Season 5 Episode 18

Judgment Day, Part I

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 20, 2008 on CBS

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  • Really???!!!

    I just caught this episode on USA. It is undoubtedly one of the worst written of any episode of NCIS. It was obviously written quickly so Lauren Holly could leave the show with a bang. The fact that Ziva and Tony would let the director to get away with what she does despite their orders and duty to protect her is absolutely ridiculous. When the Director told Ziva that she didn't like her tone, the REAL Ziva would have told her she didn't care what the Director liked, where the hell was she and what was going on? They are afraid to tell GIbbs that they had lost the director but were not afraid that something bad had happened to her? Again, ridiculous. And the ending? The director took out four of five bad guys all by her self. Absolutely ridiculous. What a terrrible episode.
  • It's The Beginning Of The End With Part One Of A Two-Part Finale. Jenny Heads To L.A. For The Funeral Of A Fellow Agent, But Her Past Comes To Haunt Her.

    This season finale is no doubt the best since the excellent season two finale. The first part of "Judgement Day" is one of the strongest episodes to date in the series. I found the story to be quite compelling about Jenny's past. This episode delivered both on action and suspense. The case was entertaining. The best scenes were with Ziva and Tony when they were enjoying their day off. I also liked the appereance of Mike Franks. Mike is a fantastic character. His acting is terrific. However, I found his and Jenny's dialogues a little boring. The ending scene was well written. I did not like the fact that we did not see the firefight. I think you know that this episode marks the final appereance of Lauren Holly. Endgame is next.

  • the whole story ending is a little far fetched. how did they get jenny into her house? where did the russian woman go that gibbs shot? did nobody do an autopsy on who was killed how and where.

    jenny as "cowgirl" is really not credible. to put out all the stops. frank was brought in which prevented this whole thing from being a TOTAL disaster. it was the worst episode in terms of acting by holly and you could feel that even muse was uncomfortable with the rather unlikely ending, the switch of the bodies, resp. the disappearance of the russian woman and no autopsy? please, ncis, you can do better than this.
  • Not out of the ordinary to break up the team.....

    I certainly think that the team will reunite. They made the same type of move with "The Unit" They were broken uo and pitted against each other only to get back together after proving their innocence of war crimes. I am not sure how they will bring Gibbs team back together. With that said, it is understandable why the new director would break up the team. Throughout the episode there were scenes showing the teams loyalty to Gibbs but not to him. If I were a new director or manager I would get rid of those people on my team that I could not trust also.
  • Best season far

    Leading up to the season 5 finale, i only knew one thing for sure, someone from NCIS would die, i had my concerns over whom would be killed, but in the end my guess at who was correct.

    I love this episode for the story and semi-background of Jenny and Gibbs as well as the interaction of Jenny and Franks, Vance and anyone, and of course Ziva and Tony.

    The story of Judgment Day was one of the very best NCIS has put forward period, mystery on who is after the agents and going along with that the background of Gibbs n Jenny.
  • There's no way that you can watch this episode and not shed a few tears.

    In perhaps the best episode of NCIS ever, this one is very painful to watch, as one of our favorites is gone forever. It is a highly emotional episode, and extremely interesting, but I really hated the end.

    The episode is also quite suspenseful, in my opinion, and I highly enjoyed it, but I was really disappointed with the death of Jenny Shepard at the end.

    I found the storyline to be very interesting, and there was even one or two funny moments, such as Abby's Ziva and Tony statues, and her CPR practise.

    In my opinion, this is an episode that is not to be missed. It causes a major development in the show and it is an incredible episode. Can't wait to see how it all unfolds in the second half!
  • Tony and Ziva go with the Director to a funeral, and it ends up causing her death

    Opens with 2 boys playing with a BB gun. They shoot at random people and objects and then see a man in his pool on an airbed. They shoot the bed, which begins to sink, but the man doesn't move. He simply goes under the water. As he does so the children look terrified. He died due to a heart attack (His name was Dexter). The director of NCIS, Jenny, is taken to the funeral by Tony & Ziva, which just happens to be in LA. Director meets up with an old aquatint and she tells him that the man that has died she knew and that he was murdered and she is next.
    Gibbs is the other agent who is in danger. We see Abby in lab looking through the photos which the director took and she is talking to herself and then turns round and is talking to Ziva & Tony's head, on mops (Photos). Jenny is still on search for the mystery man at the funeral. The go to a diner in the middle of no-where in the hope for answers. Tony & Ziva find the girlfriend of Dexter dead on the beach. Ziva rings and tells Jenny that Sasha (the girlfriend) is dead. Jenny is left alone in the Diner and shoots are fired. We see Tony & Ziva turn up at the diner and find the building with bullet holes in it. As they enter they find many dead bodies and also find pool of blood and they also find the body of Jenny, in a pool of blood. Her cell phone rings and tony answers it. The person ringing is Gibbs.
  • wow...

    I was hoping Jenny would die. I know that sounds morbid, but she gets on my nerves and I think her role was spent. I love how they brought Franks back for this episode; he's a great character. The story was pretty good and full of suspense. I like episodes that bring back former missions. I was getting a little annoyed at Jenny just because I don't like her character, but at least she went out with a bang. The whole thing with Tony and Ziva argueing about what to do about the director was...ok at best. Overall, it was a good set-up to the finale part.
  • This was an amazing episode and the 2nd half some how was even better.

    This was a really cool episode the whole thing with the car was kind of funny and those two on the road trip. It seems like they should just get together and get it over with. It had even more action, comedy and wit than usual and that's saying alot. There were a couple of episodes this season that were a little below standard for the series, but this episode was amazing as was the one that followed. We also see Mike who trained Gibb's again makes an appearance on the show. It kind of is a setup to the last hour but it seems like it could have almost been just the finale itself.
  • I love it!

    I love this show ever more with each new episode! I wanna be Ziva. ;)

    But what the hell is going to happen next year???

    This kinda change is as painful to anticipate as the loss of Mandy Pantinkin from Criminal Minds!!! What the hell?? You're killin' me smalls. DiNozo back out on ship??? How am I going to get my fix? He speaks my movie quoting language! Don't let him leave!! NOO! I honestly wish every eipisode were 2 hours long.

    But only so long as I have a DVR and can power through the commercials. ;)

    Thank God I'll have college football to keep me entertained soon and I won't be as anxious for next season. Oh, but I'm addicted.
  • Changes ahead for Team Gibbs.

    Great episode. Jenny dies and Vance takes her place as director. What else could go wrong? Vance splits up Team Gibbs.

    I'm covering both parts in this review as I can't keep what happened in each part from blurring together.

    The scene with Abby, Duck, and Palmer pretending to be Tony, Ziva, and Gibbs was very funny. Poor McGee he can't get away from being teased.

    I liked that Abby shared her assignment from the director with McGee. I don't believe she did that last time the director gave her an assignment. I really like the scenes with Franks and Jenny in the diner. It seemed easy and was a great way for them to show how much she stilled loved Gibbs.

    I was hoping when they didn't show the shoot out that Jenny had escaped through the back exit, but poor Jenny died in a hail of bullets.

    I think Abby's reaction to the directors death made it more real and more emotional. I teared up when I saw her fall to the ground.

    I'm anxiously awaiting the premiere of season 6
  • Great season finale, great starting-point for a strong 6th season.

    This was a great season finale. The death of Jenny didn't do much for me as I didn't really like the character anyway. Kate's death in the season 2 finale had more impact, on me aswell as the team (minus Abby, maybe).

    The ending really did me in. I was just starting to like the AD and then he throws a curveball by splitting the team up!?

    Now I'm sure they'll be back together (and the new director will not be the new director for long) but I hope it will be soon in season 6. Oh, and that better include Ziva. While I didn't care for her character when she joined the show she won me over and I've come to love her now (mostly due to the wonderfull Cote de Pablo!).

    This could be the start of a great sixth season, I can't wait!!
  • What happens now!

    Well everybody has to be shaken their heads. Not at one of them being killed, which I knew that would be happening to the "right" person. But what happened at the end. Well, Tony & Ziva are guarding Jenny at LA as something is bothering her. Someone from her past. And that she goes to an old friend to help her. Meanwhile, cold as a fish Vance, is doing it's best to give our team a very hard time. As we see in the end, after Jenny is killed, in a burning apartment fire. That after the funeral, he doesn't give the team enough time to grieve as he shreds something that had to be important. Ziva is ordered to go back to Isreal, Tony goes to another state, McGee is reassigned, Gibbs gets a new team. Which he doesn't like. If you see it in the beginning, we see Gibbs kind of seeing what Vance is doing by shredding some important documents. It will come back to haunt him big time! Mark my words as Gibbs ain't stupid.
  • Okay Now What???

    Ziva and Tony going undercover to protect Director Shephard, well that didn't work out as planned. Jenny protecting Gibbs, not surprising. Also not surprising was that she died doing it. However, the reappearance of Franks did make things interesting. I really felt for the team in losing Director Shepard, especially after already losing Kate. But, like Ducky said and I'm in agreement, she died on her terms. The team working towards finding who killed Jenny while dealing with the emotions of her loss was hard. With Ziva reaching out to Tony and McGee reaching out to Abby, all offering empty words that won't fill the loss. Now with Leon in charge things are going to get interesting. Splitting up the team, right after losing Jenny, was pretty cold and not something I see Gibbs standing for. He's up to something, feels like revenge and definitely something suiting his own purposes. We'll have to wait and see.
  • painful in a way that it really hurts to see the end

    What was that?
    I have to start with the end 'cause I still can't believ it. The new director really split the team???? Ziva has to go home? Tony has to go on a boat? McGee has to go in a new team? Why is he doing this? Why seperating such an amazing team? Can't understand it ... I don't want to understand it!!! I just hope that they will find a way to stay in this formation. I don't wanna see NCIS without Ziva, that's not acceptable for me. Now to the story. Jenny dies while she was protecting Gibbs from a Russian group of assassins. She really died as a hero. And Abby was so damn right ... she was classy. Jenny really was amazing. I think her character development was awesome. She involved from just beeing the director of NCIS to beeing a part of the team. I will miss her.
    There were some great moments this episode like all of the Tiva moments and the sad scenes with Abby in her lab and how she hugged everyone while telling them how great they are (except of Tim). I also liked seeinf FRanks back and as usual he just comes to protect Gibbs. He really is like a guardian old friend of Gibbs. I would like to see him more often. For now I hate Leon and that's weird 'cause when he was assistant director for the last episodes I kinda liked him.
    I think I'm going nuts if I think about how long we have to wait for the next season. It really was the most shocking cliffhanger ever. I'm scared and angry and I don't want that anything will change. They should have given Gibbs the job as the director or bringing Morrow back ;) Everything would be better than Leon.
  • Good stuff...

    It's the ending of another season on NCIS, and it was time for another tragedy. Jenny was killed in action. After all the hype of someone dying, I'm relieved it was her. Her presence was not as integral to the team dynamic in my opinion, and I would have been DEVASTATED if anyone else had been the one to die. I would have wished for a little more exploitation of her past relationship with Gibbs, but it wasn't to be. I was surprised to see Mike Franks in this ep. I hadn't heard that he was coming back. For some reason, it's easier for me to mention the few things that bugged me about the episode. I think Gibbs' investigation into The Frog's death seemed a little out of place. We all new that he believed it was Jenny that actually did it. I'm not saying he shouldn't have found out for sure; it just didn't seem to fit in this episode. Because NCIS is such a "team" show, I didn't really like how they were separated for so much of the episode. I thought the everyone's reactions to Jenny's death was great. I would have like to have seen a little more from Gibbs- perhaps a monologue from him in autopsy or something. But, that might not have been consistent with his character. I'm anxious to see how the team gets back together because we all know they will. I think it was a good move to create a little drama, much like it did when Gibbs tried to retire.
  • Bye bye Jenny, somehow we're gonna miss you.

    It's been a long time since the first time we were introduced with mysteries and unknown flashbacks from both Gibbs and Jenny's minds; and now those little pieces have completed the puzzle.
    Tony and Ziva are sent to "rest" while in LA by a director's order after escorting her to a funeral, and that's the beginning of a series of attempts to find the director again. will they find her soon enough?
    The past comes back to haunt Jenny and Gibbs, and Mike Franks seems to be the only able to help them somehow; a job not jet completed, a secrect revaled, force the director to face her past actions. The result is tragic.
    both Tony & Ziva and Franks & Jenny's chases end up badly; and Jenny pays the highest price.
    R.I.P. Director.
  • NCIS is truly one of the best shows on television right now and I'm pleased to be one of the loyal viewers. When I walked into the episode last night, I walked in with low expectations,

    When you walk in a Season Finale with high expectations you get burned. Well, when they started shoving heavy Jenny down my throat, I laid back and watched. I knew she was going to be the one who died, intellectually if I had reviewed the past episodes of this season alone I would've known they were setting me up for it. She was director of NCIS for gods sake but yet and still she was in interrogation rooms and out in the field so it was truly foreshadowing that they were giving her screentime because she wouldn't be on as long as she had been. The first hour was just long for me after I deduced we were getting rid of Jenny. My review continued in the second hour episode.
  • Don't separate the team

    Wow ... I hope that this is just temporary and that next season Gibbs refuses the new team and demands that the team stays together and you can get rid of the new director ... and what did he shread? If they really do separate the team I may have issues. I can not believe that they would basically change out the whole team at one time. I still think that there is alot for them to explore and can still expand on. I hope that this team separation is just a very short lived idea on the part of the writers.
  • Did you have to get rid of everybody? I'M SO DEVASTATED!!

    You can't get rid of Tony, Ziva & McGee!! You just can't!! They make the show interesting and fun to watch. The show won't be the same without those three. I hope you have plans to bring them back in the future. If you have to get rid of someone, it should have been the assistant director from San Diego (sorry I didn't catch his name). I don't like him at all!! You are making a huge mistake. I'm glad Jethro, Abby and Ducky are still on the show. Please rethink your decision, you may have one less viewer. Thanks a bunch!!
  • Ziva and Tony tagginging along to save the director. Not knowing to see tony and ziva still flirting with each other. Get them together. ziva and tony find the jenny's car. TRacking her down at a diner. Find her dead was the hard part for the whole team.

    Its not my favorie eposode but its get you excited for the next season. I hop people out there agree with me to see Tony and Ziva get together. I hope everybody is together in season 6 they cant do that, it could be possibl, but no not having the same crew there will be strange. Cant wait until next season lets keep our fingers crossed that the same team stay together. The season finale was a shocker seeing the the directer get killed off, I'm just glad it wasnt tony or ziva. Leon needs to go get us somebody else please.
  • They had telegraphed that Jenny was going to be leaving the show through the last several episodes, but how and when was a surprise.

    This was well done. You knew it was Jenny just because of the previews showing the shoot out at the diner. But the way it all came about was surprising. I think we have not seen the end of the Gibbs team.
    At one time in the episode there was a bit of doubt as to whether or not Franks was part of the hit team or not, but it was fleeting as when you heard the big cannon of his gun, you knew that either he was cleaning up the hit team or making sure that Jenny did not die in vain.
    I think that paper the new director shredded is not the only copy, I think Gibbs has a copy and will play it with the Secretary of the Navy and be able to get his team back together. I do not like the new director, he is not good for the show, and breaking up the team is not a good move for the show.
  • This was a suspenseful episode that only defined why I love this show.

    This episode seemed to leave me on the edge of my seat the entire time, it seemed like the first hour flew by. I don't agree with killing of Jenny or separating the team up. Matter of fact, I don't like the idea of this assistant director taking over, for some reason I don't care for his character. Maybe its because he just doesn't seem to fit in the show. According to the CBS site, this is the season finale, not the series finale which is good. Predictions? There is no way they can break up the team, it would be suicide for the show. I'm guessing this is part one of two, which it seems like it is from what I see online. I'm thinking in the next season, they will either quit, or fight to stay together as a team. There is no team that could ever replace the chemistry of this one.
  • Ending of the Series? or Season Finale? Either way the episode keeps you guessing and leaves you hungry for more.

    I enjoy watching this series. It is on of my favorite tv series to watch. Over the seasons I have enjoyed the twists and turns it has gone. This episode keeps that going by keeping you guessing on what will happen. In my opinion, I think killing off Jenny Shepard was not a good idea. I think having her and Gibbs move closer as a couple would have been a better idea. I don't know if this was the final episode of the series or the season finale but either way I don't like the way it is going. I don't like the assistant director and the idea of replacing all of Gibbs's team doesn't sit well with me. I hope the series will go on and I hope it will return Gibbs's team. I think they work great together and couldn't stand watching it with other actors.
    Hopefully this will just be the season finale.
  • There were a lot of twists as the show developed. Having missed the first few minutes, I don't know if this was a season finale or a series finale. My comments are in the review.

    NCIS is one of the best shows that has been on in a long time. It is unfortunate that I missed the first five minutes or so of this "JUDGEMENT DAY" episode. By doing so, I don't know if this is a season finale or series finale. The last few minutes of the show have the new director informing the team that they are going to be split up and reassigned and Agent Gibbs will be getting a new team. This can still mean that this episode could be a season finale or series finale. I am sure that either way, I think that it will be the end of the show period. As an avid watcher of this show, I will be very disappointed either way. I am used to the current characters and the show will not be the same with mostly new characters. I already don't like the new unit director. It is my sincere thought that either way, your viewers are going to be seriously upset if this show is either ended or the team broken up. As far as me personally, if the show is cancelled, then I have no choice but not to watch it any longer. If it is changed that drastically, I will probably quit watching it anyway.