Season 2 Episode 21

Hometown Hero

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 03, 2005 on CBS

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  • An alright one.

    I think my only dislike this episode is the crap Tony was being given about his car.. It's not like it's a mobile or something else that is important but replaceable cars cost a LOT of money. And since Tony is cut off not like he'd have 30k to just go spend on another car without taking a financial blow most likely. And for it to be totalled? I'm still a young driver, but I have my own car that I love and take care off and if it got stolen AND totalled, man I'd be upset. Especially if I was trying to find it and get it back and people kept making hang up and then laughed at me. "They're giving you a rental what's the big deal" "it's just a car".. like I'm sorry, even if you don't have a 'connection' to your car at least you can respect how much they cost and be a bit more respectful about it. If my mother gave me crap about my car being stolen I'd be angry at her, let alone some hypocritical girl with a god complex (kate).

    Interesting episode though, randomly finding a body in a car. I liked the story and the reveal etc.

    Cops and tunnel vision drives me crazy though. "All the evidence is in front of you" or whatever the over the top deputy said, what evidence?!
  • An average case, but this episode was extremely hilarious!

    Another episode of NCIS brought another interesting investigative tale, and this one I found rather intriguing.

    The episode was good, although the case wasn't the best. I did find the case somewhat interesting and I didn't foresee the ending, which was a plus, but it wasn't overly interesting at all.

    However, the episode was extremely hilarious, because Agent DiNozzo's car was stolen and used in a crime. I really enjoyed seeing DiNozzo fret over his car, and the scene right at the end showing his car on television was downright hilarious!

    I highly recommend this episode for those into the comedy element of NCIS, but from the case's perspective, it wasn't the most interesting, sadly.
  • hero or not?

    This time Gibbs and team has to dig into old case of missing girl whose remains are found at the garage of soldier died in battle. Gibbs wants to do his best to have him buried as hero but that's not an easy task: specially as time is running out, that local little town just do not want to tell and there seems not to be no evidence to prove Gibbs theory that man is not guilty.

    So.. this is a good Gibbs' episode and he following his feelings and intuition instead of what the evidence first show.. but he is right and quite horrible truth comes out..
  • Another good episode

    This episode opens with a woman going through some stuff at a storage unit and discovering a human set of bones. The unit belonged to a petty officer, who died the week before. Ducky examines the body and discovers that it is a woman aged between 17-19. When NCIS investigate they learn that the petty officer, had a friend from high school who went missing over 2 years ago and that seems to fit with the time of death of the bones. Therefore it is believed that the bones belong to the missing girl.
    When further tests are run, the body is confirmed to be that of the missing girl. When Gibbs re-calls their main suspect, Amy in for qautionning we learn that it is not possbale as she has killed herself. During further investigation we learn that the step-father dug up the body of the girl and put hr into the storage unit.
  • In my eyes a great episode, where a lot of things happen in.

    The case was very interesting, and was a classic NCIS case, well that is what I think anyway. We once again meet the famous Gibbs guts. He was so sure that the young Navy corpman, did not murder the girl and he was set on proving exactly that. I really envy his gut, I wish I could always be right, well almost always except when it comes to marriage. And so he was right this time.

    Tony's imitation of Gibbs was in one word just brilliant. I laughed so hard, it was just great. And poor Tony for losing his car, I mean a man and his car have a weird relationship. But it was funny to see the look on his face when he saw his car get crashed on television.
  • A young Marine is killed in Iraq and, while going through his belongings back home, the remains of a girl are found. Local police couldn't solve the crime but Gibbs and crew solve it quickly, saving the reputation of the dead Marine in the process.

    Loved the episode. Particularly loved the inclusion of the song "Seeing Double" by New York based band Junk Male/ singer songwriter Larry May. Really cool to include great music on the soundtrack.

    I would really like to hear more music from this band in future episodes. It really gave a great vibe to the scene.

    it was great to see Abby get to have more humor in giving McGee a hard time with the computer repair. There is a great dynamic developing between the two of them.

    Watching the episodes on DVD by season is a great way to appreciate the development of the characters and plot. Something gets lost in waiting week-to-week for the next episode. I'm really looking forward to getting Season 3 on DVD.
  • I loved this episode.

    I liked how Gibbs was trying so hard to prove the petty officer innocent.Gibbs and Faith... interesting!!Commander Coleman shows up at the office and brings Gibbs coffee. They're talking about the case, and they're flirting a little. And throughout the entire exchange Kate is just staring at them and shooting Coleman the dirtiest looks I've ever seen! You know, the kind of 'get away from my man' looks.:DColeman offers to help, and Gibbs looks over at Kate, who quickly looks away, and he smirks and turns back to Coleman and offers her DiNozzo's desk to work at. The whole exchange is very...interesting.
    The only other G/K moment was when they went to go interview a friend of the vic. Gibbs says something about how there's a lot of pissed off people in the town, and he smiles, and Kate smiles and laughs....I liked it because it showed that they're comfortable with one another.
    Tony was fun. So depressed about losing his car, and then when he sees it totaled, the look on his face was priceless.I loved Tony's "Gibbs" imitation too-it was soo funny!:D
    kate/abby and the spa was cute!abby trying to get a weekend at the spa out of gibbs was cute too.:D
  • Tony proves what a role model Gibbs is.

    This was a good episode but have to say what made the entire episode was Tony's pitch-perfect immitation of Gibbs in Abby's lab!! Tony is my favourite character but sometimes the series pushes it over the top and makes Tony look either like a bumbling idiot or a sex-crazed sociopath. Gibbs hired Tony because he's an excellent field agent with great instincts but, particularly early season 2, the series seemed to forget that, making Tony look ridiculous. It's great that the series is showing Tony's growing up, learning control and showing his best side. It's nice continuation too since in the episodes prior to this, Tony has definitely been showing Gibbs-like traits. Nicely done.