Season 10 Episode 15


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 19, 2013 on CBS

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  • Vance looks at personal information about his wife that he never knew about.

    With Vance not being in the last few episodes he comes back for most of this episode as probie Vance where he helps Gibbs and the team with solving a case While Vance is on the case he discovers that his wife had a separate account and he was wondering what she was doing but in the end it is revealed that Jackie was saving money to protect the kids because she figured that Vance is in a dangerous job and like Vance said he thought he would be the first to die It was good that Vance made the decision to return as director when he was ready and he hasn't let his wife's death stop him from continuing with his life.
  • Good. Not great.

    This was a good episode but not a great one. The developments of characters was done very well and there were some superb intereactions, namely with Ziva and Vance.

    I loved all that, but the case was lacklustre and it was short and quick and not very complex. That was the episode's letdown.

    But after all the amazing episodes of late, I can forgive the show for one slip up, I just hoep we are back to its best next week!
  • hereafter

    Excellent episode. Gibbs and Vance help each other, as people to survive.
  • hereafter

    This was not one of my favorite episodes. I am not a fan of this episode's writer. While I think she did a great job on " A Desperate Man", I find her writing to be confusing and little off to me. I am also not a fan of Leon Vance so I found it inappropriate for him to walk in and insist on being a part of the team. Either he is Director or stays away until he is totally ready to return as Director. I did feel sorry for him when he was finding all this weird stuff about Jackie and not knowing what to think of it. Felt glad when he realized with Gibbs help what was going on. Felt his talk with Ziva was nice but thought there would be a little anger because her father was ultimately responsible for Jackie's death. Looking forward to next week with Ducky and Jimmy .Still love NCIS.
  • Hereafter

    OMG, I can't believe jackie died off the show which she wasn't on there much anyway but still. She was good. What happen to her??? Did I miss a show or what??