Season 3 Episode 7

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Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 01, 2005 on CBS

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  • YELL>>SCREAM>>HURL>>This show used to be one of THE very best.. USED to be

    The writing has turned into crap, the role of Ziva .. is even worse. The storylines have fallen through holes in the mystery of bad writing so horrible the first and second season couldn't fix it. Even the very best of the show, the interaction between Gibbs and Tony have disappeared, need more Tony and Gibbs, repeating my continuing feedback that basically they took one of the best shows of all time and turned it into Hollywood crap. Ziva is fine as a new addition, NEW ADDITION not above proby.. Morons. I hate losing good entertaining shows, and it dropping fast, I hope it pulls itself out of the gutter soon; it seems to be only getting worse. I suppose it’s inevitable in Hollywood they can’t seem to keep their asses attached let alone a good piece of media, politics isn’t just in DC, it’s what kills our entertainment. Kiss my SHINY METAL ASS!!!!