Season 1 Episode 6

High Seas

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 2003 on CBS

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  • Kate's arrogance growing again.

    Straight off the bat what annoys me is Kate's arrogance. She wasn't just being confident in herself, she was being rude and arrogant and once again insulting Tony's history and credentials acting like she's more qualified than Tony. And that sudden look of 'omg mr hottie' when she finds out Stan was a senators aid.

    And when she goes to where the men are changing and they say she has to announce herself, she says it in a beyond rude way and then gives him this stare.. like you just walked in on a bunch of men getting changed, didn't say who you were and wonder why they might be feeling a little weird?

    I did enjoy Kate getting lost though she's been on this carrier a few hours and already is an expert and can order Tony where to go? I'm sure it'd take a long time to be confident enough to know the layout of that place let alone every single stairwell, hatch and bulkhead etc (I don't know all the terms). But when she found admin and Tony got lost, that was just the last thing for me that made me hate this episode and add another nail in Kate's (character anyway) coffin.

    I do enjoy this episode though, it's different and fun to see them on the water. But for someone who's supposed to be a Profiler, Kate is actually pretty useless and gets things wrong every single episode so far.

    I thought Reyes was a good bad guy, and the men who were getting affected seemed very convincing that they weren't users. And the PO that killed himself was actually kind of sad, but the story was understandable and his attitude before he did it was also convincing. And it sort of relates to Stan's need for Gibbs' acknowledgement and 'fatherly love' (couldn't think of the word I wanted to use ha).
  • The father-and-son-storyline

    Actually, liked Kate in this episode, and loved Gerald's performance and interaction with Ducky. Wasn't so keen on the case, although it wasn't really bad, or not interesting at all. There were some goofs in it (have a look at the trivia). Didn't like that everyone was trying to sell Burley as a kind of wonder boy to Tony, and Gibbs being very strict with him while he seemed to be friendly with Burley. Even without knowing his exact background at that time it was clear that he was very attached to Gibbs and was trying hard to be a "good son". Luckily, it was attenuated a bit in the end when Burley revealed that working with Gibbs wasn't so nice for him and that Gibbs must have a liking for Tony.
  • A good episode with a good twist

    This episode opens with three Marine in a night club. One of them (Petty Officer Wilks) is then seen sweating and ends up in a freezer, alive. NCIS get called in by an old NCIS member. Tony informs Kate that she will get lost on the ship and true to his word, she does. Many many times. When NCIS come on board Gibbs goes to see Wilks, in the sick bay. They believe that he may have taken drugs, now and in the past, but all of his previous tests have come back clean. Another man on the ship then starts to experience the same symptoms as petty officer Wilks. Then petty Officer Wilks dies. He was murder, as his IV was tampered with. It is also discovered that both petty officer had their urine switched before the tests were carried out. Some of the caffeine tablets, which they were being given, were actually speed tablets. The tablets were being given to them by their own captain.
  • On a carrier

    It looks like Todd is going to get quite a number of new experiences as she is now taken to carrier as "we have never done drugs" sailors are dying on overdose. And it looks impossible that they can do drugs.. as they have had to be tested and everyone has come out clean.. so more and more they get into, they realize there is some really clever plan in play.. and someone has taken good care of remaining hidden. And when we finally learn why it was done.. that's one shock.. person that those sailors trusted.. only to be sure they have perfect times etc.. and he explaining it's all worth it..
  • drugs are suspected as being used by the greencoats on an aircraft carrier. the team needs to figure out how these men are beating the urin testing system and also, who is providing them with the drugs.

    this episode was great in my opinion. one of Gibbs' old team mebers, of five years, called him in to help him with a case. when they got to the ship, Tony was getting extremely jealous of the relationship Gibbs has and had with Stan. that was the best part of this episode, to see Tony getting all jealous. can you imagine Tony being jealous or even being the jealous type, especially over something that has nothing to do with a woman? quite interesting.
  • An interesting case at sea, our first time on a carrier.

    We get to meet one of Gibbs' previous agents – Burley – who is highly praised by Ducky and Abby and made a good enough lasting impression on Gibbs to help him years later. Of interest, it's before Tony's time but Ducky and Abby knew him. Tony is actually Burley's replacement and Burley calls Gibbs 'boss' too. More Tony info – two years with Baltimore PD, eighteen months with Philly PD. Peoria. Poor Tony becomes so sensitive, comparing himself with Burley. Tony's got nothing to worry about – and not just because of what Burley said. Appearances can be deceiving.

    Reyes is a disgrace – not just because of what he did but what he did to those sailors and their families. Branding them drug addicts and liars, facing dishonorable discharge at best, jail time at worst. Disgracing them in the face of the navy and their families.

    A very interesting episode.
  • NCIS solves a drug case!

    This was yet another great episode of NCIS! We met an agent who had formerly worked with our lovely L.J. Gibbs!

    One of the most interesting scenes was when Caitlin Todd got lost while trying to get around the ship that the team was staying aboard.

    I enjoyed seeing Kate undergo the various new experiences of landing in the little plane and navigating the ship.

    The case that had to be worked was also very interesting and it was well set out, in my opinion.

    To conclude, the show is amazing, and this episode was incredible. It was well organised and it combined the humour and the case together quite well!

    Great work!
  • An NCIS agent, Stan Burley, calls on his mentor, Gibbs, to ask for help investigating a atypical case. Sailors on an aircraft carrier are dying from a drug overdose, however they have no previous history of drug abuse.

    Joel Gretsch plays Special Agent Stan Burley. Of the two projects, Bagger Vance and 4400, I have found Joel to be a very talented, attractive actor.

    I liked how the writers brought a little piece of history forward about the relationship between Gibbs and Burley. It made Tony DiNozzo a bit covetous and of course, he even got it from Abby and Ducky. Especially, when Gibbs said that Burley worked in a congressman's office. But it only made him more human. I also got pleasure from Stan he was never boastful, arrogant, proud, conceited, or vain. I was also very keen at the last scene, where he told Tony about his time with Gibbs--

    Stan Burley: I was with the agency for two years before he (referring to Gibbs) looked me in the eyes...
    Tony: Really.
    Stan: ...three years before he called me by name, and four years before he got it right... by then I'd actually gotten used to Steve.

    Stan could see how Tony felt. This is my absolute favorite episode!
  • meet special agent Stan Burley!

    very interesting episode... tony gets jealous.. something which we hardly ever or never really actually get to see... when it has nothing to do with women! we get introduced to stan burley.. someone that gibbs worked with before the current team. i love how gibbs and stan interacted... seems a little bit more normal than gibbs interacts with the rest of the team. but the part i loved the most was when kate tries to cheer tony up about the gibbs/stan relationship very tate, very me. and the last lines were funny too.. "kate? DiNozzo?" "She's Smiling!" that was cool too. loved the ep, though its not my favourite episode, it is one of the better episodes compared to other series'.
  • Another solid episode!

    I liked the introduction of Kate to the carrier.My only two complaints were that it seemed like Abby didn't get very much screen time.Tony’s reaction to Abby’s comment about Stan was great.The banter was just right in this one.I especially love the scene went Tony went the wrong way and Kate the right one.
  • More than meets the eye....

    Everything is not always as it seems, Gibbs and his team learned this throughout this particular episode.
    The classic NCIS humor was definatly in this episode and I really liked how Stan, identified with Tony about his "Gibbs problems". It made me laugh. The drug cases are a classic in crime shows but of course NCIS put a spin on it and made it theirs. Another great installment!
  • Everything's not what it seems

    First I felt very sad for Tony.. Gibbs being all nice to the other guy and ignoring Tony. And when they were talking about where Tony had worked before NCIS.. poor Tony.
    But at the end, when the other guy (don't remember his stupid name because i hated him the whole ep XP) told him about how Gibbs hadn't even looked in his eyes the first two years and learnt his name after three and after 4 he got it right. OuO yay for Tony
  • Love the eps on board ships!

    Great interactions between characters. I noticed someone had posted a note in trivia regarding Kate\\\'s getting around on the ship. Previously, she had been on a destroyer, which has a crew of around 300. An aircraft carrier is a much larger ship, with a crew of about 6000! The information given about the confusing locations was correct. That is one reason I love the show, the attempts at accuracy. They don\\\'t always succeed, but they do try, and most times, get it right!
  • Out of character but acting is the saving grace!

    Not the best episode in the show's history but will do
    The acting is the saving grace thanks to MH and also the
    great and talented supporting cast of the show
    As an agent needs the team's help in solving what is killing some sailors and they are using drugs though they have no kind of drug abuse.
    Which is wierd for a sailors to be using drugs but no kind of abuse. Only in Hollywood!