Season 3 Episode 19


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 04, 2006 on CBS

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  • Trying too hard

    This wasn't one of my favourite episodes. Tony was trying too hard to be funny by making McGee seem feminine...

    Ziva as usual was great even though she didn't seem to have too many lines in this episode. I'm also getting tired of the new director Jen... why she and Gibbs don't just rent a room is beyond me but on the other hand it seems she's just an add-on with no major role to play. She just fills the blank holes in the episode. Anyways story was a little lame....
  • Not the best, but not the worst episode.

    I thought this was a good episode, but lacked something. I agree with the other writer that the director is just there to fill a void. But I will give her credit for letting the gang deal with their problem. Also, isn't it about time Tony grows up. I mean a funny joke hear and there is alright, but he needs to lighten up on McGee. That is harassment in the normal world. And what about Ziva she had very little to do?
  • I am and want to remain an unconditional die hard fan of NCIS but this time I was disappointed.

    This episode is the weakest of this great series so far… The verrrry long “joke” about McGee being gay was flat and definitely not funny. The whole thing has been continuously “overplayed” by Tony. Even Abby and Ducky were weak in this issue. The meal scene between Gibbs and the Director was a poor copycat of what we saw a couple weeks ago in “Family Secret”… This “street gang” plot was not really interesting. Mr. Bellisario, please bring our show back in the Navy! Remember your first season! Where is the rivalry with other Agencies, Fornell, ships, planes, submarines, etc? “Iced” was definitely your “off day”! I’ll give you a marginal 5 (fair), you’ve been saved by Ziva and McGee’s parts. In season four, consider decentralising the writing of scenarios around those two (they are good!) and maybe leave Tony a bit in the shadow for a while (send him TDY for a couple of episodes, don’t kill him like you did with Kate of course!) and definitely write again stories linked to the Navy and the military or this show will end up as a weak CSI (and not only if you are dyslexic). I am a bit rough with you because I love your show! For this reason, I watch this episode twice. The first time a fell asleep 10 minutes before the end (OK, I was tired) but the second time I was not sleeping at all, I was bored…
  • Another great episode

    This episode opens with 2 brothers taking a walk in the middle of nowhere, on a frozen lake. As they run across one of them sees something in the lake. As he looks closer, he sees a dead body underneath. The NCIS team are called in, when they learn that the victim, had been missing for a few months. The team then discover more bodies under the ice. Including the marine, they are 4 victims. The team discover that 3 of the men found were art of a gang. When they dig deeper into it, they discover that the lead of the gang, only communicates through text messages. The other 2 victims were marines. When they bring in one of the gang members, Gibbs learns that they are watching the team and know where they live. Ducky discovers that they were all killed around the same time and then put into the lake.
    The team learn that the text messages which were being sent were actually from a computer. As they trace it they realise that the leader is dead and that someone (the gang member who was pulled into NCIS earlier) is pretending that the leader is still alive. Ziva interrogates him, whilst Gibbs brings in other members of the team and shows them the bodies that are in the morgue. They are then taken to see Abby who explains to them about the guns and bullets used. Gibbs then, with the help of McGee explains to them who killed their boss. Gibbs goes into the interrogation room and sees that he is still there and offers him a ride home. As he leaves the car, his gang turn on him. The next day, the news reports the murder of the young man.
  • Different way of solving problems

    I think this episode showed again that if needed, Gibbs is letting things go interesting way: this time he left justice in the hands of the mob and they took care of that.

    But the case.. some funny moments, specially McGee trying to bee mucho. That just... I think failed most of the time but it was great to watch and in that interrogation room, he was really scary yes.

    But overall feeling of that episode was, that it was not as good as episode most have been lately. I mean... the case was.. the start was good but middlepart seemed almost only be to have some great team interaction and the catchy part was somehow missing.
  • This is the first time that this show has really disappointed me.

    This episode had the potential to be really interesting, after looking at the opening scene, but I thought it turned into a great big mess after the opening credits rolled through.

    The storyline was boring me to tears and I really didn't find any aspect of it to be interesting in any way.

    There were some great moments, but I didn't particularly enjoy McGee trying to act macho, although I guess it wasn't bad as a one-off thing.

    I also thought the episode wasn't well written, but I have to give full marks for the ending, which was superb.

    Besides a terrific start and ending, not much to see here. Move along to greater episodes of NCIS!
  • 4 Marines found dead in a frozen pond by two young children.

    This was a killer episode I absolutely loved it.. This was perfect in the writing acting and the music. If anyone knows the name of the song that they used when the team went to LVM to question them please let me know. I WANT IT!

    NCIS Does it again. there is nothing like a good mystery in the middle of my favorite winter season. I love the part where Gibbs Called The Head of LVM ElGordo.. Gibbs always make me laugh out loud :-)

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  • Two young boys are playing around a frozen lake. They start crossing it and the last boy spots a dead man under the ice. Gibbs and his team are called in. When they start looking for evidence they discover three more bodies.

    They believe that it ties into a drive by shooting that had killed another marine a year ago. They found that there were 2 marines on leave in the area at the time they were supposedly selling captured weapons. But they were not trying to sell weapons they were wanting to make retribution for the marine killed in the driveby. When their sargent found out what they were were going to do, he ordered themto stay on base, and decided to go in their place and to try and make peace with them and let it be done. But instead they killed him, but who killed the other three members. So this lead was a dead end. They figure out that Caesar is faking messages from Solsa (the leader) via text messages and emails. He is trying to make a power play. The other 3 dead men were there were the top 3 leader of the crew. So what he has been doing is illiminationg the top powers. And trying to make it look like the marines done it. Sometimes the best justice is home justice..

    loved how it turned out. GREAT SHOW!!
  • Good episode…

    Not as good as last week, but a still a little emotionally. The case was pretty good and I enjoyed watching this episode, but I did feel bad for those Marines, and I really sympathized with them. McGee was absolutely amazing in this episode, he was just soo funny; he really made me laugh. I loved how he tried acting all macho like, it doesn't really suit his personality but it was fun for one episode. He did do a great job in the interrogation room, always new he had it in him… I'm still feeling the whole Gibbs/ Jenny thing, but I don't think they should over do it.
  • ok episode...

    The team investigates the deaths of a marine and three street gang members. The story in this episode just wasn't that interesting. I've seen tons of movies and shows about street gangs and cops trying to take them down and this one was not anything special. McGee was really annoying when he was trying to be macho. It was just weird. The outcome was predictable which ruined the mystery aspect of the episode. Overall, this episode just had a bad story, yet still had some great funny moments and more good character development. I did like how Gibbs let the murderer free only for his gang mates to kill him; that was cool.
  • a gangbanger makes a deal with the devil to take over his gang...and faces gibbs in the end.

    i wouldn't say this was my fav ncis story...but it had some really good bits. the characters were spot on and the pacing was fast. the stakes with the marines not being able to get home definitely pulled my heart strings. i have to admit i was a bit surprised by the ending and not in a good way...i understand why gibbs did what he did...but still, at some point, there should be limits. on the other hand, my mother thought it was a fantastic ending - even if she couldn't follow the story and kept interrupting me during the screening to fill her in. C+ for story. A for characters.
  • great episode

    While two boys play on a frozen pond. One of the boy find a frozen corpse just beneath the surface. The NCIS team investigates the body of the dead marine, while they search the entire pond, they discover that there are more bodies. Gibbs and his team investigate a local latino gang who might be involved with the killings. It's an interesting episode. It's about gangs. The writers came up with a nice story to tell. It looked really interesting, I enjoyed watching this. There was no gunfight scene on this one, but the investigation scenes were watchable. It wasn't boring.
  • Another solid episode!

    I liked the banter between Tony, Ziva, and McGee in this episode.McGee's interrogation was funny.
    Yow-Gibbs/MH can look sexy even in girly, sparkly reading glasses ( drool!)As far as Gibbs and the director, the writers have seemed to try a bit of ship, but I think that the show would be better if Gibbs didn't have a romantic past with the director-that will ruin the show-Gibbs can't see her as his boss.
  • One of the best episodes of the series.

    I cannot find a problem with this episode. Tony's mocking of McGee for not looking manly and for potentially being gay is so histerical to watch, especially when tony says that McGee's last comment set off Gadar all over the Atlantic Ocean. Ziva's attempts to stick up for him are also entertaining to watch.

    We see a part of Gibbs which has been seen occasionally but not often before now. He realises that he cannot put Cesar away for the murder of the Marines so he instead opts to allow the LVM to kill him for him. Slightly maniacal but vigilante at the same time so we like it. Sometimes you have to play the bad guys game in order to win it.

    The relationship between Gibbs and Jenny had always fascinated me so it'll be interesting to see how it changes in the future.
  • When the body of a marine is found in a frozen lake, the team is sent in to find out how it got there. They discover three more bodies, each with tatoo's that lead them to a Virginia street gang suspected of killing a marine a number of years ago.

    This was a cool episode (pun intended). It wasn't particulary special or stand out-ish but i liked it all the same.

    Some fun team interactions at the start, as McGee is teased by Tony (surprise! surprise!) for being too feminine.

    I also loved watching Ziva, McGee and Tony each have a turn at interrogating Cesar. It was great to watch each of their different techniques. Especially Tony, that was hilarious! ("My friends call me Tony, That's Y-Not backwards").

    This ep doesnt really give any amazing character developement or fantastic plot but its fun all the same. Any NCIS epsiode is fine by me! :-)
  • 2 kids find a body of a missing marine frozen in a lake.

    2 kids find a body of a missing marine frozen in a lake. NCIS comes to investigate. Not only do they find one body, but a few more. They track the men to a local street gang. Now the NCIS team tries to figure out what the marine had to do with the gang.
  • Great show as always!!

    This show wasn't the best show
    But as always and usual a great show
    With good writing and acting
    As I am looking for that in a show
    Tony was his usual funny self and also is the show's great comic relief
    Poor McGee is dragged into things
    But things workout for the better with Him IMO
    Gibbs is beginning to show his senstive side
    Even though he doesn't show it a lot, he cares about his crew!
  • time to make a cut

    Finally....I was wondering how other people felt about the Director. I wish she would leave. I don't want her killed off like Kate but maybe transferred. The dinner scene with Gibbs and Jen was so stupid. I know that it is just a television show but to have them start an affair again would be totally inappropriate. Where is that woman that we occasionally see Gibbs talking too? I was so disappointed in this episode, especially after having reruns for two weeks. The feminine/gay jokes were a bit too much for me. One comment fine but all of them combined...come on.
  • Gibbs and the team are called in when a couple of kids stumble upon the body of a missing Marine in a frozen lake...

    God, I understand why this episode got a low score. It is kind of dull. What's more, I am sick of seeing Jen being around. I find the "continuous exposure" of Jen quite annoying. Can anybody tell me what's she done other than flirting with Gibbs? (Don't get it wrong. I don't care who Gibbs flirts with actually.) What's her function in the show? I didn't have an opinion of the addition of this role before. But the screenwriter was trying too hard to make her appear. Indeed, she does show up a lot lately and, TOO MUCH. It made me want to skip the part when I saw the show. I would rather see Mr. Palmer than her. I used to love all the roles in NCIS. Abby, Ducky, Gibbs, Mcgee & Tony, they are all so great. I admire Ziva too. If people ask me what's good of NCIS, I can tell them they are going to love the show because of the vivid interaction between the characters and their endearing personality. But now, I have to think if I have to see her being around all the time, I am sure that I will no longer love watching NCIS that much anymore. Never underestimate the adverse effect of an unnecessary role.
    If someone has to leave in Season 3 finale, it got to be her.
  • In this epeisosde the team find multiple bodies in 6 inches of water. When they are uncovered from the ice Ducky has to let them "thaw" before he can preform his utopsies. Gibbs is able to link the killings to a street gang who has had dealings with marin

    I found it interesting how in this episode many things happen when you could n\'t always pick up on things. I find also wodd that Gibbs \"slips\" and calls Jen Jenny in this episode.

    I found it offensive though when they called Timothy \"gay\" although knowing DiNozzo it would be normal for him. (I am not gay I am straight)Also Ziva has made references beofre that seem odd and out of the ordinary . . . bbut who knows . . .Gibbs knows.

    Anyways I forgot to say I am a n00b and am hoping to start to be onhere often.
  • The team goes up against a street gang

    The most revealing thing in this episode was the director letting the thug go back to the street and the gang taking care of the problem. Knowing Jennifer had it in her to let a guy go back to the street to die was interesting. The marines stuck in iraq got me.
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