Season 5 Episode 19

Judgment Day, Part II

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 20, 2008 on CBS

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  • The team deals with the death of Jen. Gibbs tries to find out what Jen died protecting. Tony deals with his guilt. The team does its best to keep the deputy director Vance out of the loop.

    Very sad episode. Loved they why the team reacted to Jen's death. The scenes with Abbey made me want to cry too. I like how they still managed to have a slight sprinkling of that humor of NCIS that I love. One of my favorite scenes was near the end of the episode. Leon: Did you two know Mike Franks is involved in this?
    Ziva: Yes.
    Tony: No.
    Leon: You want to take a moment and get your stories straight?
    Ziva: No.
    Tony: Yes.
    Leon: That explains how director Shepherd got out to the dinner. Franks was the fifth shooter.
    Tony: On Jenny's side.
    Leon: Who's side are you on?
    Tony and Ziva: Gibbs.
    Leon: Well you finally got your stories straight.

    I can't wait till the new season!
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