Season 3 Episode 15

Head Case

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 2006 on CBS

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  • Head case

    I think the point is, that you may never know where you end up, when you go to get bad guys.. it was busting people who stole cars but they ended up dealing with head.. and soon other body parts followed.

    I think the case itself was quite disturbing and the whole way what that woman and others involved did... but I really liked how Gibbs interacted with that family.. that poor kid: "where are you taking my dad". And Gibbs doing everything to get right ashes back to the family.

    And ofcourse.. some great team interaction too here and there.
  • A really superb episode.

    Another reason I'd never go into a mortuary – cleaning up the ashes and then he claps his hands and there's a cloud of extremely suspicious dust.

    Gibbs was astonishingly diplomatic with the wife – you do not want to tell her the husband's head has been found. Jenny talking to the wife was hilarious. It was lovely for Gibbs to make sure the widow got the correct ashes.

    How does Tony do that? I'm sure that's a question everyone from Kate to McGee would love to know. He appears to be doing absolutely nothing then when Gibbs appears, a crucial piece of evidence appears in his hand to everyone's astonishment… except for Gibbs. He actually seems to expect it.
  • Yet another brilliant episode, however, not my favorite.

    This episode was pretty interesting to watch, with a pretty interesting storyline. I did not enjoy the first scene too much, and I thought the beginning moved a little too fast.

    However, the case got more interesting for me as the episode carried one, and I was really hooked halfway through.

    Once again, I found the ending to be a great one and it was pretty unpredictable once again, which is always a bonus with me.

    There were a few funny scenes, but humour was not this episode's prized asset, which did disappoint me a little.

    I do recommend this episode, but for a casual viewer, there are several others which I prefer over it. Still, another decent episode.
  • Yet another good one

    This episode opens in a car body shop, with two men taking part cars. A third enters with another car and NCIS enter the building. In the boot of the newest car, they find a cooler which has a human head inside. They trace down the owner of the car in which the head was found, it is registered to a company. Abby runs a DNA test on the head and discovers that it belongs to Navy Caption Parker Wayne; he died at a hospital over 4 months ago. They go to the funeral parlour which he was realised too.
    When Abby runs tests on the ashes, which Gibbs got from the widow, are not real ashes. When the team enter one of the company's warehouses, in search of documents they discover a freezer filled with frozen body parts. The head of the company Sean Oliver is a woman who Tony and Ziva met with a few days ago. The man, Martin, who the team believed was a part of the body farm, is one of the body which was chopped up. Ducky calls in another ME for help with the body's and discover that the ME is the one who chopped up the bodies. They manage to piece back together the Caption's body and take it to be criminated. Gibbs then returns it to his wife in order for them to be scattered at sea, as was his final wish.
  • When the NCIS team bust up a chop shop run by members of the military, they discover a head in the trunk of one of the cars. But they have no idea who's head it is or where the rest of the body is. Why would they have a human head in the trunk?

    The boosters say they had no idea the head was in the trunk. They have a lead that sends them to an attorny's office, Sean Oliver, who happens to be a beautiful woman, which Tony is pleasantly surprised. The attorny says she can't devulge any information on the owners of the vehicle without client permission. They find out that it is the head of Captain Parker Wayne. Who was cremated. The owner of the crematorium says his assistant was the one who did the cremation. When they go to his room it is oddly decorated like some kind of voodooish type atmosphere. Tony finds a cooler and makes Mcgee open it only to find pigs feet. Gibbs has to go to the home of the captain to collect his ashes to have them tested to make sure that it is endeed the captain's remains. AS the investigation goes on they find that the remains were just ashes of burnt wood chips concrete and pebbles not the captain's remains. Now they have to find the captain's body and have it cremated intime for the family to have it deployed and scattered at sea per to his wishes. The corporation that owns the car has been decidedly connected to this odd situation. They have yet to beable to et a search warrant for the law office of Sean Oliver. Jenny shows up and has apparently beenable to expedite the recieving of the warrant. They find a storage building belonging to the corporation and thinking that there maybe files in there they open it. Only to find a cash of body parts. It was a body chop shop. Now all there is to know is who is the leader of this chop shop. Sean Oliver actually protecting herslef she had started making a deal with the DA's office once she realized that her goose was fixing to cooked. She felt like the remains were better used for research. Her deal was not doing her any good, since there was atleast
    6 people in the storage building. The cremater's assistant has now been identified in that group of people. Come to find out she was in business with a m.e. That is helping Ducky identify the body parts. Who they belonged to.

    twisty turvy plot. It was great.
  • Quite a disturbing episode.

    While discovering an illegal automotive chop shop, the NCIS team stumbles upon a severed head of a Marine, hidden in one of the cars from the shop. It turns out that there isn't just a chop shop for cars, but that there is also chop show for body parts. And it's up to the team to find out who runs it. Like I said quite a disturbing episode, but then in a good way. In my opinion is it such a disturbing episode cause I can see these kind of thing also happen in real live.
    I found this episode very interesting, and I didn't really know who really did it and I was surprised when it was revealed who did it, which is never a bad thing.
  • good episode....

    The team finds a head in a stolen car and race to find the rest of the body. The story in this episode wasn't very interesting to me and I didn't really think the suspects were that intersting either. What I liked about this episode was Gibbs' character development. I loved his interaction with the daughter and the mother and I liked how he got the job done that he promised to get done. Overall, this episode had an ok story, but had more great character development. It also had great humor which I can always count on NCIS to provide.
  • great episode

    When an illegal automotive shop of stolen vehicles is discovered by the NCIS team. They arrest everyone working on the shop and they discover a severed head of a marine in the trunk of one of the stolen cars. The NCIS team scramble to find the rest of the marine's body and they find out that there's an illegal body parts trafficking ring operating a very lucrative underground market. The NCIS team are running around looking for clues, but each person they ask lie to them about the truth. It's a really exciting episode, I enjoyed watching this from start to finish.
  • While discovering an illegal automotive chop shop, the NCIS team stumbles upon a severed head of a Marine, hidden in one of the cars from the shop. When they find possible suspects, the team will have to find the rest of the body and find the murderer.

    Somewhere along the line I think I missed something. The quotes were funny and interactive between the characters as usual;-

    Abby: There's really no foreplay with you. Is there Gibbs?
    Gibbs: What? You been talking to my ex-wives again? but the bit where Ziva was talking to Jen, I completely missed the point, something about being in Europe?? And Jen being Zivas’ contact?? Still, McGee, when they find the bits of bodies, saying it’s the X-files and voodoo, yes could relate with that, we need a wee bit of Scifi in there to add humour. I did like the bit at the end :-Mrs. Wayne: Thank you, Agent Gibbs… and Parker would never forgive me if I didn't say... “Semper Fi”.
    Gibbs: Fair winds and following seas, Ma'am...
  • A nice episode, a really fine example.

    This episode was really good. But, I have to give + to some scenes, and I have to give - to other scenes. Actually, the episode was great because it was a little bit more focused on characters and their relationship which does make this show interesting, sometimes thrilling and again funny. So that's the + . And the minus... well for the case. Really not my favourite. But if it wasn't for case, the characters wouldn't have much to talk about, but the case was not so interesting. My favourite scene in this episode : the one where Gibbs is talking to the little girl, and the one where Tony said to Gibbs that he was just going to call him, and Gibbs respond that he was just going to kick his ass!
  • The prologue of the episode was pretty interesting. A bunch of naval enlisted personnel who have formed a car theft ring, the way the team sticks the barrel under the garage door was pretty funny too. Unfortunately, everything after that was … unint

    The prologue of the episode was pretty interesting. A bunch of naval enlisted personnel who have formed a car theft ring, the way the team sticks the barrel under the garage door was pretty funny too. Unfortunately, everything after that was … uninteresting.

    A naval medical examiner in Bethesda gets involved with a body snatcher ring … believable though highly improbable.

    A lawyer who happens to be involved with a lot of pro-bono cases and is friends with the state attorney being the ringleader … believable.

    A crooked mortician and his voodoo worshipping assistant … still believable … sort of.

    When you put the three together … suspends belief.

    And it just so happens that the voodoo worshipping assistant leaves the car … with the head in a cooler in the trunk … and it gets stolen … just to get busted by navy cops … and the head is that of a navy commander?

    C’mon, I expected much better things than this from DBP and company.
  • Not the best, but not the worst.

    While I did like the episode, it definately wasnt NCIS's best. I really dont like the directors hair. Something needs to give, she can look professional with long hair. THis way really makes her look a lot older than she is. Also, please get rid of Duckies assistant and bring back the other one. I think his name was Gerald.
  • Yawn.

    NCIS has some great episodes this season...this isn't one of them. A little lame, Ziva and Tony are flirting as usual, she's flirting with him, he's flirting with a lawyer and Ziva oh and he's also trying to read an adult magazine of some sorts all at the same time! McGee is trying to be in the episode although he presence is not required and not even Abby or Ducky were any fun.
    I think the worst thing about this episode was Lauren Holly's hair! It's a split between "just woke up" and "Electricuted". It's seriously getting worse by episode. Nothing interesting in this episode at all.