Season 6 Episode 4


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 14, 2008 on CBS

Episode Recap

Corporals Ethan LaCombe and Kelvin Taylor are beaten by an anonymous attacker in an alley located behind a bar. Taylor is dead at the scene and LaCombe is brought to the hospital. Gibb s and his team find out that LaCombe received a greater beating than Taylor and they come to the conclusion that Taylor was not the original target and that his murder was not intentional. LaCombe was the target. Gibbs and LaCombe share the same hometown of Stillwater, Pennsylvania. Gibbs had not been there since1976, when he joined the marines. Gibbs goes back to his hometown with Ziva and McGee to investigate the murder. The whole town thought that LaCombe was already dead because he had disappeared four years prior. The team is joined by a man named Jackson who ends up being Gibb's father.

Charles Winslow, a local man, did not like LaCombe because he was involved with Emily, his daughter. The team meet Emily, her husband, and her son. Gibbs bad history with his home town is shown and Jackson encourages him to be more hospitable through his investigations of the Winslows. Gibbs does things his way, however, when the lives of his agents are put in danger after an explosion.

The real truth comes out as to why Charles did whatever it took to keep Lacombe away from Emily and the town. After DNA tests, Charles' son-in-law (who is Emily's husband) is surprised to learn that his son is actually his son. He thought that LaCombe was the illegitimate father of the child. Gibbs announces the shocker that Charles is LaCombe's father. It turns out that he was keeping his daughter away from her boyfriend because her boyfriend was actually her brother. We find out that the son-in-law had killed LaCombe because he believed LaCombe was the child's father.