Season 11 Episode 24

Honor Thy Father

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 13, 2014 on CBS

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  • Very sad

    This is very difficult. Let's divide it in two parts - the case and the tribute to Ralph Waite / death of Gibbs' father.

    The case - bad, unrealistic storyline again. First, there was that stupid Parsa-story again, then they dug up Rivera, a new death threat against Gibbs with two bad guys - it was completely over-egging the pudding, and it had no substance at all. I liked the scene in which Tony and Gibbs, the two anti-technique-freaks, handled the techniques. Liked that Tony took over the case first (but disliked that he went with that girl again), he was doing fine as the leader, but it was ridiculous that he should be scared of taking Gibbs' call. Good that he disobeyed the director's orders finally and warned Gibbs. Finally, some tension between Gibbs and Vance again - I missed that in the last episodes. Everything was just too nice. Definitely too much Bishop - I was hoping they would put her a bit more in the back as this episode was supposed to be a tribute to Waite, but I won't start moaning about her again at this point. Didn't like that the case was taken out of Tony's hands and was watered down. In the end the whole stuff was pointless - as it happened so often in this season. - 1 point for the very few good scenes.

    The tribute - Touchy scene when Vance told Gibbs about the death of his father, and I thought this episode was going to be a good one. But - there was so less of Ralph Waite that I was disappointed in the end. I was hoping for some flashbacks from earlier seasons but there weren't hardly any. Instead, they gave us an actor who bore not even a slight resemblance to Waite. And they had funeral scenes before that were more touching than this one. Almost cried when Franks was buried but this one was ... I don't know - distant. I disagree that Ziva should have turned up at the funeral because it wouldn't have suited the storyline at all. But it's childish not to talk about her but to give a hint to Ari with the dead guy in Gibbs' basement. Strongly disliked that the girl was in the funeral scene - she didn't know Jackson at all, it should have been a moment for the persons who knew him. - 2 points for the scene with Vance and the scenes in Stillwater with Cal / Carl (?) . Loved that Gibbs handed over the store to him.

    This episode left me as unsatisfied as almost every in this season. Apart from the annoying girl the writing has become so poor that they could not even get that tribute right. 1 point more for Waite who was such a great actor and was great at playing Gibbs' father. Will definitely miss him.
  • Honor Thy Father

    It felt like they were really unsure of what they wanted to do in this episode. Focus on the passing of Gibbs' father, focus on redemption or focus on the case. Unfortunately, because of too many things going on it wasn't one of the season's strongest offerings.
  • Second best of the season

    Even though many dislike BIshop, its hard to deny that this was an amazing episode and decent tribute to Ralph Waite. The best was past, present, and future, in my opinion
  • Good!

  • Ground control to major Tom!

    Harmon you rock! Love your personality.
  • Excelent Finale

    Congratulations to all cast and crew. it was a great episode, like always.
  • Terrible!

    I'm not sure what some of you were watching, because the episode was no where near a 10! It was one of the worst finales ever! The only decent part was Jackson's funeral-the rest was a disjointed mess. Seriously, the Rivera BS again. Most fans thought that storyline was stupid and unbelievable the first time! The episode had one of the lowest ratings for a season finale and only did as well as it did because some fans only tuned in for the tribute to Ralph Waite. And I don't ever remember a season where the finale didn't have a significantly higher rating than the premiere. Frankly, it sucked, as almost ever episode has since CBS walked away from negotiations with CDP. And enough CDP bashing-she did not hurt NCIS, NCIS hurt her. She didn't do anything wrong. All she did is stood her ground in negotiations, the same as MH did when he threatened to leave NCIS after season 3 if Bellasario wasn't removed as show runner. The major difference-what she was asking for wasn't nearly as drastic and CBS refused to negotiate. Their stubbornness is what hurt the show and is continuing to hurt it as they repeatedly ignore the majority of fans wishes (which judging by social media comments and reviews on this site are bring CDP back and ditch EW)!
  • Please Stopped are you fans because I am!

    THis is the worse season my favorite show has had since the beginnings. You only have to see the ratings. The fist two episodes with 8s and the followings even a 6 wao. Cote hurt the show but it is all writing and directing thats what it is. I hope the next season is a lot lot better because we will be very sad and complaining when we hear is the last season because is not making the numbers and it is not our fault it is all yours we have keep watching in good times and bad times. We are real fans! I cannot give more than 7.5.
  • A Great Season Finale!

    That was a great last episode for the season and with a great meaning and respect for Ralph Waite think he would of liked it.

    It is a shame that Cote dePablo Is not going to come back she was good with the team, But never mind we shall wait and see what is in-store for us in the Fall.

    Oh and maybe we will find out how he gets these boats out of the basement!
  • great send off and tribute, RIP RALPH WAITE :(

    NCIS is a great show thats why it has lasted for 11 years, not because cote and the one before her or bishop but because of the good stories and ofcourse gibbs and tony and abby and the rest... yes cote is missed but bishop is great and its good to see there isnt any romantic chemistry between her and tony... overall great season... the genuine fans will stick around the the rest if they are not well they are not so be it... hey if the mentalist which i love with such a low ratings been renewed im sure NCIS will have no problem
  • A decent season finale from one of my favorite shows...

    First of all, before I get to my review, how can you give a review with not having seen the episode? How can you honestly give a review if you're such a Cote de Pablo fan that you stopped watching NCIS altogether.

    I enjoyed the show, especially the scenes in Jackson Gibbs' store. He (Ralph Waite) always did a great job when he'd make an appearance. Those episodes are pretty special. They must have loved working with him as well because it was a nice tribute episode. I'm surprised they didn't have the characters that work with Gibbs featured more talking with Gibbs about his dad passing (thought it might have added more of a personal tone to the show). The story was pretty good. I'd like to know how the bad guys know exactly where Gibbs was States away from DC. Gibbs as usual handled those attacks as only Gibbs can. Looking forward to next season to see if they can still be the #1 scripted show on tv. I know a lot of you miss Ziva (she was great), but I think people should give Ms. Wickersham a break. It's not her fault she was brought on. I like the Bishop character and hope this show will be on for a while.
  • NCIS review



    First of all let me say how saddened I am to have lost Ralph Waite as Gibbs' Father. Even though I didn't see the episode this season he always brought such talent and class to the episodes he was in.

    Now I have to say I have not watched NCIS since the 2nd episode this season. NCIS was my favorite show but with the loss of Ziva I really had no interest in continuing to watch. I have however been reading all the reviews this season and have been amazed at how bad the ratings have been. Since I haven't seen them I really cannot judge them fairly.

    I have gotten the very distinct impression that most fans do not like the Bishop character. I gather the cast chemistry is really no longer there. I was a huge "Magnum fan and thought that cast chemistry was the best on TV until NCIS whether it was Kate or Ziva. That chemistry is such a gift when you find it.

    Thru this season the viewership has gotten less each week with Episode 23 not even getting 16 million fans. The last time that happened was Season 7 "Patriot Down". The last 10 episodes this season have all gone down hill which doesn't bode well for the show. And, yes I know it has been renewed for another season.

    Last year several episodes were 20 plus million with "Shiva" having over 22 million, so I think you have to admit the show is declining whether fair or not.

    I have never been a fan of Glasberg's running of this show or his writing and many fans think the writing has deteriorated this season and that is really sad for such a fantastic show over the years. I know I missed Jesse Stern and David North when the left.

    I heard TV critic, Matt Roush, say it may be the beginning of the end of the show when Cote de Pablo didn't return and maybe he wasn't too far off.

    In any case it is sad to see my once favorite show decline so rapidly.

  • Nice tribute to Waite

    I really enjoyed that part with Gibbs. But because this is a tribute to Ralph Waite, I'll give the show a 7.

    AND PLEASE NOTE: It is OK that Cote isn't returning - What I do Want is a MUCH BETTER person as part of Gibb's Team - & bishop doesn't make it & never will. WHY just 7 - I was so disappointed that they didn't get rid of bishop. Sorry but it really turns my stomach when I see her 'trying' to be an agent. So terrible at it.

  • Lovely

    What a lovely tribute to Ralph Waite, it was very tasteful and seamlessly fit into the episode. I think that when the series is over, Gibbs is going to sail off on his new hand made sailboat named after both parents... with his fishing gear and a six pack.
  • Good finale

    I loved this episode. I also loved they brought up the Reynosa link. Jackson Gibbs was a part of that too. A nice tribute too Ralph Waite. Annoying to see the low ratings every episode get this season. Just because people can't get over the fact that Cote dePablo left the show. Season 11 has been strong. I think it has stayed surprisingly strong. I also loved we didn't get a cliffhanger. I truly hate that. (Looking at you
  • Goodbye Jackson Gibbs

    Glad to see the show do a tribute to Ralph Waite. A fairly good episode.
  • Cute episode.

    I was sad to hear about Ralph Waite a while back and I knew this episode was coming, although I didn't expect it to be the season finale. It was a great episode - I loved seeing Alejandro again and bringing up that whole storyline and linking it to the whole Pasra affair. It fit nicely.

    I enjoyed the scenes in Stillwater as well as Gibbs prepares to sell the General Store and we get a few glimpses into the past as well.

    Sadly there was no cliffhanger or something to keep us hooked during the off-season. But at the same time I feel like it needed to be dedicated to Jackson's character and a suspenseful climax could have taken afway from that.

    All up, superb episode. I can't wait for Season 12!
  • A fitting end to a season

    Wow!, what a fitting end to he season and great tribute to Papa Gibbs. They did that in such a tasteful way I was well please I don't hae to see a cliffhanger of season end to wait for s12. and the reynosa connection was fantastic addition. great job to the writers

  • Just What it Should Be

    Gibbs was Gibbs. He told Vance the job is who he is. The team and Vance took care of business and then were at the services to let Gibbs know how much they thought of him. Seems correct to me or any NCIS fan.

    Didn't expect the Reynosa connection but it was good.
  • Well Done!

    I was hoping the writers wouldn't get carried away and make a huge spectacle out of the passing of Ralph Waite/Papa Gibbs, and I was very impressed with the way it was handled. Regardless of the nay-sayers, I think it was quite appropriate, as Ralph Waite would not have wanted a big "to-do" over it. Kudos, NCIS writers, and Kudos to Mark Harmon for a perfect performance as a grieving son in a perfect Leroy Jethro Gibbs way!
  • WOW what an ending.

    What a great episode, you almost got to see the soft side of Mark Harmon's character. It's a fitting finale Ralph Waite would have been proud of. Roll on season 12.
  • I loved it. Beautiful tribute

    I thought it was a great episode - well acted, full of surprises and a lovely tribute. I found Mark Harmon's subtle portrayal of grief and love for his Dad very moving. So back off cranky reviewers. This is a strong end to the season and I look forward to next season.
  • awesome

    It was an awesome show, I think they did the tribute well, and now we know where Gibbs got the boat idea. Oh come on people, it was way better than a 4.8.
  • Absolutely worst NCIS finale ever!

    Boy, did that suck. Absolutely poorest excuse for a tribute ever. Ralph Waite deserved better.