Season 3 Episode 23

Hiatus, Part I

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 09, 2006 on CBS

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  • In Part One Of A Two Part Season Finale, Gibbs Is Injured In An Explosion During A Case. He Recalls His Painful Past While Tony Leads The Team.

    This episode is a good setup for the finale. The opening scene was terrific. It added just the right amount of suspense and mystery to keep me interested. Also the scene where the team arrives to the hospital was well done. The flashbacks of Gibbs's history were actually quite good. The most interesting flashbacks were with his late wife and daughter. I hope we will learn more of them in the future. Tony is not a capable leader but I'll admit that I liked him very much here. That is probably because he has an excellent sense of humor. That aside, the team's investigation about Gibbs's injury was plain boring. It had no twists at all and it was too slow. Endgame is next. I hope it's better than this.
  • Good episode, good Gibbs storyline, yet lacking.


    It's quite a good episode with Gibbs blown up in an explosion and the team investigating the case without him. I love episodes with Gibbs somehow separated from the team, since it seems to bring out the best in everybody. While they are like a family when they are all working together, there is always more growth and conflict when a member of the team is in danger or hurt.

    The scenes with the head nurse were gold, I actually laughed at the way the nurse was looking at the contents of Abby's purse. You know it's a good episode when it makes you laugh in the middle of the drama. The same goes for the scenes with Abby and Ziva.

    I have only one problem with the episode. That was seriously the worst Turkish accent I have ever heard in my life - and belive me, I know, I'm Turkish. I mean I'm used to seeing Turkish characters used in plots involving terrorism after 9/11. But come on. If it weren't for the subtitles, even I wouldn't be able to figure out what they were saying most of the time. Also, the bellydancer thing and Greeks hating Turks? Hah. Easy stereotypes, just saying.

    Yeah, other than that one bit, I really enjoyed the episode, but they still could have done better.

  • Entertaining and funny? Yes. An episode you would watch over and over? No. Episode that lacked that little extra to make it great? Yes. Contains spoilers so beware.

    Entertaining and funny? Yes.
    An episode you would watch over and over? No.
    Episode that lacked that little extra to make it great? Yes.

    This episode focused too much on Gibbs' memories. Damn it was boring.

    And what was up with making Tony act completely like Gibbs? Just because he is the leader doesn't mean he gets all schizo and becomes someone else. He hsould stay like himself but add some part of \"Gibbs\" to it as it would show how influenced he has become.

    Let's just hope that the next episode (why can't this show have at least 24 frikkin episodes!) will be better. And let's hope ppl stay in character.
  • A fantastic episode!

    Poor, poor Gibbs. It's very weird to see Gibbs vulnerable, I'm just not used to seeing him like that, just like the rest of the NCIS team isn't used to seeing Gibbs laying in a coma in a hospital. The parts where both Jenny and Abby come to visit Gibbs in the hospital ( separately, just to let you know) are just great, and made me laugh which made me relax a bit. You could clearly see that everyone was upset, except Ziva. For a while you think that she isn't bothered at all by this, but later on we see that it obviously does affect her just as much as it does to the rest of the team. We finally get to see more of Gibbs past, so we get to know him a lot better.
    At the end of this episode Gibbs wakes up from his coma, but doesn't remember Ducky, at all.
    All in all, one of my favorites episode.
  • Excellent Gibbs episode.

    Tony is right – this is reminiscent of Usual Suspects, love that movie. There's even a fire.

    Is it any wonder Gibbs gets confused – entering the hospital is almost identical to the last time he was blown up.

    "No, that would be overkill." Jenny is so cool. Abby, however, is completely insane – wandering into trauma ranting like a complete lunatic. I'd let Abby in too.

    'Don't let Tony smell fear' – even Tony has his limits, it was sweet for him to send McGee out. It's the one time McGee calls Tony 'boss' and doesn't mind. As always, Tony turns into Gibbs when he's not around, even to drinking coffee he doesn't like. He appears not to be paying attention yet knows exactly what Ziva is doing behind him.

    Ziva's apparent coldness about Gibbs is not a way to make friends – Abby in particular adores Gibbs.

    We finally find out about Shannon and Kelly, killed because Shannon witnessed a drug dealer kill a marine and Gibbs hunted the drug dealer down in Mexico and sniped him.
  • Scintillating!

    The first part of Season 3's finale was very suspenseful and emotional. There were some great moments from the episode and this included the suspense all throughout the episode.

    I was really saddened to see Special Agent Gibbs hurt by the bomb, but it was great that he survived eventually.

    The episode did contain a little humour, but not much, and this was a really serious episode, understandably so.

    I loved the ending of the episode, that was so great, but it was also extremely gut-wrenching and painful to watch.

    Overall, a very emotional episode that I would highly recommend as a must-see. It ends on a great conclusion and sets up an interesting season finale.
  • Another amazing episode

    This episode starts with a BANG! We see the team sitting out in the car whilst Gibbs is on a Navy boat going through Passports. He chases after a suspect who we discovers is one of us and working with us. Then BANG! A bomb goes off. Gibbs is rushed to the hospital. Jenny (Director) goes to the hospital but isn't allowed in to see him, but after a phone call that is changed. Abby turns up and is her normal self and she is let in to to see Gibbs. Ducky informs the team that Gibbs is critical but stable. We Gibbs reliving his memories in his head. One of them is of him leaving for war, and leaving his wife and daughter behind. The team discover that there is a terrorist treat on a navy base, but only Gibbs knows where. As the highest ranking senior team leader, Tony takes over the team whist they are at the scene. We learn that the new doctor called in to look after Gibbs, treated him when he was wounded in Dessert Storm. We learn that he was in a coma for 19 days. At the end, Gibbs wakes up from his coma. Ducky is there. But Gibbs doesn't recognise him. Gibbs has no memory of his friend he has known for over 10 years, he's lost his memory.
  • exciting episode

    Agent Gibbs meets up with an undercover agent aboard a ship known for transporting people with shady backgrounds. Agent Gibbs instead meets a wanted terrorist with links with al qaeda. An explosion takes place aboard the ship and tony, ziva and mcgee watching outside don't have a clue what happened. Gibbs is seriously injured in the explosion. When he gets out of coma, he has no memory of what happened in the last 15 years. It's a really good episode, the writers came up with a way to close off the last episodes of the show. I can't wait to see part of this story.

    Hiatus Part 1 was the episode that really got me hooked to NCIS. I absolutely loved it. Gibbs is injured in an explosion on a ship and his team tries to find out why and by whom. In the end, Gibbs finally wakes up from his coma with no memory of Ducky, which is like his BEST friend. This episode shows Gibbs majorly hurt and shows how the team reacts to it. They never really saw him helpless in a hospital. Whenever Gibbs gets hurt, like getting shot, he gets right up like nothing happened. Abby and Jenny have great entrances when they come to the hospital to see Gibbs and Ziva seems not to care. Overall, awesome awesome episode and is my personel favorite, alone with Hiatus Part 2.

    Omg this episode was so sas =( But actually I was more laughing then crying, maybe the next episode^^ Abby in a hospital! It was so funny, she was so hysterical, who should not?? Damn I wish Gibbs is my father *And Shepard my mother or something :X* I did not tell that.. Ohh Abby and Ziva, nice ***** slap! I don not like people who laugh at Abby! Shame youself! I still can not live with it: Tony as boss, okay? Gibbs; I hope you are better so soon! I think I am going to miss you, don't leave us!
  • Brilliant first half of the season finale where finally Gibbs past is filled in.

    What an awesome episode! They screened both halves of the season finale together over here and am I glad they did. This was an exemplary episode that encapsulates all that NCIS is known for - humourous dialogue and action whilst incorporating serious plot movement.

    I really loved this season finale out of all the others - partly because no good integral team members died (I still hold the hope that Gibbs will somehow be ousted out of retirement, we'll see) and the good guys win! Also it was an excellent and intriguing plot that kept me at the edge of my beanbag at the start and end of every ad break.

    Loved how we get some insight into Gibbs' past that we never saw before, since the memory loss provides flashbacks and seamlessly conveys the timeline to the audience.

    The dialogue lightened the heavy serious tone of the episode a lot, especially with Ziva's idiomatic mix-ups (personal favourite from now on - "drip it!") and the refreshing interaction between Dinozzo and Director Shepard. Loved the scene where Jenny called Condi Rice to get into the trauma room.

    It was fantastic acting by all, most of all Pauley Perrette's portrayal of Abby as always, when she fled into the E.R in a flurry... those were the best five or so minutes that had me in stitches.

    Hope to see more episodes of this calibre in season four!
  • What an intriguing episode!

    I was literally glued to the screen!

    Ziva's "Tony, your dying words are going to be, I've seen this film" made me laugh so hard! And I'm really afraid it could be true ...
    And Abby ... I mean, wasn't she just gorgeous walking into the hospital and telling that nurse about the hearse that had a flat tyre..! Killingly funny!
    Moreove, I did like the scene with Ziva crying in front of the mirror when she was alone. It was a very powerful demonstration of how Gibbs being injured could affect the whole team, even the Play-Hard-To-Get-Ziva. Thumbs up for that scene!
    Yeah. Well, that episode really left me completely flabbergasted! Can't wait for the second part of it.

    Oh. And there is just one last remark I want to make about one of the allusions before I finish this review. As I'm still an level 1-user I'm not allowed to edit the aspects myself, so I just write it down here. The Sgt. Schultz from Stalag 17 does have a first name. Two, actually. I have the DVD of the film and the narrator calls him Johann Sebastian Schultz, like the Germand composer. It's not really important but I thought I could write it down nonetheless. So if anybody reads this review they may change this aspect for me.
  • Great finale for S3

    I loved this episode. Everyone's reactions were very much in character.
    Ziva was focused on the case-she only broke down when she was alone and i liked that.

    Abby slapping Ziva and vice versa-it was soooooo funny. lol
    I loved Tony on this one.He was so competent and serios and funny at the same time.
    MH did a wonderful job,as always!!!!!!
    I like MD in this episode/a little/
    Ducky was brilliant- he did his usual outstanding job!
  • Oh. My. God. Whoa!

    Holy cow! I have no words to explain how much pain I was in watching that. Not because it was bad. Oh no way. It was amazing. But wow.

    Again, there was heaps of hype about Hiatus (part 1 and 2). I already knew what happened in both eps but that didn't stop me being stunned beyond belief.

    I never really got into Gibbs' character that much before, but in this episode it's impossible not to. I was in tears. It even made me sad when Abby showed up. Usually Abby makes the mood lighter but this time she made me more upset. Her rant as she comes into the hospital was humourous in a completely heart-breaking way.

    Jen was also amazing in this episode. I know people don't like her but I felt really sorry for her having to see her old partner lying in a coma.

    Mind-blowing 10/10
  • oh my gosh!!!!

    WOW... i cant believe it! i reckon this has to be the BEST season finale (part 1) EVER!!! it was revealing.. awww i really really really feel very very sorrry for gibbs!!! and shannon and kelly are both beautiful, gorgeous.. stunning! he must feel so lonely and sad... and now i'm rambling! i loved jen in the ep.. calling "condi" and abby coming into the hospital was absolutely PRICELESS! ("positive thoughts positie thoughts positive thoughts!") the sight of her taking out EVERYTHING from her little back pack and snapping at the doctor ("i dont want to hear should be! should be isnt positive") just added that much to the story line.

    i LOVE the episode. 10/10.

    In australia we just seen hiatas part 1 and i just cried my eyes out. It was so sad, im just wandering if something similar has happened to Ziva because she seemed so distant from everyone. It was funny how abby was ranting and raving when she went to hospital it was cool. Dinozzo was funny trying to be boss but it didnt work, Mcgee was also funny it was nice that tony was been nice to mcgee. Jimmy Palmer was an idiot of course as in every episode. It was so sad to see gibbs past and how his family were killed and how he was in a coma for 19 days in desert storm, i nearly jumped through the roof when in the end gibbs suddenly woke up and he started choking on the tube and then not having a memory.
  • Gibbs is caught in an explosion. Tony takes over the team as Jenny has a moment of emotional weakness. Ziva trys to cope. Abby misses her fav silver haired fox.

    OMG! that was an excellent episode and completely why i watch NCIS. The season episodes have really developed into a very quality show. It is excellent to learn about Gibbs past. I love when characters are tinged with tragedy - because it makes it so much more real, and really makes you care for the character. What must Gibbs go through every day of his life??!!
    Tony was excellent in taking over. i thought that the team was being rather snitty (but understandably in a stressful situation) towards him because he was acting so professionally and doing the right thing in keeping everyone busy. it was great when he told them all to 'deal with it'.
    Abby was so funny when she ran into the hospital! how can she make everybody love her immediatly?
    Ziva was great in her character development. She was hiding what she was feeling from everyone, and they tended to despise her for it. it really made me hook myself into the character.
    only thing i didnt like was jenny being all wishy-washy and emotional. comeon! she is the director of ncis! enough with the sighing and trembling voice and gently laughing at hidden memories. nobody cares you had a relationship with gibbs, jen. its not going to happen again. altho what was the ust with tony and the boss?
    McGee was fine, and Ducky was so cute. yay! Gibbs finally listened to his story!
  • What can I say except WOW!

    This episode is an emotional rollercoaster. One minute you're breaking your heart the next you're laughing your head off. This two part series finale will leave your head spinning and your heart torn.

    When it ended I screamed at the TV. Cursing it for saying 'to be continued'. I could not believe that they would leave us hanging like that! I had exams inbetween that two parts but all I could think about is will he be ok?

    Although there are sad moments in this episode there are also funny moments. In the second part there were hardly any funny moments. Watch this episode but make sure you have part 2 standing by!
  • While meeting an informant to get information about a terrorist threat, Gibbs is injured in an explosion and left in a coma. The team must work to discover what happened while they wait for Gibbs to come out of his coma.

    After Gibbs is injured in an explosion while meeting an informant, the team works against the clock to try to re-construct the scene and find out what happened and who caused the explosion. Tony is wonderful as he steps into the role of team leader and takes on the Director. The team is still upset over Gibbs while they wait to find out if he will come out of his injury and we get a glimpse of Ziva's pain. This was an amazingly written episode in which all of the cast members played their roles to perfection. The tension is there from the beginning and doesn't stop. It leaves you anxious for part 2.
  • Gibbs is hurt and the team is going balistic to try and find out what happened and whodunnit.

    Gibbs is knocked out and in a coma for most of the episode, he wakes up at the end. . . but more about that in a second.
    When they find out that Gibbs is hurt both Jen and Abby hurry to come ASAP. The nurse lets them in, but only after Jen calls Condelesa Rice. She knows Condelesa Rice. I'm impressed. And where was Abby? or did I just miss that?
    Tony takes over (oh boy) and has to play referre between Abby and Ziva when they start to slap each other a few to many times. He seems rediculously like Gibbs, and everyone tells him to knock it off. He says that he will do what ever it takes to make this team run like it did if Gibbs were still up and about.
    They find out that Gibbs knew about the bomb and anxiously wait for him to wake up and tell them what happened.
    Ducky goes to vist Gibbs. He starts to talk to Gibbs, telling him stories like he dose all the time normally. A minute later Gibbs wakes up. When he sees Ducky he panics. He points directly at Ducky and says, "I don't know you."

  • Hard to choose between character development, revealing, and season finale, exciting, nerve-wrcking, and a special episode!

    This has to be the most nerve-wracking episode’s of NCIS in the history of NCIS. I think it’s cos I knew someone was leaving, but back to my review. This eppy was really good although I would have liked to see more Abby/Gibbs and not so much Jen. The funniest part was probably when Abby came to the emergency room and dumped her purse on the counter lol. That’s the great thing about NCIS, they add humor even when the situation is depressing and sad. Stay tuned for my review on Hiatus Part 2.
  • Pretty good

    Tony saying he had more of a chance hooking up with Jessica Alba was great. I kept watching that part over and over. The flashbacks to Gibbs's first wife was great. I did get confussed the first time I watched on what happened at the very beginning. I guess the guy that Gibbs was talking to at the very beginning was the terrorist guy.
  • I loved this episode!

    So I was right - Gibbs had a child! It was so sad that his wife and child were murdered, and when Gibbs entered into a coma, though nothing wrong physiologically, he did not want to wake up since he dreams of pleasant thoughts where his family is still alive. That was so sad to lose a wife and child, but to find out that they were murdered because they were associated with Gibbs\' wonder he married two other women!

    This episode revealed why Gibbs is so secretive, and why he\'s so good with kids. But at the end where he doesn\'t recognize Ducky, you can tell that Ducky seemed shocked!
  • Not much action but very entertaining to watch. Not much such kind of scripts lately.

    Well directed, good performance, witty dialogues.. NCIS earned a lot of giggles from me. There\'re many subtle but progressive character developments that are well plotted and accurately acted out throughout this season. This episode is especially intriguing, in the way how the story carries abundant mixed feelings and reactions from different personalities without placing intensive focus on either one of them, yet they all standout equally just like how it would happen in real life. Gibbs character brings positive values. Being the main stream character, he is not portrayed as hero, but a strong personality who brings out the best of everyone. Interaction between Ziva and Tony, Abby and McGee, and others as well are very pleasant and fun to watch.
  • Gibbs is in a coma thanks to a bomb that goes off while he is on a tanker. The team freaks out, while one of them turns into someone familiar.

    What in the freak!? Okay, so Gibbs is in a coma for most of the show, then wakes up in the last 5 minutes with no memory of the past 15 years. Again I say, what the freak?! Getting to see more of Gibbs past was great, though it was painful to watch the rest of this team deal with his injury. Tony was humourous in that he turned into Gibbs (if drinking coffee and hitting people on the back of the heads makes me like Gibbs- Live With It!), Abby went psycho on Ziva (lmbo), Ziva turned off her emotions all together (the abby cat fight), Mcgee went spaz (ran rigt into tony), and the director showed her soft side, though still very tough (calling Condi to get her in to see Gibbs). Honestly, really all I remember about the episode was Gibb\\\'s paste, the whole story about what happened on the tanker and who was responsible, seemed to take a backseat, hopefully everything will make more sense next week. I am just hoping that Gibbs isnt leaving for good. I cant believe that he would be with the show going to be on next season, no Gibbs, no NCIS. So it seems the title, Hiatus, should be accurate in that Gibbs gets a hiatus from the agency for the summer to regain his memory and strength. Lets hope this hild true. Best part of the epsiode- without a doubt Tony turning into Gibbs, it was so sweet (and funny)
  • A great episode that gives a look into the world without Gibbs.

    This episode showed us, as the viewers, just how important Gibbs is to the show, it also answered a whole lot of questions about Gibbs' past, like at the end of the episode where Gibbs takes out a flask with two names on it, and it kind of leaves it open as to who it is. I also enjoyed Abby's mini-rant when she first gets to the hospital.

    I'm hoping the second part is as good as the first part, because this truly was one of my favorite episodes of NCIS. And it really proves that Gibbs is a really strong part in this show, and the show would fail without him, in my opinion. (although, a few episodes with this where Tony shows his "leadership" skills wouldn't be so bad)
  • Only thing wrong with this was it should have been two hours long instead of having to wait until next week to find out the conclusion.

    The team is investigating possible terrorism onboard a ship when Gibbs is injured in an explosion. While Gibbs is in a coma it is revealed what happened to his wife and daughter and that he was in a previous coma before and took a long time to come out of. Tony is trust into leader mode again, and while put in this situation he actually shines, he starts annoying the rest of the team by trying to act like Gibbs. Duckie is clearly upset as well as the Director and Abbie(I know she is into Goth and that is ok but did she really need to come into the hospital dressed that way). We learn McGee doesn't like blood and guts and last but not least Ziva. I could be wrong, but I think while it looks like she has no emotion over the incident I think she really does care and is upset. I just think that with her Mussad training, she probably was taught not to show emotion and if a team member falls then you go on.
  • In this episdoe Gibbs is burned badly and goes into a coma. After he comes our of the coma he does not remember anything.

    In absolutetly loved this episode it showed Gibbs being weak for once. Even though Gibbs hardly ever shows weakness here was a when he did and was allowed to.
    Jen is this episode goes by Jenny more than Jen. This surprises me becaue only the people closest to her will call her Jenny.
    As we see Gibbs get hurt we also se DiNozzo take his place and start acting like him. Although he was under pressure and he had to take the lead he went into "Gibbs-mode".I am so glad that evryone started to yell ay him because he was getting on my nerves going into Gibbs mode.
  • In this episode, Gibbs is hurt badly in a terrorist explosion. He starts to remember his past life in his deep coma, all the while the team is tracking down the terrorist who did it. Tony leads the team and the director continues to worry.

    This episode was one of the best for the history of the show, we finally find out some things from Gibbs' past life, we also see how much he means to the rest of the team, except for maybe Zeeva. The episode has twists and turns and lots of truths we fans have been begging for. The only things that kept this amazing show from getting a 10 rating from me are:

    1-- Why was it Gibbs doing the field work while Tony and Zeeva wait in the car?

    2-- How does the same doctor that treated Gibbs during Desert Storm end up with him again?

    3-- Why doesn't Zeeva care?

    4-- Why did the show have to end when it was getting good?!
  • Much character development

    Not as much action in this one, only really at the beginning, but I think this one has provided alot of character development on everyones part. It showed us that Gibbs was not very open about his life during and before Operation Desert Storm, not even to Director Shepard, who I thought knew everything there was to know about Gibbs. I did find it strange though that all his other mini-flashbacks before now were with her, but in this episode it was from farther back. It showed even more of Tony trying to act like Gibbs, and the others revealed they really hated that (I found him quite annoying as well). This episode also brought up some anger issues between Abby and Ziva again. Overall, great episode :)
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