do so. Tops "SWAK" from Season 2 in my opinion.

    SHOCKED! Absolutely shocked. Didn't expect it. Didn't see it coming until the last moment and then I wanted to make it NOT happen.

    My favorite scenes for "Grace Period" were between Paula and Tony. That he was able to open up to her about is feelings for Jeanne demonstrate just how much Tony has matured. I also enjoyed (well maybe enjoy isn't the right word) how Gibbs interacted with Paula "I'd catch the B******* who did this before I grieved". Great statement. Although he doesn't tell his team how much he cares about them, this one little statement said a mouth full.

    Ziva was great in allowing herself to be Paula's punching bag. I liked the one or two light moments too - Gibbs calling McGee "elf-lord". Ziva wearing Roy's international orange watch cap. Paula looking at Tony like he was a nut case when he was blowing cigar smoke at the walls (worked though). AND last but not least, Tony was finally able to tell Jeanne he loves her (kudos to MW -I beleived him when Tony said it, not all actors can make it that believable). Nice touch with wearing the bracelet.

    The writers this season are doing a fantastic job at fleshing out these characters and making them multi-dimensional. Too many shows write a character exactly the same way for season after season. Than goodness that "NCIS" doesn't do this. Show gets better and better and better.

    This is my 1st perfect score. I simply couldn't find a weak point anywhere - writing, direction, acting.
  • I love this series and how each week they seem to find a new way to capture my attention and entertain me. The set up of an NCIS team and the twists and turns, kept me guessing. Great job.

    After the butcher job they did on JAG the last season it was on the air, I was pleased to see this series come along. This series is based around the 5-7 main characters, you can lose one like Sasha Alexander who left after being exhausted from the long days, and replace her, but you cannot do that with Jethro, Mark Harmon. I am sure they were glued to the ratings and comments from the people when he quit to retire, if the show could have been able to survive, then we may have had another spin off of some kind, but after losing the male lead on JAG, the show tanked, no matter how cute the new guy was, and how hot the hangers on around him were, the show was toast.
    Now, NBC did not renew this show after the second year, and it goes to CBS for 7 more year. I think Jethro retiring was a test balloon that deflated quickly.
    This episode was full of it's quirky twists, and each of the team members played a part in solving the puzzle of the crime, which they seem to do each week. This cast works well together, and keep up the good writing and work.
  • a great episode, loved it

    i loved this episode, it was sad, especially the end. i never really like paula, but after she died it was kinda like 'ah, i liked her sorta' lol. theer was the old banter between cassidy and tony, and the whole arguing thing between paula and gibbs. i loved the squg, very original. and all the emotions that the whole team felt because it could have been them instead of paula's team. it was pretty sad on ziva how cassidy kept being mean and on purposly prenuncing her name wrong, although kinda funny. i've noticed that all the small recuring characters, paula and cassie, seem to like kate but hate ziva. weird. paula's death was really sad, on her obviously, but tony's reaction was pretty sad as well. and he went to jeanne!! no!! and he told her he loved her, was not happy.
  • Agent Cassidy's team suffers casualties, NCIS investigates.

    My first reaction to this episode, was WOW. It was one of the best ones in a long time, and I loved that Agent Cassidy was back! Her character is great and her chemistry with Tony is perfect; not to mention, Jessica Steen is a great actress. In the episode we get to see Paula struggling with survivors guilt over the fact that her two team members were killed by a suicide bomb. Jessica Steen protrays it really well, and Micheal Weatherly does an amazing job in this episode too. It seems like they both still have feelings for each other, particularly when Cassidy asks about Tony's girlfriend and tells Tony that he should tell Jeanne he loves her. Her little speech there was really moving.

    This episode was brilliant right up until the very end when Cassidy dies. Why the hell did that have to happen? She was a great re-occurring character and Don Bellisario just goes and kills her! It was pretty sad, especially to see Tony's reaction. He goes and tells Jeanne that he loves her, and then cries in her arms. Possibly the best acting I've seen from MW in a while! On a slightly happier note, Gibbs' relationship with Lt. Col Mann is going well, lol, she really surprises him with her batting skills. Her line, "Has anyone ever told you you have a cute butt?" cracked me up. Susanna Thompson is a great actress, and I hope we get to see more of Mann. lol, I know everyone hates her, and as much as I'd like Jenn and Gibbs to get together, Mann/Gibbs isn't too bad.

    Overall, 10/10 with a very sad ending :(
  • Grace Period has taken the position of "Favorite NCIS Episode" in my book.

    This episode was truly amazing and I would defininetely rate it higher than 10 if I could. The writers have outdone themselves once again. I have always enjoyed the episodes with Paula, but this is definetely the most memorable. I have always felt that her and Tony never had closure, but this episode gave them a chance to talk. Plus seeing Tony open up to her and tell her that he was finally in love was a great way to show how much Tony ha matured throughout the show. This episode also gave all of the team members, especially Tony and McGee, a chance to think about how short life really is and to make the most of it. Tony had a lot of memorable scenes in this episode and Michael Weatherly did a superb job of making them believable. When he arrived at Jeanne's door with tears in his eyes and telling her "I love you" it sounded so sincere and made me cry because he was grieving for a close friend while accepting his true feelings for his first real LOVE. There are way too many thoughts and feelings running through my head for me to put down exactly how great this episode really was, but I gave it my best try.
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