Season 5 Episode 19

Judgment Day, Part II

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 20, 2008 on CBS

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  • The 5th Season Ends With Jenny's Death. While The Team Mourns One Of Their Own, Gibbs Leads The Others In A Thrilling Search For The Killer.

    The first part of "Judgement Day" ended with a great cliffhanger. I had high hopes for this episode, but I was very disappointed. The second part of this milestone episode was good. Just good. And there is a reason why I'm only saying that. This episode had its moments, but mostly it delivered us very boring scenes. The story did not seem to go anywhere. Although I liked the team a lot here. It was fantastic to see how the team was effected after learning that Jenny has been killed. The best of those scenes was when Abby told Gibbs how nice clothes the director wore and nobody ever noticed it. It was actually heart-breaking. The biggest problem I had with this episode is that we never saw Jenny's funeral. We saw Kate's but not her's. This season ends with a cliffhanger. In my opinion this episode could have been the series finale, because Vance tells Gibbs that here's your new team. It could have been like the end of the team. Now it is up to season 6. See you there.