Season 3 Episode 1

Kill Ari, Part I

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 20, 2005 on CBS

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  • The 3rd Season Begins With Gibbs On The Trail Of Ari Haswari, Who Recently Killed A Member Of His Team. Meanwhile, NCIS Gets A New Director.

    WOW!!! This is one hell of a season opener! Usually this type of episode happens at the end of the season, but I am glad I didn't have to wait that long. The last season ended with a dramatic cliffhanger and we pick up from there. The opening scene was very well done. It was good to see the kill from Ari's view. That aside, "Kill Ari Part 1" introduces us two new characters, Ziva David and the director Jenny Shepard. I do think that they both are a good addition to "NCIS". This episode delivered both on action and suspense. However, the team's visions about Kate were more annoying than entertaining. That is the only reason why I'm not giving it a "10". However, this episode was supported by the strong performances by all cast members regular. "Kill Ari Part 1" ends with a great cliffhanger. Endgame is next.
  • Kill Ari

    Sasha Alexander was a great cast member for NCIS. Yes, she fit the stereotype of the attractive female cop on TV to a tee, but she was an integral part of the early success of the show. While I think the Cote de Pablo era has trumped the Alexander era, you can't discount what she did for the show, and hopefully her new TNT series becomes a hit. Speaking of Cote, who would have thought that based on this guest spot she would go on to become the great character of Ziva David?

    These early episodes were good, but Season 5-6 is when the show really hit its stride (and when the director turned the lights on on the set!) A nice beginning to a two-partner for the JAG spin-off.
  • I'm a big NCIS fan, but was disappointed in this episode.

    Count this as a review of Parts I and II of Kill Ari. I'm a big fan of the show but was disappointed and even embarrassed by these two episodes. Let me also say that I am no prude, I like the sexual innuendo between Tony and Ziva, for example.

    But these episodes were drenched in sexual innuendo -- repeatedly in every situation. Every character in the show had to make sexual references to Kate, even as to how her dead naked body would look. Good grief! It also takes in Gibbs' relationship with Director Jen! I can now appreciate many of the anti-Jen comments on these boards -- that every scene with her has to allude to her past liaisons with Gibbs. Even the first meeting(s) of Ziva and Tony reeked of leering comments.

    Other objections:
    ¶ I couldn't follow a lot of the remarks as to the weapons used and the spent cartridges and their importance, and didn't bother to revisit those scenes.
    ¶ I'm a big Ziva fan. I think of her as glamorous. Here she looked like a peasant.
    ¶ The defeat of Ari could have been more complex and inventive, what with the big buildup.
    ¶ Dead Kate conversing with the team seemed trivial, even disrespectful going for cheap laughs. I like over 90% of the episodes, really.
  • Dealing with grief

    Aftermath of last season's chocking ending. The whole team seems to be in danger as Ari is after them all. He tries to kill Abby.. then he takes Gerald and wants Ducky.. And Gibbs is already feeling guilty enough of losing Kate.. as he thinks that bullet was meant to him.

    So we have quite a tense episode.. much to understand.. much to figure out and all those chars trying to deal with loosing Kate. Abby crying was something heartbreaking.. and Ducky.. he is like he is always..

    And I think the most weird thing with this episode was that Ziva and Sheppard were telling (and quite sure) that Ari did not shot Kate.. but Gibbs does not need proof. he knows.
  • Different grieving reactions from each person; Kate's replacement looks to be ideal and we get to have Ari for a little longer - this episode has something for everyone.

    What a great way to continue from Kate's death – see it from Ari's POV. The only problem I had with it was – when he shot Kate, there was no blood spray. It was Ari who shot McGee's computer.

    The grief-stricken reactions were very well done:
    - Tony - probably Michael's best work in the series, my heart ached when he described the effect the full metal jacket had on Kate's head.
    - Abby – her rant on the bullets was heartbreaking.
    - Gibbs – becomes nice, using McGee and Tony's first names, holding Abby after the shooting.
    - Ducky – always talking to his patients and the difference is for the first time, one of them talks back.

    It was really a unique and quite charming way to show the reactions of the team members through 'talking' to Kate, complete with different outfits. I really liked that, especially Abby's. Kate looks surprisingly good as a goth and wearing Tim's fantasy Trinity and dominatrix outfits. Tony seeing Kate in a catholic schoolgirl outfit is just so Tony and yet – as is often the case with Tony – simultaneously endearing and quite sweet too. It's a good move for the writers to keep everyone in character even as they are grieving.

    Tony makes a very-Tony first impression on Ziva. She's quite the profiler in her own right – she nails him immediately as a former-rich kid. Ziva is close with Ari, convinced of his innocence and her arguments are compelling, Ari's planned all of this well, allowing the doubt of his guilt.

    Ari goes after the women Gibbs works, an interestingly chauvinistic reaction while knowing how badly it would hurt Gibbs – Ari's a sadist - with and his choice of weapon (a 'Kate') and ammunition is terrifyingly meaningful. Knowing Gibbs will protect his people after trying to shoot Abby, he uses Gerald to lure Ducky out. It was hysterical when Gerald tried to 'go for help' in Ducky's car, which is gorgeous.

    It's wonderful to see Lauren Holly again but that hairstyle is horrible, completely unflattering. The first encounter with Gibbs was well written, establishing the complex relationship in less than a minute. The chemistry is excellent and the dialogue is superb. Jenny and Ziva know each other.

    Great continuation from Kate's death, superb all round.
  • Intensely interesting.

    This was yet another great addition, and the premiere of Season Three saw NCIS tracking Ari Haswari, who was believed to be the murderer of Special Agent Caitlin Todd.

    I thought the episode had its funny moments as well, as each team member remembered Kate in their own unique way.

    The episode was also thoroughly suspenseful and there were some frightening moments, especially when Ari shot at Abby Sciuto.

    I really enjoyed seeing two new characters as well, with Jenny Shepard appointed as the new NCIS Director and we also saw Mossad's Ziva David.

    The episode also ends on an epic cliffhanger, with Ducky pictured in Haswari's crosshairs.

    Another episode tht is not to be missed. I thoroughly recommend watching this, as it was insanely interesting.

    Amazing job by NCIS!
  • Everyone deal with Kate's death in their own way

    This episode picks up where the season 2 finale ended. With the death of Kate. We start with Ducky going to the morgue and with him opening up Kate's body bag and talking to her. We see Gibbs sitting alone in the office, looking at Kate's desk. He sees Kate (in his mind) and she asks him why she had to die for him, he looks truly upset. Just then Tony & McGee enter the office. Gibbs heads go to get some coffee. As he walks past Abby's lab, we see Abby sitting there, talking to Kate (also in her mind). Tony gives Abby the bullet cases for her to test, to try and discover what gun fired the rounds. As Gibbs walks back with his coffee he passes Abby's lab and a gun is fired. Gibbs races back into the lab to protect Abby, who luckily is with Tony. Throughout the episode Gibbs is acting extremely nice, which everyone finds weird except for Abby. Gibbs is called into MTAC with the Director and discovers that he (the director) is quitting and that there is now a new Director, Jenny Shepherd. Who just happens to be Gibbs's ex-girlfriend and his old NCIS partner. Tony also sees Kate in this episode (also in his mind) but he sees her dressed up as a catholic school girl. Right about then Mossad Officer, Ziva David turns up & presumes that Tony is having phone sex. Ziva informs Tony that she is there to stop Gibbs from killing a Mossad member, Ari (the terrorist from a previous episode and the man who murdered Kate). When later see Ziva calling Ari and speaking to him about Gibbs. Gibbs tells Tony to shadow Ziva to find out if she is meeting with Ari. We learn from Gibbs that the gun used to kill Kate is called, within the marine service, a Kate. We see Jerold getting into his car and taking some pain killers. When he sits down, Ari is sitting behind him. Jerold rings Ducky and Ducky learns that Ari is in the car with him. Ari sets up a meet with Ducky. As Ducky arrives, we see a target on his face and its there that the episode ends.
  • This episode has it all.

    This continues where season 2 left off. Kate is just killed, and they team is dealing with that wile trying to track down Ari: the one responsible for killing Kate. Quite a lot of things happen in this episode, and I loved them all. We also meet two new characters. We first learn that the old NCIS director is leaving, which is quite sad since I liked him. But the new director is Jenny, and old colleague of Gibbs. We also learn through flashbacks that they were also lovers. I really like the interaction between Jenny and Gibbs and I'm glad that she is brought in this show.
    The second new character we meet in this episode is Ziva. She is a Mossad officer, who is here to prevent Gibbs from killing Ari. I really like her, I think she portraits a strong, independent woman and I like how she teases with Tony. Can't wait to see part two!
  • good episode...

    This picks up right where season 2 finished off. Kate had just died and Gibbs is set on finding and killing Aris. The old director left, which is sad because I really liked him. Anyways, he was replaced by Jenny and I really like her relationship with Gibbs. I think it was a good idea to bring her in. Ziva comes in also...and I don't really like her entrance. They make her seem really annoying and arrogant and just a bad person. Anyways, the story was just ok. Gibbs is set on finding Aris and Jenny and Ziva are trying to stop him. Nothing special. Oh, I really hated how they had the Kate "fantasies/appearances." It was cute for a second, especially with Abby, but I didn't really like it. I think it would have been a better episode without her.
  • What a season premiere! (SPOILER part 2!)

    Okay so maybe we have been expecting it - the team sets out to find Ari, Kate's killer. Still, it is very well written and remains thrilling.
    In this two-parts episode, Ari starts going after Gibbs' team, "Women first" and the team members deal with the loss of Kate their way (Abby imagines her as a vamp, Tony has a school girl fantasy and McGee remembers her as his superhero). There is also a new character brought in, Ziva David, of the Mossad, here to "to stop Gibbs from killing Ari". She's Ari's half sister and in the beginning she wants to help him get away - until she changes her mind and saves Gibbs from him.
  • great episode

    While the NCIS team are out on the field, one of the agents is shot dead. The team's new assignment is to gather any information that will lead to the killer. A mossad agent starts working at NCIS, but as it turns out that she's hiding something from the team. The team deals with the death of Kate on their own way. This episode changes things with the team. NCIS gets a new director, Gibbs is surprised to learn that it's someone he met a long time ago. it's a good episode, it's sad to see one of the agents leave. it's a good episode.
  • Nothing like Iareali *actor* to speak Hebrew. (Mr. A.J. Tannen). Bravo to Ms. Cote de-Pablo

    Cote and Rudolf are doing a great job. Cote is faster with a very slight accent, Rudolf is heavier with with good pronounce. The Language itself doesn't have any grammer mistakes. Only the Mossad Agent (saying 3 lines), real hebrew !

    I Love the new character Ziva, she goes unter Tony's skin. And we have a glimps of what is Terror .
  • Good start to the season

    Good episode. Its nice that the writers let you see how each character reacts to Kates death.

    With a new Director, Gibbs ex on the scene, it will be interesting if a relationship developes or not.

    The sniper, well played with that chilling "I just dont want to hurt you, but also that of your closest friends" feel, made this episode special.

    A great start to the season, and hopefully the second part to this story will just be as good!

    Gibbs, Legend.
  • What will the NCIS team do when they sacrafice one of there one???? And to make it worse, it is ARI!!

    Poor Kate, (Katelyn) she gets a bullet through her head!!!! why i think it is quite funny though how each member looks at her(imagins after she is dead) Sees her as:
    Gibbs- a mistaken death meant for him
    Ducky-A poor girl who is nice
    Tony- A school girl w/ short skirt
    McGee- A action video game gal
    Abby- A blonde who is her alterego
    Isn't that funny!! The only thing I do not like about this episode is that They call It Kill Ari but instead they Kill Kate!!! Shouldn't it be called kill somebody instead, that would make more sense to the plot!! Yet i luv this episode
  • After the death of Special Agent Kate Todd this was a pivotal episode to see how the story would survive.

    This was a truly great season starter, epecially with the addition of Lauren Holly and Cote de Pablo to the cast list. They have brought an extra dynamic to the show that has truly inspired the writers. This episode was a sad one as everyone is dealing with the death of Kate but there is a mission to be done and a bad guy to be caught so life goes on. The episode does leave us on a bit of a cliffhanger until it is finished in the next episode as Ducky is left on the screen with a sniper gun pointing at him. A really great start to a fantastic season.
  • OK. Here in the UK we are way behind on NCIS - Series 3 only started being broadcast last Friday (January 2007). Now though I feel compelled to review this season opener. My God, was it bad!

    Up until then I and my wife had always watched every show - finding it better paced than CSI, that tends to be a little too formula each week.

    On the basis of this season opener though, I doubt we will continue to progress with Season 3.

    To say that Kill Ari was embarrassing was perhaps too complimentary. With the exception of the increibly cheesy "Troi and her Mother" episodes from Star Trek - The Next Generation (you have to go that far back in time and viewing) I would be hard-pushed to think of a television drama episode that quite plumbed the depths of this one.

    The flashbacks, the hallucination episodes with Kate returning, dressed as a Goth...Marlilyn Monroe...a CatWoman...oh it was awful. The dialog was cheesier than a pizza...the acting so ham-fisted (the scene with Gibbs and the newly-appointed Director was incredibly crass)...oh it was never ending. I don't know how the episode ended, and I don't know to this day. After 35 minutes we switched channels.

    I have to guess that this was an attempt at a comedy episode, that went horribly wrong. It should have been written (and acted) to match the degree of grief and anger that the event of Kate's murder warranted - instead it was twee, silly...pathetic.
  • We all know who killed kate

    I saw watched the end of season 2 and my last words at the end of it were not very pleasent i can assure you of that. The fantacies of what the others had of Kate you expected the worst from Tony in a school girl outfit then he imangines her doin a classic Marilyn Monroe. As for McGee to have her in in PVC cat suit well who is the dark horse. Abby's vision of Kate bought a tear to my eye as did Ducky's but at least now we know where she got her tattoo put lol. As for Gibbs vision of her i had a tears in my eyes.

    Bye bye Kate
  • Love it and hate it.

    I had no idea whether to give this ep a 10 or a 1. It was brilliant in a kind of horrific way. Like a car crash. You don't want to watch it but your eyes can't seem to look away. Why? Because nobody wants to see one of the best characters ever to return as a ghost.

    'Kill Ari Part 1' reduced me to tears in the first 5 minutes. But the most emotional bits would have had to have been Abby and Ducky's scenes with Kate. They were brilliantly written. Gibbs' reaction made me tear up and McGee and Tony's just made me laugh. I was a bit shocked at what McGee saw. I mean that was really unexpected. Tony's, though was predictably Tony. Trust him to imagine Kate having what I'd like to call a "Marilyn Monroe" moment.

    Moving on to Ari. I have NEVER hated him as much as I did in this episode. Sure 'Bete Noire' he made my skin crawl. 'Reveille' made me severely annoyed at him. 'Twilight' made me hate him but in 'Kill Ari Part 1' I wanted to do just that - Kill Ari.

    Jenny Shepard made me smile and so did Ziva to an extent. Until she asked "Why didn't he just kill Agent Todd the first time then?" Then I just wanted to hit her.

    I'll miss you Kate. I'll miss the Tate too.
  • Gibbs is angry with Ari for killing Kate and sets off to hunt him down.


    This episode really sucked. BADLY. Maybe it\\\'s because I\\\'m a Tate shipper, but the way they dealt with Kate\\\'s death was really just plain wrong. Ducky\\\'s and Abby\\\'s reactions were good, but McGee\\\'s was quite wrong, and Tony\\\'s was COMPLETELY, TOTALLY, ABSOLUTELY WRONG! Even non-shippers must have noticed. Even if their banter was not due to UST, but to \\\"brotherly love\\\", his reaction... actually, lack-of said reaction, was just plain wrong. You\\\'re almost sister/person you loved (according to who you ask) dies, and you fantasize about her? And flirt with someone else?
    If you have to kill off a character, fine, especially if it\\\'s the actor\\\'s/actress\\\'s decision, but you have to write them out well, NOT just get rid of them, and try to severe all the ties he/she had. Forgive the rant, but they just forgot of all the chemistry and history Kate had with Tony, which THEY built up in \\\"SWAK\\\" and in \\\"Twilight\\\". Viewers don\\\'t forget.
  • Will miss Kate!

    Again I will agree with you all and will miss
    And still miss Kate to this day and that wished
    That she was back. Kate really was thought about from the team and that she also was one tough agent as the team tries to find her killer. Meanwhile a new agent will join the team as well as get a new director.
  • Ari is being hunted by the ncis team

    I don't know about anyone lese but i cant stand Ari i HATE him so much. After Ari killed Kate Todd the NCIS crew is looking for him. The charactors are remebering Kate the way they thought of them lie Tong is remebering Kate as a Catholic school girl whoses uniform blows up. After Abby is shot at, Gibbs realises that Ari is going for the woman in his life and that he was not aiming for Gibbs that day Kate died and he was aiming for her. While tony is remebering Kate (in a special way) he notices a woman standing there watching him, and quickly pretends to hang up the phone. This woman think he was having phone sex but Tony says he was playing sharades* after this he admits he was remebering his partner, and the woman (who is looking for Gibbs,her name is Ziva David) says naked and they get into this whole thing. Ziva calls her half brother Ari and she talkes to him in Hebrew on the phone, she says she will prove his that he didn't do anything but this Gibbs might be a but hard to convince. i really liked this episode and i love Ziva she is the best. I LOVE NCIS 4 LIFE!
  • This is the episode that features the return of Ari.

    As much as I don't like Ari, I love to hate him, I liked the part he played in this episode. I never really liked Kate, so I was fine with her death.( Tony is my fave). It was an exiting and emotional 2 part episode filled with twists and turns. I was on the edge of my seat throughout the whole episode, but thats not unusual for NCIS. I try to watch every episode but it interferes with House... not good. I have to make this 100 words so bear with me foR another 4 words, OK we're done. WATCH NCIS!!!!!!!!
  • Another emotional episode!

    The beginning of this episode, seeing the end of Twilight in Ari's point of view just kills me. Everytime I see it. Now the NCIS team is in search of Ari to kill him after killing a great agent. It is kind-of like Ari is trying to kill everyone in the team off, because he shoots at Abby.
    It is so sad to see Kate as a memory in the teams eyes. I love this episode and is another emotional one!!
  • This episode is the perfect example of why this show is great.

    The complexity of this storyline is so well written. It has to be one of the best episodes of TV ever.

    Every time I watch it I am in awe of how well developed the plot is, and how everything twists and turns together so effortlessly. Everything relates to something else. Plus the way the writers slipped in those subtle hints here and there to remind long time fans what Kate meant to everyone.
    Kate will be missed.

    On top of that, they begin revealing more and more of Gibbs past, which is exciting all on it's own.

    This episode is a prime showcasing of what a fantastic series this is, and just how wonderful all the actors in it are.
  • well kate is gone but her spirit stays with the ncis team. it is funny and tearjerking at the same time. watch this is you are feeling depressed.

    dont want to say to much but tony,abby,gibbs,ducky and mcgee all see the ghost of kate as they remeber her. for gibbs it is bad and she makes him feel guilty.for tony...well its tony what would you expect. then there is abby she is the one that misses her most and that is truley shown. mcgee sees a vvery naughty and hot kate.over all most hard to watch ep i think for all kate lovers
  • While the team morns over the death of Kate one of their team mates. They have to work through their greif to catch or kill Ari, Kates murderer. If you are new to NCIS this episode gives you a little look into how Kate lived and interected with the others

    WOW!!! I loved the way that they brang Kate back as a guest star. Using her in their thoughts. (And they weren't memories in the sence of memories from other shows but they were just remembering her in there own way.) Other than being broken up by Kate dying I loved how they started this season. But for first time watchers it gives false reads on the other characters. I mean Gibbs is being realy nice to the others for most of the episode, and Tony is accually being nice to McGee. Abby is all broken up over Kate and when she starts to freek out at Tony that is not Abby's style. But I can see why they sort of changed the characters because they are greiving over Caitlin\'s death. Even though the characters were a little different at the beginning they start to get closer and closer to themselves and at the end of the episode they are basically themselves again. I'm glad that they didn't do this morning thing for more than one episode because even though I was broken up over Kate dying I realy wanted the characters back to their normal selves. I am realy happy how this season is turning out.
  • to put it nicely: Ari is goin' down

    A great start to the new season! Seeing Kate's death again was sad but we also got to see how the team saw her through their visions. I must say that McGee's vision was more than just a little scary. Completely unexpected! He doesn't seem the type to see/imagine Kate in a tight dominatrix outfit. Tony's vision however, was more expected of him; Kate in a school girl outfit. Naturally Gibbs would feel guilty... so his vision with the bullet hole in Kate head makes sense. Just like Abby's. Her vision shows Kate with a long blond wig and "goth" attire, something only our Abby would imagine. It showed just how strong their friendship was- something that I feel the others didn’t.

    Now onto other matters, Gibbs and Jen. That Paris flashback defiantly set things off. It'll be interesting to see what happens as they continue to run into each other. Especially with her now acting as the new NCIS Director.

    Ziva. Well I like her; I think she's quite a cool character. The conversation with Ari leaves the audience with a huge cliffhanger. 'What up with Ziva and Ari?'

    With Ari still out there (Armed and more than likely dangerous) how knows what will happen next?
  • Wow!!! Talk about an intense start to a new Season!!!

    Well where to start??
    Seeing Kate get shot again was a bit of a downer as it brought back the tears that ended last season but this was a great episode… It showed the emotions of the team and they way each of them dealt with their grief. Seeing Kate laying on the autopsy table talking to Ducky was the proof I needed that she was in fact dead…
    I think the episode also showed the great relationships each of the characters have with each other, especially when Gibbs is telling Abby that he will always look after her after she is shot at by Ari.
    I’m not sure how I feel about Ziva yet. I think after the phone call with Ari I’m biased because I want to see Ari get what he deserves for killing Kate. Maybe in a few more episodes I will grow to like her…

    Anyways overall a great start to the new season!!!
    Can’t wait for more
  • A final goodbye to Cate

    This is a great episode, but it's also very sad, dark and has the feeling of vengeance.
    After Cate's death the members of the NCIS are grieving and they all speak to her ghost or something.
    To Gibbs Cate is angry, to Tony she is a porn star, to Abby she's a goth and to McGee she is a Matrix hero and then a dominatrix we also see a softer side to Gibbs who blames himself for her death.
    An amazing episode but as it is after a major death is lacking the bouyancy of other eps.
  • loved it!!!best ep yet and loved the drama.It is a shame that Kate had to die.She was a lot of fun to watch!!i want more eps like that.

    wicked ep!!! i would watch over and over if i could.i was disappointed that kate had to die. Really.... i didn't want anyone to die.I liked the sarcasim between tony and kate. In australia we have not seen the second part of the episode.i'm lookin forward to it.i hope i is as thrilling as the last one. xoxo
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