Season 5 Episode 19

Judgment Day, Part II

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 20, 2008 on CBS

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  • The 5th Season Ends With Jenny's Death. While The Team Mourns One Of Their Own, Gibbs Leads The Others In A Thrilling Search For The Killer.

    The first part of "Judgement Day" ended with a great cliffhanger. I had high hopes for this episode, but I was very disappointed. The second part of this milestone episode was good. Just good. And there is a reason why I'm only saying that. This episode had its moments, but mostly it delivered us very boring scenes. The story did not seem to go anywhere. Although I liked the team a lot here. It was fantastic to see how the team was effected after learning that Jenny has been killed. The best of those scenes was when Abby told Gibbs how nice clothes the director wore and nobody ever noticed it. It was actually heart-breaking. The biggest problem I had with this episode is that we never saw Jenny's funeral. We saw Kate's but not her's. This season ends with a cliffhanger. In my opinion this episode could have been the series finale, because Vance tells Gibbs that here's your new team. It could have been like the end of the team. Now it is up to season 6. See you there.
  • The team deals with the death of Jen. Gibbs tries to find out what Jen died protecting. Tony deals with his guilt. The team does its best to keep the deputy director Vance out of the loop.

    Very sad episode. Loved they why the team reacted to Jen's death. The scenes with Abbey made me want to cry too. I like how they still managed to have a slight sprinkling of that humor of NCIS that I love. One of my favorite scenes was near the end of the episode. Leon: Did you two know Mike Franks is involved in this?
    Ziva: Yes.
    Tony: No.
    Leon: You want to take a moment and get your stories straight?
    Ziva: No.
    Tony: Yes.
    Leon: That explains how director Shepherd got out to the dinner. Franks was the fifth shooter.
    Tony: On Jenny's side.
    Leon: Who's side are you on?
    Tony and Ziva: Gibbs.
    Leon: Well you finally got your stories straight.

    I can't wait till the new season!
  • Sadness, answers and unwanted news.

    This was one of the better NCIS episodes. The characters grew at least two sizes, especially Tony. Tony and Ziva have come a long way, both have felt love and both have lost it, Jeanne and Roy Sanders (Dead man walking). In this episode they grew even closer and I would be very astonished if they would not get together during season 6. What was sad about this episode was the lack of showing feelings from Gibbs side. He who always is so passioned about his loved ones, but here he is almost ice cold. Still this episode was so exciting that I could not look away.
  • I have to say this eppisode broke my heart

    I have to say this eppisode broke my heart . I loved Jenny and I alway thought that she and Gibbs would get back together. The worst was when Gibbs tried to open her body bag and he couldnt. And then the whole team their gone? It just sucks and I'm extremly sad. But regarless it was a good eppisode and the writters did say that we wouildnt hate them anymore when season six comes along... I just hope thier right and that they dont try to do what house did because house was the best show ever and then they broke up the team... So all in all i love-hated this eppisode.
  • All the 5th season was great but..

    the last episode was kinda disappointing to me.

    I found this episode left many unclear points. To start off, I still don't know what was Jenn's sickness. The storyline was not well writen: How come an experimented ex-agent would leave the director all alone, defenseless (even though she was dying), knowing that her life was the aimed target???? Franks left her to search water for preparing tea?? I really don't quite understand.
    What Was it? a monitored suicidal act?
    Considering the high level agents they are, I could easily imagine they would work together and try to ambush the enemies but no... they simply exchanged cards and memories and she sat there, waiting for death, fighting against 4 or 5 all alone? She wouldn't stand a chance!! How about the insurance policy? What paper has been shred by Leon? What is his secret? This season was great, only 3 or 4 episodes I disliked but The season finale was not that good to me. Her dying was not a problem but the way they've built the storyline, I found it very weak.
  • One of the best episodes!

    You could tell that Jenny still loved Gibbs then it was sad to have her get killed. this episode had a great story line and put a lot of detail into what everybody does and how Gibbs and Jenny still felt about each other. this episode also answered alot of questions about Gibbs past. The part i can say i hatted most about this episode was when the new director reassigned the whole team. When the new director opened his file and shredded a page it set the story to investigate what he is hiding. the next season is going to be 28 episodes long. the team gets back together eventually but it will take a few episodes.
  • Well it all came down to Jens death. This episode was really painful to watch but ill admit it was written superbly. It seemed like the whole team was coming to grips with what was going on at the time. From what I remember it could of been much worse.

    I can admit it has taken me awhile to come to grips with writeing out this review. I felt the story was great. Tony and Ziva were bonding. Even though it seemed like everyone else was takeing the blame for Jens Death. In a way I wanna make it clear that I feel Jen should of died a noble death. On the other hand I know this is just a Tv show but you sorta get the sense her character was going to die no matter how the episode ended. I kinda feel she could of died maybe saveing another character or going out on doing something cool of course. I know Tv shows arent fair. Ncis is a really good show. I know its going to be around along time. And probaly saying goodbye at the end will be the hardest thing for all the fans. And whos involved in the show. Spinning this show off would be a really good thing but they need maybe afew more characters on the show to keep it rolling along smoothly.
  • the second part of the 2hr season finale leaves the team investigating the death of one of their own.

    In My Opinion this was a lot like the time in Season 2 finale when Agent Kate Todd was killed by Ari. This episode topped that. It was sad to see that we were going to loose Jenny but I know that Gibbs would keep her memory alive just like he did Kate. It was nice to see the actor that plays Vance (in Grey's Anatomy He Cut off His Leg in the Halloween Episode I think it was season 4) come on to the team as a regular and take over Jenny's position. I am not a big fan of his character but he plays the roll well. Personally the first two directors were better ones. I would like to see them bring back Jenny in a flash back type episode. She was one my my 3 favorites on the show. 1 being Abby and the second being McGeek they both remind me of myself.
  • Very emotional and very sad!

    NCIS must investigate the death of their own Director, Jenny Shepard. It was really sad, and I was extremely upset throughout the whole episode, as she was a favorite of mine.

    I did think that the episode was very interesting, however, and there were some great moments, but it was mostly a depressing one, like after Kate's death earlier.

    There isn't much humour, but that's understandable, seeing that it's a 'serious' episode, and that's fine by me.

    I would highly recommend this episode, as there are many significant developments, and I also recommend watching Part I first.

    I also think the cliffhanger is great and I can't wait to see how it will work itself out, in the end!
  • We say goodbye to Director Jenny

    Gibbs turns up, and finds Leo in is there and has told Ziva & Tony to start processing the crime scene. Gibbs goes in and finds that the body were picked up the night before Ducky gets a call from Gibbs and he tells him about Jenny. Abby and McGee are there and Ducky tells them. Gibbs tells him there are 5 bodies on the way to him. Abby seems especially upset by Jenny's death. The teams discover that the getaway car was hired to a Joe Hill, who turns out to be man with Jenny before she died. Gibbs tells McGee to simply erase the file. We learn that she had some sort of a disease and would have died anyways. When he sees a picture of a suspect Gibbs quickly leaves and takes the directors cell phone. He goes to Jenny's house and the suspect turns up. She goes to shot him but Franks turns up and shoots her first. Gibbs tells Franks that they aren't going to find her body. We then see the team returning to the office from Jenny's funeral. It is released to the press that she died in a house fire due to smoke inhalation. Leon has been named to successes her. He calls the team into his room. He tells Ziva she is going home and McGee is being moved to cyber crimes, Tony has been re-assigned and is flying out tomorrow. Gibbs is hands a file and is told to meet his new team.
  • Another great finale. Nothing will be the same. Or will it? Stay tuned. Things are not always what they seem to be.

    It was an open secret that one of the main characters was going to die in the episode. Bets were on Jenny, but no one was sure. There were so many questions. Did Jenny kill La Grenouille? Why did she not talk to Jethro? How was Mike Franks involved in all of this? There are a lot of secrets that no one is talking about.

    The show nicely wrapped up everything at the end. Then, in the last minutes, BAM, a bombshell went off!

    SPOILER ALERT: If you did not watch the show, do not read beyond this point if you want to be surprised.

    Jenny is dead, her house burned to the ground and three agents are basically fired. But are they? At the end of season three, Gibbs quit and went to Mexico to live with Mike Franks. Last year, Tony's girlfriend was the daughter of the arms dealer the director was after. All these things were resolved in the first few episodes of the next season. I suspect the same for this year.
  • Jenny dying was sad. It was wonderful the way we saw how deeply Gibbs still cared for her.

    Oh…my…God is all I have to say! The last few minutes of the episode were intense! I figured it was Jenny that was going to die, but I never in a million years thought the team was going to get broken up. I was expecting Tony (maybe Ziva) to get reprimanded, but this; McGee going to cyber hell, Ziva going back to Israel, and DiNozzo going to sea?! I wonder how Abby is going to take the news; she cares about them all so much. Gibbs isn't going to be happy about this. I'm sure he is going to find some way of getting his team back together.
  • Love the series but hate producers who feel a need to kill off main characters to increase the drama.

    I love action/law enforcement shows, especially with military background. Loved JAG. I Was late finding NCIS because of other favorites and lack of promotion by CBS. I Have always been a fan of Mark Harmon so finally tried it and found it and it has now been my favorite.
    I don't respect shows that are compelled to KILL main characters and resent the killing of Sasha Alexander's character, but do love Cote de Pablo's character which gives a slightly new dimension to the show. Gibbs and Abby are ESSENTIAL characters but would like to see more dependence on McGee for things Abby doesn't know. Sean Murray is a show asset. Michael Weatherly is perfect as Tony. Love long stories by Ducky and long explanations by Abby and the fact that Gibbs always walks out while the tell them. Gibb's love interest is tantalizing. I have not developed any feeling toward Ducky's assistant. I was luke warm on Lauren Holly's character and was only moderately upset when she exited. I just watched the season finale Season 5, Judgment Day where Dinozzo, McGee and Ziva were forced out of Gibb's team. I can't stand the character (played by Rocky Carroll) who replaced the director they killed off or the ruthless, autocratic, uncompassionate way in which he broke up Gibb's team and pushed them off the show. This was a screenplay writer and producer meltdown and I may search for other shows to watch if this is going to be typical of how they treat the loyal fans of this show. I expected more of a producer/writer who I had come to respect. If they were looking for a formula to lose most of the show's viewers, they just found it.
  • What a way to keep us guessing, and a way to learn more about Jenny and jethro's relationship from about a decade before. Crafty way of tieing up the season.

    What a way to wrap up the season, we learn more about 2 of the characters, it's sad that on died. But, leaves so many more avenues when the show returns for it's 6th season. I gotta say the season premiere for this show is going to be a great one. CBS in general did very good on their season finales!! Left us wanting more or dying to know what's going to happen!! I didn't like the way they ended it, but Jethro will get something done, I'm sure of it I have faith in him. Anyway, this will keep me wondering all summer long.
  • the is part 2 of the season finale, gibbs heads the investigation of Direc. Jeni's murder. Gibbs and mike try to solve this investigation as soon as possible before the murderers get to him next.

    omg, I can't believe how this episode ended! it was soo crazy, but i doubt any of the characters will actually leave. it's like the end of season three where gibbs quits, but somehow ends up back on every episode and gets his character back. i think that something might happen to the director, and they will all get their jobs back (i hope) i use to love kate, and didn't know how the show will be without her, but when ziva came, i also fell in love with her. i really dont want her to leave or any of the other characters.. i can't wait for next season to start !!! AHH!
  • Oh... my... God!

    The last three minutes have been unbearable.
    I really didn't see that one coming.

    When I had the confirmation that Jenny was the character who disappeared from the show, I was kind of relieved since she was not really my favourite. I mean, I thought she was great but it wasn't the same impact as if Ziva, Tony or McGee were to die.

    So I've completely been taken by surprise by the end of the episode. I thought the worst was behind us... but it was just starting!

    I can't believe the team will be separated for good... and for long. The disappearance of a character is quite hard to fulfill but three at the same time?! No way!

    They are the spirit of the show. I cant' imagine NCIS without them.

    So I really look forward to season 6. Some new mysteries have come up. What is Vance hiding? Who is Gibbs' new team? What will be the reactions of Abby, Ducky...? But mostly how the writers will bring the team back? Otherwise, very good episode. Stunning even. The shooting scene is particularly good. We don't see anything, we can only imagine and that makes it even worse.

    Great scenes between Ziva and Tony. Their heart-to-heart in the morgue was excellent. No jokes, just plain feelings. McGee is so good to Ziva when he lays his hand on hers. Gibbs is still so good at hiding his feelings even though he can't fool anyone. I can't wait to be in September!
  • This 2 episode season finale is why this a show I don't miss, even if I have to tape it. I understand Vance's motivation. He needs a team that's loyal to him, but ...

    Like many, I'll miss Jennie. I liked her, but her role wasn't meaty enough. Hope the actress finds something better.

    I understand (the new director) Vance's motivation; he needs a team that's loyal to him, but what we want is a team that's loyal to Gibbs and I'd rather have Vance go than any of the others. I hope we can keep him and the team, though. I especially don't want them to get rid of Zeva. I know fans of the show liked her predecessor, but Zeva's character is so different from what's out there. A woman in law enforcement who is strong, smart & independent, yet still human, attractive, charming, funny and not wearing mini skirts with 5 inch heels. Did I mention she's not a blond! I really hope they bring her back/keep her. Maybe Gibbs can hire her as an independent contractor. I really like McGee too. I know a lot of people really like DiNozo, but his character really should have been promoted by now. He's stagnating where he's at, while Zeva's character has been growing and developing.

    Of course, if he's gone, Zeva's lost a foil and vice versa. I'm glad Abby & Duckie aren't threatened, and of course, the show wouldn't be what it is without Gibbs, but I really hope they don't get rid of Zeva. At least make her a recurring cast member! She's the reason I started watching the show faithfully.

    Is this something the producers do for contract negotiations? Ask for too much money & we'll just write your character out.
  • Definitely a "Must see" episode!

    This episode is going to keep the boards going for quite a while! The big build-up was that one of the seven main characters was going to be killed off. That alone was enough to send just about everyone into a tail-spin!! There were quite a few hillarious moments throughout the first hour. It started with the two delinquent boys discussing the mail carrier and how "hot" she was. Then, we see Abby with a knife sitting at Ziva's and Ducky at Tony's desk. When McGee walks, his expression pretty much says it all, "I think I've entered the twilight zone!" When Tony and Ziva discover Director Shepard's body, you could tell that they were in shock. I feel that watching Gibbs as he tried to process her loss revealed a lot about him. Seeing Abby breakdown first with McGee and then with Gibbs was DEFINITELTY a tear-jerker moment! I couldn't help but cry as we watched Gibbs standing at the table the Director was on wanting to open the body bag but couldn't. Having Mike Franks apologize was another emotional moment. At the very end of the episode, newly appointed Director Vance made his position crystal clear - HE is now in charge. I can say with all honesty that I did not see that coming. Splitting up the team was like breaking apart a finely tuned machine. Did he do it because he has some evil agenda? Or, did he split them up because he wants to highlight their strengths while working on their weaknesses? Is Director Vance jealous of the unfailing loyalty they all have toward Gibbs?

    I do not know. What I do know is that I am REALLY looking forward to seeing what happens when the new season begins!!!!
  • YAY!

    I'm so excited to see what they come up with next year. This was an amazing finale. I'm sad to see Tony go, but I'm sure the team will come in episodes every now and then. I'm excited to see what new characters there will be and how Gibbs will deal with it. YAY! I like change. You can't watch the same show with the same characters for 10 years; change is good. Anyways, the second part of the finale was tear-jerking. It was interesting watching how everyone dealt with the death and I loved how Franks popped up at the end and saved the day. Overall, great episode and a great cliff-hanger.
  • Yup, definitely a bang in your head. This episode is painful, special, and undoubtedly well written. Careful, this review is spoiler filled.

    Yup, definitely a bang in your head.
    This episode is painful, special, and undoubtedly well written.

    "Judgment day" When I saw this title, I knew something would happen. When I saw the mini-synopsis, I knew I wasn't wrong. When I watched the episode, BANG it hit my head! Ack, some episode, I thought. This is a big twist in the plot. Twists? Well, there have been lots of twists in this show:
    Killing Kate in the 2nd season? Well, some twist, sad, but gave us a brand new scenario with Ziva in.

    Gibbs lost his memory? Cool! That's some explosion there. I was actually looking forward to Tony leading the team in the later seasons, but Gibbs came back. Anyways, I recognized that Gibbs couldn't be excluded in this show.

    However, this episode put a enormous twist in here. My mouth was open wide when I watched the end of the episode. Um...... Jenny dying? Predictable.
    Ziva going away? Possible, probably they change the main female agent every two seasons. Duh.
    Goodbye Tim? That shocked me, but fine to me. He was originally a recurring star anyways.
    But...... Sending Tony away??? I really didn't see that coming...... I hope Tony still recurs sometimes, I liked him.
    Well, the old era is over. Probably time for a new era~ Let's keep our fingers crossed for the new season~~~
  • Gutsy move. You're a shark. Sharks are winners and they don't look back 'cause they don't have necks. Didn't work for House IMHO though.

    Pretty average and drawn out season finale for me.

    Love this series but these last 2 episodes could probably have been condensed into 1 and kept my attention better, drifted out a couple of times and little actually happened as far as I could tell.

    Hope they handle the new team better than the new House team debacle. Ruined that series for me, and this will probably go the same way. I hope to be proven wrong.

    Expecting lots of cameos from the old team when the ratings start to slide, all so predictable.

    So what was the deal with Jenny's father anyway?

    Ooh what was in that file, I can barely contain my curiosity.
  • nerve-wracking, specially when it ended...

    The whole apisode was ok... I was curious to find out the end of the Paris storie and I was really sad about Jenny's death. I was feeling so bad for tony, i just wanted to hold and cutle him... The highlight of the entire episode was defenitly the end of it... OH MY GOD!!!! What is going to happen on season 6???
    I just can's wait to see it... will they stay together or not?if not, who is the new team??? Anyway they promised to awnser the questions and they did it... But they created so much more.. Icredible. That's why I love this show... NCIS is just unpredictable... Hope the whole team is back season but i also would liketo see who the director chose to replace them... So curious... Can't wait...
  • Painful to watch as well as changes ahead that nobody likes!

    Well the death that didn't shock anybody as Jenny everybody were betting against her to die. And it turns out that she did die. Though she wasn't one of my favorites, still, she just couldn't go nowhere at all. As the show really didn't showcase her talents that much. It wasn't the death that really got to people. But what happened at the end when new Director Vance, started removing all of Jenny's stuff. As that was so heartless. They should had given them time to grieve and a week or so to move her things. But he had to move them right away. McGee is now in computer crime thing, Tony is moving away, Ziva has no longer a job, while Gibbs has a new team. Ugh, they can't separate our beloved team! Something is strange going on about that Vance I don't trust, will be interesting on what he did shred of that paper.
  • Words cannot describe the greatness of this episode!

    This two part season finale of NCIS was probably the best season finale they've ever had. It was so poignant and powerful. Everyone knew that someone was going to die in this episode, and…SPOILER ALERT… it turned out to be Director Shepard. It was heartbreaking to see the teams reactions to her death, especially Abby's. The death of Director Shepard isn't the finales most shocking part though. The most shocking part comes in the last few minutes of the episode and it is probably the biggest twist of the season. It's a shame that we have to wait until the Fall for new episodes, but if they're as good as Judgment Day, I'm sure they'll be worth the wait.
  • We all knew someone was going to die, many predicted it to be Jenny. But the new director splitting up the team? That one really made the season's finale one with a mean twist!

    Yes, this one had it all again. The team being really a team, sticking together and allowing the others their space to deal with the tragic circumstances of Jenny's death. They can blame each other (something nobody really did) or themselves. But I really think Jenny made up her mind to end this here end now. She choose this, as Ducky said. And she brought it on herself, for not tying up those loose ends in Paris, where she didn't do her job and therefor putting herself, Gibbs and Decker at risk. Tony will forever blame himself, he's had a lot to deal with this season. And Gibbs, he still cared so much for Jenny that he couldn't even open her bodybag... that was pretty revealing. Although I think the episodes had their week moments (why didn't Jenny recognize the woman in the car at the beginning, when she just heard the codeword? She must have been able to put two and two together right there and then, why didn't Franks hear the car pull up when he was getting the water, they were expecting company etc.) I really loved them. And the end? I think Tony will quit, McGee will obey reluctantly, Ziva remains unpredictable to me, and Gibbs will ask Franks not to punish his old team for their loyalty. Or he might kill Vance. Or he will reveal Vance's secret with the help of Fornell....
  • Perfect seasons finale!

    Judgment day was without a doubt the best season-finale I've watched ever. And I like watching series, so I've seen a lot.
    It starts with the director who goes out on a limb to find the killer of a former NCIS-agent. There is only one reason: she tries to protect Gibbs - and his team. It all goes wrong - of course it goes wrong. And then there is the new director, who wants to lead the investigation. The team sees Gibbs more as their boss than Vance. They tell him first, and then Vance, what they discover. And they only tell Vance what they discover, after they know Gibbs give permission. And Vance doesn't like it. He goes very, very far to let 'Team Gibbs' show who is the real boss in the agency. Let's just hope it is just power play...

    Great finale of a great show. The producers know exactly how to keep the fans in suspense. I hate them for it. But I love them more!
  • Very great episode an amazing end to the season (some spoilers)

    I loved the middle end but wished they would have left it at that, there could have been a bigger cliff hanger with the director than with the one that they gave us. I loved this episiode, maybe the best episode of this show ever in my opinon. The whole thing with the director was amazing or that Mike was helping her and how it all unraveled was writter really well in my opinon. I wrote a review for last weeks episode of what I thought should happen and some of it actually did. I thought the Director should go which when she said she was sick I thought they would slowly kill her off or just have her on as a guest star I fell for that twist in the plot. I really wanted Gibbs to be the director but to be more active with the team that Director Sheppard was, and then have Di Nozo take over Gibb's job, doesn't look like that is the case. I don't think the split will go through otherwise if it does and they get a whole crop of new characters I think the should would be doomed. This still was a great episode and was well written.
  • Dang! Ender Bender and 2 shot cognac.

    Despite the obvious feeling that either Sheppard or Franks would be dead as a door knob, the firefight did catch me by complete surprise. Despite expecting trouble but actually happening was unexpected. Cliched were turned real! 1 shot of cognac was consumed right upto this point. I expected the team reaction to be more volatile, angry and "dont be in my way or you will be mowed down" attitude. I saw that when Kate Todd's head was blown to bits. Gibbs basically telling the world that "An eye for an eye". This time it was not that compelling. So my guess is? Jaded people. Too many deaths, Too many corpses, and too many dead agents too. Cassidy and her partners, Pachi etc. But this was the Director, for crying out loud. They should have gone ballistic and chased on Viggo's boss and crushed her. Ender? The second shot of cognac. Ziva returning to her homeland. That was the biggest shocker. I thought Gibbs' will be demoted to a grunt. He is still a leader. My take on next season? At least 1 or two episodes with Gibbs' new team where there are intersects. Maybe a case on USS Ronald Reagan and a Cybercrime so that would bring both Tony and McGee into play and thrown in a Hamas or a Israeli bad boy to snake in Officer David into play. And finally, Leeonn gives up and says "What the fudge! You guys play together". And bands them back together.
  • Changes ahead for Team Gibbs!

    Great episode. Jenny dies and Vance takes her place as director. What else could go wrong? Vance splits up Team Gibbs.

    I'm covering both parts in this review as I can't keep what happened in each part from blurring together.

    The scene with Abby, Duck, and Palmer pretending to be Tony, Ziva, and Gibbs was very funny. Poor McGee he can't get away from being teased.

    I liked that Abby shared her assignment from the director with McGee. I don't believe she did that last time the director gave her an assignment. I really like the scenes with Franks and Jenny in the diner. It seemed easy and was a great way for them to show how much she stilled loved Gibbs.

    I was hoping when they didn't show the shoot out that Jenny had escaped through the back exit, but poor Jenny died in a hail of bullets.

    I think Abby's reaction to the directors death made it more real and more emotional. I teared up when I saw her fall to the ground.

    I'm anxiously awaiting the premiere of season 6
  • brilliant

    it was brilliant episode. however what is goin on with the new director and what are the writers doing with a perfect team. what is the new director hiding and what is the next season going to start like. other than that it was a brilliant story line and the actors were billiant as well. never done a review before so don't know if this is any good and i can't wait for the fall for the new season to begin, even though i amin england and won't get to see it untill this time next year, and i am sure it will be worth the wait.
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