Season 3 Episode 7

Honor Code

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 01, 2005 on CBS

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  • A good one.

    My only thing to say is how much I kind of feel sorry for Chip. I know who he is and what he becomes (Spoilers) but at the moment, as far as everyone is concerned - he's been put into a job, he is really interested in forensics and he just wants to help and learn. And he gets treated like absolute CRAP. My god, Abby is usually this really nice, respecting, non-judgemental friendly person. I get she had a rough start with Ziva understandably (but still rude), but man... she is just beyond rude to Chip. You're his boss, you have a responsibility as his leader and his boss and man... I don't blame him if he was to take action against her. I know Gibbs would probably hunt him down for it, but yeah.. "I don't get how you can work with him" "urgh I know" .. like why?! All he did was run a few tests and stand in the background and be nothing but respectful and try to learn.

    He shaves off his mo for your boss, and then you insult him for it anyway.. You call him a name he really hates (not a big thing but added onto other things it stacks up), you're just downright rude to him etc. He's there because a job opened and he took a job.

    Anyway, a good episode, Zach was cute. Maybe a bit over the top with 'mini-gibbs' but still cute. I liked the character growth with Gibbs, it's hard to get growth from characters as hard and private as Gibbs in shows and I liked how they did it here.

    Fun episode.
  • Wow! Great episode!

    I recently saw this episode in a re-run and it was one of my favorite episodes ever. The child whose father is kidnapped, seriously reminds me of Special Agent Gibbs!

    This case was a difficult one to solve and I loved the funny scenes and the relationship between Gibbs and the boy.

    I also love the relationship between Abby Sciuto and her new assistant, "Chip", not really called that.

    For me, this show doesn't get much better than this. Aside from the season premieres and finales, this is probably the most exciting episode I have ever watched.

    Keep up the great work guys!
  • A favourite episode of mine

    I really love this episode, it's a great story and the kid, Zack, is surprisingly adorable and a great actor. It's such a tragic situation – it's only the father and son, mother dead and then the kid sees his father kidnapped.

    As usual, Gibbs is brilliant with kids and Tony is just terrible. Gibbs obviously had a daughter.

    Poor Zack – at the ripe old age of 6, he's grown up too fast - the death of his mother, his father's kidnapping and the betrayal of an adult friend. His talk with Gibbs at the end is so tragic, no child should be that cynical.
  • Really good episode. Loved that mini-Gibbs

    That was one of the best episodes, I think. Specially the one I will remember for long time. First of all: that kid. He was so smart, know all the right things to do. He get the license plates, he ran towards the safety on fire, he called NCIS. I mean.. he was just so brilliant and the humour, the way Gibbs was attached to that kid. It was great.

    And then the case.. the way everything pointed that marine was guilty but Gibbs kept believing and the way it solved.. It was well executed episode from the start to finish.
  • Ok we had the little girl who could hear really well. This kid has a good memeory and quick eyes come on.

    I am very disappointed with this seaons writting I had the case solved at 8:25 tonight. I can tell you that in the past I am usually catching on about the time Gibbs is. I will say this episode was overall better written it was still a long way from the quality of an episode I have come to expect from NCIS. Not really sure about Abby's assistant it is Bud's brother from JAG they could have let him still be his character just assigned to NCIS or something. I think they are just trying to juggle to big of a cast and it is backfiring on them.
  • YELL>>SCREAM>>HURL>>This show used to be one of THE very best.. USED to be

    The writing has turned into crap, the role of Ziva .. is even worse. The storylines have fallen through holes in the mystery of bad writing so horrible the first and second season couldn't fix it. Even the very best of the show, the interaction between Gibbs and Tony have disappeared, need more Tony and Gibbs, repeating my continuing feedback that basically they took one of the best shows of all time and turned it into Hollywood crap. Ziva is fine as a new addition, NEW ADDITION not above proby.. Morons. I hate losing good entertaining shows, and it dropping fast, I hope it pulls itself out of the gutter soon; it seems to be only getting worse. I suppose it’s inevitable in Hollywood they can’t seem to keep their asses attached let alone a good piece of media, politics isn’t just in DC, it’s what kills our entertainment. Kiss my SHINY METAL ASS!!!!
  • This episode got me hooked.

    This was the first episode I ever watched of NCIS and I was pleasantly surprised. I liked the characters and found the story line very intesting. I loved watching Gibbs character with the little boy and thought the team dynamics were fascinating. I want to know all the history there. I will definitley be back to see more!
  • One of my all times favourites.

    This episode opens with a father taking his son to the fairground. The son goes on a ride and sees his father being taken away. As the son comes off of the ride, he panics and calls for his father. Gibbs rounds up the team and we learn that the boy is six years old and called NCIS himself. He is waiting at the fairground for them to arrive. We learn that the boys name is Zack. When NCIS go to his place of work they learn that they have been hacked and the kidnapped man was only one who could make it work. Gibbs gets a call from Zack who has seen one of the men who took his father. Zack goes after him as Gibbs races to the scene. He finds Zacks backpack but Zack is nowhere to be seen. Luckily Zack manages to escape. But only just.

    The team discover that the man is being tortured in order to get the access codes from him. The team learn that the person, who bought the pre-paid cell phone used to contact the kidnappers, was brought by the Sectary of the man's boss. Ziva manages to get the information needed from the sectary and she tells them everything she knows including where he is being held. Just as he is about to be executed the NCIS team turn up and manage to save the day. The team learns that one of his best friends was involved in his kidnapping. At the end father and son are reunited. At the end Gibbs thinks back about his own child, his daughter, who we later learn is called Kelly.
  • Absolutely fabulous.

    This is one of my favorite NCIS episode, ever! The case was very well written and very enjoyable to watch. A young boy watched his Father get kidnapped and calls NCIS himself, cause that's what his dad always told him to do incase anything happened. Zack is really smart and reminds everyone so much of Gibbs that they call him mini-Gibbs, which I think is just hilarious, but still true. We saw flashbacks from Gibbs life, we saw him and his daughter working on his boat together, I guess that Zack brought back a lot of memories. And the ending when Zack was reunited with his father, was a very sweet moment. All in all a fantastic episode.
  • great episode...

    A six-year-old boy watches the "kidnapping" of his father and calls NCIS. The kid was awesome! He was so smart and I loved how he acted just like Gibbs. Everyone refered to him as a mini-Gibbs. It was halarious. Anyways, Gibbs beleived the father was innocent while everyone else thought the father was guilty. Of course, in the end, the father was innocent and it was so sweet when the kid and his father got reuinted. In this episode there are flashbacks to Gibbs' past and his daughter, which is so sweet! Overall, this episode had a good story, and great characterizations.
  • great episode

    A 6 year old boy calls NCIS after his dad gets kidnapped at an amusement park. The team discovers that the father of the boy is a lieutenant commander working on a secret project nicknamed honor. It turns out that the missing lt. commander is the only person who can reveal the secrets of the highly classified project. The NCIS team begins to think that the kidnapped naval officer is the perpetrator and not the victim. But his son convinces Gibbs that his dad is not a traitor. The writers came up with a really cool plot. Top secret project and shady government personnel make a really good tv episode.
  • A superb episode

    During these holiday break they have been airing the repeats. I enjoyed watching this episode and the script was well writing and the actors always excellent at what they do. When the NCIS gets a phone call from a 6 year old boy saying that his dad has been kidnapped and his a commander. At the start all the evidence points to the commander but Gibbs refuses that he faked his own kidnapping and at the same time Gibbs is getting close to the boy. At the end it turns out to be the commander’s best mate had him kidnapped
  • Another superb NCIS episdoe!

    This episode is one of the best... a good plot and lots of superb acting - the young actor who plays the sailor's son is excellent. Honor Code - a secret D.O.D. program to create a program that can break any encryption - the only man that knows the access code kidnapped while watching his son on a ride in the park. At the beginning all the evidence points towards the sailor having faked his kidnapping - but to the rest of the team's bewildermnet Gibbs refuses to believe that the sailor is guilty. In the end it turns out that the sailor was betrayed by a friend - and the team arrest him.

    Honor Code was a superb episode - one of the best I have seen!
  • "habba habba"

    This series keeps getting better and better!
    Episodes like this makes me sad that there will be a last episode one day :(

    It's again one of my favorites... I say that a lot about NCIS episodes lately, but I mean it!
    This episode was SO nice! Very well written and it has something non of the other episodes had, I like it!

    I was on the moon when I saw Michael Bellisario!
    The people who also watched JAG might remember him as Bud Roberts his brother ;D
    I liked him better in JAG so far, but I don't know how long he will stay, so I'll just give him a chance to prove himself as a good actor with more than just one side.
    It is cool to have a dad who lets you in on the job, but it must have some down sides, too!
    You'll have a tougher job proving that you earned your spot than those who have no further relationship with the writer or producer of the show.

    I like him anyway, but I have only seen him in two episodes... and he will be in two more I just read, so I'm looking forward on seeing those eps!

    Who I was really impressed with was Joseph Castanon!
    What an actor! A kid to my heart ;o)
    He played very well, spoke his lines very well, even the harder words... I loved every second of his screen time!

    His role, Zach Tanner, was great! Gibbs' Mini Me ;D
    Great, great... great great actor!
    I think he and Gibbs formed an awesome team!


    At the end you see Gibbs daydreaming, if that's the right word... first you see flashbacks of him and Zach, but then you see him working on a boat with a girl with (I'm guessing here) blond long hair...
    Now I haven't seen every single episode, but I didn't hear about Gibbs having a daughter... Could it be that he has a daughter, or is he dreaming of having one? I guess the first!

    ANYWAYS, the episode has everything that NCIS makes NCIS... and more!
    If I was offered to play a guest role in one series, and one series only, I would go for NCIS, absolutely!

    Anybody who knows me, knows that I'm a huge JAG lover... and that's gently put!
    So now... mark my words... I would rather play in 1 episode of NCIS, than 2 in JAG!

    Donald P. Bellisario... you rule!
  • I love this episode.

    I like to start out saying the same thing as what I said about when Joseph Castanon guest stared on the Ghost Whisper giving a great performace. I think Joseph did even more brillant on NCIS episode Honor Code playing Zach Tanner.

    This was a brillant episode that kept me on the edge of my seat. It was about a six year olds dad who was kidnapped at the part when he was left there behind. This left some many heartfelt moments beween Gibbs and Zach. Zach was a very specail character and the actor who plays him is just great and knows what he is doing and is very funny just how he responds to things going on in the office.

    It ends up Zachs farter is found and I really enjoyed this episode.
  • Ow... it was so cute and sad to see how Gibbs is good with little kids.

    Yes, it really was... The episode was really great. It was brilliant, sad and funny. I just laughed when I saw how Zach and Gibbs drank coffee in the same second. Ha ha ha ha!

    Oh, and I took 0.3 points because: 1. Episode was not that good to be perfect. 2. And you got to admit, they really didn't pay to much attention on the rest of the team.So that's a minus too.

    The sad part was the last scene of the episode where we see Gibbs and the little girl working on a boat.
  • Mini Gibbs!

    A boy's dad gets kidnapped. So he comes to NCIS. So now Gibbs and his team are going to find Zach's dad. Gibbs' is so nice to little kids and is nice to Zach too. He is a mini Gibbs! :D It makes me sad at the end of this episode when you see a flashback of Gibbs and a little girl working on the boat.
  • A kids father is kidnapped and he is the only one that has a key to a new very secret project called HONOR. Zach is left all alone on a merrie go round. Zach is put under protective coustody and is staying with Gibbs.

    This episode was really good. It showed Gibbs softer side which you don't see very often, but when you see it you have got to love it. You also learn why Gibbs gets along with kids so well. (Which is because when they lie they don't have the gile to get away with it). They picked a great actor to play Zach (aka Mini-Gibbs), I don't think that if they had picked any other kid to play Zach it wouldn't be the same. Gibbs believes the whole time that Zachs father is not guilty but people keep on trying to persuade him that everything is saying that the commander is guilty. WOW!! GREAT EPISODE
  • This was a great episode. I enjoyed it.

    Ok, this isn\'t a review neccesarily, although I did like the episode. I have a question. Does anybody know what song was playing when Gibbs turned on the kids Ipod and it started playing? I want to know so bad. If anyone could help me that would be great! Haha. THANKS!! Bye.
  • NCIS is a very good show ... normally. However, Mr. Bellisario's writing team should perhaps review or study their sources better.

    NCIS is a very good show ... normally. However, Mr. Bellisario's writing team should perhaps review or study their sources better.

    Ziva's character is an experienced Mossad agent, a trained assassin, a controller, ie. someone who's been around the block, yet she jumps to conclusions faster than the Flash. Granted, she is NOT an investigator, yet shouldn't someone with years of field experience as an agent, someone chosen to become a controller (for her character's brother ... quite a no-no in the intelligence business), AND a trained assassin, know more about cover-ups in covert ops?

    The sexual tension between Gibbs and Jen is very nice. Makes one wonder what Jen REALLY meant when she told Gibbs that he should have his own.

    I do think though that if they are going to retain Michael Bellisario in this show, they should at least be consistent. As Midshipman Mike Roberts he was interviewed by Gibbs during the Ice Queen episode. Gibbs is a great investigator with good instincts, shouldn't he be wondering why his forensic lab tech's assistant looks EXACTLY like someone he has previously interrogated in a MURDER investigation?

    All in all though, it is still a pretty good episode.
  • Exceptional insight to Gibbs' character!

    In my opinion, this episode made great strides in character development for Agent Gibbs. All season, there have been hints here and there about his "daughter" and this episode sealed the deal on his relationship with children.

    Other than this storyline, it was the usual.. Ziva trying too hard, Tony being Tony, and McGee trying ever so hard to please Gibbs.
  • NCIS is getting better by the week.

    This weeks episode was very good. Abby's assistant needs to be fired. Gibbs doesnt care to much for him either. The boy was very smart and it was good to see Gibbs interaction with him. Gibbs seemed to let Ziva have more to do with the case a little more than he has been. You didnt see her "torture" the assistant but she sure did cry and beg alot. At the end, the Gibbs flashback with I guess what is going to be his daughter was a nice touch. She is dressed just like the boy.
  • Another great episode from a great series.

    I enjoyed seeing the softer side of Gibbs. I'm finally starting to warm up to Ziva. The guy helping Abby in the lab is getting annoying. I still love Lauren Holly. I did guess that the father's friend was the mastermind behind the whole thing. I guessed that when he showed up to get the boy.