Season 3 Episode 24

Hiatus, Part II

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 16, 2006 on CBS

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  • What's with all the Tony D haters?

    What's with all the Tony D haters? Yes most of the times he can be a real jerk to McGee or others in general but DiNozzo is smarter than he looks. I think he is capable of being the leader in Gibb's absence. Plus he provides the comic relief a show such as NCIS needs. In this epi we see genuine emotion from Ziva. I like Ziva, her character is an enigma and it did not take me long to warm up to her being added to the show. Even though I am years late commenting on this season i'm looking forward to how the characters develop in the later seasons
  • Great finale!

    Loved this episode. The worry for Gibbs while trying to figure out what happened was palpable. And the stoic Ziva crying while reminding Gibbs she killed her brother to save his live was fantastic.
  • In The Second Part Of A Two Part Finale, Gibbs Suffers From A Memory Loss When He Is Visited By His Former Boss. Tony Is In Charge And They Need Gibbs's Help.

    The 3rd season was an excellent season of "NCIS": There were lots of good episodes with great and creative stories. Sadly the finale fell flat for me. There were also a few bad episodes in this season. So this is not the worst episode of the season by any means. The finale was OK. Just OK. The dialogues between Gibbs and his ex-boss could have been better. Just like in the previous episode, the investigation was boring. Tony was great as the leader of the team. I know this was a character centered finale and not an explosive one, but I felt that it could have been better. "Hiatus" ends with a good and interesting cliffhanger. Let's hope "NCIS" can keep up good work to season 4 and beyond.
  • Good episode, but...........

    A very good episode. The only problem in this episode is the problem which is in almost every episode. The man who take his job the worst serios is in command and behave himself like a ...(better not to use a word there). Of course with that I mean mister Tony DiNozo. He never takes his job serious and the way he treat his collegues is to bad to describe in words.

    It is pitty that the writers think that almost everybody is a fool. Or does it really goes that way with gouvernement organisations in the USA?

    I still hope that one day it will become better.
  • One of the greatest if not the...

    First of all I read in a few reviews that some persons hated Tony. One even wanted him dead! For what? For being mean to McGee. Well it was right in this episode that we saw Gibbs' boss wasn't that nice to him, when he was a probie. I don't think Tony hates McGee, but he enjoys the fact that he's the senior officer. I think DiNozzo's character contributes as much to the show as everyone else. It's the humour in the different relationships between the character what makes this show stand out. DiNozzo nagging McGee; Abby caring about Gibbs as if he was her son; Ducky being the 'fatherfigure' of them all; Tony having hots for Ziva, etcetera. Otherwise it just would have been one of those CSI shows (No offence to them, 'cause I'm a big fan).

    O, this episode was fantastic, great acting, fantastic plot, amazing cliffhanger what could one ask more?
  • damn gibbs left......

    well i gave it 9.9 because i hated the fact well not so much that gibbs left but he put frickin tony in charge :( major disappointment but the episode was still very well written. i love how zeva slapped the back of his head to get him to remember that was cool. All and all i think tony is the worst character of them all becausse hes kinda mean to mcgee because hes a probie and mcgee is my favorite character. i do hope that we see gibbs in the next season which i hope starts very very soon.
  • Gibbs trys to regain his memory while the team trys to track down terrorists.

    Oh. My. God. (in my best Janice from Friends voice) What is going on?! Gibbs-- quitting? If there is one adjective I would have used to describe Gibbs it would NOT be a quitter. He just doesnt have it in him, he cares too much. Tony can step in to take over for a case or two, but honestly, he doesnt have it in him to lead that team, at least not yet. Let's face it, NCIS with no Gibbs is like a school with no teachers, it just doesnt make since or even work for that matter. Anyway, as far as the episode went, it was touching to see Ziva help Gibbs regain his memory, and just in time too; though it was even more painful 2 minutes later when the higher ups werent paying any attention to him and let the bomb go off anyway, and yet even more painful to see Gibbs hand over his job to Tony. Not that I dont like Tony, I do, but not as the team leader. He is too immature for it (though it was fun to see him act all Gibbs-ish.) Honestly, I cant remember too much else about the episode other than Ziva helping get his memory back and the bomb actually exploding and him quitting. Those are the major plot points. Oh and his mentor being the person to fill in the last 15 years of his life. I didnt really like Franks.. he seemed so unattached, so bitter. But anyway, I dont think Gibbs will stay away long. Remember his last lines with Ziva- "I owe you" "I'll collect" He's not going anywhere for any long period of time. Its Gibbs. He is the show.
  • Great episode!

    This was a terrific sesaon 3 finale! I especially enjoyed the 1-on-1 between Gibbs and Ziva.
    I'm hoping that Gibbs returns because I can't see Tony as a frontman for the team and I hope Ziva continues to be a part of the team since she and the rest have great chemistry.
  • This is it and how it goes. I think the show ended pretty good. For this season. No deaths from the team. Which was really a good thing. Ill miss Gibbs, he will be missed.

    I so see this show going somewhere now. I mean Jethro is gone. I dont trust Tony. And he will be in charge. Wheres the Head Slapping? I so wouldnt be suprised if Jethro is in acouple episodes next season. I wonder if Abbys character will ever break out of the lab and do other stuff? I so cant wait for Tim to Tell Tony where to go play out in traffic, in Detroit lol. Im way impressed with Ziva. Shes comeing along nicely. Shes got Skills to take over Ncis. Makes me kinda forget about that other gal who played on there acouple seasons ago. I look for Tony to do his job but I know theyll have to have a new character to balance out everything else thats going on. Ducky will always be Ducky. A story somewhat similar for everything that goes on in his life. I wonder if his Mother will be around to annoy Tony some more. Will all see if his buddy Jimmy will be back? I do wonder alittle if the director will look outside the Ncis for answers hmm? Will see what goes down. Bye Bye now.
  • Amazing episode. Beware of spoilers!

    Where to begin? I absolutely loved this episode. It was really hard to see Gibbs with amnesia. There wasn't as much humor in this as there was in part 1 ("Ducky, drip it!") but there was enough. I liked the little Terminator thing (I am Californian). But this was mostly a very serious episode.

    Mark Harmon's acting was really good in this episode. The scene near the end in MTAC was absolutely amazing. I'm pretty sure he wanted to strangle that guy! For me, the saddest part was not Gibbs leaving at the end, because I have a feeling he will be back. It was the scene with just Gibbs and Ziva, where she tells him that "Ari killed Kate...and I killed Ari!" and starts crying.

    The scenes with Gibbs's old boss are really interesting. There are a lot of parallels between them, and there are also parallels between Gibbs and Tony. I really hope I'm right about Gibbs coming back, because I don't like Tony as a team leader. He was really annoying me in part one.
  • Perfect S3 finale!:D

    Great episode!
    Best scene - Ziva and Gibbs, where she tells him she killed her brother. Final scene with Gibbs and Ziva - great chemistry!And the director is definitely growing on me .
    And ofcourse, Tony...Did I mention that I adore MW like Tony? My biggest hope is that Gibbs' hiatus will give Tony a chance to grow up a bit. Michael Weatherly is far too good an actor to stay trapped in a 13-year-old psyche much longer.* nod *
  • Another amazing season finale

    This episode picks up where the last one ended. With Gibbs waking up and having no memory. From the Director we learn that Shannon and their daughter Kelly, was killed after Shannon witnessed a murder. From Jenny we learn that the case is still open, but Ducky informs her that she can close it as Gibbs would have travelled the world to track him down and wouldn't rest until he did so. The team are still trying to track down the terrorist they believe is the key, Pin Pin. We then see him getting s fax about himself and shredding it. We then see that he is on a boat out in the ocean. We see Gibbs standing in the mirror unable to recognise who he has become. We then see him shaving his head, like a marine. Jenny manages to track down on of Gibbs old work colleague who worked with him around the time that he has his last memory. The team manage to track down Pin pin and Gibbs gets his memory back, after Ziva goes to see him. We see Pin Pin loading and setting a bomb on the boat. Gibbs heads back to NCIS with Ziva and heads straight to MTAC. In MTAC they watch as the boat is exploded, even after Gibbs making an outburst at the amount of death that will happen. It could have been emptied and many lives saved but they choose not to. At the end, Gibbs hands Tony his Gun and badge as he quite NCIS. The team watch on as he leaves. Is this the end of NCIS as we know it?
  • And the fabulous episode continues.

    Part two of this great story continues. It turns out that Gibbs lost like 10 years of memories or something like that. Se he needs to catch up on what happened in the mean time. We also get to meet the NCIS Agent that was Gibbs boss: Mike Franks. While Gibbs still doesn't remember the team, Tony takes over and his now sort of the new team leader. And I have to say, that the does a great job at it, but he did learn from the best so it was to be expected.
    It is eventually Ziva who brings back Gibbs memories, and that was certainly a very emotional episode. I really love Ziva.

    At the end Gibbs is not happy with the way something went and he retired and leaves the team in Tony's hands.
    Just a super good episode!
  • This is an edge-of-your-seat show! Part II of Hiatus is the team pulling together to find a terrorist intent on blowing up a Naval ship while Gibbs recovers from a blast that has him in a coma and then waking up to have 15 years of his memory gone.

    I\'d heard rumors at the end of last season that one of the agents would get killed...I was upset it was Kate -- I\'d hoped that it\'d be Tony. This season\'s finale was a shocker! I hope Gibbs gets talked into returning to NCIS. If not, I\'m done with the show. I can\'t stand Tony\'s mean-spiritedness toward McGee and all of the sexual inuendo with Ziva and his stupid byline, \"I saw it in a movie once\". Gibbs was the show. Period. What? No good-bye to Jenny? I love Jenny, Ziva, McGee, Ducky, Mr. Palmer, Abs and especially -- GIBBS!
  • hiatus A break or pause. A gap in a series making it incomplete.

    The name of these season finale episodes suggests that Gibbs leaving could be just temporary. It could also be a form of saying goodbye to Mark Harmon, that NCIS will be incomplete without him in it.

    I do hope that Gibbs does return, it might be because Ziva asks him to, or he gets drawn back in to NCIS for some reason, and I can imagine none of them being pleasant reasons. For what ever reason he gets pulled back in to the NCIS, I could imagine that he would stay because he feels that he is not done yet.

    It is time for Tony to grow up, but I can very well imagine that if he cannot grow up, Ziva might be forced to ask gibbs back to clean up the mess made by Tony. It could be a quite an enlightning experience if tony messes up bad enough and gets demoted.

    By now it is quite clear that even if Gibbs comes back, he might not stay on forever. That depends how he is brought back to the show, how soon after leaving it he is brought back, and how long he is back on. A double episode might not be long enough.
  • Interesting character study for all the characters, but especially for Gibbs. A fine balance between the case and personal issues, tying up some loose ends and leaving others open.


    The episode carried from last week\\\'s cliffhanger well; Gibbs recovering from the explosion still having amnesia, the group investigating the explosion.

    Cutting down most of the actual case was a good decision. Gibbs\\\' amnesia and all that followed that was enough, and it was good they gave that the screen time instead of just cutting out the emotional stuff and making it a cool action episode.

    Not that I have anything against action stuff; it\\\'s just silly to have a great drama in your hands and let it go to have more explosions.

    Having Gibbs lose all those years was painful to watch, especially with all the pain for the loss of his family. We already knew there was a child and she was somehow gone, but this was even worse.

    His reactions to all the things that happened were excellent, from the lighthearted Schwartzenegger thing to the 9/11 explanation. It was perfectly executed, a fine balance between shock and the sense of history, no trace of oversentimentality that usually paints tragedies silly. Just calm and sad.

    The way they showed Gibbs\\\' education under Mike\\\'s tutelage and all the phrases and styles he got from him was excellent. It also shows that Gibbs does the head slap thing to the agent he sees worthy as his follower, which should make all DiNozzo fans happy.

    DiNozzo\\\'s growth to become the new leader was wonderful, even though slightly off character. He used to be too goofy and now he\\\'s too cool. But I\\\'m hoping they\\\'ll work on that the next season. The rest of the team was as great as usual, from Ziva\\\'s interrogation style to McGee\\\'s questions. Abby and Ducky were almost heartbreaking with their quiet sense of loss.

    The continuation from the Jenny and Gibbs relationship, mysterious hints to Gibbs\\\' daughter, to Ari\\\'s death. Kudos on that. Gibb\\\'s idealism that somehow followed the gunny to the team leader was wonderful and intriguing regarding the end. The angry outburst during the video conference was probably something anyone would have made.

    I liked the simple goodbyes; it was in character with Gibbs. The abrupt decision making was also very good for someone who just had to review his own life but I\\\'m having trouble believing he would be happy with his decisions after a week or two.

    Did Gibbs give up and quit? Or is he just taking a break? Was I the only one thinking of Andy and Red from Shawshank Redemption as he walked down the beach?

    Semper fi.
  • Those who hated Ziva in the beginning, really learn to love her after this episode!

    This was so sad! I loved the ending when Ziva is the one who gets Gibbs back on track, it just shows how much she really means to Gibbs. I couldn't wait for Season 4 to come out so that we could see if Gibbs really left. From Michael Weatherly's interview and obviously spoilers about NCIS, Gibbs cannot possibly leave, because that he is the backbone to the whole team - without him, they would be JELLYFISH, spineless (according to M.Weatherly)
    I know many who hated Ziva (because they thought she could never be as good as Kate) but I think this episode does her character justice!
  • A great end to the season.

    Losing 15 years. Franks is the one who started the head slapping. Imagine having to explain 9/11 to someone who didn't know about it, I got tears in my eyes just listening to Franks' explanation.

    You would expect Tony, Abby or McGee to visit but it's Ziva who reminds Gibbs who he is. It's obvious Gibbs is back with his spectacular confrontation with Welsch. It's easy to understand why Gibbs resigned – to warn the right people in time and the powers that be do what they want anyway, sacrificing 19 lives.

    An excellent end to an excellent season. It also makes an intriguing beginning to season 4.
  • It won't be te same ever again.

    I was VERY upset to see Gibbs leave. He was the main character. This will ruin the show. He had a special bond with the other characters. Alhough I'd like to see how Tony handles the team, I highly doubt he'll do as good as Gibbs. I knew he was going to leave but not that way. I didn't think Gibbs would leave his "family". I was reading on the network blog written by Pauley Perrette (Abby) that none of them knew who was going to leave, for they did not have the script to the last act. Overall, this episode will change the series forever. :(
  • So emotional, just fantastic!

    Another emotion-rivetting episode, this is the season finale of Season Three. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Gibbs delve into his past, and it was weird that no one else knew about it, not even Ducky!

    The episode was quite suspenseful, although not as much as the previous one, in my opinion, and we got to meet a new interesting character in Mike Franks.

    I thought the episode had a couple of flaws, but overall, I overlooked a couple of disappointing factors and I think this is essentially a sensational episode.

    I wouldn't recommend this for the comedy-thirsty, but overall, a sensational addition to NCIS, and a great cliffhanger at the end, leaving us to ponder and setting up a good Season Four!
  • great episode

    The NCIS team are working against time to find out the location of a terrorist without Gibbs. Gibb's amnesia is slowing down the investigation. Tony start to behave like Gibbs, the other members of the team start to get ticked off. This is a really good episode. Some of Gibb's history is revealed, we get to understand the circumstances of why Gibbs became an agent. I really liked this episode. There's action in it, and the comedy is thrown in along the way. I enjoyed every minute of this episode. The writers really did a good job closing the story for season 3.
  • So sad, yet so awesome!

    Gibbs has woken up from his coma as he tries to piece back the last 10, or so, years of his life which he forgot after he was blown up. Franks, his old boss, comes in and helps him remember, but in the end Ziva, which seemed completely indifferent about Gibbs being hurt, Gibbs-slaps Gibbs and helps bring his memories back. In the end Gibbs retires and it's really really sad. It's so perfect! He gives some last words and Abbys practically crying and Tong and McGee are really sad and Ducky drives his home and, oh, it's just awesome. We all know he comes back, but if he did leave for good, it was a beautiful way to go. Overall, awesome end to a great season with some tearful flashbacks into Gibbs's past with his first wife and daughter. Awesome episode with none that have topped it yet!
  • gibbs finaly starts to regain some of his memory, like i said starts! but at least he remembered his name! it was sad thought when he remembered his first family!

    this was an exciting episode, but i was mad, wait mad is not the write word for what i was it was more like ticked off at gibbs for quiting, NOT RETIRING!!! i hated how when he comes back he always has to say retired not quite! he shouldnt have left, but aleast he came back. i was also mad at mark harmon because usally the actor/actress is resposable for leaving, i couldnt imagine what it would be like with out gibbs, tony as the boss would be so bad, i mean horribly totally horrible. and no one would be there to slap tony on the back of the head, he would go crazy! and i dont get why gibbs would go back to the place where he lost his first family! he has issues!!!!!
  • Aaah Gibbs don't leave us =(

    This episode was so beautiful & sad! A real tearjerker!
    Well.. we learn that Gibbs learned all those things from Mike. Head slap. Never say sorry, that's a sign of weakness. And Gibbs as Probie! So sweet ^^ It was a good job what Ziva did, you saved his mind/'guts' The last minutes when Gibbs said goodbye were hard! I was crying so hard that I feeled the tears in my neck. I saw it in Abby's eyes to that she was crying! When I see this episode again I cry again! I still can't live with it Tony as boss.. We see it in season 4. SEMPER FI.
  • This episode was amazing and i love this episode! We got to see lots of things happening like, Dinozzo leading the group and Gibbs quitting! Didn’t see that happening (even though i know what happen in the next season)!!!

    Gibbs treated Dinozzo, the same way as Gibbs’s old boss did to him! It was also funny how his old boss called him probie. Lol

    Dinozzo show he was capable in leading the group once and I think he did a good job in this episode too.

    Wouldn’t have guess too see Gibbs and Ziva emotion, it was a surprise. Gibbs was emotion, when he told Jenny that he missed his family that was why he didn’t tell any one about his first family because it was painful to remember that memory of his.
    Ziva refreshed Gibbs memory by using his hands to hit the back of her head. Then Ziva told Gibbs ‘Ari killed Kate’, I killed Ari’ and during that scene she show her emotion! It was great!

    Overall this season has been the best of NCIS, and this episode was the best of this season. We got to see Gibbs personnel life, Dinozzo leadership and Ziva emotion, which make this episode great! Can’t wait to see next season in NZ.
  • A great season finale!

    An awesone end to a great season. I have always been a fan of NCIS and this episode was a perfect example of why I watch it. I really liked it how we learnt more on Gibbs before he joined NCIS and how he never told anyone about his first wife and daughter. I still can't get over that Gibbs left, but I'm sure he will be back. It was sad when Gibbs was sating goodbye to everyone. It made you realise how attached you get to the characters. This is now one of my all-time favourite episodes of NCIS.
  • Never been a huge fan, but this was great!

    I have watched NCIS from time to time, but I was never a huge fan of it. But this episode, even though I only saw half of the first part of it, just got me.
    I might lack the American patriotic spirit, I don't know, but it wasn't the political part of the episode that touched me. It was the character's development.
    Yes, it was a weird form of amnesia, but it was nice anyway.
    First, Gibbs didn't remember anyone and it made him crazy. Also, we get some new information on his past which was good. And then an emotional confrontation with Ziva gets his memories back. I know it's ridiculous, kind of clichee, but I like the scene! And when he said goodbye, that was really sad. Well, maybe I have to start watching more NCIS...
  • gibbs lost memory, gibbs found memory after cuffing zeva (no-one else could make him remember!!) and the terrorists still blew up the boat. STOOPID GOVERNMENT PEOPLE!!

    So can\'t believe gibbs just left, poor zeva & tim now left with tony in charge. although think dinozzo is totally ready for it. Ok so the older gibbs guy taught gibbs how to be a \"leader\" and the gibbs stole all his mannerisms which tony (the new gibbs) has now taken on as well. thinking that these mannerisms are gona be going for a while. wonder where the old gibbs got em from!!
    Felt so sorry for ducky, being left on a bus how traumatising!!, plus one of your mates can\'t remember you. never good :) Totally loved abbie\'s reaction to seeing gibbs, they really are family :)
  • Knew it but didn't expected it, like NCIS in the old days.

    I already knew it but still it was painful to watch. The flashbacks with Kate...well, everything. He'll be back and I'll see that in a few weeks to.

    This season haven't really be fun to watch, I miss Kate to much, but the two-part season finale was exiting. Not really what I expected, even trough I read a lot from here and heard a few things from my NCISgeek to friend - Ida, and I guess that's the reason why I liked it so much. It was still humour, that I love, not as much as usual but everything kind of explain that. Gibbs almost died and he quits.

    I hope that the new season will be like this, you don't really know what to happen.
  • Painful and beautiful all at the same time.

    Amazing. Absolutely heart-breaking.

    Since Hiatus Part 1 left us with a cliffhanger, It was killing me that I had to wait another week to see part 2. But the wait was definitely worth it.

    For practically the whole episode I was in tears. Gibbs' past was so painful, no wonder he never talks about it. Losing his wife and daughter all in one fell swoop. How anyone could live through that and still be one of the stongest people alive, I have no idea.

    Then along comes Ziva and reminds us - the audience and Gibbs - of one of the other painful moments in the show (Kate's death). I also really felt for Ziva there. She had to bring back one of, if not the most horrific memories in her life to get Gibbs to remember. That really got me bawling my eyes out.

    Then...the ending. I never thought anything could top Twilight on the tearjerker meter but apparently Hiatus could.

    And all we're left with are the words "Semper Fi"
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