Season 2 Episode 8

Heart Break

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 30, 2004 on CBS

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  • Really interesting, and thoroughly enjoyable.

    'Heart Break' was a very interesting episode, and once again, I could not see the ending coming, so that was a huge up side, for me.

    The death appeared to be an accident, but it was discovered as murder, and the suspect was hugely unpredictable.

    The episode did have some funny moments, which was good, but that was mainly with Abby. The comedy element though wasn't 100% for me, however, the episode was still great.

    Overall, this episode is one that I recommend watching. It is very interesting and somewhat suspenseful, which is a great combination for me. Might not be the funniest, but regardless, it is still an awesome addition!
  • Breaking a heart or two..

    Ok.. I loved the little more focus on Ducky and the way he was just.. little bit different than usual. Explaining the whole talking thing and then having that dinner on the museum. That was great but sadly it did not worked out for him.. I mean.. we had two great sentences from Gibbs about Ducky..

    And the case.. I mean.. that had a twist and the whole thing with that young man and how Kate took it. I think that emotional side of her is just great. But to make that all just to cover up mess in operation.. oh..
  • An excellent Ducky episode.

    Ducky is so cute at the best of times, but his little crush on Byers is adorable. He's a very unusual man and his choice of date was both interesting and illuminating, what woman wouldn't be intrigued? I liked Ducky's explanation to Jimmy about why he talks to his 'patients'.

    Cassidy has been reassigned to the Kennedy, Tony actually hooked up with her? She's a vast improvement over his usual type, maybe Tony's actually growing up. Then again, she's like him – think he's met his match, she has the potential to break his heart.

    The guy at the reception desk at the hotel gives Gibbs grief about a warrant but lets a group of teenagers pay with a credit card without checking I.D.?!

    Gibbs wasn't kidding in 'Terminal Leave' when he said his people shoot to kill – the kid was suicidal so Kate kills him?! She couldn't just shoot him in the shoulder?! Kate should be up for a suspect shooting review.

    The mysterious redhead again – sleeping over no less so it's not a platonic relationship.
  • What looks like an accident turns out to be murder

    This episode opens with a hospital and an explosion happening in one of the rooms. As they rush in they see the patient is on fire in the bed. NCIS are called in. Abby runs some tests and discovers that it was no accident, it was murder. Agent Cassidy is called back on the case, but the team. The marine was in the hospital having a simple procedure done. The team have a suspect and got to his hotel room to arrest him. When they enter the room they find a small party going on. The suspect they are looking for is not there. They find that one of the kids had a credit card given to him and they booked the room using it. The kids tell them that they last saw the suspect at their school's swimming pool, and so Gibbs and Kate go to investigate. As they find him he pulls a gun on himself and puts it to his head. He then pulls the gun on Gibbs and Kate kills him. When they question one of their friends, they learn that he did not kill his superior. Ducky discovers that he died due to a side effect of his operation. And that the doctor that performed the operation and set up the fire, using a cigarette and a pack of matches.
  • Good episode.

    Very original episode. I like the fact that with NCIS you never know what to expect, cause the cases are always very different. And well let's just say that this episode was one of those. The case was very interesting and it kept me guessing throughout the whole episode, and I can always admire that fact. I really liked the fact that we see that Ducky still got a romantic side to him. Just too bad that the one he went on a date with turned out to be the one that set a Navy Commander on fire, even though he was already dead. I do agree with her on one thing though, she did kind of killed that man.
  • A Navy Commander dies aft' a successful surgery. While researching the commander's past, the team finds out that he earned a lot of enemies lately and tracks down a ensign, making him the prime suspect. Soon Abby realizes that they've got the wrong man.

    Again another great programme, funny but with serious overtones. Funny- another one similar to an X-files meets NCIS where "spontanious combustion, may be the cause", much to Abbs delight.Funny-Ducky and the female Doctor, when he was talking to Abbs “I may be old but I’m not dead”. Then when he takes her (the Doctor) to dinner in the forensic museum, now that was amusing. The sad bit when the Ensign goes to shoot Gibbs and Kate kills him. She is overcome with emotion, but as usual the cool non emotional boss shouts “ Suicide by Cop” don’t worry, but Kate being Kate does, the final ending scene is particularly poignant.
  • Not a normal case, but I loved it just the same!

    Even though spontanious human conbustian is not a regular crime for any team the NCIS agents handled it perfectly. I think that this is a great episode, full of great quotes and alot of mystery. It's cleverly written as are the other eppys but this one especially. I think everyone should see this episode, it demontrates what critics mean when they say NCIS is "original". All in all, another great ep!
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