Season 11 Episode 11


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 17, 2013 on CBS

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  • hated it

    Horrible episode. Boring as hell too. Just shows how Tony and Tim have not developed as characters at all.
  • Homesick

    A good premise at the heart of this episode, but the boring side storyline with Director, and the abundance of Abby's annoying Christmas spirit really brought things down.
  • Excelente episdio

    I loved Thas episdio like always.
  • Bishop must go

    I have been watching every episode of NCIS, and it has been my favotite show.

    However the introduction of Bishop-Barbie is a huge mistake. In a serious issue of a possible epidemic she acts the same as she has been sitting on the floor at the NSA office when we saw her first.

    She disturbs the fluency of the show by the producers trying to promote her presence artificially. Could this be the reason that in Season 11 not a single episode scored over "9" and several scored below "8" ?

    I hope that the producers take this fact into serious consideration and find a more suitable agent to replace Bishop-Barbie. The alternative is unthinkable-the show will disappear!

    The diversion of Vance's father-in-law was heartwarming and the collaboration of Abbpe and the CDC-lady was very interesting. I rate this showw 1 due to the unpleasant presence of Bishop-Barbie and her slured manar of speech.
  • Bishop 2

    I too think that Bishop is a good replacement of Ziva.

    Well I like her better than Ziva

    Mediocre episode though...
  • Bishop

    Ok it's official, I adore Bishop. I think she is a good addition to the team :)

    Liked this Christmas episode, I may have cried a little..

    Barossa, yes she is married, they have mentioned it a few times but have been a bit evasive with the details, pretty sure its going to come up as some secret something soon.
  • NCIS Xmas

    What we have come to expect from an NCIS Xmas.
  • Bishop's married?

    Did I hear that right? If so, what is he doing in Oklahoma, or what is she doing in Washington?
  • missing and wrong links

    i would like to see music credits. some episodes had really poignant pieces of music but they were not credited. and i am not talking the 1/10 of a second at the end.

    also: amateur mistakes: McCraw appeared in last week's episode and was wrongly credited in THIS episode without appearing. Carol was played by Meredith EATON!!! this site dutifully copied the mistake. does anyone proofread these things??

    i think bishop will eventually blend in, although i have to say she has not (yet) ziva's charisma.
  • Not our ncis

    This and the last two episodes were so poorly written that all the inhabitants were out of character. Why would Abbey interrupt an emergent investigation to lecture Jimmy on the morals of Christmas? I thought she would break into a song & dance routine. Gibbs as we knew him would never inquire as to Vances' emotional health. Denozzo would never have gotten away with calling Gibbs Ebenezer. Who cares what Bishop thinks or does, she brings nothing to the team but strange work habits. Are there none of the old writers left who have actually seen this show?
  • Just McLovin it long distance!

    Living in Germany is sometimes hard, I have to wait one day longer to watch the new episodes, but this one was quite great!!!

    Liked the plot, and Bishop, too. She fits the cast, even if I prefere Kate as team member, and loved Jenny as Director, hate Vance! Hes just boring and every storyline including him doesnt really make it...

  • Great episode

    Was a great Christmas episode, I liked the fact they used Vance and this being his first Christmas without Jackie and saving the military children, also love the fact of Bishop fitting into the team.

  • Excellent!

    NCIS says goodbye to 2013 (and what a year it's been) with a phenomenal episode. Everything about the episode was perfect, and it was truly a battle to save Christmas!

    Very much loving Bishop personally. I particularly love her relationship with Gibbs - it feels like almost a father/daughter dynamic is developing and in time will probably be more pronounced. Loved the scene of her handing over some cake at the end. Very cute!

    Interesting side story with Jimmy. I liked it, and I think it's getting interesting! Vance's side story was OK too.

    Overall, I thought the episode was a great way to say goodbye to the 2013 and bring in the new year. 2013 has been a turbulent year at NCIS, but it ended with style! Great work!
  • Emotionally tense and captivating

    This is the most original episode we have seen a long time! The child illness was emotional and written beautifully. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The other plot line with Vance was also very well written. I love the theme of forgiveness and faith through the episode. And Abby getting after Palmer? Great!!
  • Disappointing

    I'm still very upset that there isn't that 'team' working together. Instead they have bishop 'knowing' one minute then acting more like a kid who doesn't belong there. There is no more Gibb's Team.

    Would be so much better without bishop? Gibb's Team work together & do so much better (without Zevo) than trying to 'throw' bishop at us. And this show could have been so much better without bishop.

    I used to look forward to watching NCIS - now it has become a No more excitement.