Season 5 Episode 4

Identity Crisis

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 16, 2007 on CBS

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  • Best quote of the epi

    Agent Courtney to Ziva ''Can we hug now''? lol
  • Great episode with Ducky finally getting the screen time he deserves SPOILERS

    This episode is about Ducky discovering a non-naval murder and asking the team to investigate. It's a great episode and finally allows David McCallam the script he deserves.

    The story was very interesting with the mercury, FBI and it's great to see Fornell return. It was a great case revolving around an "eraser". The interactions between Tony and the FBI agent were good and it's nice to see the old, flirtatious Tony character returning. There are also hints of his new character here and this shows a very well written script.

    What I don't like and I haven't liked in any of the previous episodes is Ziva. She is getting more irritating each episode. She's jealous and goes after everyone Tony talks to. She is herself hugely emotional and her line "must not get emotionally involved" is one of the most hypocritical yet.

    Fornell is a great recurring character and it's great to see him get a good part in this episode as well. David McCallum did a great job in this episode showing that he can hold the show. He executes his script perfectly and his character has real depth.

    This is a fantastic episode for Ducky, Tony and Fornell who gave stand out performances.
  • good episode....

    Ducky finds that a body donated to science was murdered instead of dying of natural causes. The investigation leads to an eraser and eventually turns out to be a delivery boy that wasn't really a delivery boy...Basically, the episode was predictable and the case wasn't that interesting. The lady FBI agent was a little annoying, but it was halarious when she took the delivery boy out. I loved seeing Tobias again; he's my favorite recurring character. Overall, though, this is just not a very good episode. There were a few funny moments and I'd love to see McGee get a dog, but that's about it.
  • Back to the old fashioned NCIS...

    Usually when the FBI is around at NCIS everyone is pissed, Gibbs mostly.
    But this time the inter-agency operation is well leaded by Gibbs and Fornell, and the team efforts to find a criminal capable of completely deleting his past are improved by the collaboration of Courtney Krieger.
    At the beginning Ziva seems to be annoyed by her, a feeling that becomes something really similar to jealousy when Tony is attracted to her.
    Eventually they bond pretty well while the case evolves and finally lead them to arrest the "eraser".
    A lot of good moments between the team and a clever plot make this episode something normal but enjoyable at the same time. Well done!
  • Had its moments, but not the best, by any means.

    Another episode of NCIS provided another quite interesting case, although I didn't feel that this one was impeccable.

    The first scene was fantastic (although disgusting) and I loved the way it was done, but I also thought that they could've done a little better with this sort of plot.

    I did enjoy the latter part of the episode, though, particularly the outcome of the episode, which I felt was really well done.

    I would not recommend this episode over the three that preceeded it, but I still do recommend it quite highly. Interesting, but not the best, and I also felt it lacked humour, but still, a great job by NCIS!
  • Another great one

    This episode opens with Ducky performing an autopsy, in front of a bunch of Probie's. As they pass around the poor man's brain it starts to leak a liquid. Ducky then announces that it is murder. Ducky & Gibbs go to see the ME who signed off on the body. We learn that he died from a needle injected into his brain filled with mercury. The team learn that the victim was working for the FBI. They believe that he was in contact with a terrorist who he was waiting to meet on behalf of the FBI. They find one of the restaurants's the terrorists used to go to and Tony goes undercover there for try and find him. They manage to track down an apartment where they believe he is hiding out. So the team head there. The team learn that their dead guy was the terrorists. Their main problem now, who killed him?
    The team believe that he was killed by one of his female victims. They then discover another man who died due to mercury poisoning. Thy track down his widow and she was one of the female clients who was a suspect. The team learn that the rest of the terrorist cell have already left their hiding centre and could all be on their way to America to carry out their attack. They then realise that the delivery kid who IDed the terrorist was lying to them. Ziva and another agent drop off the delivery boy, as they do so they get a call from Gibbs. He tries to escape but they manage to stop him. The kid is the new terrorist. At the end they manage to arrest the man who set him up as a terrorist.
  • great episode

    Ducky gives instructions to a group of upcoming medical examiners about cutting up cadavers. While he cuts open a cadaver, he discover that the unclaimed john doe is a murder victim. When the NCIS team investigate the case, they get to figure out that the cadaver is a criminal involved with forging documents. While they find out a connection to his most recent activity, they bump into an FBI agent who happened to be the john doe's handler. This is a whodunit episode, but it wasn't boring, there are twist and turns. We get to see a lot within the episode. It's really exciting.
  • Back to the good old NCIS

    Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed every episode of NCIS but I prefer the ones where Tony was not dealing with Jeanne, and all that la grenuille stuff, and this episode for me was like being back in season 1, well worth it.

    It was also very nice seeing another Stargate actor on the show, and this time the awesome Torri Higginson who played Dr. Elizabeth Weir on Atlantis. I wonder if we'll ever see her again, I thought it was very nice for Ducky to meet someone who wasn't trying to cover up their own blunder.

    There was a moment when I thought that the woman involved might have been Jeanne because I could have sworn I saw a glimpse of a photo with dark brown hair, but to be honest I was kinda relieved that it wasn't.

    this was NCIS at it's finest, and now I have the first three series on DVD I'll be sure to add season 4 and 5 to the list once they come out respectively.
  • Back to top form.

    At last I can write something positive about my favourite US TV series. A much better episode, with plot twists and lashings of LOL humour. All the regulars had something to do, with the best lines spread around evenly. The plot, about a man who can remove people's identity, was straight-forward but with enough twists and turns to keep the casual viewer interested. Nice to Torri Higginson (Dr. Elizabeth Weir in Stargate: Atlantis) in a new role. Will we be seeing more of her (and Ducky together)? I liked Ziva's jealousy, when Tony showed interest in the rookie FBI agent. The scene in the Indian restaurant was very funny. So, back to its brilliant best for the top program on american TV. I hope it continues like this.
  • After the focus on Gibbs personal life the show is back to case's that involve the entire cast and throw in so personal conflicts to spice things up. The case of a low level criminal who turns out to be a major identity forger had

    After the focus on Gibbs personal life the show is back to case's that involve the entire cast and throw in so personal conflicts to spice things up. The case of a low level criminal who turns out to be a major identity forger had plenty of entertaining twist and turns. On the way to a resolution Ducky becomes taken with an M.E. who missed the murder to begin with. This is the first time we've seen him in such a situation since the second season and thankfully this time the love interest wasn't a murderer. Ziva shows how much she likes Tony into overdrive this week. I really didn't like how pushy she was it makes me wonder if she's going to force him to love her with her spy skills. Enjoyable episode with each character contributing and a case that was fun to watch unfold.
  • The show is original, especially when the forensics are brought into play. Way to go Ducky.

    A little something different this week. You can see that Dr Weir from Stargate Atlantis is gone, she is showing up on other shows. For a while I thought she might even be involved, and Ducky was forever the gentleman.
    The interplay between them was great as it was with Courtney and the team, especially Zeva. I wonder if Courtney will come back again in an other guest starring role.
    Tony is almost back to normal wanting to screw anything in a skirt, and I wonder when he and Zeva will get it on.
    The scene at the end was great, and a surprise thong shot from Cote, made my day.
    This was good, because it was different.
  • Does Dr Mallard find romance.

    Another great episode of his series, that's why I try not to be out on Tuesday nights just to make sure I catch NCIS. What a classic scene of Dr Mallard showing students what is involved in forensic science. Reminds me of the Quincy scene when he is in a hurry with a group of lAPD officers and goes into the grisley contents and they fall like domino's. Can Dr Mallard be looking for love with the ME who made a mistake, it certainly looked like a spark there.And does tony have a new love intrest with e FBI special agent? Could be I wonder if they are going to expand on these, both would make for great tv I think.
  • A ducky episode wheeee!!!!

    A really boring episode really, I did like the jealous Ziva and the oh so trying subtle "she's a girl you need a woman" touch though Ziva does become her friend (WOW)

    Glad Palmer got to be his usual idiotic self though I adore him anyway, not very mcabby like last time so that made me sad but it was enteraing in some ways

    I love when Fornell and Gibbs can assault a guy in interrogation together that so rocks and McGee wants a puppy how funny though Kate had that one pupp second season why not keep her (Little Tony) in all words it was okay not my favorite
  • Ducky finds that a body he has for scientific purposes is actually a murder victim. This leads the team to the trail of an ID thief who seems to have perfected a way to create new identities for criminals and terrorists.

    Nice episode, I enjoyed the subplot of the interplay between Ziva and SA Krieger, and the building romance between Ziva and Tony (finally to be realized by the end of this season?). The main plot had enough twists and certainly kept me guessing--I was convinced the delivery boy was just a delivery boy. Suspicion fell on SA Krieger (as it was meant to) for a while, which was interesting. I didn't know you could kill someone by injecting mercury into their brain and the bit that the Idaho killer's work had been detected when the mercury leaked into the ground water was perhaps a bit much, but only a bit. We had to be brought back to the waitress at the Crab Shack somehow.
  • Really good show again!

    The FBI vs the NCIS again. As this time, the case is a man dying on Ducky's table. It was really something to see him upset. As we never have seen Ducky upset at all like that. He was given his assistant a very hard time. Tobias Fornell and Jethro Gibbs, despite their professional rivalry. Are really good friends despite that. Neat to see Tim trying to look for a dog. As Tony is still trying to overcome the breakup of his girlfriend. Ziva takes a personal AND a professional interest in him. But hopefully they won't get that close for now. Despite a shaky start, Ziva befriends the FBI female agent. Classic show!
  • Oooo a skittery new FBI agent to corrupt.

    Another fabulously done epsiode. I had my fingers crossed the whole time when we met the coroner, Jordan Hempton. I was praying that she wasn't the killer. They already did that several times. If it had been Courtney that would have been a seriously cool twist. Lol, the restaurant scene was way cool. I blinked and missed what ever it was that had Courtney dumping water in Tony's lap. Their waiter was cool. "Ooooh, I see" *wink* And with the way the eliminated the delivery boy was very unsuspecting.

    The Gibbs and Tobias interrogation routine was great. Never laying a harming hand on Graves to get their information was awesome. The ending with the "Leroy Jethro Gibbs Production" was the perfect touch to this episode.
  • Ziva makes a new friend and Tony tries to get back on the horse.

    Ducky was upset to discover that a man had been murdered on his table, and the M.E who released the body did not find this out. His anger soon left him when he found out the mistake was made by a pretty M.E.

    After a shaking start Ziva made friends with the green FBI agent. This episode showed Ziva's interest in Tony is more than professional. If Ziva is not careful Tony will catch on.

    Fornell guest starred in Identity Crisis. We got to see him at his own office for a change.

    McGee is looking for a dog, something to lick his face, and maybe pick up women. Hope that works out for him.
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