Season 4 Episode 22

In the Dark

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 01, 2007 on CBS

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  • Moving in, ridiculous fights, and a matching set! Wee, what an episode!

    Definitely a great episode. Abby has now made a second attempt to stop drinking caffeine. I wonder if she's gonna succeed. You know, this is the second time NCIS has brought in the help of a blind person. They always surprise me. Lol, when Scott said the fruity smell when he grabbed Jimmy, the first thing that came to mind was pheromones (I thought this after What's-Her-Name confessed to following him). But no, it was diabetes. You know, they used the same thing to catch a killer in CSI. Anyway, off topic, they totally surprised me with the unveiling of the killer. Maybe I was surprised because I wasn't totally paying attention at the time.

    Lol, the relationship "problems" Tony and Gibbs had were funny. I love it when someone assumes something then goes on a long rant only to find out they were wrong. I wonder if Tony has some sort of past history with a broken heart and that's why he acts the way he does.

    Jimmy and Lee almost got caught!! Hee, I wonder if they're coming out will be in the finale. Great episode!
  • The team finds a body from a blind man's photograph.

    It had a little more outside NCIS relationships than I like.

    Notably, Abby quits caffeine. No more caf-pows for the goth. I guess it's a good health choice, but how long can caffeine addicted Abby live without her poison?

    I like the side story of Palmer and Lee. Poor Palmer has to look for Lee's panties. Everyone thinks Palmer has been a little odd. I wonder when the truth will come out, if ever.

    Tony was a little insensitive to Ziva when she tried to have a heart to heart with Tony. Ziva's mask is falling just a bit.

    I liked when Abby told McGee she put together his psychological evaluation. His face was priceless.
  • In the dark

    Entertaining episode that featured a big part of the case being contingent on a blind man (but thankfully none of your typical stereotypes and jokes were made.)

    We also had some subplots regarding the issues DiNozzo and Gibbs had with commitment, which was funny because as different as those two are, they reacted in eerily similar ways to the situations. That is just quality NCIS writing.

    The show was really good right around the season 3 and 4 time, but it is still good now. I think it's just that the show was hitting its creative stride at that time whereas now we just expect it to be good.
  • Not excellent, but an interesting storyline!

    This was a very brave attempt at an episode by NCIS, and I thought that they pulled it off quite well. The blind photographer idea was interesting, and I thought it worked well for the storyline.

    I also thought the episode was fairly unpredictable and I enjoyed the fact that it had a fair amoutn of funny scenes in it, but I do feel that it did lack that signiature flair that I associate with an NCIS episode.

    I don't know. I felt like something was missing.

    However, it was still a very worthwhile episode of NCIS and I highly recommend it because it was so different from what we've had in the past, and I love the variety.

    Good job, NCIS!
  • A great episode. I particularly liked the photography storyline.

    What on Earth does Gibbs see in Mann? She is *so* annoying. He's actually letting her work on his boat – he is so going to marry this woman! She's just retired and she's blatantly fishing. I don't like the actress and I don't like the character.

    I like Jeanne but boy, is she clingy! Tony is afraid of commitment, impulsively said they should move in together and when he gets cold-feet, she completely overreacts. Can anyone say 'insecure'? Then throw in that Tony's spying on her – which will be so much easier if they live together. When Tony told Ziva it was complicated, it was an understatement.
  • Another good one

    This episode opens with a personal assistant going to work, for a blind photographer. He hands her the new photographs and discovers in the background of one of them a dead body in the background.
    Ncis are called in, when it is discovered that the man is wearing a sailors uniform. Through the investigate they discover that the sailor was murdered. They also discover that the Personal Assistant had been following the blind photographer. We discover that the sailor was murdered by his own boss (co?) as he had launched an investigation. Overall a good episode of NCIS but not my favourite.
  • Flawed

    More expected quality from my favourite cop drama of the moment. Yet I cant help but wonder why these torturous plots are needed? This show has the best group dynamic going, because of the low number of cast to keep us focused! Yet the plot must rely on the photographers being blind because of the subtle twist at the end, even though its has nothing to do with the crime! Really sometimes the need to get disabled characters into a storyline, though it be great can be badly done - which is the case here. You can see this by the number of times you can count on one hand his appearance.

    Of course its not the man's blindness that its the requirement, but his perceived superior smelling ability which gives the team the all important clue to get the right guy at the end.

    The middle act, is just a sequence of events that could have been taken out of any other episode or crime drama to deflect attention, while running down the numbers (time) until we get to the conclusion.

    Tony's relationship has a brief part in this episode and fans of this plot-thread will love to see this little progression of theirs! There is a good little scene when we see the team standing behind Tony after hes just had one of his session calls on the phone. One bad thing is the amount of times and how he appears to detoured to Janines place of work/home and the team just seem to get on with it! I dont find it particularly believeable that Gibbs wouldnt cane his hide - esp. in the middle of a case!

    For me this was just another filler episode, in what has been a lower than expected quality overall. Still as applicable to this show its better than most others out there.


    But if you miss it, dont worry. You need to know that Tony and Jeanine are about to move after she is getting booted out of her apartment. If yo ask this seasoned campaigner, Ive got the feeling that all is not what it seems and Tony is just falling into some sort of honey trap! How can you really let things lapse into being kicked out, w/o knowing its going to happen and doing something about it?!

    Really, this show should do better!
  • great episode

    A blind photographer randomly takes pictures for his art work. One of his pictures accidentally took a photo of a dead Petty Officer. The NCIS investigates the death of the Petty Officer. It leads them to a tech firm and they believe a colleague of the petty officer might have been the killer. Tony is having a hard time getting to commit with his relationship with Jeanne. It's a really exciting episode. The writers came up with another great episode. The plot was so exciting. Not one scene slowed down to a halt, everything just kept going, and it went fast. Great episode.
  • Good episode, but nothing special.

    A blind photographer takes a picture of a dead navy officer and the team is called in. Basically, they do their stuff and find the bad guy like usuall; it was prettu predicatable, but not too bad. The good part of the show was between the Gibbs/Mann and Tony/Jeanne. Tony says he'll move in with Jeanne and it brings up the committment issue again. Gibbs and Mann, though, seem truley in love. They are absolutely adorable together. Mann wants to know that they're together for the long haul and Gibbs seems resistent to saying that, probably because of his four ex-wives and he must have some fear that the same thing will happen again. In the end, however, Gibbs is fixing up the plumbing and Mann makes the wrong presumptions and thinks he's leaving her, but he shows her worse plumbing in the bathroom which will take a long time to fix. Yay! He basically said they're really in it for the long haul and that he really does love her. It was sweet...Anyways, ok episode with the case, great with the characters.
  • A visually impaired photographer photographs the body of a Naval Petty Officer. Also, both Tony and Gibbs are asked to make long-term decisions regarding their personal relationships.

    This episode, for me, added to the character development of all characters, including Jimmy Palmer. Palmer, who had been taking unnecessary risks in his relationship with Agent Lee, is startled by Ducky's discovery of Agent Lee's bra, and in reporting this to her, discovers she is missing her panties, as well. This results in his being even more ill-at-ease than usual.

    Tony is contacted by his girlfriend, who informs him that she is being evicted from her apartment, as her building is going co-op; he, perhaps rashly, tells her they can find a new place together. In the process of communicating with her about this, he discovers that not only Ziva, but the entire team now knows of his relationship.

    Meanwhile, Gibbs is asked to make a long-term commitment to his relationship. Whether he will or whether he won't is in doubt right until the end of the episode.

    On a slightly lighter note, Abby faces a challenge many can relate to, in her attempt to cut back on caffeine.
  • Great episode leading into the final two of Season 4.

    Random order thinking:

    1. LOVED what Gibbs said to Tony when the whole team "caught" him on the phone with Jeanne. SOOOOOO glad that Gibbs undersands and didn't headslap Tony.
    "I know, DiNozzo. Trust me, I know"
    Also loved Tony's line to Ziva:
    "It's not just me I'm worrying about hurting, Ziva"

    2. Autopsy was particularly guresome tonight. Don't think I'll use a laddle again without thinking of Ducky scooping out that stomach.

    3. Liked that the Jackson Scott's assistant, Bryn, was in love with him. Very sweet. (but I knew it before she admitted it to Ziva).

    4. Jimmy trying to sneak around to recover Michelle's underwear was fun to watch and is making me smile as I type.
    Oh, and did anyone else notice the shadow of the boom mic when Jimmy was in the interrogation observation room?

    5. VERY surprised when Tony suggested moving in together. Maybe even more surprised than he was. Loved that he didn't back out even when Jeanne gave him the opportunity.

    6. Jeanne saying that the apartment (floral - yuck) was close to both the University and the Hospital. Does she perhaps think he works at the U or does she still attend some classes (even though she's not a med-student).

    7. Although I'm not fond of Hollis, she is growing on me. I like her better as a girlfriend than as a "boss".

    8. Gibbs being very protective of his boat when Hollis was using the tool was great. He was quite nervous - and so was I.

    9. I like the grown-up Tony. One can only stay a "fratboy" for so long before starting to look silly. He still has humor but he's able to discipline himself with it.

    10. Liked the conversation between Tony and Ziva. I like them as friends. (see note 1).

    11. Knew there was something fishy about the Sneezing Commander.

    12. Abby minus Caf-Pow - WOW! Her sniffing Tim's (twice) and then sniffing the round flie (military for trash can) was so Abby.

    13. Jimmy inadvertantly solving the case due to diabetes. Is his role getting bigger or is it just me?

    14. Ducky finding the bra - he HAS to suspect.

    15. Abby. Tony. Jethro. Jimmy. All talked of being distracted or unfocused tonight. 16. Was it just me or did Bryn look a little bit like Julia Roberts?

    17. Great Michael Weatherly ad-lib: Colonel Mustard in the Conservatory with the Wrench.

    18. We now know that the Jeanne text WAS from her and not someone who had her phone.
  • Great show!

    I love this show and it is getting better and
    Better as they show both professional and personal lives in
    The characters with a balance that will only get better as
    Tony & Gibbs are having love life problems and it really
    Got very funny then. Also a blind photographer assists the team in a murder which he shot the photo of a dead military person.
  • Meh. NCIS is a fantastic show, and this was a great episode compared to other TV programs. That said, it wasn't all that great an episode for NCIS.

    I disagree with the idea that a man who lost his eyesight late in life having developed his other senses to the degree shown in this episode. While it is a scientific fact that living without one of the major senses causes the others to be more prominent, the photographer in this episode was not born blind, nor had he spent a signifanct portion of his life that way.

    Still, I thought the acting was great and the story was a good one.

    I loved the hint of depth that was added to the Tony/Ziva relationship in this episode.

    I felt as a whole, this episode simply marked time while we wait for the season finale event, although, there was some development in relationships that might lend to tying up some of those loose ends before the end of the season.

    In spite of the previously-noted disappointments, there were still several of those classic moments that make NCIS the best show on television. There were several things that made me laugh out loud, and wish for the next episode.
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