Season 4 Episode 22

In the Dark

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 01, 2007 on CBS
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When a blind photographer shoots the body of a Petty Officer on film, the NCIS team uses his special insight to investigate the crime. Meanwhile, both Gibbs and Tony are having commitment issues in their relationships.

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  • Moving in, ridiculous fights, and a matching set! Wee, what an episode!

    Definitely a great episode. Abby has now made a second attempt to stop drinking caffeine. I wonder if she's gonna succeed. You know, this is the second time NCIS has brought in the help of a blind person. They always surprise me. Lol, when Scott said the fruity smell when he grabbed Jimmy, the first thing that came to mind was pheromones (I thought this after What's-Her-Name confessed to following him). But no, it was diabetes. You know, they used the same thing to catch a killer in CSI. Anyway, off topic, they totally surprised me with the unveiling of the killer. Maybe I was surprised because I wasn't totally paying attention at the time.

    Lol, the relationship "problems" Tony and Gibbs had were funny. I love it when someone assumes something then goes on a long rant only to find out they were wrong. I wonder if Tony has some sort of past history with a broken heart and that's why he acts the way he does.

    Jimmy and Lee almost got caught!! Hee, I wonder if they're coming out will be in the finale. Great episode!moreless
  • The team finds a body from a blind man's photograph.

    It had a little more outside NCIS relationships than I like.

    Notably, Abby quits caffeine. No more caf-pows for the goth. I guess it's a good health choice, but how long can caffeine addicted Abby live without her poison?

    I like the side story of Palmer and Lee. Poor Palmer has to look for Lee's panties. Everyone thinks Palmer has been a little odd. I wonder when the truth will come out, if ever.

    Tony was a little insensitive to Ziva when she tried to have a heart to heart with Tony. Ziva's mask is falling just a bit.

    I liked when Abby told McGee she put together his psychological evaluation. His face was priceless.moreless
  • In the dark

    Entertaining episode that featured a big part of the case being contingent on a blind man (but thankfully none of your typical stereotypes and jokes were made.)

    We also had some subplots regarding the issues DiNozzo and Gibbs had with commitment, which was funny because as different as those two are, they reacted in eerily similar ways to the situations. That is just quality NCIS writing.

    The show was really good right around the season 3 and 4 time, but it is still good now. I think it's just that the show was hitting its creative stride at that time whereas now we just expect it to be good.moreless
  • Not excellent, but an interesting storyline!

    This was a very brave attempt at an episode by NCIS, and I thought that they pulled it off quite well. The blind photographer idea was interesting, and I thought it worked well for the storyline.

    I also thought the episode was fairly unpredictable and I enjoyed the fact that it had a fair amoutn of funny scenes in it, but I do feel that it did lack that signiature flair that I associate with an NCIS episode.

    I don't know. I felt like something was missing.

    However, it was still a very worthwhile episode of NCIS and I highly recommend it because it was so different from what we've had in the past, and I love the variety.

    Good job, NCIS!moreless
  • A great episode. I particularly liked the photography storyline.

    What on Earth does Gibbs see in Mann? She is *so* annoying. He's actually letting her work on his boat – he is so going to marry this woman! She's just retired and she's blatantly fishing. I don't like the actress and I don't like the character.

    I like Jeanne but boy, is she clingy! Tony is afraid of commitment, impulsively said they should move in together and when he gets cold-feet, she completely overreacts. Can anyone say 'insecure'? Then throw in that Tony's spying on her – which will be so much easier if they live together. When Tony told Ziva it was complicated, it was an understatement.moreless
Mark Harmon

Mark Harmon

Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs

Michael Weatherly

Michael Weatherly

Special Agent Tony DiNozzo

Cote de Pablo

Cote de Pablo

Mossad Agent Ziva David

Pauley Perrette

Pauley Perrette

Forensics Specialist Abby Sciuto

Sean Murray (I)

Sean Murray (I)

Special Agent Tim McGee

David McCallum

David McCallum

Chief M.E. Ducky Mallard

John Billingsley

John Billingsley

Jackson Scott

Guest Star

Katie Lowes

Katie Lowes

Bryn Landers

Guest Star

Terry Bozeman

Terry Bozeman

Navy Cmdr. Doug Jakobsen

Guest Star

Brian Dietzen

Brian Dietzen

Asst. M.E. Jimmy Palmer

Recurring Role

Susanna Thompson

Susanna Thompson

Army Lt. Col. Hollis Mann

Recurring Role

Scottie Thompson

Scottie Thompson

Jeanne Benoit

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • TRIVIA: The Commander of IG's 'insulin' is really 5mg Byetta (drug prescribed for Type II Diabetes).

    • GOOF: When the last entry in the diary is shown, in the close up shot it's below the "Hook" of the star cluster. In the next shot it shows the last entry above the "Hook" of the star cluster.

    • TRIVIA: When Tony, Gibbs and Ducky are down in autopsy discussing Petty Officer Lynn's cause of death and Tony hands Gibbs the file, the camera flashes quickly at the file, which shows the Petty Officer's picture. Right beside the picture, in the middle section entitled: Record of Service, the text below is Tony's script. If you pause it, the text reads exactly:

      Worked in the supply corps at the defense logistics agency, A.K.A DLA, the guys who supply the military with, well, pretty much everything.

      Uh, he was a liaison to the naval space command - the spy satellite guys... But you probably knew that, too... (Gives up) Abby got a hit off the prints.

      Below, in another section, you can see a little bit of Tony's next lines.

    • TRIVIA: Gibbs is wearing a sweat shirt that says "NIS" while working on his boat. NIS stands for Naval Investigative Service and was what it was called when I was in over 20 years ago. Any change to NCIS has come about since then. NIS Agents used to work out of the local NISO (Naval Investigative Service Office).

    • TRIVIA: The notion that blind people hear better has only been proven true if they were blind at birth or lost their sight very early in life (before age two). Those who become blind later do not actually develop better hearing or scent but most learn to concentrate more on non-visual input, which often gives the impression that they have actually developed heightened senses. Tests conducted in the 1990s comparing hearing sensitivity showed that the "early blind" were more sensitive to changes in the pitch of a sound, but that "late blind" and sighted people had about the same degree of sensitivity.

    • TRIVIA: Jimmy Palmer has mild diabetes.

    • TRIVIA: This seems to be the first time Gibbs and Lt Col. Mann appear obliviously in love.

  • QUOTES (33)

    • Abby (to Tony): No Shamu jokes.

    • Hollis: I feel like an idiot.
      Gibbs: You sounded like one.

    • Gibbs: What's he hiding?
      McGee: Not a whole lot. It's about the most boring diary I ever read. Obsession with Kelly Clarkson, wondering why he can't find a girlfriend...
      Abby: He didn't make the connection between those two things?

    • Jimmy: Why is everyone looking at me like I'm in some kind of trouble?

    • Abby: The first thing that I did when I got the photos-
      Ziva: Was run facial recognition software on every face you could find.
      Tony: Which led nowhere.
      Abby: Thank you both, for that reminder of my failure.
      Gibbs: You haven't failed me yet, Abbs.

    • Abby: (sniffing a Caf-Pow) Sorry Gibbs, I'm still a little distracted.

    • Abby: I think, he bugged himself! Yeah you like that? When you think you know where I'm going.. then "Shazam!".

    • Tony: (picks up the phone) I... can't think of anything charming or witty to say!

    • Mann: When two people like each other, they usually like to spend time with each other. I consider my time valuable, thus, I consider time spent with you an investment.
      Gibbs: That makes me like what... a CD?
      Mann: At our age? More like an IRA. And I've already ah, invested a lot in it. You never know how things are going to turn out, and I'm not asking for promises. But I just need to know if you're in this for the long haul. I want to start building something, and I want to build it with you.
      Gibbs: (pauses) Holly, I do like you, I just-
      Mann: What? Wounded? Afraid to love?
      Gibbs: I'm in the middle of a case, and not real focused right now.

    • Tony: Sarcasm is not sexy Ziva!

    • McGee: You were kidding, about the delicate ego thing... right?
      Abby: A question that answers itself!

    • Abby: (taking Caf-Pow from Gibbs) No thanks, (she throws it in the trash) I quit!
      McGee: Quit? You?
      Abby: I decided it was time to cut down on the caffeine.

    • Abby: After my last psych evaluation profile, I wanted to read the rough drafts.
      McGee: (laughs) What'd they say?
      Abby: I have no idea... the papers I reconstructed, they weren't mine... they were yours.
      McGee: Mine? You read my psych profile? What did it say?
      Gibbs: Ahh, it's better you don't know McGee!

    • Ducky: (after he finds Lee's bra in a drawer) Oh hell-lo!

    • Ducky: (telling a story) Thus proving the old adage-
      Gibbs: Sex sells.
      Ducky: Yes it does... though I assume that's not what you came down here to discuss...

    • McGee: Can't imagine what I'd do if I lost my eyesight.
      Ziva: You'd adapt.
      McGee: What if I didn't?
      Ziva: You'd fall into a deep depression and eventually you'd die.
      McGee: Yeah, remind me not to come to you for a pep talk anytime soon.

    • Tony: Oh if I was blind! (snaps photos blindly)

    • McGee: What was the inspiration behind these?
      Mr Scott: Oh, I heard a girl crying, and I followed the tears.
      Tony: Ah, I don't see a girl.
      Mr Scott: And neither did I!

    • Tony: What! We carried all our equipment up here for nothing?
      McGee: (coming though the door with all the equipment) Yeah... we.

    • Tony: (to Abby) I poked my head in and she nearly bit it off.
      McGee: Quit drinking caffeine.
      Ziva: Abby?!
      Tony: Abby Sciuto?!
      Gibbs: (head slaps Tony) Wong! David Wong!

    • Gibbs: You called me down here to tell me you got nothing?
      Abby: Me, nothing, but (referring to McGee) Mr. Mildly Neurotic Introvert with a highly sensitive ego, he has something.

    • Army Lt. Col. Hollis Mann: (to Gibbs) You know, I realize there are three billion men in the world and they don't all have to want me but you should want me.

    • Abby: To avoid detection from internal sensors the bug records for five hours and then blast sends the data in under five seconds.
      Gibbs: That little bug can do all that?
      Abby: It can if it only records a few tiny sub audible frequencies.
      Tony: Sub audible meaning?
      McGee: Humans can't hear it.
      Tony: So, what? Lassie's bugging this guy?

    • Ziva: I know what you're doing. You're hiding behind all these jokes. And I know what you're hiding from.
      Tony: Yeah? What's that?
      Ziva: What everyone afraid to love hides from, being hurt.
      Tony: It's not just me that I'm worrying about hurting, Ziva.
      Ziva: That's because you're a good person.

    • Tony: It's complicated.
      Ziva: Complicated. Complicated. Complicated. You know, in America I have noticed they use that word as a code for, "If I explain it, uh, you would not agree with me. Therefore, I will use the word complicated and hopefully you will stop asking."
      Tony: Yeah, that's pretty much it in a nutshell. I'm gonna go see what Abby wants.

    • Ziva: Tony.
      Tony: If you're going to give me advice on dating, I'm going to need to get something out of my system first, okay? (starts laughing)

    • (Tony finishes a private phone conversation with Jeanne to find the team standing behind him.)
      Tony: Hi.
      McGee: Hey, Abby called. She found something, wanted us to come down.
      Gibbs: If you're done, that is.
      Tony: I'm sorry, Boss. I'm...
      Gibbs: (interrupting) I know, DiNozzo. Trust me, I know. (Gibbs and McGee leave)
      Tony: (to Ziva) How long were you guys there?
      Ziva: Long enough. So, you are getting a new roommate!

    • Jeanne: Don't tell me you want to live with me then take it back.
      Tony: I am not taking it back. When I suggested we live together, I was speaking from, you know, what's the thing in your rib cage?
      Jeanne: Heart.
      Tony: Heart. Yeah, I was and I am and I meant it. I'm just uh...
      Jeanne: A commitment phobe afraid to love?
      Tony: Right in the middle there.

    • Jeanne: Don't do this to me, Tony.
      Tony: Jeanne.
      Jeanne: You didn't have to say anything yesterday. You could have just given me a hug and told me everything would be okay. That would have been more than enough.

    • Tony: You could try the buffer. (Everyone stares at him.) Sorry, you guys say that every once in a while so I thought...
      Abby: He's right.
      Ziva: He is?
      Tony: I am?

    • Ducky: Now, where were we. Mr. Palmer?
      Palmer: Pornography.
      Ducky: Yes, I believe it was PHOTOgraphy. Please get your mind out of the gutter.

    • Tony: It's funny how probably a hundred men walked by here and it took a blind man to find him.
      Gibbs: It's funny?
      Tony: You know, in a sad, pathetic sort of way.

    • Palmer: (talking on cell phone) I found the bra.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Original International Airdates:
      Denmark: May 8, 2007 on TV3
      Australia: July 31, 2007 on TEN
      Spain: August 30, 2007 on La Sexta
      United Kingdom: September 4, 2007 on FX UK
      The Netherlands: October 31, 2007 on Veronica
      Germany: November 4, 2007 on SAT 1
      Italy: November 11, 2007 on RAI 2
      New Zealand: December 11, 2007 on TV3
      Brazil: January 25, 2008 on AXN
      Hungary: October 27, 2008 on TV2
      Finland: March 10, 2009 on Nelonen
      Slovakia: June 24, 2009 on Markiza
      Czech Republic: December 7, 2009 on TV Nova

    • Lauren Holly is credited but doesn't appear.


    • Abby: What better place to hide all your personal secrets than in a galaxy far, far away.

      A parody of the Star Wars opening crawls, which reads in cyan text "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..."

    • Tony: Remember the time we hit the navy girl on the beach with the...

      This is an allusion to the season one episode "Eye Spy."

    • Tony: ...and we have come to believe it was Colonel Mustard in the conservatory with a wrench.

      Tony is referring to the popular board game Clue, where players use the process of elimination to predict the who, where and how of a murder mystery. The game also spurred a major motion picture, with multiple endings, depending on which showing you attended. The boardgame is actually called Cluedo, and was invented in the U.K. in 1949. Clue is the much more recent U.S. version of the game.

    • Jeanne: I got 30 days to find a new place but no time to go apartment hunting. One of my colleagues offered me their couch if I can't find anything.
      Tony: No, I've seen Grey's Anatomy. That's out.
      Tony was referring to ABC's highly popular drama series Grey's Anatomy, where three characters named Meredith, Izzie and George all live in the same house and eventually two of them slept together, so George moves out and sleeps on the couch at a fellow surgeon's house. There's a lot of fighting over George sleeping on the couch and he is kicked out.

    • Tony: So, what? Lassie's bugging this guy?

      Lassie is a loyal collie who was separated from her family due to economical issues and later has a long adventure returning to them. A few TV shows (Lassie from 1954, The New Lassie and Lassie from 1997) and a few movies were shot following Lassie's adventures.

    • Episode Title: "In the Dark"
      The episode title was also the alternate title of the 2x01 episode "See No Evil."