Season 5 Episode 14

Internal Affairs

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 22, 2008 on CBS

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  • The Dead Body Of The Team's Biggest Enemy Finally Resurfaces And The Entire Team Is Interrogated By The FBI.

    I have said in my other reviews that I hated the storyline of "La Grenouille". It was not interesting and it was also painfully too predictable. However, this particular episode is not terrible, but it isn't without its flaws. The first problem was that it could have not been more obvious that Jenny's innocent (Did they really think she killed him?). And my second problem is the fact that the killer's identity was predictable. But the scenes where the team was interrogated were superb. They were very enjoyable. The highlight of this episode is the terrific performance by Joe Spano. He was excellent. There are better episodes of "NCIS" than this. I hope there won't be long storylines in the future like "The Frog".
  • I'm not so sure, they are pretty close to jumping the shark in my opinon. (possible spoilers)

    I know the Director has had some interesting dealing with "the Frog" but if she actually murdered him that would be a bit much in my opinon. They made it look like at the end that she got away with murder. If they keep that up it will be hard to keep watching this show. What they could do with that is make her resign and put Gibbs at her job and Dinozo at Gibb's job, but have them still both go out on cases, so Mark Harmon would still be a regular, and they could still have the Director who is retired come on as a guest every now and then. I did like the rest of the episode up until the end it was action packed with some comedy which is why I like this show.
  • I was disappointed...

    I was really looking forward to this episode. I love Tobias and the story looked good; however, the episode failed to deliver. Tobias was great, that FBI guy was annoying and Jenny was even more annoying. The episode was slow and got boring. The CIA turned out to kill the Frog, or so he says. The end of the episode makes it seem that Jenny killed him. I really wanted Jenny to get caught and stuck in jail. She annoys me and needs to go. There wasn't as much funny in this episode that I'm used to seeing. Oh, I have to say, I loved the Gibbs computer part. Halarious. So, overall, boring delivery of the story, promising story, not as funny, and with annoying, bad episode.
  • Gibb's entire team (including Abby and Ducky) are the subject of a FBI investagation after it was discovered that the frog was been murdered.

    Ok, this episode was better than the entire season 4, and is probably the second best (after Corporeal Punishment) episode in season 5. Normally I find flashback episodes annoying but this one was pretty funny. When Gibbs tells MeGee to tell Fornoll the truth and MeGee remembers all of the illegeal hacking he had done the year before, defiently funny; but when Fornell asks MeGee if he and DiNozzo have a professional realitionship and MeGee thinks about all of the times DiNozzo made fun of him and when they fought on stakeouts or whatever - priceless!! It was also pretty funny when Gibs handed a knife to Ziva and told her to "take care of the FBI agents", he then had to specify he meant the tires of their cars, not ther throats! It was kinda (not sad, but...something) when Fornell made Gibbs switch sides in the intoraggation room. After DiNozzo turned over the tarot card thing and it was a hanged man I think everyone totally knew HE was the main suspect, not Jenny. I still can't believe that Jeane would lie like that and accuse him of murder! Maybe she thought that by getting into their life, he caused his death. After I realized that she was the witness, I totally thought that SHE had killed her father and then blamed it on Tony. That would have been a pretty good story line as well (as long as she wasn't convicted). I did not expect the twist at the end when they finally revealed the Frog's true killer. The one reason I didn't give this episode a ten is because Tony lied to Jeane at the end and told her he never loved her. It was very mean but I think it showed DiNozzo is growing up. He realized that their realitionship could never work out and he accepted what Ziva told him at the begginning of this season: like what did he think was going to happen, and was he really ready to give up his entire life for her [Jeane}. I think he realized that he wasn't ready or willing to give up his life and become Tony DiNardo permantly, and this was his way of trying not to hurt her anymore. I thougth it was "strong" of Ziva to be able to put aside her "feelings", whatever those might be, and help Tony.
  • Full marks for this one!

    This is another very interesting episode and as a result, I find it to be just as amazing as the last one.

    I really enjoyed the investigation of the Rene Benoit death, but I dislike this episode because it introduces the worst character, in my opinion, Leon Vance.

    I really loved the suspense throughout the episode, and in my opinion, that packed together to create an amazing episode. I was disappointed that the ending was slightly ambiguous.

    I also thought that the episode was quite funny, especially with Abby in interrogation, as that was hilarious for me!

    I hope that there are more episodes along the lines of this one, and I would recommend this one absolutely highly!
  • Jenny is a prime suspect for a murder case

    In this episode of NCIS, the team are shut down. The FBI comes in and puts the team on lockdown. The body of the frog has-been discovered and IDed. All of the team are under investigation for the murder. The team are all individually questioned and Gibbs meets up with Jeanne.
    Jeanne tells Gibbs that she saw the person who murdered her father and that it was Tony. No one believes that Tony committed the murder and so when Jeanne comes into NCIS, Jenny talks to her. Jenny gets her to admit that she didn't see Tony there and that she never went back. She said it was him, to get back at him for lying to her about who he really was. At the end of the episode as Jeanne is leaving the building, she asks Tony if he ever felt anything for her and he says no (even though we know that is not true). At the end of the episode it becomes obvious that Jenny may have had something to do with the murder of The Frog, although there is no evidence and the only other person who knows about the actual facts is Gibbs.
  • Closure on the frog saga.

    Great episode!

    We had the return of Fornell and Jeanne. It's always a pleasure to see Fornell. He carries his own weight, and was the perfect person to head the investigation into the Frog's death.

    Poor McGee was in the hot seat. I'm glad Fornell let him off for hacking into the CIA. It was slightly weird McGee asked Gibbs what to say to Fornell. I think he would know that he couldn't lie to investigators after all he is a federal agent.

    Jeanne accuses Tony of murder! I think that was a second time for Tony. The girl has issues. I thought she was supposed to be more intelligent than that.

    Looks like the director is into murder. Doesn't really surprise me. NCIS agents seem to have the quota on revenge killings: Gibbs, Jenny,and Franks.
  • excellent

    la grebouille's body surfaces and gets the FBI to investigate NCIS. they believe that someone from ncis might have been responsible for his death. every member of the ncis team is interrogated by the fbi. but while this is going on, gibbs and his team launch their own investigation trying to find a way to exonerate director sheppard. it's an excellent episode, there's a little twist, i really enjoyed this episode. the twist and turns that go along the way is really exciting. i enjoyed this episode from start to finish. the writers came up with a really cool episode, it's excellent.
  • Excellent Script!!

    I was hooked on this episode from the first frame. How it was written and put together was great. Fans knew the fallout from this was going to resurface. We just didn't know how or who was going to be affect or to what degree. I loved the team interview process. Watching McGee squirm, to Ziva's defiance, Ducky's defense of Gibbs and Jenny and finally we have Abby's ability to talk and stall giving Gibbs time to but his plan into effect. Within the process I loved the insertion of "flashbacks" to what happened at the time involving the team. The pieces where all there but they were working on two different puzzles. The return of Tony's girlfriend was a definite shake up for everyone, especially Tony and her accusation that Tony killed her father. I am tending to believe Abby's description of Gibbs as magic. For me it's a very believable theory. Being a fan of the show you know Gibbs has this talent for just appearing when needed, knowing more about any and all situations then he reveals. He simply waits for confirmation of what he already knows. Which makes him very good at his job and the team better at theirs.
  • The Frog arc returns after a much needed hiatus.

    Who'd have thought the rather jumpy-shark arc would churn out such a great episode after it was gladly put to rest. The writing and execution were so brilliant, it was one of the most intense hours of television. Not often you get all major threads touched on so intelligently, woven together in such an intense manner. The build-up to Tony's charge (classic line: I did what..??), leading into Jeanne Bennoit and Tony's clean break with one of Tony's most memorable deliveries and yet only with one word 'No', and then Gibbs' figuring out the sins of the queen herself, bringing in Trent Kort, Ducky's psych profile development, and then Fornell to round it all up. None of the previous attempts in bringing all the key guest characters together have measured up, the writing here is aces. Long live the queen indeed. More writing like this, and production quality like this please. And i'm jsut wondering just how low budget this episode really is. Little need for special effects since everything's mostly in the set, about one scene outside w/ Gibbs and Jeanne, and the remainder's all clipped. Goes to show, quality writing and quality execution requires no high budget special efx bing bang boom. This is pure class.
  • Great Interrogation things!

    The FBI is investigating NCIS over the murder of the big arms dealer, Tony's ex-girlfriend's dad. I guess it was hard for Fornell to interview his friend and arch-rival Gibbs but as usual, he didn't faze nor anything. I thought that Abby was funny and Ducky was just being Ducky. Loved the remark that Gibbs did as to take care of the FBI's tires and not throats to Ziva. They had to work at Gibbs home as the feds were taking over their place. But they all came together. After Tony was accused of his ex's murder, he had the right to punch out Kort. And that Ziva told him to act and be like a man despite what what his ex got him into. One question though is that why didn't the FBI interrogate Jenny?
  • The jesters have been kicked out of the kingdom, the Queen back upon her throne....

    This is one of the best episodes of the last few seasons. The writing, direction, and the performances of all the actors involved was perfect.

    The opening sequence of Tim trying to bring up the computer system, and Tony's prank followed by the FBI's entrance was classic NCIS. The FBI had shown up with an Acting NCIS Director in tow, to investigate NCIS in regards to the death of La Grenuille.

    The interrogations by Fornell, of each of the agents, were brilliant from the beginning. What made it brilliant was the little touches. Things like Fornell reminding Gibbs that he was sitting on the wrong side of the interrogaton table, to the almost kind way that Fornell walked Tony and Tim thru the La Grenuille situation. And Abby's interrogation...THAT was truly clasic. Like Tony said, talking is what Abby does best, and frequently off on odd firmly believed tangents.

    There were the classic touches of humor as well: Gibbs magically picking the pocket of the hapless FBI agent to get the FBI badge, the ancient computer stored in Gibbs basement, and Tims expression when he saw it. Equally funny was Gibbs admonishment to Ziva to cut tires, not throats.

    Tony and Jeanne finally got their closure. The scene was heartwrenchingly sad. Both actors gave superb perfomances. The whole La Granuille storyline was given closure in this episode, in a fashion. The ambiguity of the ending is what made this work.

    The ending scene with Madame Director and Gibbs was truly chilling. Did she or didn't she? Long live the Queen.
  • The entire team finds itself the subject of an FBI investigation into the murder of La Grenouille following the discovery of the arms dealer's body.

    Clip shows have come a long way from the days where an attempt was made on Steve Austin's life and he spent the next 50 minutes thinking back on past adventures before the old enemy revealed himself just to be wrapped up in the remaining 5 minutes. "Internal Affairs" is barely recognizable as a clip show. Most of the clips are focused on scenes from the "La Grenouille" story arc, and the ones that aren't are projected at the audience at a rapid pace ("Have you ever seen Agent Gibbs angry?" Cut to multiple scenes of Gibbs slapping people upside the head.) and used as transitions between characters being summoned from the evidence locker and sitting in the interrogation room. There are some great character moments (e.g., Tobias directing Gibbs to the other side of the interrogation table, Asst. Director Vance momentarily throwing Abby off her game by responding to her over the P.A. and observing she's smarter than Tobias gives her credit for, and especially the scene with Tony, Kort, and David, considering how trite and playful Tony and David's interactions usually are), but for the most part, the episode plays out as an epilogue to the Season of Secrets, an inventory episode in more than one sense of the word. Before reading some of the reviews here, I was wondering if my confusion as to who killed La Grenouille was due to my not having seen every episode from season 4, but apparently the ending is somewhat ambiguous. If Gibbs knows the love tap, Director Shephard probably does too, as does Kort and, for that matter, Officer David (Who's her alibi?). Some loose ends are apparently resolved with this episode, with the possibility of their unraveling at a later date, and the series moves forward. That's a lot more than viewers used to have any right to expect from a clip show.
  • Im wondering if everyone else missed this or what...

    Im unsure if I watched the same show as the other reviewers for they all seemed to have missed the implication was that Jenny did indeed kill LG, the gun Jenny gave LG was the gun that killed LG. Gibbs did not reply to Fornell's direct query at the episode's end, rather Fornell (without Gibbs having said a word other than one of his nuanced stares)stated: "You're right. She's cleared". Cut to Gibbs and Jenny remembering the gun thrust into LG's hands. LG: "you're signing my death warrant". Official story was that LG then took said gun with him, as Jenny expressed to the feds, but with Gibbs clearing remembering a different ending with LG placing the gun back on Jenny's desk. The implication being the only way for that to have been the murder weapon was that Jenny later killed LG and left that gun purposely on the scene. I briefly thought maybe Gibbs did it for her, but LG is Jenny's obsession, not Gibbs's, and she wouldnt order Gibbs to murder the person she wanted to kill herself. Also, I think Tony's telling Jeane that it was all a lie is a setup for Tony being the character that leaves at season's end, I think he's gonna walk. I hope Im wrong for aside from Gibbs, Tony is my favorite character.
  • Finally the mistery is solved... or not?

    The producers have messed around with La Grenouille story for quite a long time in the past and current season; now it's time to sort things out.
    With the entire unit under investigation (including Jenny) Gibbs as usual won't just sit and wait; so he manage to run a parallel investigation with the help of the team. With the help of each one of them, he tries to demonstrate that Jenny (in the meantime become a suspet along with Tony) did not kill the Frog.
    Jeanne, who has come back from Africa (?!), blames Tony for his father's death; but things get straightened when we finally see Kort making his appearance again and confess the murder, who was approved by the CIA. Mistery solved? Judging by the end of the episode, not really.
    Clever, funny, intriguing and with a great interaction between the characters; what else could we ask?
  • "Who Done It....?"

    This one goes straight into my top 5. Some loose ends are finaly over and done with. Jeanne is gone for good. Great scene between Ziva and Tony, telling him to be a man and at the same time struggling with her feelings for him. And he reacted just perfectly, I'm sure he still cared a lot for Jeanne. As for LG's death, there is still enough room for speculation: the same murderer as Jenny's father (Trent Kort/CIA), or maybe Gibbs, or even Jenny because she ended up with the bullets, Gibbs gave her those. McGee and Abby were brilliant in interrogation, Ducky was plain old Ducky, very good, and I loved Fornell.
  • When La Grenouille's body is found, the FBI points the finger at Director Jenny Shepard.

    A much needed and long awaited (after the dreaded writers's strike) closing to the La Grenouille. Don't get me wrong it was a great storyline to see Tony possibly falling for a real woman for once in Jeannie Benoit but still everyone kinda knew how it ended. Now we know for sure.

    This one though was great. La Grenouille is found dead apparently murdered so the FBI with their limited intelligence decide that Jenny Shepard is their killer.

    It's apparent despite all the tough talk that they really don't have anything (besides throwaway circumstantial evidence) on Jenny, so Gibbs and his team decide to investigate La Granouille's death on their own.

    It was nice to see how the team would work under limited restrictions: Gibbs digging up his old dinosaur of a computer while McGee being the gifted computer whiz make something out of nothing, Ducky doing his own autopsy, Abby stalling for time while the team tries to crack the case.

    Soon though the facts still didn't quite add up to the end. I was satisfied with the ending. Everything made perfect sense for the end. That gleam in Jenny's eye was a bit spooky whether she wanted to admit or not she did want Granouille dead. It's just too bad that I won't be seeing that beautiful Scottie Thompson....or will we?
  • The body of Rene Benoit, La Grenouille, turns up and Director Sheppard is suspected of his murder.

    While this episode was well written, I am very very annoyed at how then end was written. Tony lying to Jeanne saying that his love wasn't real was horrible. That for me just absolutely ruined this episode, Jeanne looked at him like she wanted him to say that he loved her. Why do writers always have to foul up the romantic scenes in tv series? Ross and Rachel on Friends, Eric and Donna on That 70's Show. I really wanted to see Jeanne and Tony together and wanted to see Scottie Thompson have a more active role in this series. I know this is a crime show and a tv drama, but there was enough drama with the whole investigation thing. The added drama of Tony lying to Jeanne about his true feelings was horribly cruel and unnecessary.
  • The frog is dead, and NCIS is suspected.

    I liked the way they let you think that it was Jenny for a while. They gave you enough facts to let you jump to that incorrect conclusion.
    The best part was when Gibbs took the team home and he pulled out a dinosaur of a computer and gives it to McGee to get working. Then he pulls out a printer from the same era. That was really funny. My friend had a computer that did not even have Windows on it and when it started to give him trouble last year, finally put it out of it's misery, downloaded files with the help of friends, bought a new computer and new software.
    This was a good episode, the whole cast was involved in it with the exception of Palmer who was not in this one.
    I also liked when Abby started with the Tarot cards, dealt out one and was called into interrogation. The card when turned over was a precursor to what what to happen to Tony.