Season 5 Episode 15

In the Zone

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 29, 2008 on CBS

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  • One of the most boring episodes of NCIS!

    Horrible episode. Don't understand why an episode was wasted focusing on Jardine. No one in their right mind would send a germaphobe on this type of mission. Ziva would have been a more logical choice. Episodes should focus on the team, not recurring characters!
  • Awful episode for an AMAZING series :(

    Okay,now I ADORE NCIS (and when I say "adore," i mean it) , but this was by far, hands down, the WORST episode of the series so far... it had no entertainment value WHATSOEVER. It was dull and pointless and painfully SLOW! not only that, but to make it worse, they had that Nikki Jardin... she was just plain ANNOYING!

    Now, I understand that after that stupid writers strike, even the great NCIS writers were a bit rusty, but that was a HORRENDOUS episode... I am just happy that the episodes that followed were not that bad... i don't foresee myself watching that episode very much (if at all) even when I buy the season 5 DVD set. Two thumbs WAAAAAAY, WAAAAAAY down!!!
  • A pretty good episode.

    While this episode did not exactly rank as one of the best of this past season, it was still a pretty good episode. Jardine accompanies Tony to Baghdad to help solve a murder case. The screen time between Tony and Jardine is pretty funny. In one part, Tony and Jardine are sharing a tent and Tony questions how Jardine can be so afraid of germs, and yet be such a slob at the same time. We get to learn a little bit more about Jardine and her past in this episode, and her reason for wanting to go to Baghdad in the first place. All in all, it wasn't that bad of an episode.
  • Good episode with a lot of heart.

    I didn't mind watching an episode featuring germ girl Niki. I like to her, and find a lot of depth to her character. She makes a great reoccuring character.

    I wish McGee had got to go to Bagdad instead of Tony, because it would have been a lot more interesting. Tony has been to Bagdad before, and knows how to act. It would have been more interesting to see a fish out of water McGee deal with the climate; though, I do understand it might have been distracting from Niki story.

    As always lots of humour. Loved the keyboard trick McGee pulled on Tony. I will never get tired of watching the two interact with each other.
  • Not as great as the last two, but still worthy of a ten.

    In my opinion, this episode's case is not worthy of a rating of a ten, but due to the great heart and great moments, I was powerless to rate it otherwise.

    I am a huge fan of the Nikki Jardine character, as she is hilarious and a germophobe, and I highly enjoyed an episode centred around her.

    I enjoyed seeing the team head to Baghdad, but I would've preferred it if the whole team had gone instead.

    I thought the episode was very emotional, and for that reason, I absolutely loved it.

    I would highly recommend this episode and I find it to be really touching, particularly right at the end. I certainly hope we get more of Nikki Jardine, and I absolutely loved this episode!
  • Two members of the team head to Baghdad

    This episode of NCIS opens with a bombing out in Baghdad, during which a caption is killed. His boy is shipped back to NCIS where Ducky performs his autopsy. They discover he didn't die during the attack but he was in fact shot. We learn that his wife pulled strings to have him brought back to America and NCIS. She comes into NCIS. One of the team is going to be sent to Baghdad, and all of the team want to go. Tony is being sent along with Agent Jarden (Nikki). They discover where the bullet was shot from, but the man they believe may have done it is now missing. They believe he was killed due to his work within the United States. Their only suspect can't talk as he was kidnapped and now has had his tongue cut out. It is learnt that their new main suspect is heading back to the US and so are Tony and Nikki. In the end we learn that the man who was the Captions business partners had him killed. AT the end of the episode we see Nikki sitting with her brothers who was injured in Baghdad. He is still in a coma.
  • Ok, "In the Zone" has to be one of the worst episodes (outside of season 4)of NCIS that I have ever seen. The whole episode was about "Neat-nut-nicki" as abby called her. It looks like the writers are trying to turn her into a main character.

    I managed to stick with NCIS through its worst year of season four but if they do much more episodes like this one I don't know what I'm going to do. I understand that they couldn't send Ziva to Iraq but come on, Jardine? She has to be the most annoying character ever! The first few episodes she was in were funny, but the writers are taking it a little far. Her obbession over germs is starting to get really bothersome. The episode would have been so much better if Ziva had somehow gone with Tony or even if McGee had gone. It was teribble in a funny way what Tony did to McGee when he told McGee that if he didn' volenteer he would probably be picked to go. It was actually pretty funny but they should have had a little more ... something, I can't think of the word right now but, they should have taken it a little farther. They just kinda forgot about it. Abby was not in the entire episode. Oh wait, ya, she was in the beginning for about three seconds! Ducky was only on the phone. Gibbs was just in it at the end when he arrested the guy and at the very beginning. Ziva and McGee were barely in it either. It was just Tony and Jardine. It was pretty funny when Ziva was trying to clarify whether or not Tony and Jardine were sharing a room and Tony's reluctence to tell her. It really showed that Ziva likes Tony. After the amazing epiosde the week before (Internal Affairs) this weeks episode was a huge letdown. I expected some kind of, I don't know, good follow up but its like they totally forgot what had happened! The only thing that lets you know that Internal Affairs ever happened was taht the directer was still away and Leon was still assistent director. I think that Director Sheppard needs to hurry and come backt to NCIS because I really want to know what her secret is!
  • great episode

    A group of marines are playing basketball inside the green zone at baghdad when mortar shells hit their position. A marine officer is killed in the attack. His body is sent straight to NCIS for autopsy. Ducky finds out that the mortar shell didn't kill the marine officer, but he was shot. This gets NCIS to investigate the case, Dinozzo is sent to iraq with jenny's assistant. This is a really exciting episode, the writers came up with a really cool episode, i can't wait for the next one. There's action and suspense, the detective story is so intriguing. It's well directed and well written.
  • The promo showed more than actually happened.

    Based on the promo and the rumors and spoilers that are flying around I expected more of this episode. The story was well written (as always) and there were plenty of scenes that make this show my absolute favorite: McGee's wallpaper, his joke with Tony's keyboard etc. But there it is, BUT... I can't really put my finger on it. I expected more emotion and action in Baghdad. Maybe because they were Nikki's emotions that they didn't get to me that much. There was not enough of the main characters in this episode. I loved capable Tony though. And I should have thought McGee would have known better by now than to trust Tony's advice on whether or not to volunteer to go to Baghdad. I also didn't agree with the reason why they were send to Baghdad at all: "Because SecNnav wants us to handle it?" Why? Not enough explanation. And I missed the usual interaction between the teammembers... But all in all I liked this episode enough to rate it 8,5. And I'm looking forward to what is going to happen next week!
  • I wasn't a huge fan of this episode...

    I love NCIS, but this episode seemed more like they needed something to put together real quick before the end of the season. I don't like when they split the team up because that takes away from what makes NCIS what it is. There were of course some good parts(Ziva asking if Tony and Nikki were in the same room, Abby calling Nikki a Neat Nut without knowing she was listening, Jethro the dog and Mgee), but they didn't mention anything about Director Shepherd and whats been going on there. It was kinda just a filler episode. With all the buzz about someone being killed off this season, and the edge of my seat episode last week, this one just didn't measure up.
  • NCIS investigates a case in Baghdad...

    It was incredible! The promotional trailers for this episode certainly didn't dissapoint. First off, they started out with an acknowlegment of McGee's new dog, Jethro (yes, small things do please me)! Then, they had the fun office rivalry, with everyone begging to go to Baghdad. Tony and McGee were hillarious as usual (and McGee's conversations with Abby were to die for). In Bagdad, both Tony and Nikki were really shown at their bests. I think we got a much more in-depth picture into both of their personalities. Tony was on top of things to the point of being Gibbs-like--which made me do double-takes more than once, but very awesome to see! Nikki was just plain incredible, daring the unsanitary conditions as she did for a good cause. All in all, a VERY satisfactory episode.
  • It was okay.

    I liked this episode it was just simply okay. Nothing spectacular or one that held me on the edge of my seat. It seemed to be missing something. Not sure what. The script was okay. The idea was okay. But again, it just seemed to be lacking something. I'm not sure if it was action or a deeper plot or scheme. Maybe it was because the team was split there wasn't the usual chemistry or the usual interaction. I did liked the idea of bringing Nikki into the case, develing more into her personality and her personal background. It will be interesting to see if this continues.
  • This episode was under my expectations...But still gr8...

    Don't get me rong i liked the show, but the promo was very promessing but in the end was nothinhg that special.
    It was expected alot more action giving they were in Iraq after all. But nothing happened...
    I could classified it on many different ways but I choose to say it was character development because we learned alot about nikki's life (which I was a little surprised givving she is a reccurent role and not a "real" character). I was actually wery pleased with her work because althought I do not think I would like her a main role she is nice and refreshing as a recorring role, and I liked that sord of brother/sister relastionship between her and tony and it has potencial...
    It's also not my favourite storyline, again because the theme of the show could have been more exciting and with more action and deep messages like it normally is but no... so it was not that "special".
    But in the generl it was a well played episode. The actors were excellent (but there is no diffrence on that ;P)
    Let's hope it continues throught out the season but with a little bit more excitment..Let's see.
    (Can't wait for the next episode...)

    PS: Gave it a 9 just 'cause of Tony those clothes look HOT on him...He was just so HOOOOOT in this episode more than anyother... ;P
  • Who didn't ever dreamed to go to Baghdad?

    When you read about an episode set in Baghdad, you would normally expect a lot of action. This is not the case.
    But it was still a nice plotted episode, well written and acted.
    The first part of the episode was the usual but never boring Team bickering, loved Ziva and McGee in that part.
    Oh and this is the first time see Ziva kissing (on the cheek) one of the team members; not really a nitpick considering we're talking about Ziva.
    The rest of the episode is somehow focused on the investigation and Nikki's character.
    "Neat Nut Nikki" is the only character who develops herself a bit, her germs' fear seems to be less noticeable, and in the end we also discover why she volunteered for this mission.
    Not one of the best episode, but given the not so exciting plot and the lack of action, they did a pretty good job.
  • Good story, but overall it lacked its usual chemistry

    I liked the story they had for Nikki, but she had ZERO chemistry with Tony -- I don't mean in the romantic sense, I mean like the rest of the team has with each other. So, while the story was good, I didn't like it just as much for the aforementioned reason -- it just seemed very off. I did like how they explained that Nikki wasn't "exactly" a germaphobe -- she was just being overly cautious since it appears she practically lives at the hospital visiting her brother -- she didn't want to get him sick.

    I can't wait for next weeks episode!
  • A Marine is murdered in Iraq in the green zone and NCIS goes to investigate.

    After reading a TV guide article about what is going to happen in the next few episodes I paid a lot more attention to tonights show. One of the crew will not be back for next season and I had my idea who it was and tonight through it for a loop.
    I like this show, but this was not my favorite story line. I hope that the next show is better for my tastes.
    I was in Iraq so shows about it bring back memories, maybe that is why I did not really love this episode. I miss Director Shepard. Bring her back, she brings something to the show.
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