Season 10 Episode 13

Hit and Run

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 29, 2013 on CBS

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  • Abby's first case.

    A good Abby episode showing us her own case from when she was younger which helped her to work for NCIS.
  • not very

    I did not much care for this one.
  • Very good episode!

    This episode was a very moving one about Abby. The actual case that we had was quite interesting albeit a bit too linear and predictable for my liking.

    But I think the Abby storyline more than made up for it! Aside from the brilliant glimpses into the past, we also had hilarious scenes with Tim, Tony and Ziva trying to do Abby's job(s) in her absence! It was hilarious to watch!

    The last few scenes were really moving, and the fortune inside the cookie that Gibbs kept all these years was spot on! Perfect!

    The episode title is also extremely fitting, although not in the way you might expect. It was all explained in the little chat on the floor between Gibbs and Abby. Those scenes are some of my favourite ever.

    I'm really looking forward to more! Season 10 has been breathtaking so far!
  • What happened?!

    As everyone before has written, I was very much let down with this episode. Young Abby was great. I was expecting a twist to make up for the weak storyline, but it never came. Grown-up Abby's angst was too over the top, even for her. She missed work for the first time because of this? At the very least, the writers should have had her reunite with Ricki to hear what had become of the relationship between Ricki and her grandfather. To be fair, it has been a great season so far. I can hardly wait for the next episode. I'm sure it was a rare lapse in writing.
  • not the best episode

    the story is weak, but the optimist in me thinks that it is setting the stage for something important in the succeeding episodes. i dont even see the relationship of the title to the episode. quite a disappointment. there really wasnt a story, it's like the writers went on holiday for this episode.
  • hit and run

    As a rabid NCIS fan I am sorry to say that this is the weakest episode of Season 10. The only bright spot was the young actress playing young Abby. The rest of the episode was nonsense. After all the great episodes of the year thus far I truly hope that this is the only bad episode of the year. I am still a huge NCIS fan though.
  • Great job by Brighton Sharbino!

    Brighton Sharbino did a terrrific job playing young Abby. Casting nailed it! Good thing they did as she pretty much kept the NCIS brand afloat on her own. I felt this was one of the show's weaker episodes and certainly not of the same extraordinary caliber that Season 10 has spoiled us rotten with to date. I think this episode would have fit nicely in the past two seasons where writing had slipped slightly. In the S10 library it sticks out like a sore thumb. Young Abby was terrific. "Our" Abby was scripted as way too sensitive and childish after 10 years working at NCIS. NOT Pauley Perrette's fault! The writers probably needed a break after the fabulous scripts they have been producing this Season. We hope to see them back soon!
  • Unsatisfying!

    By far the weakest NCIS episode since S01E01. Usually, I like Abby-centric episodes, she is one of my favorite characters. The 'young Abby' should get her own TV show. However, grown-up Abby's angst-ridden portrayal was irritating at best. The reveal scene where they caught the culprit was abrupt and anticlimactic (and need I say, obvious?).
  • Abby plays the baby again.

    Found it very boring. Abby regressing to a child is getting old.
  • great episode

    great episode i love the character Abby