Season 9 Episode 12


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 03, 2012 on CBS

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  • I'm not sure whether I think this was a perfect episode or a complete fail. There were lots of great things and lots of bad things.

    Well, this was a great episode in many ways. The storyline was quite interesting to follow at times, but not throughout 100% of the episode.

    In particular, the way the ending was played out was done immaculately. Tht scored some huge points from me. However, this was exactly and completely identical to how 'Spider & The Fly' played out on Season Seven with Paloma and Alejandro. While it was spectacular the first time, is this a sign that NCIS writers cannot come up with new ideas? I hoep not.

    Furthermore, I was downright tired and bored of this whole EJ storyline. She was great and really interesting while going after the P2P killer, but this season's premiere was the worst episode of NCIS ever, and I didn't find the continuation to be particulary immaculate. I just don't think that they have taken that storyline in the right direction.

    I havfe mixed feelings. I gave it a 10 because I really enjoyed the ending, and also the Tiva moment, but there was a LOT of flaws and I have probably been a bit generous with my score.

    I certainly need to see an improvement next week.
  • EJ becomes a Tiva shipper

    Loved this episode!!!! The scene at the end with Tony and Ziva is one of my favourite on NCIS. Can't wait for the next episode. I actually think Tony and Ziva are falling in love. Tony rescued Ziva in Somalia because 'he couldn't live without her', Tony's bucket list says 'tell her' and 'talk about Paris', and because there was no couch in Paris. I think that they are falling in love. They are just taking a long time to realise, accept their feelings and act on them.
  • good show

    Really good. active, good acting
  • Signaling a return to form...

    This season of NCIS has been great so far no doubt, but many (including myself) have noticed a small lapse in the usual stellar story department of this show. What has happened so far this season has largely been borrowed from past episodes and lacks a little creativity. In my opinion, this episode signals a turnaround for the rest of the season. Why, you ask?

    1. The PTP killer situation has been wrapped up and done with. Time to move into a new story line. (see #2)

    2. (SPOILER) As per the adv. for next weeks episode, Ziva may be getting engaged. There's a storyline that hasn't been explored yet.

    3. I'm not the biggest Tiva fan out there, but this episode was doused with those moments. Makes you wonder what Tony's gonna do if #2 does go through. o_0

    4. This episode in of itself felt original, exciting, and wasn't stale at all.

    5. Gibbs past might make a return amid everything else. Oooooooh.....

    I hope and strongly believe that this episode signals a true return to form of the series. I'm not saying that the past episodes have been bad. I admit they've been good. But NCIS isn't good. It's AWESOME!!! That's what has kept me coming back to it year after year after year...
  • Houskeeping

    For me the most interesting thing that happened in this episode was the in the final moments when E.J. took off, leaving Tony and Ziva in a romantic "cliffhanger." Wonder how that is going to work out if/when Gibbs tries to enforce "his" rule on not dating co-workers.