Season 4 Episode 18


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 20, 2007 on CBS

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  • When Ducky Is About To Perform An Autopsy, His Patient Wakes Up On The Table. Gibbs Finds Out An Old Friend Has A Personal Stake In The Matter.

    I was looking forward to this episode because it has a high score and an interesting synopsis. Sadly, I was a little disappointed. The opening scene was great and I thought that the episode will be as great as that. But it is not. The reason why I won't give it a higher score, is that after the opening scene the plot was going on too slowly. The case was good but it could have been better in my opinion. I am not a fan of Mike Franks, but however I am willing to admit that his role in this particular episode was well done. The best scene was when the team stormed the warehouse (I am a fan of action scenes). The conclusion was great and the last scene with Mike and Gibbs was just terrific. I was kind of frightened by the ending scene. Who has been following Jeanne and Tony?
  • Fast Forward, nothing too special about this one, but still, a decent episode. I guess.

    I don't really like this episode much, and it doesn't compare well at all, compared to the episode that precedes it and the episode that follows it, as well as much of this season.

    I thought the first scene was extremely well done, and poor Ducky, having a scare like that at his age is not recommended, lol!

    Also, I thought that the case was a little interesting and it was sad to hear that he was Mike Franks' son, but overall, the case wasn't a terrific one, and at a point, I felt it was a little difficult to follow, which was the major down side.

    However, I still think that at times, the episode was decent and worth watching, so overall, a decent episode.
  • A dead man comes back to life

    This episode opens with Ducky going to the morgue and talking to his newest arrival a marine who was found dead out in the snow. As he is about to begin, when the marine wakes up. The marines name is Liam. The team go out and search were the body was found. They discover that he visited Baghdad and arrived back in the US again only 2 days ago. They discover Frank at the hospital they discover that the marine is in fact his son. They discover that the airline Fast Flight which he flew back with has been smugglings things in, when they go to ask them more questions they discover that three men there and dead and the human cargo is now missing. The team track down on of the silent partners of the company who they believe killed the 3 men. They discover the amine was going to marry a Muslim woman who he had to smuggle into the country and she had a son with the marine. Franks now plans on looking after both of them. At the end we see that someone has been following Tony and his girlfriend.
  • I sure this has been done before (almost)

    Another people smuggling episode? This one has more of a connection to it though (as youll see). The ending DOES provide a good feeling of resonance.

    The plot is strong here, as is the mystery that must be uncovered - as per usual NCIS quality. Im not sure about developing Tony's character. I quite like him being the office goofball however, his relationship takes a hit when we see the issues that they are having. The ending left a good hook, for the next episode that has more of them in it.

    However, this episode seems to be more filler than progression. I think most action shows suffer from these during a season, but to use a plot thread that has been used in another form before just screams laziness.

    This episode is of good quality we depend upon but dont expect anything novel in the dialogue, settings, scenes or drama.

    This is simply NCIS by the numbers!
  • great episode

    A frozen body of a marine that's about to be cut open by Ducky suddenly wakes up. The marine gets transferred to a hospital intensive care unit. NCIS figure out what the marine did in the past few days that lead to his death. Gibbs investigates a private flight company and a lot of facts doesn't add up. This is a good episode. The writers came up with another great story to tell. The scenes lead from one mystery to another until finally ends in mystery being solved. I really enjoyed watching this episode, I can't wait for the next one.
  • Loved the trouble in paradise angle.

    And why did I like the trouble with Tony and Jeanne?
    Because it makes for a more interesting relationship.

    I see folks are wondering who is taking these photos. Well, I have a theory on just that question.

    I believe Jeanne's mother has hired someone to follow them, take the photos and report back.
    If, by chance, this theory is correct it gives credence to the idea that Rene (La Grenouille) is Jeanne's father.
    If Jeanne doesn't know that Tony works for NCIS (and it seems she doesn't) then MOM does and therefor Dad does or will.
    Trouble is brewing for Tony, major trouble.

    As for Mike Franks. Sitting on my sofa I uttered the line, "He's my son" a split second before Franks did. Even so, I liked the story very much including the baby and almost wife.
  • Francks is back, Shepherd's not in this episode (no loss) and all is not well with Lovebirds DiNozzo and Jeanne.

    Whew. That was quite the twist and turn of events, wasn't it?

    It finally dawned on me why I like this show so much. It reminds me of The Sopranos. Work with me here. While each episode is a story complete in its hour, there are threads and undercurrents that continue on from one week to the next. The character developments are strong, and there are many things we just don't know about each character, although we learn a little more bit by bit, episode by episode. There are enough teasers to keep our curiosity piqued, the stories aren't always happily after ever tidy wrapups, and while we get our heartstrings tugged, the show doesn't descend into maudlin. It's intelligent writing, intelligent programming; a nice anodyne to some of the pablum that also occupies the airwaves. This was a prime example of that. It was neat to see Francks again, even though he was dealing with a family crisis. The compassion on Gibbs' face when he went to witness the disconnecting of Liam's life support really got me, and I loved the appearance of Liam's wife and daughter at the end. Bittersweet, yes, for both Gibbs, slapped again with his own losses, and for Mike, but wonderful plotting none the less. Is that a man or a woman taking pictures of Jeanne and Tony? I would say, based on the mouth, that it was a female, but who is it? We don't know--until this episode, I had it half in my mind that Ziva was spying on them, but not now. The season of secrets continues....
  • A fine example of why I love this show: Continual development of character threads combined with an intricately plotted story line.

    This show uses the same writers toolbox that Bellisario developed for JAG. This is not a derisive criticism, but a strong accolade for being able to apply a formula that works to a different setting. The characters each have ongoing development threads with clever backstories that hold the shows entire universe together. Then layered on top we get complex plot lines for each episode story, with some branching out into multi-episode arcs.

    I guess if I had to say what I love most about this show is the controlled layering of the character development by use of overall plotted storyline development. This allows the relationships between all the characters in the ensemble to develop slowly overtime. This is why the show was able to not only survive, but excel even when a main character is written out. The most obvious example is when Kate (Sasha Alexander) is killed off at the end of season two and replaced by in season three by Mossad Agent Ziva David (Cote de Pablo), who over time is absorbed into the group not as a Kate replacement, but as a totally distinct character.

    All in all this episode contained most of the writing elements that make it great, especially the teaser at the end. Who is the mysterious woman spying on DiNozzo and Jeanne? There are many ways to look at the slight profile and try to tease her identity out, but just as Dickens used the device of episodic writing in the 1800's that's what Shane Brennan, this episodes writer, is using here: It's what keeps us coming back week after week.

    Truly an exemplary episode of the quality that makes this show great.
  • Another great episode.

    It was great to see Franks again and the part where he has to pull the plug on the son he barely knows... very sad. The relationship between Dinozzo and his girlfriend hit a snag and just who is it stalking them?? I thought it was her ex but he was killed recently so, obviously, it couldn't be him. I thought it was nice that Ziva was wearing the cap that the other soldier wore during his jogs.

    Not much from McGee this episode, which is sad. Abby, always fun to watch her be goofy with Gibbs. I thought Ducky was going to have a coronary when O'Neill woke up on his autopsy table.
  • Another good episode.

    I love the depths this shows lends to its characters.

    The scenario with Franks and the marine was a little mundane, in that we've seen that kind of thing so many times on other shows. What impressed me so much was that they can continue to add layer after layer of character to Gibbs, Franks, Tony, Ziva... the list goes on and on.

    The fact that Franks knew Gibbs well enough to know how to "clue him in", and that Gibbs knew Franks well enough to figure everything out, are just a couple of reasons I dig this show. I love that smile Gibbs gets on his face when everything falls into place.

    And Abby is so stinkin' cute! I just love her.

    As to who is spying on Tony and the good doctor... your guess is as good as mine. My hubby thinks it's Ziva. I don't think so...
  • This was a very good episode, I just love NCIS.

    I liked how they started off this episode with the guy coming alive when he was in the body bag. It reminded me of when Ari hid in the body bag and kidnapped Ducky when it was opened in the autopsy room. I thought it was really cool. I also liked how Mike came back into the picture. I totally knew that he was his son. Mike adds a lot to the characters and the show. He is so intriguing because he is so unpredictable. I can never wait to see what he does next on the show. Jeanne and Tony really need to figure out there relationship. One day they are perfect and the next day they are in a hole. Who is taking pictures of them!? I really want to know. It is creepy, very creepy, but it keeps me totally into the show because I want to see who is doing it. I completely love this show.
  • This was a good episode, but not one of the best this season.

    Ducky is about ready to start an autopsy on a man when he wakes up. He is transported to the hospital and Gibbs and Ziva go to check up on him. They they find Mike Franks. Who Gibbs learns, is the father to the guy who woke up. Soon the man dies and the team investigates his death, because Ducky found out that his face was pushed into a snowdrift until he started thrashing. They find the mans car and from the inside they pull Frank's fingerprints. This episode was okay. Not one of the best so far, but good. Jen was not in this one, and Jeanne gets mad at Tony. I want to know who is taking the pictures of them together!!!
  • Ok but not great

    Don't really care for Mike Franks. Why are they devoting entire episodes to this guy? He is not very interesting. The guy being alive on the autopsy table is getting done to death. This is the third show that has done it this season. Heroes, Crossing Jordan, and now NCIS. And could someone please tell me what that was at the end. Was that Tony, his girlfriend, or someone else looking at those pictures?
  • I didn't see that coming until the last second!

    What a great episode. I was particularly touched when Mike Franks was standing over his son in the hospital with his son's dog tags in one hand and his wife's rosary in the other and said, "My religion", refering to the dog tags, "Her religion", refering to the rosary, "War and peace." The depth of regret that was put into that line touches all parents with the thoughts of "what might have been". I just hope Mike is resourceful enough to get his grandson and his mother across the border into Mexico. There were more pictures of Tony and Jeanne. Who and why?
  • All I can say is...WOW!!!

    This was a great episode. I never expected Franks to show up. It was cool when he did, but then when he said that the Marine was his son!! WHOA!!. Never expected that to happen. It was cool when it did though. It made Franks more like Gibbs when his son died.

    I thought it was cool how Gibbs didn't go after Franks too hard when they found his prints or the gun. It was nice that Gibbs remembered what he felt like when he lost his family. I thought that this was an awesome episode, with some interesting development.
  • ok Franks is back and has a son who would have guessed it?

    Franks turns up and as it turns out the body that was on Duckys table was his son. Just who is watching Tony all those pictures that have been taking is it Jeanne spying on herself and Tony? or has she got someone to spy on them? or is it to do with something else? Can't wait til the next episode
  • Action, drama, suspense, humor all rolled up into one!

    Great witty show with drama, humor, suspense, and action all rolled up into one. As Duck freaks out that a "dead man" he is trying to place in the morgue comes out alive. While the team try to figure out Tony's love life. As he can't seem to say to Jeanne how he feels about her. Abby indeed rocks! She views Gibbs as a father figure.
  • This show just keeps things hopping.

    I really enjoyed this episode. I have to admit though I missed the first 15 minutes (mom duties) but from my entrance I loved the link of the "iceman" to Franks. I knew Gibbs' gut wouldn't steer him wrong. Franks was doing what he needed to for family. I've said this before - but I LOVE ABBY! She is just the best. I like that Tony has a decision to make but I think it's already been made he just doesn't know it. Ducky is just classic. I agreed with some of the thread talk that Tony and Ziva's relationship has changed. I haven't decided if I like it or not.
  • Trouble in paradise and freaky mind reading.

    Okay, seeing Frank there was a shock, but when he said the kid was his son, it wasn't very surprising. Lol, Ziva and McGee keep trying to figure out Tony's love life, and Ziva actually hits a cord when Tony can't get a hold of Jeanne. Lol, Abby was so funny with her freaking out when Gibbs always comes when she has something or has just found something out. Man, I think Tony has a lot of personal issues when Jeanne wanted him to say, "I love you". I hope they get it all fixed up because Tony and Jeanne really seem good for each other.

    OMG stalker much?! I can't wait to see what the end result is with all those pictures of Tony and Jeanne together.