Season 11 Episode 9

Gut Check

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 2013 on CBS

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  • Then character that fizzled and died a slow boring death

    Rewatched this after seeing the rest of season 11. It's interesting to see what they were trying to do with her at the beginning. She was interesting and strong minded. Over the following 16 episodes she slowly disintegrated, becoming more insipid and boring with every episode. By the end of the season she was as strong and interesting an unsalted cracker. They had a great opportunity with her, and totally blew it.
  • Gut Check

    As good a debut for a new character as you could hope for and I am hoping the beautiful and talented Emily Wickersham sticks around for a long time.

    This was a strong episode of NCIS and thats partially because they have a strong, entertaining female character back in the fold.
  • Bishop sucks!

    Title says it all. EW can't act her way out of a paper bag!
  • Change

    Ziva is gone. It's unfortunate, but she is, for whatever the reason. The show will be different. Watch the show, don't watch the show. But accept the fact that Ziva is probably not coming back.

    I liked the episoce. I like the Bishop character. Will he show be different ... yes. Will it be better ... you never know. My guess, don't start eulogizing NCIS just yet.
  • Time to say good-bye to another good show

    Gibbs is my hero and I like the rest of the cast very much too and the chemistry between them ('cept abby, but oh well). And what are they doing? Is this about drawing in a younger audience or what? They don't need to. NCIS was perfectly fine the way it was. I miss ziva and dreaded the day they would present us with her replacement. I entirely agree with crookshanks and bms29bms. but seriously what' the point in voicing your opinion here, not that it ever made a difference. where there remains the question of significance, I still had to post it: wtf! Bishop srsly?
  • Barbie doesn't cut it!

    Bad enough CBS didn't try hard enough to keep CDP. But to add insult to injury by replacing her with a Barbie clone (who is an unneeded character whose quirks make her even less likable) takes the cake. The new character just plain sucks! She is just as unnecessary as the Samantha Ryan character was and fits in just as well (meaning she stands out like a sore thumb)! CBS should realize their mistake and get rid of this horrid character. Bring back the ninja, get rid of Barbie!
  • i still want to throw up

    And I watched this show over a week ago. Hated that they kept cramming bishop down our throats. I got really sick of her trying to take charge and Gibbs letting her.

    Even without comparing her to Ziva, she just doesn't have that 'special' something that would make her good with Gibb's Team.

    Right now, she just doesn't work. AND after watching them Cram her down my throat - I'm not too eager to see any more of NCIS. I'll watch just to see.

    But right now I am sooooooooooooooooo discouraged.
  • Great Episode. Bishop Is a keeper

    I think they have found a great replacement for Ziva. Completely differnt personalities but I think Ellie and Abby will have great scenes together.
  • Good episode, good Ziva replacement. Four little quibbles

    I liked the episode. Very good. I liked Bishop well enough. Glad (1) she isn't drop-dead exotic gorgeous, (2) she seemed honest/sincere/not a show-off, and (3) she isn't perfect, some rookie errors.

    Four quick nitpicks:

    (1) One of the bad guys inadvertently gave up his identity posing as an FBI agent to retrieve the spy pen sent to a contractor who died naturally. Why bother? Who is going to examine the pen of a man who died naturally? And many such spy pens were sent out.

    (2) Why lure an NSA agent to that coffee shop parking lot to kill the agent (who was tracing the money transfer connections)? To embarrass the SecNav? Wasn't it enough to extort $10 million form them and record her private conversations? Would a murder of the agent add that much to her embarrassment? And risk a murder rap for that?

    (3) Seems tawdry that Tony (ex-playboy who is attending men's conscious raising classes last week) would be sleeping over with tennis pro on their first date (she had to leave tennis ball with her phone number on it behind) and bragging about it at work.

    (4) I guess they did it to milk the situation for as much humor and excitement as they could, but silly of Gibbs to carry on a lengthy phone conversation with Bishop when she pops up in front of the post office building being staked out by NCIS -- Gibbs should have quickly screamed that the guy was in the post office and she should run to car now!)
  • Not too shabby

    I like the new character of Bishop. I think she brings something fresh to the show. I like this episode, but I did know that Alan Ruck's character would be the one who did it... he always is
  • Most annoying character since Samantha Ryan!

    New character just plain stinks! Her skills were not needed, as other members of Gibbs' team already possessed them. Just like Samantha Ryan, her character was unnecessary and forced down our throats. And TPTB think we'll like her so much they signed the actress up as a regular!? I think they'd better rethink their position, because the character sucks. Knowing GG, she'll probably be thrown in our face so much it'll be like Gibbs doesn't even need a team-he only needs her. Yuck! And I didn't think NCIS could get any worse. Wrong!
  • Conflicted

    Ellie Bishop did an okay job, however was too in your face/in the teams face, seeming like a bit of a know it all, besides not being able to work in a team. I'm annoyed how she was accepted so quickly by everyone especially Abby, who normally takes her time to warm up to new people who are not part of the 'family'.
  • Pretty Good

    It was a good episode. I like Bishop. I need time to adjust to her though
  • She's okay

    I enjoyed this episode and the character of Bishop. I just hope they don't "milk" her off-beat personality too much, otherwise scenes of her sitting on the floor, cross-legged, will get old very fast. I do not like the new Secretary of the Navy. She reminds me too much of the woman who ran NCIS for a couple of seasons. Sorry, can't remember her name. I do remember she was killed, which made the show better.
  • Fascinating!

    Cue Ellie Bishop - the newest member of our team. What were my first impressions? Overall, they were very positive. Obviously Ziva is not someone you can just reaplace with anything. But also, she's not here anymore and hopefully the new character will be able to fill even some of her shoes.

    The character seems interesting - I particularly enjoyed her scene with Abby, and I think she is quirky and very different to both Kate and Ziva, making it an interesting dynamic. Obviously it will take time to develop relationships with the other team members, but I think they've set it up well.

    In terms of the actual case today - it was pretty fascinating. I absolutely enjoyed it.

    Looking forward to seeing where this goes, but early indications are positive for me!
  • Worst episode ever!

    The new character is very annoying-reminds me of EJ Barrett. Didn't help that she was basically shoved down out throats. And having so much of the boring, unrealistic new sec nag didn't help matters. The story itself wasn't very interesting-just a way to insert a character that was unnecessary and frankly quite boring. NCIS just keeps getting worse and worse.
  • Like her

    I like Bishop, she is different from the previous ladies and I think this is great. I loved Kate and Ziva but life goes on.

    This show was different and I am sure Bishops character will fit in just fine

    Give her a go.
  • ;ove her


    I liked this episode, the new girl is funny and smart, she brings a new dynamic to the show. things change in life, give her a chance.
  • I like her

    Very good way to introduce a new character. She has Abby's energy, Gibbs' determination, Tony's wit, Ziva's fighting abilities, Kate's drawing abilities, Ducky's discrete observations, and the brains of McGee. I highly enjoyed this episode!
  • Interesting Gut Check

    The character is interesting. She needs to be calmer to fit the mix. Good introduction of someone totally different.
  • Hook, line, and I like her

    Now, this is the way to introduce a new character. It is hard to say goodbye to beloved characters and embrace a new one in an old show. It is easy for people to do comparisons and say how the other was better and dislike the new gal on the block. Just ask the fans of criminal minds, how well cast changes went over. The writers here have smoothed things over to ease the transition. First, they made the decision to leave part of the story and the character's choice. The void was not immediately filled by having a new character be assigned. Just ast when Kate died, her desk was left empty while the other characters were given time to mourn her. Ziva had to earn the respect of the team first and then claim her desk saying that Kate wouldn't mind. Ellie Bishop is introduced as an NSA nerd, who wrote the spy playbook and is dragged along by Gibbs. She is brilliant, socially awkward, and outside of the loop most of the time. At first she feels like an outsider with the other characters at first wary but warming up to her quirkiness and gaining their respect. Like the NCIS team, Ellie loses a fellow agent she was close to and they have all shared that experience. In the end she single handedly ruins the carefully planned NCIS stakeout, but manages to capture the spy herself. She even manages to figure out who his boss was. In the end, Gibbs invites her to join the team, and by the end of the show many of the fans I think are also ready to welcome her. This is the way to introduce a new character.
  • As usual, reality nowhere near hype.

    As usual, GG's love of his new character overshadows reality-she is annoying and just doesn't fit in. Please get rid of Bishop! She's only making NCIS worse. And it was already going downhill.
  • Great show

    Excellent episode and love Bichop...
  • Interesting ep, interesting new member

    So many things to comment on, where to start??? I think the plot line was alright, as somebody said more to introduce Ellie Bishop, but still a good plot.

    As for Ellie Bishop, she reminded me a bit of Ziva and then not so much. She's clever and the best at what she does, her work is important to her and she wants to make a difference. She can obviously handle a weapon and has some good martial arts skills - Like Ziiva. The difference is she is quirky (like Abby, someone pointed out we already have one person who works in a strange way, I agree with this), she's a bit of a nerd and not as confident with herself. She's also a loner which Ziva was not. Ziva knew how to work with a team. Ellie is not as controlling and doesn't seem to have that same aura of authority. She's obviously not as experienced as Ziva was when she first came to the team.

    It will be interesting to see what Ellie's differences to Ziva bring to the next episodes. I still miss Ziva though and it's deffs weird seeing Ellie Bishop knowing that she's taking Ziva's place on the team.
  • This was fun!

    I liked Ellie Bishop. She was fun and still really smart. I also liked the fact that everyone on the team liked her. Her being married is a good thing so we don't have to have a new will they-won't they thing at the office. She is very different from both Ziva and Kate. I also loved the Kate-refrences. I remember the the shock when she was killed. I have been a fan of the show since day 1 and I didn't think loosing Kate was something the show could survive- but Ziva came in and now Bishop. For me the only person this show can't loose is Gibbs, Everyone else is replaceable. And also, Tony now has two goldfishes.. Kate and Ziva I guess?
  • Awesome

    I loved the debut of Ellie Bishop, she was so funny and added a lot of humour and I would love to see her continue her role for the rest of the series
  • Pathetic

    knew this was coming and hoping I was wrong.

    Please get rid of bishop! Won't bother to go into all the reasons. NCIS has hit a silly new low. No longer on my favorite list since they will have this new actress on. Very lame, writers. They should have just let the empty position that Ziva left NOT added anyone. It's already OLD with Tony ( going to be trading barbs with her) when she said "don't even try to quote Oklahoma to me" or something to that GAGGED!!!
  • New girl horrible!

    New girl is horrible and has absolutely no chemistry with the rest of the cast. She fits in about as well as Homer Simpson would fit into Mensa! Epic fail, GG!
  • She brings something different

    I liked the addition of Bishop, she brings a young, crazy, different quality to NCIS, I look forward to seeing her more
  • NCIS gut Check

    Did not enjoy the Elle Bishop Show with the support from the Sec Of the Navy making it the female Super Hero hour. I am female and have seen every episode. Enjoyed this one by far, the least