Season 5 Episode 14

Internal Affairs

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 22, 2008 on CBS

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  • Gibb's entire team (including Abby and Ducky) are the subject of a FBI investagation after it was discovered that the frog was been murdered.

    Ok, this episode was better than the entire season 4, and is probably the second best (after Corporeal Punishment) episode in season 5. Normally I find flashback episodes annoying but this one was pretty funny. When Gibbs tells MeGee to tell Fornoll the truth and MeGee remembers all of the illegeal hacking he had done the year before, defiently funny; but when Fornell asks MeGee if he and DiNozzo have a professional realitionship and MeGee thinks about all of the times DiNozzo made fun of him and when they fought on stakeouts or whatever - priceless!! It was also pretty funny when Gibs handed a knife to Ziva and told her to "take care of the FBI agents", he then had to specify he meant the tires of their cars, not ther throats! It was kinda (not sad, but...something) when Fornell made Gibbs switch sides in the intoraggation room. After DiNozzo turned over the tarot card thing and it was a hanged man I think everyone totally knew HE was the main suspect, not Jenny. I still can't believe that Jeane would lie like that and accuse him of murder! Maybe she thought that by getting into their life, he caused his death. After I realized that she was the witness, I totally thought that SHE had killed her father and then blamed it on Tony. That would have been a pretty good story line as well (as long as she wasn't convicted). I did not expect the twist at the end when they finally revealed the Frog's true killer. The one reason I didn't give this episode a ten is because Tony lied to Jeane at the end and told her he never loved her. It was very mean but I think it showed DiNozzo is growing up. He realized that their realitionship could never work out and he accepted what Ziva told him at the begginning of this season: like what did he think was going to happen, and was he really ready to give up his entire life for her [Jeane}. I think he realized that he wasn't ready or willing to give up his life and become Tony DiNardo permantly, and this was his way of trying not to hurt her anymore. I thougth it was "strong" of Ziva to be able to put aside her "feelings", whatever those might be, and help Tony.