Season 3 Episode 22


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 02, 2006 on CBS

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  • Loved it!

    Great episode. Loved Ziva's Ducky impression!
  • Funny, witty scenes, plus exciting crime story. A bull's eye!

    This is a wonderful episode, one of my favorites. I won't bother going into the good exciting story of the Director being kidnapped and threatened with death if Gibbs won't return the brother of the kidnapper, who happens to be dead, but the kidnapper does not know that. Rather I want to concentrate on the sharp writing and humor in the first part of the episode. I relish all these swell scenes and witty lines -- all in the first 10 minutes: Ducky saying it's his shortest commute to a crime scene, Palmer saying it is one of the few times he didn't get lost driving to the crime scene, Gibbs ordering the agents not to talk to poor dejected Ziva, Tony riding McGee for wearing his NCIS investigative outfit inside NCIS headquarters, Abby thinking wearing McGee's cap will make her a better agent but Tony saying it did nothing for McGee, Abby being ridiculed for her attire and saying she is no longer a "crime scene virgin," Ziva carrying on over the slow autopsy, etc..
  • Too many contrivances

    I realize I'm coming in late on this one. I adore Connor Trinneer, and very happy when he was cast for NCIS. Yet I have issues with this episode. I realize that Ziva has self-control issues, but did she really have to punch Brian in the jugular to get him into the elevator? He was cuffed, so all she really needed to do was grab a fistful of his hair and he would have followed her anywhere.

    And to to elaborate on my title:

    -- James gives Gibbs TWO HOURS?! to release Brian and the drugs? I would have given him 5 minutes right after I spoke to Brian to make sure he wasn't hurt and assure him he had a contingency in place to ensure Brian wouldn't be followed.

    -- James tells Gibbs he can send an agent with Brian (very convenient -- since they have to jury-rig a setup to "drive" the car to the hangar with a Dead Brian at the wheel.)

    -- When Jenny finally gets a chance to talk to Gibbs, she tells him she's fine and wishes she had her coat. She hasn't once remarked about the hanger the being chilly and yet James -- who is purportedly the brains in this operation -- doesn't pick up on the possibility that she was sending Jethro a message.

    -- Ziva's actions are investigated by her friends at NCIS (after all there's no need to involve a disinterested party such as the FBI).

    -- And the most appalling contrivance -- Jenny arbitrarily declares that Brian died of natural causes and Ducky jumps right on board.

  • Ziva and Jen kick butt!

    Ok, so I never thought I'd say this but Ziva totally rocked!!! She's been annoying me for the past few weeks but she completely made up for it in this episode. This storyline would have only worked for Ziva. You actually believe for a split second that she could have killed him.

    Jen was exceptional. She's always great but in 'Jeopardy' she showed exactly why Gibbs still calls her a good agent.

    The only reason I didn't give this episode ten out of ten was because there wasn't as much Tony and Abby as I would have liked. However there was quite a bit of McGee. I especially liked the bit where he tried to make Ziva feel better. Brilliant episode!
  • Very interesting episode.

    The so-called South African accent was pretty good except for the constant use of the word 'mate' – that is NOT a word used here at all!

    For a drug dealer, James is not at all hardcore, he didn't shoot the driver and his only concern is his brother, unwilling even to hurt Jenny. It's almost sad – both brothers, obviously close, die on the same day. Maybe a mercy.

    Lovely to see Cassie again, I've always liked her and the actress too.

    Connor Trinneer and Tim Russ – what's with the Star Trek alumni? I do so adore Connor, it's lovely to see him again.

    "I'm being treated like a leopard!" I do so love Ziva's mis-use of the English language!
  • Great ending, as usual!

    Another fantastic episode of NCIS, this one was centred around a man who died in an elevator with Ziva beside him. Did she kill him?

    The episode started off as really interesting, and it was really suspenseful the whole way through. Director Shepard is taken hostage, which made the episode very nerve-wracking.

    I really loved the storyline to this one, as it was really well written and the scene with DiNozzo pretending that the dead guy was driving was sensationally hilarious!

    There were some funny moments in the episode, and I love how the episode ends on a mystery note, kind of like in "Probie".

    Overall, I recommend this one because it was so suspenseful and this was just breathtaking. Superbly done by NCIS!
  • Did Ziva really kill a suspect?

    This episode opens with Tony & Ziva bringing a suspect, who just happens to have $5million in heroin. As they go upstairs in the elevator we see Gibbs walking by MTAC. As the doors of the elevator open, we see Ziva standing over the body over the man and simply says "He's dead". The team investigate the death (apart from Ziva's she is now a suspect). Ziva claims that she is innocent, but the team still have to investigate what caused his death, and if Ziva was involved. When Gibbs goes to se3e the Director, we learn that no one can get hold of her. When Gibbs rings she picks up and we learn that she is being held hostage by James the victim's older brother. The team have 2 hours to give the drugs and brother back to James in return for the Director. If they can't deliver, the Director will be killed. But how can the team carry it out, with the brother being dead?
    When Tony tracks down her car, they find her driver, Stan, dead in the boot of their car. When James phones NCIS back, Jenny tells Gibbs that she is cold. He then realises that she is at an airport. Abby manages to work out which airport it is and Gibbs and the team head there. Ziva goes to perform the "switch", and Gibbs shoots James in the head killing him instantly. Ducky discovers that the brother died from a brain haemorrhage.
  • Fascinating episode.

    A lot of things happened in this episode, and in my opinion it was all very excited. The plot was amazing and the whole story was very well written. So somebody dies while being in Ziva's custody, and she gets blamed for it. She obviously can't help with the investigation and it really frustrates her, which I can completely understand cause it would frustrate me as well. Then the brother, of the dead guy doesn't know that his brother is dead yet so he kidnaps Jenny, in the hope that they will release him in exchange for the director of NCIS. So now the team have to safe their director, aka Jenny. I really liked the fact that you could really tell that Jenny and Gibbs worked together previously. I mean of course we heard that before, but now we really get to see it ourselves.
    Luckily all ends well. And this episode really rocked!
  • great episode

    The NCIS team investigates one of their own after a drug dealer dies while in custody. Ziva's rough handling of the prisoner might have been responsible. But the NCIS team's worry deepens when Director Sheppard gets kidnapped by the drg dealer's older brother. He demands for his brother to be released or he'll kill director Sheppard. This is a really exciting episode. There's a lot of action on this one. It goes by really really fast. Comedy is even thrown in along the way. I really enjoyed watching this episode. A lot of stuff happens in this episode. I can't wait for the next one.
  • A suspect in Ziva's custody dies and Director Shepard may pay the price.

    Personally, I love every episode of NCIS. Abby and McGee are my favorites. But Ziva's character really gets a good showing here. I really LOVED seeing Tim Russ and Connor Trinneer (I'm a huge Star Trek fan). Tony's allusion to the Vulcan Death Grip was cute and a wonderful example of the humor that the writers and cast lace into each and every episode. All in all A very good showing on everyone's part. I also enjoy the leeway the writers and crew give Michael Weatherly in his ad-libs. It makes for a nice twist.
  • very interesting look into Ziva's character.

    Good to see Cassie again- I like her.I loved Abby's first crime scene and how sweet Ducky was to Ziva.I loved when Tony was trying to drive for the dead guy.I also liked the director in this. We finally got to see why Gibbs keeps saying that she was a good agent.This ep. was not my favorite,but ,like I said, was good!:D
  • ziva is blamed

    This episode was really good!Ziva is in the elivator when a man mysteriously dies there are no other suspects exept miss david and the whole team is a little confused . while trying to figure out if ziva is responsible or not Gibb\'s discovers that Jen had been kidnapped by a drug dealer looking for his brother, and it turns out he is the guy Ziva is suspected of killing. The team gets straight to work to find Jen and think of a smart way to get Jen back before the dealer realises his brother is dead. While this is all happening Abby is experiencing her very first crime scence and Mr. Palmer didn\'t get Ducky and him lost for once!this episode is great and full of alot of first\'s!<3 ncis 4eva
  • Jen is kidnapped!

    This was a great episode! I loved that jen had a bigger part to play and she is really starting to grow on me. I really like her!

    It was also a great ep for Ziva as she was in trouble for possibly killing a suspect. My only complaint is that there was not enough of Abby and Tony in the episode.

    It is always good to have an episode that really focus\' on one or two characters and this was one of them. I loved that Gibbs was able to work out what Jen meant about the coat on the plane (Im a Gibbs/Jen shipper in the making :P)

    Fantastic! Highly reccommended!
  • Another great episode centering around a specific team member...

    With the emphasis on Ziva, this episode explores how the team has somewhat accepted Ziva, but they're still not quite sure of her behavior in all situations. Ziva is accused of killing a suspect that's been recently taken into custody. The team wants to believe she didn't do it, but they also know Ziva. So... they do what they do best and go about proving her innocence. Before they get too far in their endeavors, they learn the director's been kidnapped, and the two cases are related. The team races to save the director as well.

    Gibbs was classic in this episode-- all business, all the time. His treatment of Ziva seemed harsh, but Gibbs is not known for coddling his agents; he's hard on them so they'll become better. Loved the scene when Tony was driving the car for the dead guy and Ziva-- he was face down on the seat, pushing the pedals with one hand and steering with the other-- and he still claimed to be driving better than Ziva!! And in the end, it's Gibbs who saves the director!
  • After the NCIS team finds a guy with a ton of illegal drugs, they take him into the NCIS building. But on the way up, he dies in the elevator.

    After the NCIS team finds a guy with a ton of illegal drugs, they take him into the NCIS building. But on the way up, he dies in the elevator. Ziva was the one in the elevator with him at the time. She said that she hit him when he would not get into the elevator, but she knows that it was a hit that would not kill the guy. After Gibbs finds the dead guy with Ziva and they have the area marked off, he goes to look for the director. She is not there and she hasn't come back from her meeting. Gibbs calls her cell phone, only to find that she has been kidnapped.
  • Good episode. Semi-pivotable to the ongoing trilas of each team member.

    I think an important key in this one was the way Gibbs was reacting to Ziva. Never once did he cave in and let her off the hook. In the end, Ziva was only cleared by the director, but Gibb's attitude and leadership put her in check and made her question and understand her tactics. Goes to show you how lethal Ziva is. Gibbs again rules the show. To this point, every member of the team has been through some kind of trial, except........... Gibbs. Good thought to remember going into the two Hiatus episodes. Great Show.
  • Perfect atmosphere for Tuesday night drama!

    Jeopardy wasn’t the best but it wasn’t bad either. I found there was too much Jen. I just don’t like The Director. I love Lauren Holly to pieces but I just don’t like the director. It was dramatic but somewhat predictable in the way that we knew that she would be fine. I found that the cast was extremely funny in this eppy such as Tony driving a car for a dead man on the floor. Jeopardy created the perfect atmosphere for Tuesday night drama!
  • Amusing, Abby-sweetness,Gibbs mad shooting skils and Tony's awesome driving talents.

    I thought that this episode was going to be bigger and better than it was. Although I did enjoy the episode I thought that the Kidnapper would have been more brudel that he was towards Jen because, she was the director of NCIS (a federal agency). I expected more for the kidnapper more hitting I mean soemthing more than rather loose threats and yelling.

    On a side note I did like the scene with Abby "loosing her crime scene virginity". It was amusing to see Abby so childish and not really care one moment and then the next be really worried about what everybpdy thinks about her. All in all I enjoyed this episode.
  • Fantastic, Thrilling, Interesting

    Yet another fantastic episode from cast, crew, and writers. The mere fact that the Director could get kidnapped that easily was an excellent storyline to bring up.

    I absolutely loved the ending ... dead guy driving, Ziva's fake out with the gun, and then Gibbs in the trunk. That whole scenerio was heady, thrilling.

    I thought the episode was pretty interesting in the fact that when Ziva was caught alone in the elevator with the dead guy, everyone sincerely questioned whether she had killed him or not. I think that the underlying message is that: 'No matter how closely we work with you, we know you have the propensity to kill at will'. I don't think anyone wanted her to be guilty, just that they didn't REALLY know. I'm glad that the good doctor had the sense to keep an open and un-biased mind!!!

    All in all, very excellent episode. Can't wait for the finale!!!
  • Though a great episode, it seems like alot of the newer episodes have run like this. Either one of the agents gets kidnapped, or one of them gets blamed for something.

    Don't get me wrong on this though, I have seen many others I would put below this one. The director getting kidnapped was a pretty good twist however, nice to see her in action for once. How it tied into the rest of the story was great as well, the brother and all. This one had it's laughs too. The Disney analogy about what Abby was wearing was great! Still don't see why she didn't change after her embarrassment though, she did look pretty strange with the long socks and everything... Overall, though not the best I've seen so far, still a great episode.
  • It was exciting, but an NCIS Agent being blamed for something has been done a couple of times already.

    While the episode was a good one and well acted, enough already on suspecting the agents of wrongdoing. But, the question is, how will this affect Ziva? Will she continue in her Mussad training ways or will she question herself everytime she is sent in to interrogate someone? I do have to admit she needs to dress like that more often, she looks more girlie than the tough chick. I also thought Tonys references to Star Trek and Weekend at Bernies fit the story. Abby's dress attire was a little overdone. The director wouldn't have been missed if she had been killed. Her character is so dull, but the head shot by Gibbs was awesome.
  • I LOVED this episode!

    Even though the plot line of suspecting one of the investigators has been done before, the awesome writing more than makes up for what could have been a very boring epsiode.
    The episode begins when the NCIS team is coming back from nabbing a drug mover- the brother of the dug lord they are tring to get. Ziva takes him up to be questioned but when the elevator opens to the bullpen the guy is on the floor and Ziva announces he's dead.
    Gibbs then discovers that the head of NCIS, Agent Shepard has been taken hostage bu the drug lord and he wants his drugs and brother back in exchange for her.
    The conclusion involves some fancy driving by Tony (ridiculously funny!!!) and some sharp shooting by none other than Gibbs himself.

    Highlights include:
    Tony refrencing the "the tourist look" while Abby snaps away pictures of her first crime scene.

    Gibbs and Ducky at the crime scene.

    Gibbs smirks...I love it when he smirks.

    The exchange about marriage between Gibbs and Palmer. Palmer: The leading cause of divorce is (cut off by Gibbs) Gibbs: Marriage
    Palmer: No, I'm pretty sure it's infidelity (Gibbs glares at him) never mind...

    Tony driving with the corpse...oh my goodness, lol

  • Another time, one of the NCIS crew is under suspicion...

    This time, it\'s Ziva. Last time, it was Dinozzo, and McGee...

    We get it, NCIS is running out of material to write episodes about.
    Don\'t get me wrong, NCIS is a wonderful show, in fact it\'s one of my personal favorites and I think most of the people agree that it\'s a very good reason to turn the TV on (and some would even say that it\'s one of the ONLY reasons to do so). However, as many shows before its time, NCIS is in a bit of a dry patch regarding creativity, so it\'s a good thing the season is nearing an end.

    Rest, NCIS creators, and come up with more sophisticated ideas, maybe a new nemesis (like good ol\' Ari, may he rest unpeacefully), or something even more exciting...

  • this episode was freaking amazing!!

    it was awesome except i did feel bad for Ziva a bit... i know i hate being stuck behind a desk so i understand where she\'s coming from but Gibbs, dude he is the MAN!! that shot he made from where he was (i don\'t wanna give it away for those of you who havnt watched it ;P) and i like how he sort of has those flashbacks... very very clever...